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  1. I forgot my black shoes once in Kilties and we put black electric tape over my sneakers. We didn’t have to do the entire shoe because we wore spats.
  2. Jim once laughed at what a DI was saying to another Marine and he asked if something was funny. Jim said “Funny as hell, sir!” He ended up doing push-ups. He has a few funny stories from the Marine Corps. He worked in avionics and one day a REO griped the deceptive electronic countermeasures unit and said it didn’t work in the O.F.F. Position. 🤦‍♀️
  3. I can handle hot living down here in Floriduh but I am going north for the summer this year. Three summers of swamp hot so it’s time for a little break.
  4. Even my son has two. All the iterations of Southwind are gone and it seems to be forever. We know what happened to Cap Sound.. big fish eats little fish to survive.
  5. Another oldie. But long dead. The Norwood Park Drum and Bugle Corps was formed in 1928 by William Widmayer, who was their director and first instructor. The corps was a community-based parade corps, located on the northwest side of Chicago. The corps was one of 14 started by Widmayer at the request of local community
  6. I said that wrong as I often do. He made the reservation yesterday for July. 😂
  7. The separation of the deeply flawed artist from their art is a tough call. I think Woody Allen and Polanski are despicable but I have to admit that I still watch their movies. And i didn’t flinch when Crown played Liebestod last year. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20130509-is-wagners-nazi-stigma-fair
  8. Jim made a reservation there. In April hahaha.
  9. I walk about five miles a day so walking is good with me! I have a smart knee now. 😂 I picked tickets way up top just so I’d have to walk up a lot of steps. The water thing has me a little worried, though. I think I’ll get there early and buy a few bottles.
  10. Maybe I’ll stuff water bottles in my clothes like the Animal House guys at the Food King.
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