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    Norwood Park Imperials ‘72, ‘73, Schaumburg Guardsmen ‘76, ‘77, '78, Royal-Airs Reunion corps '02 - '03m
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  1. That’s important. That’s why I picked end of a row. I’m old, ######! We’ll see what comes down the pike. If they’re unacceptable, I’ll just stay home.
  2. Yeah, 240. We’ll see how that goes. I can’t go too high because I’m afraid of heights. You aren’t that low at three rows lower. It won’t deafen you there.
  3. I have no idea where we’ll end up. Just hope it’s not higher than where I requested. Dealbreaker.
  4. People still do that on Thursday morning. I think @Jurassic Lancerdoes. I know when I was sitting way low someone ordered them for us on Thursday morning. I’m not sitting down there anymore so I just ordered them online. Rolling the dice with that but I’m okay with that.
  5. Not me. I try to respect all viewpoints and opinions.
  6. He was not a fan of tv and he practically snapped his cap when my mom signed up for cable for $9.95 a month. He held out until 1971 before buying a color tv and that was only because we begged him for it.
  7. Geez, we’re not that old. But, I didn’t know The Wizard of Oz changed to color in Oz until I was in eighth grade.
  8. Oh yeah. I read the Scott Berg biography years ago.
  9. Like none. But it usually takes a little longer.
  10. My Dad was a Korean vet and he wouldn’t join the VFW because of how they treated the Vietnam vets. He was a member of the American Legion post in town and my mom was in the Ladies Auxiliary.
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