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  1. It was the ground shaking that made me think that. Goliath was one big dude.
  2. I’m leaving right now. But not before @BRASSO and myself....
  3. I’m very far removed from this so honestly, I had no idea. Sounds like the old YEA board.
  4. I always have a great time in San Antonio. You have to work at it to have a bad time there.
  5. Been there, done that. I wish the Scouts the best. Blow my doors off. Please.
  6. I think we just need to give the new creative team a chance.
  7. I’m lmao at your revised signature, Fred.
  8. That’s how I binge-watched Breaking Bad. I could NOT stop watching. I even signed into the UK Netflix to get the last eight episodes because they weren’t available on US Netflix. I was a woman possessed.