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  1. The thing about themed uniforms is that it presupposes the theme of your show is so effective and well-conceived that that’s what the uniforms should be celebrating, rather than celebrating the corps itself. All before a single note is played or step is taken.
  2. Still though, compare the type of drill designed for PR 2003 to PR 2021.
  3. Looks like the Cadets are going to continue emphasizing their unique look on the field next year as a recruiting strategy. When others zig, they zag. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTh4V46P0sB
  4. That actually raises an interesting question…what was the last prop-free show in finals competition?
  5. We haven’t had APDs since 2014 but corps can put their finals video up on YouTube a few weeks afterward, which almost seems like a fair trade.
  6. He’s actually for the most part very complimentary of modern show design and performance. There's nothing wrong with being critical of something lol
  7. What about Phantom or Cadets’ show this year was not appealing to the members of today? I’ve seen this point raised a lot but never really seen evidence to back it up.
  8. To be honest I didn't hear too much synth usage in Phantom's show, at least on recordings (though I'm sure they would be more present when viewed live). Maybe a few choral patches here or there that were take it or leave it.
  9. Some frustrating words from a recent Phantom alumni on Reddit: “Long build ups to climaxes are a thing of the past and it's a #### shame. I encountered it in 2014, we played Swan Lake with long musical phrases that told a story. The judges that year were telling our staff how unimpressive it was compared to what everyone else was doing. They tried their best to convince the judges that what we were doing deserved to be scored competitively with other corps but it fell on deaf ears apparently. The activity was on the precipice of major change all the way back in 2014. I consider the 2016 SCV show the last of it's kind.” Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to see the sheets allow for some diversity and for both types of designs to score well.
  10. As great as that just was (and 2019) I'm excited for them to do not the Beatles next year.
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