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  1. KVG_DC

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Watching this and someone marking him as an accomplished jazz composer/arranger have me thinking Madison is going jazz again (yay!). Particularly after seeing Bloo and BD get rewarded on the modern sheets and throwing the assumption that "the risk involved in marching jazz doesn't get rewarded" right out the window. I would say Madison is getting someone who they can build this style with into the future, which seems like some good long term planning rather than 'omg we missed finals, fix it with a bandaid and squeak back in.' It could also be a product of many of the current crop of 'big name' arrangers who are available and within Madison's means aren't a good fit for this style as the trend for DCI shows has been away from this sort of hot swing jazz. If Madison can come out hot with something like this SoundSport group has done, I'm gonna be all over it and I can imagine a number of others will be too.
  2. That's an amazing moment. And her presence at the forefront of that was everything Troopers. She'll do just fine upholding the legacy.
  3. KVG_DC

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    I went to high school with him and he came back after graduation to be a marching instructor my senior year. That was a lifetime ago but he was a great motivator as we had switched to white pants with a stripe after years of marching brown "keep the feet invisible" pants. We cleaned marching like never before and got tons of credit for it. We'd also put in a bunch of 'leg motion' things which was fairly 'newish' in the ISSMA world at the time. It's since morphed into the body visual stuff you see now. He's done some great work with Homestead as well. The work he did with Crossmen had them solidly defending challenges to their finals placements during his time.
  4. Drum Corps in the round could lead to interesting design choices for sure. Frankly with as packed as WGI gets in Dayton, I'm surprised they haven't gone "in the round" yet.
  5. Hmm. With casino development now open for all 50 states, I wonder if the casino companies are planning development that will put the hurt on bingo operations?
  6. KVG_DC

    DCA Livestream

    I'm interested. (twitches from withdrawal symptoms) I don't suppose there's a Roku app/channel for this yet?
  7. KVG_DC

    2019 Show Ideas

    I'm kind of torn on who for my iteration of the Muppets show. Part of me would want to see it done at the highest level of the activity so we could see it again and again. Another part of me sort of wants to see it in Open Class where the pressure to 'add demand' isn't as high and designers can go for broke with really innovative stuff. That said, Academy is on the short list if only because they do have a good track record of making ideas that make your eyes roll at how trite it might be turn out pretty darn good (i.e. the Mary Poppins show) I could see Cavaliers pull this off too. They've done some complex and sometimes straightforward comedic moments in their shows. I do think doing the Muppets would mean giving up the forward momentum in standings though. The Colts. They've done some great unusual stuff in the recent past. Dark Side of the Rainbow, ..And a shot rang out, etc. Oregon Crusaders. REDRUM was so great. And they did Secret Garden so well too. Their team can take an idea almost anywhere it seems even with the sometimes 'slow start' because of their 'later that some others' start to camp and such. Jersey Surf - ok yeah it'd be another "one off" show for them in doing something off the wall, but hey, some of their most loved shows have been that. Guardians. Although this is far from the hip-hop vibe they've done recently, they're certainly not afraid to come out of the gate with something completely different and do it up. Legends - it'd be a bit out of character and perhaps sacrificing some of the forward momentum they've been building as they work to make the jump to world class, but they could definitely make it work.
  8. KVG_DC

    2019 Show Ideas

    Oh I have a whole The Muppet Show theme in mind with VK style antics throughout. Open with the Muppet Theme song. You'll have Animal featured on a set in the pit trading off ever increasingly crazy licks with the battery for a drum feature. He struggles to keep up with them until doing the 'incredulous panting' thing. Then he suddenly goes ANIMAL! And runs the battery down with a set jam that is beyond crazy. Then, he steps from the set and disappears. Ballad will be Rainbow Connection with special guest, Debbie Harry! Set it up with a short dialogue like it was on the show. Have it be a brass, female vocal duet that blends into the full brass with swells of dynamics but never fully unleashing the melody. Move into a closer of the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody Then let that evolve into a reprise of the Rainbow Connection and Animal's triumphant return to the set ala this bit: And bring the house down finally bringing Rainbow Connection to it's climax to end. Waldorf and Statler chime in with jibes about the uniforms, body movement, etc. Use direct quotes from "Dino complaints" and have them wearing DCP shirts for fun.
  9. That’s it. Ban internet distribution of scores. Only hanging out in the lot and hoping a director shares then with the corps before loading busses or calling a 900 number from a rotary phone. Otherwise scores will be printed in publications at the end of each month and sold in limited quantities in very few places or mailed third class to subscribers.
  10. iTunes served up the source on a random shuffle last night for me. I was pretty much agog at how well SCV translated that to the field.
  11. Heh, I just searched "Cavaliers upside-down tenors" because I remembered that crazy from the XtraordinarY show and thought of it with those guys swinging upside down while playing
  12. KVG_DC

    Post Tour Laundry Day

    Huh. I'll try this with a synthetic fabric shirt I've got that I want to keep for sentimental reasons. Even if it doesn't work. Hey vodka
  13. Just the top 25. You'll have to fail harder to make the CDs. ;)
  14. iTunes has last season and some other things up too. I suspect they'll appear there too.