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  1. Vintage DCI? Maybe from a rep standpoint. But the park n play, movement, props... that is all DCI of today.
  2. I noticed Spirit and Mandarins both kicked off fundraising campaigns to raise $100k by the end of 2023. The Mandarins even announced an anonymous donor has agreed to match up to $100k, which is amazing!! Today, BD announced they are trying to raise $150k by the end of the year. With this, and the earlier announcements from Cadets and Southwind, I am concerned this is another sign that corps are struggling financially and trying to recover/get ahead due to the rising costs. I'm hoping this activity can survive through these tougher times.
  3. It's a prediction in September before 2024 auditions have even started. No one is using any kind of rationale.
  4. Some reaction videos are actually interesting and informative. Funliner is made up of 3 Bloo/BD alums who have a lot of insight. Everett Kim (the Asian guy) is also a score writer. So watching their reaction videos are great. This girl... If you enjoy watching a fresh set of eyes share his/her opinions/critique, this girl is for you. If not, don't watch them.
  5. Well, I think the rudeness has been banned, so we can get back on topic. 1. BD 4peat (sorry, haters) 2. Bloo 3. Crown 4. Cadets 5. Mandarins 6. Boston 7. Phantom 8. Cavies 9. Troopers 10. SCV 11. Blue Stars 12. Colts
  6. I wonder if due to increased football injuries, the NFL is moving away from slit-film. I read that monofilament surfaces are slower and softer, so if that's the case, it could feel nicer to march on, but more difficult rolling props on.
  7. My Team QB - Blue Devils RB - Mandarins WR - Cavaliers Kicker - Blue Stars Defense - Spirit of Atlanta Flex - Gold
  8. With the NFL season around the corner and fantasy football drafts happening, I thought it would be fun to play Fantasy Drum Corps, and we can check back at the end of next season to see how everyone did. Here is how it works: You need to choose one corps from each position, and we will add their Finals placements (or Semis for corps who did not make Finals), and whoever has the lowest total score wins. Quarterback - Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders Running Back - The Cadets, Mandarins, Phantom Regiment Wide Receiver - Cavaliers, Colts, Troopers Kicker - Blue Stars, Blue Knights, Crossmen Defense - Pacific Crest, Spirit of Atlanta, Madison Scouts Flex Player - Any corps not listed above
  9. I usually listen to normal music while I work during the day, but during drum corps season, I'll watch/listen to YT videos of older shows I can find, and then over the last week, A LOT of 2023 headcam videos. 😂
  10. Yup... And it worked so well, they decided to never do it again.
  11. Crown just posted their ageout photo and I counted 46, which seems pretty good for a top tier corps. They should be solid next year if most of their corps returns.
  12. Can't believe you left BDC off your list.
  13. 1. Bluecoats 2. Mandarins 3. Blue Devils 4. Boston 5. Phantom/Crown
  14. I just saw an Aged Out Reacts video on YT of the Mandarins battery. TJ Choquette was a guest on this video and he actually consults for the Mandarins percussion. He mentioned they only had ONE returning member from the battery... ONE!! And from what I can tell, it was their center snare. He said they had two guys from Blue Stars and one from Blue Knights, but that was all of the "top 12" experience they had. I can't imagine a top 12 corps practically losing their entire battery like this and coming out even stronger the next year. That is pretty impressive growth and results considering how green that battery was. I do know two of their 2022 Basses went to Bluecoats, but not sure what happened to the rest. I'd be curious to see if a lot of these guys will come back in 2024 like @Chief Guns said the brass is discussing.
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