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  1. I know right.. Always a good way to boost yourself mentally that will manifest outwardly. A good way to become so driven, constantly pushing. (Motivation)
  2. From my observation and a technical stand point they are more than poised to catch them and overtake. But taking away nothing from Bluecoats the show is so smooth and really great. At my first viewing of the show i was underwhelm and didn't like it. It grew on me few more views and now i love it almost just as much as i love Ghostlight, which i love more.
  3. Congrats Bloooooooooo but also congrats Bluuuuuee smoke! BD your in a good place, seem partially rough run esp for color guard tonight.. But it's very obvious you have a lot more to achieve. And YES time to increase spread from Vanguard and going upwards aiming for your next target lol. As i said begore Slowly but surely. I am enjoying watching you strive and working hard so diligently. Awesome night, Awesome season, Awesome shows from all groups.
  4. Exactly! You said it better than i would have. I really don't see the closeness, because BD show is far a head in my opinion. Maybe it's the new judges judging this show might be the reason, but nothing hold back a better design. I also don't agree with the general effect caption i strongly think BD general effect is way better. For me the two best GE this year is BD and Bluecoats. SCV i love them but the show don't feel complete clear in it's direction. If the music wasn't great, the show would fall flat! I think the margin should increase tomorrow or over the weekend.
  5. Me too i think the same thing. But i don't know if we have same reasoning in our brain why we both not sure why it is so close.
  6. Wow. Wasn't the same margin BD won by their last head to head with SCV seem like a continuation right where they left things. Lol. Congrats Blue Devs. Now slowly but surely increase that margin. Wow again! Tomorrow or later for some of ya'll, will be an Epic battle fest. BD we are Cheering loudly for you all the way. Let this Ghost party start. We will dance around that ghost light with you on that stage.
  7. Congrats naughty Devils, let start increasing that spread. Slowly but surely.
  8. I was actually thinking The same score for BD 88.7 but i will change it to 88.85 vanguard 88.45
  9. Yeap. I am seeing the show for the first time so good. Hopefully can get to see a lot more with the delays and get too see all the big guns across.