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  1. FloJoking aside, that actually does a good job of revealing all the clever call and response interaction between the sections throughout the show.
  2. All those gopro shots and...it's still more coherent than Flo's multicam shot selection.
  3. Remember last off season when the Cadets thread WASN'T the explosion of the century? That was nice.
  4. True story. A friend of mine who was the head pastor at the Deaf church when I was getting started had perfect pitch. Which I always thought was ironic, here she is with perfect pitch and musical talent and she opts to serve as pastor of a Deaf church. One of her sons and his friends start a band in High School and use the basement of their house for practice. None of them know anything about music as they get started. So...was continually tormented by the sounds from the basement at home because not one of them knew what 'playing in tune' meant apparently. She's also got synesthesia where she sees very specific colors for various tones. When research came out on that being perhaps tied to perfect pitch she was floored, "You know, I've always associated specific colors when I hear tones and sometimes it's the color being off that tells me the pitch is flat or sharp." I've always thought that phenomenon would be a cool idea for a show.
  5. The looks the other two musicians are throwing.. I'm dead.
  6. I'm remembering George Carlin's bit about "What only Disney could say in a movie."
  7. Thank you! I was going insane looking at the finals cut and trying to figure out how you'd keep Troop and Colts in while adding BK back. I didn't even think to look back up stream and see if someone was missing.
  8. Color is a finite resource in DCI world class uniforming. Bluecoats took so much there wasn't enough for the rest of the corps.
  9. Oh entirely. It's being handled well from an organizational point of view. I am sort of 'huh' that they're not even doing a limited California tour and not going to Indy sort of arrangement, but then, that also is logistics and resources spent to do that.
  10. I hope the design team gets picked up. While the SCV primary team does some amazing design work, I always felt the SCVC design team was more willing to take risks and try different things. And they were getting them to pay off big time with recent years.
  11. Yo! There's some open seats over there in row 4...let's go sit in them!
  12. Well considering the King is 73, if he drops from something Prince George moves into the on deck circle.
  13. Yet also, "The funeral service is a great leveller. Praying for our sister Elizabeth in the formal prayers of commendation. As it should be." Part of that ceremony is that whether you the queen or the lowest commoner, in the CoE, your funeral is the same prayers.
  14. A friend of mine over there says she's seen a lot of pomp and circumstance in her years but, "even for us, this is next level." She's duly impressed.
  15. Troop was bitten hard by Covid too and roared from behind to make finals. Cavies' design things were a real thing, I think. Particularly with the visual design. There were cool drill moments and such but the show was compressed and didn't seem to stage as well as shows that finished above them. Whether they could have implmented rewrites during the season without the covid hit is a legit question to ponder, but it seems the days of doing "major rewrites in response to judging feedback" are long gone. Adding layers and details is planned in advance and the teaching on the tour goes toward those elements it seems. The idea of 'redoing the drill to make more use of the field" would have been far more drastic than layering and adding.
  16. The day a Bob Ross themed show where the corps slowly makes a painting on the field is probably coming.
  17. Pines of Rome? (just noting they're all one type of tree, and there's hills)
  18. I heard on the History Channel it was probably due to aliens.
  19. Handel in the Wind is a VK show if I ever heard one.
  20. Aaaaactually. I can think of a more effective way. But ..."been there done that" as the kids say.
  21. MJ's writing is a welcome thing from me back in the activity. I loved his work with BK's line. It will be interesting to see what he does on the team with Crown!
  22. Hah. yes cameras in that day were the size of a marcher's torso. I was just a bit bewildered that they'd keep that bit in an edited video segment. It was also a matter of "the more things change, the more they seem the same." But you can almost hear some Flo intern saying, "See, this is how drum corps was filmed BITD, so that's how we're doing it."
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