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  1. This is an epically midwestern 70s Jello dish. I mean sticking radishes and celery in the lime jello is peak stuff.
  2. Passed one in late August that took into Sept to recover from fully. I've lost count of how many I've had through the years. Hard pass.
  3. Band had an 'initiation' during the summer camp. It was generally silly stuff like "dress up your freshman" which, since all the freshmen were getting something, was "sure, I'll wear some goofball stuff!" There'd be a "blindfold people and lead them around" thing at night where would walk trough a big mess of spaghetti and be told it was worms or dumb stuff like that. Then it always ended with a shaving cream fight followed by a hose down. My freshman year we were twice the size of the senior class and the shaving cream fight was basically a revenge victory. I remember getting my 'bunk si
  4. It's a paraphrase but yeah, close enough to the tone of the poster to make the gorge rise in your throat.
  5. Oh I remember this poster. There's something special about saying, "This man is charming, trustworthy, and attempts to smear him as lecherous are just misinterpreting everything. I should know, I could have been his 'other woman'."
  6. My dad said Ft. Wayne bands have gotten the green light to perform at home football games. I know one school doing an 80 member band (they're usually bigger) and spread out stuff on the field.
  7. I wonder how large the tarps rolled out will be of his grinning mug at the end of the lawyers arguments in the civil case. Assuming he designs the arguments and layers them toward finals. I'm thoroughly disgusted
  8. Yeah, I was trying to parse this subject heading too and thinking, "Romeo and Juliet was a good show."
  9. Feels weird reading this about someone I marched with in high school band... But he's a good guy in my experience and hopefully it works out well for him and the Xmen.
  10. Not sure about a hamster ball outright. Madison's Time show with the Kenton numbers had a huge hamster wheel though
  11. I recall an Open Class corps a few years back doing a really nice show about the struggles of working class people and the labor movement. Not sure if it was explicitly a "Labor Day" tribute though. Can't recall who it was. I recall the guard as 'factory kids' who start to organize out of their working conditions and such. Edit to addDid some digging through my files. 2018 Golden Empire - "Hear Our Voice" is the show I'm thinking of. Just rewatched it and yeah, definitely the labor movement here in the story line. I remember this show because it struck me as a theme that wasn'
  12. I loved that show from the moment I saw it live midseason and they hit me with that aggressive opener. The ballad where Boxer dies gets me every time. The whole corps is booking through that show but the guard doing all that with masks on was always impressive too. My one regret is not getting the "Rules" t-shirt for this show!
  13. Yah. Japan has things under control. I imagine this is going to come with restrictions though. i.e. athletes going will need to abide by Japan's restrictions in order to participate. Which shouldn't be a problem but probably will. And i bet it'll be at least a few US delegation violation stories. For those wanting to attend as spectators, I'm betting all standard immigration restrictions will apply. Which will put a big damper on a lot of nations' and particularly the US's ability to travel there.
  14. The Tim and Fred Williams twins reacting to all sorts of genres of music is also super addictive. They do a wide range of styles and their reactions are so earnest. Knowing the 'big moments' of a song before they listen to them and seeing them get hyped even before "the hit" or "the drop" makes you anticipate just how big their response is going to be. It's a similar thing with this gal watching DCI shows. We know the 'big hit' is coming and she's already been geeking on the show and we can't wait to see her when the big moments happen.