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  1. I am new to the forums and really only created an account to thank someone for posting such wonderful pictures of the Cadets. However, this post is so disheartening to me. You see, my child just spent her 3rd year with the Cadets. She marched The Power of 10, Awakening and TFTFTF. The POT show got the Cadets 4th place and this year the lowest of the 3 years she's been involved. However, this summer was by far her favorite and most enjoyable. I have never seen her so devastated over a season ending as I did 3 days ago. She is still crying because she misses the show, the corps and 149 of
  2. Hi. Thank you so much for these. You captured some beautiful pics of my daughter. I created an account just to thank you for such wonderful pictures. You truly captured the beauty of the kids performances. They look like they love what they are doing. Again, thank you! I can't wait to print these out and put them in my house. I am grateful.