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  1. People still do that on Thursday morning. I think @Jurassic Lancerdoes. I know when I was sitting way low someone ordered them for us on Thursday morning. I’m not sitting down there anymore so I just ordered them online. Rolling the dice with that but I’m okay with that.
  2. Not me. I try to respect all viewpoints and opinions.
  3. He was not a fan of tv and he practically snapped his cap when my mom signed up for cable for $9.95 a month. He held out until 1971 before buying a color tv and that was only because we begged him for it.
  4. Geez, we’re not that old. But, I didn’t know The Wizard of Oz changed to color in Oz until I was in eighth grade.
  5. Oh yeah. I read the Scott Berg biography years ago.
  6. Like none. But it usually takes a little longer.
  7. My Dad was a Korean vet and he wouldn’t join the VFW because of how they treated the Vietnam vets. He was a member of the American Legion post in town and my mom was in the Ladies Auxiliary.
  8. Okay now you did it. Guardspeople Bridgepeople
  9. My grandpa served in the US Army in France during WWI and he pulled the iron cross necklace off a German soldier. It always looked like that to me. My sis still has it. Quite a collector’s item.
  10. I mean, I had a preschooler running around and these people are calling me a couple times a week. I was just thinking leave me the hell alone!
  11. I know who you are talking about. They were worse than PBS drives. I’d subscribe to WTTW in Chicago because I figured the kid was watching Sesame Street and Mister Rogers all the time so I should chip in. They’d call me incessantly and ask for more. I said to them one day in a call, Hey. Why aren’t you happy with what I have given? He could watch this #### for free and I could have given nothing. She went radio silent and thanked me for my subscription. Click!
  12. I tried to figure that out, too. Now, I think he’s just a really happy guy. 🤷‍♀️
  13. Spot is overshooting his four count turns. 😂 ✅
  14. Here’s some video of “Spot”. https://www.kbia.org/2021-10-01/spot-the-robot-to-perform-with-the-mizzou-marching-band-during-football-halftime-show
  15. Anyone else see this? 😂😜 https://www.columbiamissourian.com/spot-the-robot-dog-marches-with-marching-mizzou/image_a16e23b2-2395-11ec-8c47-8fa3aac503b0.html
  16. We get up really early and have breakfast at Cafe Patachou. Kind of a Thursday morning ritual for us.
  17. If history is a teacher, it won’t happen. Sorry to be pessimistic but… If people showed up to watch them on Thursday morning, that would be a good start. There are usually seven people and a ham sandwich there ($1 to Rudnicki).
  18. Some kids like the open class corps they march with. My experience with them shows that the members stay longer and it’s more of a family atmosphere. But, if some have never spent much time around them, they probably wouldn’t know that.
  19. I’ve always said, I mean for decades, that DCI operates on the premise of “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet”. There will end up being five or six “supercorps” when all of this is said and done.
  20. Come on, Jim! Open class = red headed ######## stepchildren! 😜 They raised the limit after 2019. A whole bunch of corps I watched on Thursday morning would not meet the new criteria.
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