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  1. Rehearsal May 18, 2019 Location Los Medanos College 2700 East Leland Pittsburg, CA 94565 MAP Time 10:00 AM SCHEDULE 9:00 AM NOW Rehearsal starts at BD HALL 11:30 AM Sneak Peek concert at Hall 12:00 PM Lunch at Hall (provided) 1:00 PM Depart for LMC 2:00 PM Rehearsal LMC 5:30 PM Dinner (on own) 7:00 PM Rehearsal 10:00 PM Rehearsal ends
  2. another version: Paul Smadbeck Plays Rhythm Song
  3. Looking forward to this show very much thank you!. will be great for sure.
  4. Finally !!! Thank you BD. this is such a unique theme, So dramatic, yet so light, so spooky and beautiful and a great concept to explore possibilities. Officially one of my most anticipated shows. Please never forget the video presentation:
  5. YES YES YES and more YESES!!!!!!!!! BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT. So intriguing.
  6. i know right. i was sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation. i went out for a while and came back home to the disappointment, but i let it go and just put my mind off it until they decide to announce. still looking forward and i hope they generate the buzz that they were aiming for.🤷‍♂️
  7. i guess it will be tomorrow as they have seem to planned, probable was just for some buzz for the announcement.
  8. Yeah. very much, not to mention the height it gives the members. i just hope this year they will stay on for most corps, or all. i prefer BD with it on.
  9. Me too, i prefer the head gear for the same reason and more.....