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  1. It was an adventure driving to Westminster. Michigan City and even Marion, Indiana, are quite a haul from Indy.
  2. My kid marched in a Division 2 corps for five seasons. The red-headed ######## stepchildren of the drum corps world was driven home to me in 2000. We drove to Westminster, Maryland for the first day of div 2/3 prelims. The grass was practically knee high on the football field. My friend, Big Al, longtime volunteer for DCI, hopped on a riding mower and mowed down that cow pasture as well as he could. That was my reality check and why I began saying that we were the red-headed ######## stepchildren of DCI.
  3. I got refunds for the Steely Dan concert and the Brit Floyd concert. I think expecting people to plan out as far as a year from now, is absurd.
  4. Yes. It was 105 degrees and I was told that all they fed the kids was leftover birthday cake.
  5. Alcohol is the only thing keeping this train on the rails at the point. I'm kidding. Sort of. I don’t even know. 😇🍷🤪🤷‍♀️
  6. I have a complaint. I wear my mask properly everywhere but I’m #### tired of seeing people wearing masks under their nose. I saw several people just today. If my old ### can wear this mask properly, your twenty-something ### can, too.
  7. I’m willing to learn aka Bill Murray in Stripes.
  8. Or Brasso? Oh wait...I’ll probably get banned now. 🤦‍♀️
  9. Hello everyone. I’m still here in the Chicago suburbs and being very careful, mask, hand sanitizer, washing my hands raw. Cases here in Illinois are testing at 3%. I go out to stores now fully masked and I feel comfortable enough to have dinner on a patio once a week and a couple of beers at the outdoor areas at breweries. Jim and I are fine and haven’t killed each other yet. I hope there will be a safe and effective vaccine developed sometime in the next eighteen months. We are going to a cabin in the Smokies next month to enjoy nature safely. Besides that, I pray that everyone stays healthy and safe.