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  1. I don’t why I’m commenting on this except that my BS meter went to the red zone. I gave my tickets away and exchanged my plane tickets. Chances are I’ll never attend again.
  2. Completely wrong on the eight. I was confused by who is in control. I thought that you were referring to the admin. Not the member corps. Every one of the eight is from outside of the NE except one. Three of the eight are not competing in DCA this year. One corps has not competed in DCA for two seasons.
  3. Didn’t they change that rule to the class A champion gets to vote no matter what they score? I thought I heard that from someone.
  4. I guess I was confused by who controls DCA. If you are referring to the member corps because then you’d be correct. I thought that you were referring to the administration.
  5. No one said that the talks between the two circuits now were because of the eight corps. All of this discussion happened last winter after the December meeting.
  6. No, it’s not. One of the reasons DCA hasn’t committed to Williamsport for 20 - 21 is that they are requiring ten corps to commit for the next two years.
  7. I heard from a little bird that there were eight corps that were considering breaking away from DCA, do DCI shows and begin and end their seasons at the same time as DCI. I guess DCA got wind of it from someone and they put the kibosh on that. They told DCI to not speak with individual corps and only do business through them. And they also said that the only way you could do an all-age show in Indy DCI week was if you also attended DCA championships in Williamsport, too. Which defeated the purpose of going to DCI and ending the season early in the first place.
  8. Heck some of the alumni corps members don’t even go to prelims or finals. They were all checking out of the Genetti on Sunday afternoon after alumni show.
  9. I don’t think it’s the number of corps that they necessarily need to be concerned with. When I was one of the young ones there last year, it’s a problem.
  10. I bought a Cadets2 zip up hoodie in ‘15. I guess it’s a collectors item now. I’m keeping it.
  11. They aren’t members jackets. Just jackets with a corps emblem on them.
  12. I’m no expert but I do love the shows that keep it simple. I hope Cadets keep it simple. I’d like to add them back to my list of favorites next season.
  13. 1. Bluecoats (not because I’m a supporter) 2. Boston Crusaders (closely behind) 3. Cavaliers (closely behind) i only choose a top three every year. Last year’s list was the same except The Cadets were in Cavies place.
  14. I saw the Woodstock documentary at the theater tonight. There was a Beatles cover by Joe Cocker that was fantastic. If you’re of a certain age, check it out on iTunes. Fastest three hours ever.
  15. The flags Cavies used in the Road to Perdition section looked like they were right out of the graphic novel. I just loved it. 💕
  16. I’m not acting innocent. I’m being honest. I didn’t even choose Bluecoats ballad as my favorite. I chose the Cavaliers.