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  1. As mentioned (I looked up the year) 2015 Crossmen and BK both did Whitacre's Fly to Paradise. I initially liked Crossmen's better for being more directly what Whitacre did, while BK's was more dark and layered into their closer. But by the time BK had cleaned that and I saw it live at Annapolis, it was amazing. Honestly, I like Agape in both shows for how they fit. Mandarins' version is more 'direct' but Thrower has tinkered here and there to make it fit the pacing and feel of Bloo's show.
  2. I like both versions of Agape too. For different reasons, but largely how they "fit" into the show. I forget which year it was but Crossmen and Blue Knights both did Fly to Paradise. Crossmen took a 'direct from the original' approach as their opener and BK took a darker layered approach in their closer. I initially liked Crossmen's version better because it was more like what I was used to hearing. But by the end of the season when BK had cleaned up their version, I adored it for what it brought to the end of that show.
  3. Is being streamed! Flo has both this and Denton on the same night so it might be some switching to see the corps we want but...we can! I wanna see what Surf has for us too!
  4. Holy cow. We got a heck of a race for 12th this year too it looks.
  5. Love that ballad. The story is coming through more, a lot more they can layer into it though.
  6. Doing a lot more with the fabric than I really. And it's neat. The build is still wonderfully tense then pays off with that glorious hit.
  7. Alrighty Crown. You're high on my want to see list for tonight to see what you've been adding!
  8. Oh! is the last hit newish? It ended with the ... badumdadabum.. before I thought. I love that closer. The Son Lux pays off so well.
  9. Ok this bit after the drum feature gets me every time too. Lives in my head for days after hearing it
  10. That wavy line. SO neat. Some folks are hauling and switching direction as much as Phantom had people doing at the open of Into the Light
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