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  1. Way too many pages to go thru but has anyone talked about BD not winning any caption awards... when's the last time that happened? Congrats again to all the finalists, especially SCV for their championship and Mandarins for their 10th place finish for their first finals appearance.
  2. Don't read too much into that Phantom score. Phantom was at a show where Cadets was the top corps and Phantom was the only corps in their tier. But yes, Mandarins was on Phantom's tail last week and now they are closing in on BS and BK just in time. The battle from 8th thru 11th is gonna be fun to watch this week!!
  3. Thanks for live blogging and posting pics the entire show. Very much appreciated!!
  4. I think Mandarins outdid everyone by showing how to march with them for an entire show.
  5. Yeah, I noticed the Mandarins pretty much got the worst draw possible at every show. Haha!!
  6. I agree! Out of all the corps who have used vocals over the years, the BC are doing it best. Beautiful voice with perfect mixing levels.
  7. Agree... And while we're on the subject of best SCV show ever, 87 still tops my list. But this year is in the top 5.
  8. Yeah, I think a unicorn trotting across the field would make it complete. Haha!
  9. No doubt. But to me, the end is not the time to pull back. I usually look forward to their endings, so this year disappoints.
  10. Actually disappoints me. I'm used to hearing a lot of notes and runs from them... None of that this year.
  11. The big drop was definitely a fluke, but I think the 87 the night before was too. They'll be closer to Cadets tonight but probably not an 87.
  12. I like Cadets this year, but that was a rough run. And I really hope the z-pull can be more dramatic... it's like half-z-pull and not strong enough musically.
  13. Not sure why some fans think you have to always play and move to score well. BD heard a lot of the same complaints the years they won. So...
  14. And I don't think it helped that they changed the end narration to "the victory is won." Umm... Now I'm really confused.