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  1. This has the feel of a good BD story/impressions show. They know their genre and niche in the activity design wise. Looking forward to seeing this one.
  2. Sharp uniform. Are they bringing out the blue tarp from As Dreams Are Made On again? If I recall, it's actually a second tarp they purchased after the first one went missing after the Atlanta show.
  3. Diana Rigg has a great role later in the series.
  4. So. Axel F can be done without a penalty now? 😉
  5. With the show announcement...yeah, this should be good and weird. [also, this website's search function is ... awkward]
  6. It took a while to grow on me, but once they dialed it in, yeah, that was a fantastic musical moment. And the use of color for the visual was amazing.
  7. Excellent. They looked to be having a blast on those stilts at retreat too.
  8. And record breaking. A really well deserved win 98.8 something it was? EDIT 98.850
  9. Broken City. Sublime, precise, stunning.
  10. Wow. What Pulse does with this table is clever. Both visually and how they use it a rack to do some clever run and play.
  11. MCM has these light bars that respond to volume as they play. It's neat. There is a LOT going on musically in this show that is attention getting. Also, are they really playing that with headphones going on (i.e., without hearing across the ensemble) or is that mostly a visual thing with faux headphones?
  12. If RCC is running 5th with that, I'm prepared to be awed for the last four.
  13. Seems like it. POW just did a nice Dia de lost Muertos show.