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  1. Oh that is gorgeous. I got my "Summer Off" shirt a few weeks ago and wore it when out walking and actually had someone who got the joke and laughed.
  2. Oh that was worth it to see her reaction to the True Colors hit. Also..for another chance to hear the TRUE COLORS HIT.
  3. The way she says Michael Gaines is great. They should recruit her to be show commentator/announcer at some show
  4. It was fun! 1) I forgot just how well designed that show was as a storyteller. And the drill, marching styles, etc. all of it comes together to tell the story. 2) When she started gasping at the deaths along the way...I was totally...oh this is gonna be good at the ending. 3) I was not wrong. She's charming in her fandom of this.
  5. What. The Rocket Mortgage ad song doesn't blare in during the middle of shows? What is the FloExperience coming to these days? I canceled my subscription shortly after the season was scrubbed.
  6. Man...when skynet comes online in a few months...we are so boned.
  7. Sounds like you could be a consultant for better swordplay in guard work...grin. I was part of an ASL interpreting/translating team for a production of Macbeth once that had hired a professional sword choreographer for fight scenes. It was amazing to see them at work. They used a variety of modified options too to enhance visibility and motion action for the production rather that what would be used in actual sporting situations. For the most part, we'd leave our seats below front stage left and take two seats in the front row as the combat scenes had no dialogue and 'spoke for themselves.' But there was one set of scenes where some important dialogue was inserted. Director called the interpreting team in for blocking rehearsal the week before the two interpreted performances as he was worried about something with that fight scene. Turns out, there's a moment where a shield was thrown from back stage right to front stage left (where we sat) he was worried about. The guy doing the choreographer was playing the role of the one who tossed the shield and he was a complete PRO. Ran that scene with just the chairs in place, then with us sitting, then with us doing the interpreting. He threw that thing perfectly every time so it would come flying across the stage, take a dip then slide the last two feet or so and 'tap' the back of the chair gently. It was so reliable the tap became my cue that dialogue was about to begin. It was super fun on show nights watching the audience visually track that thing which seemingly was coming for my head and having it dip, slide, and tap instead. I had total confidence in him so I just played it straight and watched the audience freak out.
  8. It was the 2015 show. This is a rehearsal video and I'm not sure if it's the same equipment they used in show or not. The main guard seem to have fairly standard sabres. But there's two featured guard doing some swordplay and you can see the blades bend and such. They also seem to have handguards (or whatever the technical term is). Best look seems to be at the :45 mark or so of this.
  9. Maybe that was the show? I seem to recall BAC using something that was super flexible as well.
  10. No there’s at least one more. I remember a whole conversation the year BAC used some equipment in their Conquest show.
  11. Phantom did a great job with it by finals. It was pretty rough developing through the season though. Marcia Hanson was legendary on the podium.
  12. I watched very little of her reaction. Was just captivated by that victory run. They did a great job editing that to capture all the joy and swagger of that run. now excuse me as i go listen to my clip of Everything Must Change on loop for the rest of the week.