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  1. It’s happened before. BD, SCV, VK, Freelancers.
  2. But it was when they announced scores. It was hell trying to write them down in that deluge but you couldn’t very well go to the interNUT back then. You’d have to wait for your issue of Drum Corps America back then. No Drum Corps World. Drum Corps News (more eastern focused) and Drum Corps America.
  3. I hate long rows. Boylan is like that and I’d buy an aisle seat to avoid the middle but then you end up standing up all night for people trying to get to their seat. Not their fault but the long rows…
  4. I was rooting so hard for them to make finals in 2019. Maybe they’ll get it done this season.
  5. Nah, I’ve forgotten a lot. It was killing me trying to remember the stadium in Charlotte though. I’m looking forward to returning to Nightbeat July 28th and I hope for great weather for the weekend in that beautiful area. I’ve always thought Nightbeat is a very well run show.
  6. Hey I’m terrible at that. People walk up and ask what I thought of the show and my usual response is what did you think? I like to take a broader approach of either I like it, it will grow on me or maybe not for me but I’m not one to elaborate. There are better people than me for that duty. I’ve probably watched a thousand shows by now. Haha maybe more.
  7. 2004. The Cavies show that when we watched them rehearse in Oswego, Jim said looks like fourth place. Hahaha
  8. I was trying to figure something out from a long time ago. I went to a show in Charlotte, NC in the later 90’s. I think it was called Nightbeat then. It rained but it wasn’t a rainout, it was a standstill. Santa Clara was there, I do remember that. I think it was at the American Legion stadium but my memory is sketchy on this. Lots of buses and band kids. I’m taking this walk down memory lane because I’m going to Nightbeat again after many years. Maybe someone else remembers this, too. i found it on DCX. I remember the Jacksonville Alabama show was the same day but the Charlotte show was a little stronger. They scored the standstill which was different. https://share.icloud.com/photos/029l7U_QPpa-9mnukMkHmuRdg
  9. I would if I were corporate. Paris Olympic Games>smallish niche activity
  10. Better now than later. Get it out of the way now. They snap back quickly, too.
  11. Oh great. It will be like when my seat was sold twice at DCA one year. I took a pic of the two tickets that were the same seat.
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