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  1. Dang thing is nearly sentient in its attempts to run off the field
  2. KVG_DC

    2019 CORPS NEWS.

    Buried in the show announcement is that 2019 is to be the last year as a Summer competition corps.
  3. well. that WAS a bit more nauseating to read than DCI's response to Arsenal.
  4. What percentage of the field did Troopers cover with those hearts? Edit: Just did the math but feel free to check it! Each circle was 10 yards in diameter. Thus about 78.54 square yards. Times 15 tarps therefore around 1178.1 square yards of tarp. Football fields are 53 1/3 yard by 100. So 5,333 square yards. That's around 22% coverage.
  5. I'm betting we'll see it in Open Class before World Class. Guardians could pull it off.
  6. hmm protein. Although I suspect bug guts gum up the rotor valves!
  7. But don't be overly optimistic of it working on those bugs.
  8. KVG_DC

    Show About Time...

    Brubeck messed around with time signatures as well of course. Unsquare Dance and of course Take Five
  9. KVG_DC

    Show About Time...

    It was. We did it in my high school band my freshman year.
  10. Isn't there probably time to simply pull the webpages while one is being bored to death by someone's powerpoint show about something?
  11. Burb of Indy. Right next to Carmel. It's not like "downtown Indy" but doesn't really have all that much in the way of a distinct character as a neighborhood (ala Broad Ripple).
  12. KVG_DC

    Show About Time...

    Riffing off another thread where we got talking about Don Ellis. Pick charts written in weird time signatures.
  13. A November the 5th show with real bonfire would get massive GE.