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  1. Is it a sign that today's DCI Corps news and announcement links YEA to the Boston Facebook page?
  2. I am really looking forward to their show announcement - Looks like a great team in place!
  3. Ghost - Thanks for bringing us back on track! Great show indeed.
  4. I have never seen such a deep percussion bench..... Holy Moly!
  5. Colts 2007-2010 Max Mullinix Colts 2011 Jerry Carpenter
  6. Jeff Ausdemore BK from 2006-2010 Perhaps followed by Hardimon? Brian Mason Regiment from 1998-2002,-Humanities-and-Social-Sci/mtd/Faculty-and-Staff/Brian-Mason
  7. Although it didn't quite get the crowd response it should have.
  8. A lot is expected of folks that do both activities not to mention any high school activities which are their own animal. Hopefully he will return soon in some capacity.