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  1. That’s why it’s so lousy. Some Gen Zs I know listen to the same classic rock I do. The ones with taste, anyway.
  2. I won’t have to do much juggling around meal time.
  3. I just found out that prelims on Thursday in Indy won’t be starting until 11:45am. That’s almost lunchtime.
  4. You wouldn’t believe the threats we got. I had to contact our attorney. He told me something very profound that I’ve never forgotten: “The absolute truth is your best defense”. We were telling the absolute truth.
  5. Funny, Jim called last week to change our tickets for Indy so I don’t have to go down so many steps so early in my recovery, and they gave us tickets so I don’t have to go down 30 plus steps. It was pretty easy and they’re good seats. They were very accommodating so thank you to that person at DCI.
  6. Scrolling on past subject matter you find offensive/unpleasant is an option.
  7. Who’s whining? It’s discussion. It’s not my week to be a cheerleader for drum corps. No one is complaining. It’s discussion.
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