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  1. I like this thread because it 'reintroduces' me to some of my favorite shows. Man...Academy. Drum Corpse Bride was seriously lightning in a bottle. The Danse, the xylobones, the uniforms, the gravestones, the closer! And most of all the relationship they'd built with the crowd through the season as they made finals for the first time with what was seriously a crowd favorite.
  2. If this is coming up around design team tables, I sincerely hope someone is there to say, "You know...let's not."
  3. My home church in Indiana was approached by a WGI independent guard for rehearsal space in their gym prior to finals in Dayton. They were desperate for a rehearsal space for finals and looking a full 2 hour and some change drive out from Dayton at that point. The paperwork was done but ultimately, they had to go somewhere else after a day there. The gym at the church doesn't have a traditional hardwood floor but this sort of plasticized snapped together tiles thing. It works fine for basketball but not so great with rifle drops. Even with a protective surface down and tarps, they were
  4. [shako off] In tribute to his Chesterton roots, we stand at attention as the Trojan Guard plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
  5. I've got the Drum Corpse Bride shirt. Also done the Wicked Games GUILTY shirt.
  6. This is an epically midwestern 70s Jello dish. I mean sticking radishes and celery in the lime jello is peak stuff.
  7. Passed one in late August that took into Sept to recover from fully. I've lost count of how many I've had through the years. Hard pass.
  8. Band had an 'initiation' during the summer camp. It was generally silly stuff like "dress up your freshman" which, since all the freshmen were getting something, was "sure, I'll wear some goofball stuff!" There'd be a "blindfold people and lead them around" thing at night where would walk trough a big mess of spaghetti and be told it was worms or dumb stuff like that. Then it always ended with a shaving cream fight followed by a hose down. My freshman year we were twice the size of the senior class and the shaving cream fight was basically a revenge victory. I remember getting my 'bunk si
  9. It's a paraphrase but yeah, close enough to the tone of the poster to make the gorge rise in your throat.
  10. Oh I remember this poster. There's something special about saying, "This man is charming, trustworthy, and attempts to smear him as lecherous are just misinterpreting everything. I should know, I could have been his 'other woman'."
  11. My dad said Ft. Wayne bands have gotten the green light to perform at home football games. I know one school doing an 80 member band (they're usually bigger) and spread out stuff on the field.
  12. I wonder how large the tarps rolled out will be of his grinning mug at the end of the lawyers arguments in the civil case. Assuming he designs the arguments and layers them toward finals. I'm thoroughly disgusted
  13. Yeah, I was trying to parse this subject heading too and thinking, "Romeo and Juliet was a good show."
  14. Feels weird reading this about someone I marched with in high school band... But he's a good guy in my experience and hopefully it works out well for him and the Xmen.