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  1. Will they be doing an entirely different show for 2021?
  2. I’d kill to have them play Klesch’s brass book straight up, 28 years later.
  3. When was the last time a finalist corps had no props?
  4. I predict the second number will have a clip of some Top 40 pop song.
  5. Hopefully a new director and brass arranger at Cadets.
  6. Keep the Crown format of four distinct pieces. It’s the only sensible way to pace a show and Crown is one of the few maintaining it. Need a clearer theme next year.
  7. After what I just saw them put down it’s certainly possible.
  8. I've always thought there should be a separate "Drum Corps Live" circuit, where all sounds are produced live and acoustically. The problem is no one would march it, because the current DCI marching members don't care. It's all they know (aside from some ancient videos from the 1990s most haven't seen).
  9. It’s kid of astounding how traditional this show and is still completely competitive. Remove the vocals and change the uniforms a bit and this show as is could exist in 1998 design and performance wise—and win. This is a good thing.