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  1. I was but it wasn’t mean. Just fun stuff.
  2. I went in person to vote last Friday. I trust Illinois with a mail-in ballot like I trust gas station sushi.
  3. I think we’re creeping up on a wave. At least, here in the upper Midwest.
  4. I predict there is zero chance of there being a drum corps season in 2021 in any form. There were 3,000 + positives in Illinois today. The most since May.
  5. The prep sucks but the twilight is great. The best sleep I’ve ever had.
  6. Both took the hit on the front end. Now, it’s a trickle, not a flood. We’re still very cautious here. I’ve been in so many medical facilities lately and the precautions they take are above and beyond. I started PT Wednesday and it’s very safe.
  7. I don’t think they got hit as hard as Illinois at the start.
  8. I wonder if this virus has mutated? Has it become more contagious but less lethal? It seems as if there’s been a shift. Or maybe the therapeutics are working. Something.
  9. It’s nauseated but I get your point. I about barfed when I read the leg grab during dinner. 🤮