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    My experience is out of the states with drum corps and marching band, all the way on my Island Jamaica
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    Blue Devils
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  1. Absolutely. Gaines is the man. I agree wholeheartedly, he should be training some prodigies, his mark on drum corps is an exceptional and phenomenal one.
  2. Yeap. 2006 Cavalier is one of a kind show in drum corps history! one of my all time favorite from them. They could revisit the idea for today's designs style of shows in the Cavaliers way. They don't even have to try topping 2006, or measure up to it, all they have to do, is just make it fresh and new,interesting, entertaining and captivating for today's standard of shows. I'd give anything to see that.
  3. Happy 99.65! This is for the performers who left no stone unturn in 2014.. truly remarkable kids.
  4. Just saw it and i thought the same. How about a modern machine-esque type of show.
  5. I know i am late, this has gone few days ago, BUT I am hoping, praying and begging for that miracle for the cadets to survive this again somehow.
  6. I thought about this three days ago when i saw them being posted on the gram.
  7. GO 49ers! 🍻 Brother i hope they get it. All good luck and wishes on their game for a 6th Super Ring.
  8. 💯Oh absolutely brother! I'll take advantage of it, make it count for sure. I might do something unique for that extra day.
  9. 🍻 Thank you dear!☺️ I'll be celebrating the whole month.
  10. The 1st of the start of the second month, February. My Birth month. Blue Devils calendar for Feb 2024 with their highlighted dates below. #TheQuietBeforeTheStorm (The Quiet before the storm)
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