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  1. I use to take offense at the BD haters on twitter, youtube, reddit and so on.. They say the ugliest things most of the time without a thought of the kids (MM). But it have gotten so old and i get used to it. That translate to me now find it as entertainment and i laugh a lot. I really do! I start to find it really funny, i just laughed out loud so hard sometimes.
  2. And my watching and waiting is finally over. #19 Indeed. Yeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!! Celebration! Whew BD you have me on the edge of my seat, but with 100% confidence.
  3. SCV Achievement was really a great one this year, they broke the trend of a defending champion not medalling the season after, Other Than Blue Devils. After phantom won 08 fail to medal or repeat 09, cadets won 2011 fail to medal or repeat 2012, then crown then Bluecoats, SCV defending champ came back to medal. They broke the trend of not medalling year after wining! The Talent was out of this world, the music just drive me crazy mad in the most awesome way. Congrats SCV see you next year!
  4. Thank you Bluecoats i cannot congratulate you enough. I looking forward to what you do next season. 💙💙
  5. I don't see a lot of comments on Vanguard Achievements not only they won Sanford but they were the only Defending champs to have come back to win a medal the year after winning gold, in how long 2008 to 2009 phantom, 2011 to 2012 Cadets ect................. Fill the blanks. Congrats SCV on breaking that trend.
  6. Blooooooo Rocked so hard tonight. I will watch that show on the repeat. Congrats again on a amazing season and journey. So proud of the kids and the Organization for turning heads and hearts and feet. Thank you i was entertained. Ladies and gentlemen "The Bluecoats".
  7. Congrats Bluecoats well fought!! Beautiful and entertaining show.
  8. That was Fantastically Fantastic BD!!!. Was at the edge of my seat. Best run for the seasom. I smell Gold!