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  1. Just reading this thread makes my brain play that thrilling trumpet call from New World Symphony.
  2. I could totally get into an Indiana Jones show.
  3. Let the "If BD wins in 2021 it's still not a three peat because it's not three consecutive years" debate begin.
  4. I raised this earlier as I cancelled my subscription
  5. Well. This went off topic in an unexpected direction.
  6. So. As I cancelled my FloMarching account since I really do think we're a week or so from an announcement that he 2020 tour isn't happening, I had the thought...all the other sports they stream are pretty much done for a good while too...and they lost some big things like the MLS contracts they had. What if this completely breaks FloSports' business model? Perhaps this should be in the Encouragement Thread? 😉
  7. Oh, This is a good idea. Since I only use It for marching arts I may as well cancel for the time being. I can re-up if things go.
  8. With modified Dance Dance Revolution mats, this might work!
  9. Perhaps the licensing has changed in the interim? And/or "we own the licensing sync rights and we're making the income off SPIN" v. "DCI has to buy the rights [at a fee that would triple the cost of the DVDs] to make income from them."
  10. I didn’t realize you used to do the electronics hook up work for the Crossmen on semifinals night!
  11. I heard there's a great break dance crew in Jacksonville, FL led by a pre-successful DJ.
  12. They had a whole Cirque de Soleil show last time I caught a game of theirs. Sorry (not sorry) they don't have a Stanely Cup for that though.
  13. It's a big thing at the G-League team in my home town of Ft. Wayne. They did a Pacers game on invite recently and word is the Pacers are gonna add one now too. The Mad Ants line is 5 snares, three tenors, three basses and a set I think.
  14. (Cues up Sir Gwain and the Green Knight and fondly remembers my Hs jazz ensemble working the hell on that to get the dropped count right)