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  1. Despite the flaws in the details, this picture is somehow more awesome the more you look at it.
  2. Should have been 5 or 6 goals...they need to fine tune the finishing...still.
  3. I know you're super sensitive to perceived shut downs of criticism over BD, but this is just in good jest.
  4. BK had this sort of effect a few years ago I think? I remember the other leg sort of faded into the field on camera and it looked like a bunch of weirdly one legged marchers on Flo.
  5. Oh those look really good! A Frida Kahlo show is just brilliant for them.
  6. ORLY? I'm not sure I've seen such a thing from cops or how to 'designate' my sub proceeds.
  7. Also I discovered how to change the layout of the schedule and make a list (or calendar, or boxes) instead of that "let's just show three shows and search windows" thing! These buttons are your friends. The last one gives me the bare bones list of shows and locations as links I can scroll down to find what I want.
  8. The heart, the heart, the heart, the heart, the heart, the heart.
  9. The DC city theater events were always fairly well attended pre-pandemic. Tended to be an older crowd of alums of various corps wearing their jackets from what I saw. Which was fun. But it was never sold out in my memory.
  10. Yeah, it's probably built into U Del's ticketing platform. I found it interesting that DCI shunted the ticketing to that platform, but it's USBand's show so maybe there's some deal going on there. I wonder if that arrangement is part of what held up confirming U Del as the site?
  11. Oh. Another thing I noticed, DCI sends you to U Del's stadium site for buying the tickets. They offer an "event insurance" offer that covers weather. I found that interesting.
  12. If it rains out I'll just make it a weird little get away...heh
  13. I just: 1. got my ticket. 2. booked a room across the street 3. booked the train up from DC using my Amtrak points This should be fun.
  14. That it took you that long to pick up on it only lends evidence to her case.... 💀
  15. Then do Ya Ya Ding Dong for encore performance...lulz.
  16. Did you see his performance at the Oscars? He was shaking at one point while delivering the delicacy of that song. Ramped the "loving vulnerability" thing he has going to 11.
  17. Backing away from the edge of the Eurovision abyss (only for minute)... Dos Oruguitas (from Encanto) is a ballad I'd love to see BD do.
  18. It's frightening. And exciting. As mentioned in DM. Eurovision songs are often the art of finding a unique way to build tension then drop a big hit and make a spectacle. All transferable skills to the drum corps idiom...
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