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  1. Nah. If Boston did that they'd be looking through classic literature to figure out which book had been adapted. If Bloo did it, they'd say, "Finally, the agriculture show theme has arrived! Composting for fertilizer!" Now do it for other corps
  2. Heh. So are we talking about the rock band's reps or is BD going classical?
  3. For high school, we had to have all white shoes for summer parade (white shorts, the years orange band T shirt, and specific calf high socks that we bought from the school. Fall uniform was black shoes of our own, must be all black with high black socks. Often the spray paint was pulled out to ensure "all one color" much to the annoyance of parents on a budget trying to balance kids' fashion desires with a need for marching band shoes. [waves] I became proficient in using tape well enough and picking the most bland shoes I could. So my shoe game was terribly dull until college. When I promptly got the loudest most colorful running shoes I could. My senior year though we had new uniforms with white pants and white shoes that were uniform marching shoes, so that at least alleviated the shoe budget for some families
  4. [bookmarks post for the “why did I buy these seats and extra water? I missed a corps because I had to go down and up all these steps to use the toilet” post] 😅
  5. A lot of bands had 'copy and switch to school colors' uniforms from the DCI 'iconic uniform' era. Ours were an orange jacket/brown pants version of the Blue Devils classic.
  6. Deaf or hard of hearing is still the preferred term by most of us, particularly those who sign. Hearing impaired measures one by one's deficit after all. Even in the best of conditions, the best lip readers get about 25%-30% by lip reading and the rest by context or a lucky guess.
  7. Not sure i've heard that one directly. Lip reading isn't the magical thing TV and Movies would have you believe. The huddle has its orgins with us though.
  8. [laughs] Pink is a solo act, not a band. She could sell that dome 100 times over what DCI could put in it.
  9. Yup. Although they've got some new tech helmets to play with these days.
  10. [reads list] [realizes each and every one of those probably happens to every corps, every year, every tour...to multiple marching members]
  11. The neighbors in Trinidad would be "WHAT IS THIS LOUDNESS? YOU'RE A DEAF SCHOOL."
  12. I'm now envisioning this and realizing just ONE corps caravan would probably take up half the Lincoln Circle road that loops through campus. Lulz.
  13. That'd be fun but, we don't have the stands. We'd be a pretty cool housing site tho.
  14. Boo. I loved going to that stadium. Although if they tap College Park, its even closer for me.
  15. That pretty much sounds like my band in 1988. We'd sometimes have instruction to 'scallop' into the spot for the last four counts. Although the emphasis on basics had us moving better. We had an alum (Mike Hardiek) come back and work as a M&M cleaner early in the season as we were up against Marian Catholic who was marching their summer championship show though so it was drilled into us to clean fast.
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