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  1. I'd tend to agree. I was chatting with my movie group and linked the Drum Corpse Bride show after we watched The Corpse Bride. I mentioned the Annapolis show and three of them were "I'm in if you go! I didn't know there was one so near."
  2. Oh snap. If this is a play on the Yeats poem I'm gonna love this.
  3. All corps are better than last season but some corps are more better than last season than others?
  4. [sips a morning mimosa with Terri on the lanai] "Looks like hurricane season, better bring the 40" TV in."
  5. My brain is busy arranging Smells Like Teen Spirit to be a power ballad that builds into something more rowdy now.
  6. What I really liked the most about that show though was the music. I'd love to see what one of Boston's more recent lines could do cleaning that chart! The 2014 corps did well but it was clear they were pushing just a bit past what they could clean for the season in some spots. The ballad though was incredible.
  7. I enjoyed that Animal Farm show a lot. Saw it first live in Fort Wayne and they hit that G7 form and I actually guffawed, "wait was that G7? no...they didn't actually go there with this did they?" A volunteer with BD who'd been touring with them sitting next to me grinned and said, "Yes, they did."
  8. [necro] ... [it's on theme...don't blame me.] Netflix has been hawking The Corpse Bride the past few weeks so my movie group watched it together tonight. I linked them The Academy and they loved it. That show is still such a charming moment. Unchained Melody still yanks your heart right out and you cheer when they're reunited.
  9. People groaned about the 2014 show but that kid could narrate really really really well. It was the tarps at finals that killed that show for me. One of the best "revise and perfect the narration over the season" efforts I've seen was "...A Shot Rang Out" by the Colts. Early on it was was way too heavy on narration and how they cut it back was changed a bilion times. By finals though it was a fun show with three possible endings. poor Trixie.
  10. I think it was 2014 DATR at Mile High that did that for me. They literally did a 15 sec. auto rotation between various cameras around the stadium, including a baffling wide angle endzone camera and just let it go and go and go. We were all "WTF is this?"
  11. Two-spirited. American Indian term.
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