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  1. It's actually a log in on the FloSports app/channel. Unless they've changed it, I didn't get the 'enter this URL into your browser' to authorize that way. I had to use the Left right up down to enter my password and username directly. Ugh. pro-tip: Get the Roku Channel App on your phone. you can use the phone as a remote for the TV at that point and enter info using the phone keyboard instead of up down left right.
  2. Dunno if it'll stay that way. They're really starting to sell the show. I agree it'll be hard to move up, this year is stacked. But a push path seems visible
  3. Brass had a particularly rough night. They'll get that sorted. Percussion is amazing this year and has a crazy book, not surprised they're scoring high.
  4. Phantom 10th in music. If they can get the viz cleaned they can certainly push.
  5. That answers some questions about Bloo's percussion scores. What is going on with BD's brass scores?
  6. Alright. BD is absolutely gorgeous in sound and look. It's going to be majestic come seasons end. But...it's not grabbing me like Bloo's show yet. Granted it's my second read and a totally different show than last read, I mean the guard didn't even have work for sections in the first read I had of them.
  7. The Brittany is less disruptive to me than the K-pop in Ink. That ballad is lush. I'm still a sucker for Gabriel's Oboe though...so Crown has "the ballad" for me this year. Guard is doing so great, but seems like they've got more to throw in there yet, which is typical blue approach. Unison bodywork/dancing is actually ... working this year. I like the hand drumming too.
  8. the finish on the props is nice. Gets away form the 'plain white' and yet not overbearing. Accents the uniform colors well.
  9. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh this opening. Yeah, again everything here musically and visual is saying "remember this Blue Devils show with that bit?" I like.