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  1. I’d rather hear from someone that went this year or knows Detroit. I don’t trust those sites. I’ve been burned.
  2. What hotel(s) are within walking distance of Ford Field in Detroit? I already booked St.Louis. Just trying to to get ahead of this. Thanks!
  3. That’s a long time without a show. I wonder if that’s a mistake.
  4. So Detroit, Lisle, St. Louis, Indy. I’ll pass on the pizza in St. Louis. Tried it two years ago.
  5. No but I’ll most likely be here through the summer.
  6. The Lisle show is a little lean. I’m still going because it’s 20 minutes from the house. No Dekalb because we’ll go down to St. Louis on Saturday for the Sunday show.
  7. I think I’m going to road trip to Detroit for the premiere.
  8. Thanks. These decades all run together at my age.
  9. I remember back in the 80’s or 90’s, before G7, there was a lot of talk of dusting the smaller corps and only have a group of supercorps.
  10. Back then, I was watching Div 2/3 starting on Monday. There was 0.0% chance I was going to a show on Saturday morning.
  11. Jim is no longer with CT. I have no idea. Speaking for myself, I didn’t go to the all-age show in 99 in Madison or 01 in Buffalo. Those shows were held on Saturday morning. I was told there were less than 1000 people who attended the Madison all-age show. People are pretty fried by Saturday after watching drum corps since Thursday morning. Another show is a tough sell IMHO.
  12. I remember one corps that didn’t have enough members who put Boy Scouts in the pit area. . I can’t remember when it was but I was at the show.
  13. It’s good that they decided against their first inclination.
  14. I’m not saying this as a positive or a negative so don’t jump in my ####. 😂 I had to take my car in for maintenance yesterday and had a wait at the dealership. I brought my iPad and EarPods and jumped onto flo for a few minutes. Purely as an observation, the prop phenomenon is not going away. If anything, I expect to see more if the fall band season is any indication. And I think it is. Kind of like how they try to guess what kind of flu season the northern hemisphere has by how it was in Australia.