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  1. Another thought: Replace GH with the Duke Lacrosse team. Or replace GH with the UVa fraternity accused of rape. I don't jump to conclusions.
  2. Leaders of a North Georgia high school are apologizing for throwing away trophies belonging to the marching band. Video posted on social media shocked former members of the Southeast Whitfield High School marching band. "They're filming students taking boxes of awards and throwing them into the trash like it didn't even matter," Lindzy Reed said. Reed was part of the Raiders Marching Band from 2007-2011. She said several alumni started contacting district leaders when the video surfaced Tuesday wanting to know why they weren't given a chance to take the awards before tossing them in the trash. "It's very disrespectful to the people who had come before them who had fought so hard and went through so many hours of training, so many different days and years and they just told them don't worry about it," Reed said. We took the concerns to Whitfield County Superintendent Dr. Judy Gilreath. She released the following statement: "Many of the trophies that were initially discarded were participation trophies that did not have on them a year or even the name of the school. The band program at Southeast High School has a long and successful history. Discarding the trophies was a mistake. The band director and principal did not realize the impact this would have on the Southeast community. All trophies were retrieved last night and we will make a place to store them." - Dr. Judy Gilreath Southeast Whitfield High School Principal Denise Pendley also apologized through the following statement: "I have been part of Raider Nation for a long time. I am a proud graduate of Southeast High School. I spent six years teaching science at Southeast and have been an administrator for 8 years. I am fully vested in the school and community. I apologize for offending the band alumni from Southeast. That was never my intention. The trophies that were discarded had been housed in the band room and were very old. We kept the most current trophies and discarded the older ones. The trophies that were discarded have been retrieved and are now in the building. We will be discussing where the trophies can be displayed to show our Raider Pride. Again, I apologize for upsetting the community." - Principal Denise Pendley Reed hopes the school finds a proper way to store the awards and the band continues making history. Reed said she and other alumni plan on going to the next school board meeting in December to try and find a solution.
  3. It's a Senior Night Prank gone bad. We need a contest to see what other words can be spelled using B-R-O-N-C-O-S
  4. A new piece of legislation signed into law on Friday could represent new peace of mind for athletic trainers and other sports medicine professionals. The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act provides legal protections for athletic trainers who provide care to athletes when traveling outside of the state in which they are licensed. Essentially, the law removes barriers to athletes getting care from athletic trainers that were created by liability concerns. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association, in a release, spelled out the changes under the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act as follows: Athletic trainers can engage in the treatment of injured athletes across state lines without fear of great professional harm, such as loss of license to practice, while protected from monetary loss with professional liability insurance. Health care services provided by a covered sports medicine professional to an athlete, an athletic team or a staff member of the team outside of his or her home state would be deemed to have occurred in the professional’s primary state of licensure. This legislation treats medical services rendered in the secondary state as occurred in the primary state if the secondary state’s licensure requirements are substantially similar to the primary state.