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  1. I saw them setting it up when I went to Kohls on Aurora Ave before I moved last year.
  2. It’s endemic now. May as well categorize it as such because it will continue to be with us in some form.
  3. Ding ding ding we have a winner. I still think you can put a fork in open class. Maybe not this year but over time.
  4. You remember. Years ago, the goal was to have six “supercorps”. It was widely discussed on RAMD. It’s not like they were denying it.
  5. I agree. They should stand fast now. I still think 165 members is probably ill-advised at this time but we’ll see.
  6. I’ll be up that way in June. I’ll check it out. Thanks!
  7. The first DCI was one class. Everyone was in the same bag. Then, they had class A and all-girl for a while. Aftervthat, there was Division II/III which all-in-all, was a good format but I don’t think there are enough corps now to support it. I think they should probably leave well enough alone now because drum corps is in recovery mode at this time. Just my $.2. I don’t think expanding membership at this time was a good idea but we’ll see how it plays out.
  8. Unfortunately, all fictitious. We could have used a good donut shop. The closest great one was far. Home Cut in Joliet. We had to get Stan’s donuts at the grocery store. Which are great, too. All we have here is Dunkin’ and they’re practically on every corner.
  9. Really? I used to live in Aurora. About a mile east of the outlets off Bilter Rd. How’s that dinosaur thing doing over there?
  10. I took one JNJ in April 2021. That was it for me. I take them all, too. Shingles, flu shot, taking the pneumonia when I turn 65.
  11. There’s one way east of me, a half hour away. I go to BJ’s or Sam’s Club. The closest Costco is in Sarasota.
  12. Yep. They hadn’t been in 4th place anywhere in a while, either. If memory serves.
  13. Oh…that was a sad scene. There must have been a sale at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.
  14. Oh…I’ve done the eye roll hundreds of times. Perfectly acceptable. Sometimes, it’s required.
  15. Mr. Warren used to get kids from the juvenile detention facility for the color guard. I heard that right from guys who marched in Cavaliers way back. I marched with them in the RA Reunion corps. The stories I heard those two years… 😳😂
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