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  1. When do you think it will happen? I think it will but I’m not sure about the timeline.
  2. It kind of is. Like those clogging followers. I was at a hotel with clogging competitors and their parents many years back and I thought they were even more nutty and obsessed than we are.
  3. Literally 100% of my close friends have no idea what drum corps is. When I go away for a drum corps weekend, they ask if I’m going to watch “that band stuff”. 😂
  4. I didn’t know that. Thanks. I hope he reconsiders. He is definitely someone worth keeping around.
  5. I’m sorry to hear that, too. I’m from the Annie Mixdorf one pair of sticks era and I’m still here. I think you should give it another year.
  6. One defunct midwest corps was escorted to the state line in Texas for getting caught smoking weed at Six Flags in 1977.
  7. Let me see. who could that have been?......😂
  8. I don’t know because I’ve only drove past Nashville going elsewhere. Perhaps tag @MikeRapp. He’s from that area and said there were four interstates going through Nashville.