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  1. They are gone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cadets_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
  2. I gotta say, it's the only one since 2007 I've ever found myself humming the week after championships.
  3. They’re 9 months away from announcing their show and yet I still am in awe of Jay Bocook’s 2024 arrangements somehow 😁
  4. A few hours late but yes, at the end of the second piece the pit plays the conquest hits while the trumpets simultaneously play the bugle calls. Very tastefully done.
  5. Got inside the stadium this year with plenty to spare. Amazing things can happen when people don’t all decide to line up for no reason for an hour 🙃
  6. https://lyricstranslate.com/en/sea-shanties-wellerman-lyrics.html?amp
  7. Some of you one day when the tonguing is done have never taken your leave and gone, and it shows
  8. That was the best this Cavaliers show has been all season. Full standing O in my section once they hit that company front.
  9. Overheard: “No voiceover in Spirit’s show tonight that they’re back on the field? How were we supposed to understand that they’re back on the field?”
  10. Sure, amplification balance has never been reflected on the sheets.
  11. Loudest synth bass by a mile. It’s weird, they didn’t have this problem at all last year. 🫤
  12. Madison left me scratching my head. There’s just no there there. Exciting final minute though from the company front on.
  13. Man I completely underestimated Academy. They need to build on whatever I’m hearing because that is a solid sound. Not sure I understand the show though.
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