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    My experience is out of the states with drum corps and marching band, all the way on my Island Jamaica
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    Blue Devils
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    There's too much to chose from but i will put one one day.
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    will decide between several and come back with an answer or answers
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  1. 👍🏽That's great man. I would have love to myself, but mom and dad didn't even meet yet lol. I probably should watch that show again tonight.
  2. Yeah. I wasn't even born yet Lol. Yes i have seen the 1976 show.
  3. Remember since 2017, they still do part of the show in hats/shakos. I take you referring to them going back, to do the entire show in them ?
  4. Yes Sophistication is a thing for BD and i do enjoy that alot. But some tapping of the feet wouldn't hurt for sure either; that would be a fun addition to the Layered Sophistication they do with their musical arrangements.
  5. This is interesting i like it. Knowing BD design team, i'd bet it might be done in a way never expected. I am curious what the arrangements would be. I am going to explore more of Darius Milhaud on YT
  6. What would you like to see from them ? Is there anything modern that you thought would make great for BD ? Either a theme show, or just musical selections.
  7. Yeah, I can agree to that point about preseason BD hype, it's kind of almost not needed because of the predictable expectations to be "So good". But what i get curiously hype over is the type of show they might do, i'm always finding it interesting, because you never know what they might do. It kind of like a mystery to me because the shows are so versatile, imho. I have never had or used one of those rotary phone, all i do when i see one is to steer at it. Lol.
  8. Blue Devils' nation. What do you expect from the 2022 edition of BD returning to the field ? What changes would you like to see, and what predictions do you hold in regards to music writing and selections ? Will there be a shift in design approach, and how influential do you think they "might" become in the current/post pandemic of the activity? Will there be a shift with the organization, changing and morphing into a bigger and a better entity that they are now, expanding and growing way stronger; Or do we see a dwindling down of who BD is for past many years ? For discussion sake, let's discuss and answer some of these questions and let's talk about our expectations and predictions. Will we see a WOW BD production for 2022 ? Or Will it be the WTF! BD show. What's your thoughts on this ? What type of shows do you like most of BD ? Ps. Even the bashers are welcome to give their thoughts 🤪 I'm most interested to know what you think.
  9. Remember this, It is always the second weekend in August. So the 2022 dates are thur-11th Fri-12th Sat-13th. Are we clear ? Lol
  10. Agreed! I must point out too, while many were pleased with the final night celebration streaming, i was not impressed. The quality seem very poor in comparison to past DCI finals weekend broadcast/stream. I was a little frustrated esp with the look and feel of the High Cam, it was so poor, IMHO. But luckily i was able to still enjoyed the shows regardless.
  11. I don't have a lot to say than; yes it would be fun, it would be enjoyable in the best way possible, but it wouldn't be great! Greatness would be diminish in the name of exhibition. Judging is a big part of why the activity grow and get pushed through the decades, with innovation and creativity that we like and both hate.
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