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  1. KVG_DC

    Mandarins 2019!

    I hope they bring the weird again this year!
  2. I’d tour the van down by the river during finals.
  3. Saving money on rent by moving into a noisy flight corridor. It's not like we need fine hearing to judge GE anyway, right?
  4. Closer to the airport for those getaway flights
  5. KVG_DC

    The Marching Arts

    Also, I'm not very motivated to watch this thing. But based on commentary here, I'm wondering what the time code is where they reveal that the real Drum Corps designers of yore were actually taken on a plane to a secret government hangar and never seen again as they were replaced by DCI's "corporate executives." Also where's the part that argues that G-bulges couldn't possibly be melted by jet fuel?
  6. KVG_DC

    The Marching Arts

    I'm Stu, this is my brother Stu, and my other brother Stu.
  7. camera work makes for a good drinking game for us doesn't it, terri.
  8. KVG_DC

    Academy 2019 show teaser

    Or Howl's Moving Castle. Which would be up their alley as a super fun story show. I thought of American Indians and the high steel workers, but those tend to Mohawk not your Arizona nations.
  9. KVG_DC

    Academy 2019 show teaser

  10. So, you're saying Mandarins did it better?
  11. KVG_DC

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Jurassic Park: The Tonya Harding Story (she did skate to that music that fateful year). It'd be a drama filled character driven conflict story.
  12. KVG_DC

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Giraffic Park is strangely compelling.
  13. KVG_DC

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Also. Tear jerk closer...