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  1. I like this too. For the same reasons I'll dig through the "Music Drum Corps Should Do" thread from time to time. There's both the "new genres" discovery and the internal creative speculation of, "hmm...how will they arrange this for Drum Corps and weave it into a show concept?"
  2. it was.... dang it... [tromps off feeling robbed of a decent joke]
  3. But won't that use twice the plastic bags to store it in the garage?
  4. Looks like July 31 things start on the Flo. I'll mark my calendar for Mid July to consider again. https://www.flomarching.com/signup
  5. Oh hmm. I zapped my Flo sub back when it was apparent no marching arts were going to happen for a year. Not sure what's being webcasted by whom when for what this year.
  6. I was in the stands that night. My group was in the "Cavies have this" camp. I was in the "CADETS, did you see THAT?" camp. The "no more ties" chant caught us off guard. I mean, we understood the sentiment after "ANOTHER tie?" and all but it was super hard to distinguish between those two corps that night. I felt the Cadets had a cleaner run for semis than finals. The Finals energy was great but a bit loose in the 'anything you can do, I can do better' portion. Semis was just "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Finals 2000 was my 'return to following DCI' after many years off and the three
  7. Yeah, I read the title and two things immediately happened in my brain, 1) melodies from the show started humming in my head. 2) I should read that whole thing again for ##### and giggles.
  8. Are you humming the percussion parts? if not...EPIC. FAIL. [lulz] I remember getting to the part about 'nothing is notable with hummable melodies' part of this post and having that big old drop in "My Body is a Cage" hum through my head.
  9. This could be a decent theme for a VK show.
  10. They could even theme the narrative of the show with the plot from 1Q84.
  11. Thanks for posting that. I had not seen that. But you can tell from the expressions in the finals video what that show means to those kids. Even before the show starts, they're feeling it that this is the last big run of this show. The look from the pit players to the Drum Major as they get ready to start is just..."this is special, it doesn't even matter where we place."
  12. The friend I borrowed the flute from just laughed and went back to her piccolo
  13. Indeed. I was tenor sax for marching in High School but often swapped between that and Bari for orchestra (to double bassoon parts) and jazz ensemble. Bari is a blast to play when you get the lungs for it. We had one number in jazz band that our director wanted the entire frontline to go flute/clarinet for and I borrowed a friend's flute for that and got a fingering chart to work it out. THAT surprised me on how much air it took to maintain tone, and how different the embouchure required was.
  14. Oh this made me totally go "OH no way....YES!" It's a smart move, save resources on 'design' and do something throwback classic that teaches performers. Particularly for Phantom it reignites the fan base who loved this show and re-introduces it to a new generation. Seems like the right thing to do for any corps in an 'event' year to set up things for, hopefully, a return to some sort of competitive tour again. I'm not even all that concerned of it being lackluster in comparison to the memories of the original show as I sometimes get with regard to 'reboot shows'. I
  15. [an entire show theme comes to mind.... a part 2 of that Madison show a few years back mashed up with the Guardian's Radioactive show.