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  1. Don't significant guard turnouts happen toward the end of WGI season? I would think most guard talent is sorta focused on their WGI stuff right now?
  2. I don't see bananas in that picture... I'm gonna take that as a hint to their musical selections.
  3. And utilize SCV's Miss Saigon helicopter moment to drop turkey props onto the field. No VK show is complete without a dig at SCV
  4. I went for the iTunes versions. Went straight to Blue Knights. Was not disappointed.
  5. Alternatively, it could be that Muppets show we all want!
  6. Carolina Crown proudly presents, "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"
  7. I’m looking forward to seeing the corps with the highest score after penalties on finals night win the gold. and all the rest too.
  8. I cringed a bit at "inspired by the movie Drumline..."
  9. Oh I'd forgotten about 2001 somehow. When those flags come out they now look like "oh BK's guard" to me, but I loved seeing PR use all that color too.
  10. I'm late to this party but wanted to pass on congrats to any of the Mary Stoneman Douglas kids who finished their show in the rain. You've done something you'll talk about for ages. I was part of the infamous BOA rain soaked prelims in the mid 80s Terre Haute regional. This was pretty much pre-props and pre-amp but we were one of the first bands to put electronics on the field with a rolling synth and amp set up. It rained all day but started pouring as we took the field. Since it was artificial turf and we were already wet and taking the field, they had us go on. Our training was "march like its sunshine." And the synth, amp, and synth player were draped in clear plastic. It was a self contained rolling unit so...sure. It was hilariously fun to do. The saxes were trying to take advantage of some of our (early era) body work to dump water out of our horns so they didn't sound flat. Music suffered, but our M&M was on point because we were having fun with it. Best part was the next monday when our director made one of the rare moves of playing a judges tape back to us. "Holy cow is it raining! But if I wasn't soaking wet out here with you, you're the first band that's made it look like it's not raining!"
  11. Alright then. I'll request the closer from 89 for one. The sops call at the end of NWS still makes the hair on my arms stand up.
  12. p.s. I loved that show and the ballad hit for Boxer on finals night made me cry.
  13. Aesthetics of style and sound aside, I've often wondered about the logistics of woodwinds on the DCI tour. As.I understand it, a number of the brasswinds used during the season are sold on to high school outfits at seasons end to recoup the cost of buying them? So they're kept in shape through the season in a way that makes them resellable (aside from those dropped in horn tosses, run over by props, or used for playing tethermello perhaps). Woodwinds are a different beast, tons more intricate moving parts. As a sax player in high school, the wear and tear on a woodwind instrument was enough that those of us who were serious concert or jazz players had a 'good instrument' and a 'marching instrument.' We MIGHT consider using the good one for state finals, but more often than not, we'd stick with the marching one all the way through the season. And that was high school, with much fewer performances and fewer hours on the field in rehearsal. The rigors of a DCI tour might destroy resale value and even perhaps require a fair few new instruments by the end of the tour to make sure everything is set for finals. Plus techs to keep those instruments in shape, instruction staff, etc. That's adding on a good chuck of $$$ to corps budgets, even if they keep the overall MM numbers the same. I could see sideline soloists and solis be more manageable financially or the 'featured musician' like we've seen with strings, but full on woodwind integration would be a financial arms race that could hurt the bottom line for some corps feeling the pressure to keep up with the corps that could perhaps absorb that sort of cost.
  14. I gathered that. But the irony of SCV having used actual tweetybirds was too strong.
  15. So the actual bird calls in the pit for Force of Nature weren't enough to trigger this clause?