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  1. I thank you for your constructive thoughts, we all have a right to voice our opinions. That,s what makes the USA the greatest country in the world and that’s why I served this country. My family has been involved in this Organization since it’s inception. I sincerely hope Interim board finds the correct individual to take Pioneer over. This organization has been here A long time and it may not be the greatest organization but it has survived many crisis. We should get a new board to oversee the operation of the Corp. Let me state Roman and Sue have overseen the financial aspects of this Corp and have done a good job, if they can continue with the oversight of the board I’m all for it. Roman has acknowledged he has made some mistakes and this one is a grave mistake. I would be the first one to tell him what the heck you doing . I truly do believe that this organization is going to move forward and be better than you can imagine. “I guarantee you “ too many great people have come through this organization and we will help “ ”just sit back and watch “
  2. With all due respect to these other posters. Please remember this drum corps is here before DCA, DCI through the dedication and hard work Roman and Sue we may not agree with Roman or Sue in the all aspects of this great Organization, but it has fulfilled the dreams of many young kids including me and I am forever grateful for the experiences that they gave me. There are literally thousands of kids who have great memories and experiences please remember that because you don’t agree with him does not mean he’s a great man and wife. Roman and Sue are getting older now we must look for solutions to continue this great organization not be hurtful to these great people they have made mistakes and we must help them with solutions to continue the pioneer family I truly believe that if you cannot make any positive statements or help us find solutions please keep your negative opinions to yourself. It is very helpful if you can respectfully disagree with in our family and if we can’t solve the problems then you must utilize the means of DCI. Let’s all move together forward in a positive and loving way because we are truly a negative world and we don’t need that better every day remember I think we take this for granted may God bless Roman and Sue and his family in thank you from Jesse Reyes ❤️