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  1. Don't want to be a party pooper. Please be mindful of sharing these private links which is from a private facebook group, on public spaces of the internet.
  2. Wow. Have not heard anything. But maybe anyone who knows or heard anything may not willing to comment.
  3. In my opinion. 2020 season don't exist, so if BD should win 2021 i count that as a back to back which means by 2022 if they should win, would considered to be a three peat. 2020 is non existence season, no competition, which means the competition continues from 2019 to 2021. Still would be a back to back in my logics and understanding.
  4. πŸ˜›πŸ”« i'm actually willing to do that. Lol
  5. YES! 😁 with either, i'll still be happy. Yes it's BD world indeed, that is how it is like it or not. Any group going for the gold have to rise to the occasion and best BD. Even when BD don't have the most popular or liked show , or having a challenging year, they are still dangerously great. That says alot about a group. That is just one point out of many what made it BD world.
  6. Oh! I Thank you for enlightening me and now i know who he is lol. Now he's been trolled in court lol. Lets see how much of a trolling he can take.
  7. Goodbye my Love until we meet again. We spent every summer together ever since the day we first met. Now we don't get to meet this summer and it's breaking my heart. I never knew how close we've become until this very day. Take my love with you as your's with me. Reminiscent on the summers we've spend so closely knitted, touring through the hot, sizzling sun. With our eyes and hears fielding fields with visual lust, filled the air with musical cheers of our passion endearing to hear. You sang to me and i to you, with only the music our hearts shares. Beating our beats as we percussion together
  8. I kind of expect some sort of leaks here and there on the web, of what corps might have done this summer. I hope not!
  9. Hmmm.. This is such a left field post or maybe i just don't get it. ?
  10. BD won by default. (In Brandt Crocker voice) Recieving the default gold medal, and reciepient of the founders trophy, The 2020 Default Drum corps International World champions, with a score of 100, 100, THE BLUE DEVILS! Lol 😝
  11. Yes Terri, The movie industry aka Hollywood is greatly being impacted. If we really dig around on the web, Industries around the world are being impacted, and i do understand the precautions to prevent the spread of the Covid 19. I really hope in all honesty that the virus will die down as much as possible, that it will be safe in atleast two months time, so DCI 2020 season can be saved. If not, then so shall it be, and good bye 2020 season. I'll be very sad, very much! but i cannot be mad with the current situation.
  12. Oh yeah.... all we can do is hope for the best and, do our parts every day to help reduce and limit the spread of the virus. As long as there are Scientifics /Medical progressions being made steadily towards making the vaccine and possibly cure. for many other enduring infections within this at time troublesome but beautiful world, we all want to live in, As long as possible to enjoy. Lets pray for the world and it's leaders who are fighting on our behalf to keep us safe and healthy. for the doctors and nurses working closely to help bring healing to lives. Lets pray for our elsers and o
  13. Agreed. But, do you believe it wont have any side effects on the vulenteers as quoted in the video ? Personaly i find that hard to believe though.