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  1. I was with it until they hosed the drill for the closer. I get why they did it because they were never gonna have the time to clean what they originally had by finals night and the risk of collisions was still real when they hosed it, but that kaleidoscopic run and gun with images of atoms and particles and orbits and such was thrilling to watch. And hosing that drill made it possible for that section of the music to shine so much it's still one of my go-to listen shows.
  2. KVG_DC

    DCI schedule last year

    At 06:00 to be exact.
  3. All Joan Jett music selections. :rockon:
  4. It’s on par with the “Jean Valjean's secret Irish grandma”
  5. Oh. So another French show. Joan of Arc goes shopping in Paris? [sorry. had to... I actually an intrigued by where they might take this.]
  6. Hah. I see we went in a similar direction.
  7. That is what he did. That is what George Hopkins did. Daa Daa Da DAHHHHHHH.
  8. If someone is engaged in the show and responding to it, I'm fine with a whole lot. If someone is boorishly hooting at any pause for the sake of hooting...ugh. If someone is just chattering on with their neighbor about whatever crap with no attention to the show...get out, you can do that in the souvie stands.
  9. Bonus. She's an ASL interpreter. The 'mostly deaf' person I am who uses an array of technology to hear drum corps enjoyed her presence.
  10. I'll wait for the Cavies to do this with a show that's themed around internet memes like they did with Propaganda. it'd annoy me from an artistic point of view perhaps, but I'd still laugh my ### off if they did it as effectively as Propaganda was done.
  11. Sarcastic response: OMG woodwinds in drum corps! Actual response: That cover of Miss You is fantastic.
  12. KVG_DC

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Watching this and someone marking him as an accomplished jazz composer/arranger have me thinking Madison is going jazz again (yay!). Particularly after seeing Bloo and BD get rewarded on the modern sheets and throwing the assumption that "the risk involved in marching jazz doesn't get rewarded" right out the window. I would say Madison is getting someone who they can build this style with into the future, which seems like some good long term planning rather than 'omg we missed finals, fix it with a bandaid and squeak back in.' It could also be a product of many of the current crop of 'big name' arrangers who are available and within Madison's means aren't a good fit for this style as the trend for DCI shows has been away from this sort of hot swing jazz. If Madison can come out hot with something like this SoundSport group has done, I'm gonna be all over it and I can imagine a number of others will be too.
  13. That's an amazing moment. And her presence at the forefront of that was everything Troopers. She'll do just fine upholding the legacy.
  14. KVG_DC

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    I went to high school with him and he came back after graduation to be a marching instructor my senior year. That was a lifetime ago but he was a great motivator as we had switched to white pants with a stripe after years of marching brown "keep the feet invisible" pants. We cleaned marching like never before and got tons of credit for it. We'd also put in a bunch of 'leg motion' things which was fairly 'newish' in the ISSMA world at the time. It's since morphed into the body visual stuff you see now. He's done some great work with Homestead as well. The work he did with Crossmen had them solidly defending challenges to their finals placements during his time.