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  1. That Cadets show was fantastic. I loved the music and the look. Crown is gonna bring some majesty to the field again this year
  2. Heh. I had those about my nationally competitive marching band experience for years too. I'd be like...DOESN'T ANYONE NOTICE I'M OLD? Which would be quickly replaced by... OH ####, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW AND WE'RE STEPPING OFF.
  3. I love how you can see an immediate shift in precision in leg technique the moment they horns up.
  4. Bob Barker marched in Boys of 76. Its true. I heard it on the parking lot out by the busses.
  5. SSS stadium owners are generally notoriously picky about field conditions. It was sort of a 'gasp' when DC United made arrangements for the XFL team to play in Audi Field and a lot of consternation about the state of the field during the short overlap. Yard lines are also considered a nuisance by soccer fans. But they were able to use some sort of weird paint that fades fast or some such for the XFL games and they were minimal for the soccer games I recall. Last game for the XFL was done and the ENTIRE field was resodded. Heavy props are not kind to keeping the field without weird dents and bumps and particularly during the season (and if it's been rainy at all) stadia will protect their fields for soccer. We saw this with the West Chester show where DCI fans loved Philly's stadium but the stadium ultimately got snippy over the state the field was left in for the Union. That said, Indy Eleven isn't MLS. I haven't read if they're going grass or FieldTurf. They teamed with IUPUI's field for FieldTurf where they play now.
  6. Yeah. This doesn't seem to be a 'period show' like La Reve or War and Peace. Nor is it 'setting show' like Side Show or Call of the Wild. This does seem more like something programmed to move up with what the judging panels have been rewarding. That said, the music excites me and I'm sure we're in for a treat.
  7. B/W picture. he needs to dye that thing multiple different colors and evolve it through the season.
  8. For indy this makes sense. Perhaps not the Thursday but friday and Saturday for sure. Give people lots of time to mill around and buy sovies.
  9. I was amused that a fair few people in the US didn't realize Monty Python's Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch was based on an actual item used in the coronation. The iconography the orb and rule has a long history in Christian art.
  10. I looked up to see if they'd announced yet as I'd gotten my War and Peace shirt out to wear the other day. Looking forward to seeing what this creative team comes up with this year. I liked last year's show a lot. It's one of my musical go to's from the season
  11. I await the midseason and after action reports! Then may look at those for my next pair. [maybe he should be asking about an NIL deal with Brooks?]
  12. One more link if you're just discovering Nina... a full set of classics live. Don't miss the "Go Limp" for how hilarious she could be with folk songs too.
  13. If they really wanna raise eyebrows...they could work a bit of this passion in there somewhere...
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