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  1. Terri Schehr

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    It’s so clunky. I give up after three or four pages and tell Jim to look at it for me.
  2. So you don’t care when your birthday falls on a Friday either....
  3. Terri Schehr

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    I can’t get down there this year but I will catch CT in Zionsville, Indiana. I’ll be at CT open house this Sunday, too. I’m going to see Bloo at Lisle and Dekalb. Both super close to the crib.
  4. Saul Goodman would run the other way.
  5. Thanks. I feel like 100 today,
  6. I’m a 1957 baby and I just turned 61 Tuesday.
  7. Terri Schehr

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    Looks like Zionsville, Indiana, Lisle, Illinois, Dekalb, and Indy for us.
  8. Terri Schehr

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    No Michigan City show at all this year. Looks like Cavies moved it to Michigan. Goodbye historic Ames field.
  9. I thought he was fired for cause by the new board for suspending background checks in 2016 and 17.
  10. Good for them. They’ve been horribly damaged by his malfeasance.
  11. Yeah well we have more governors in prison. So there. 😜
  12. Thanks, Mike. There’s Lovie. $3 million. 😳
  13. He’s not a punchline now. He’s a cautionary tale.