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  1. copyright

    Black Gold?

    YouTube is your friend
  2. copyright

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    I appreciate Ryans points about those on this forum (who go by their own name or not) who simply lob hand grenades to fuel their own egos. Those who have followed this thread know the details of the issues with Pioneer and don't need to be reminded.
  3. copyright

    Music corps should NOT do

    "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's "Barbie World" by Aqua
  4. copyright

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    Thought it was odd you were mentioning semis performance considering... Southwind also has a history of restarting after the 97 season and again recently. Pioneer benefitted from their inactivity in 1998 with connections at Murray State picking up several members. I think we both can agree that both corps had difficulties getting down the road in recent years as other groups were beginning to charter. I am a Southwind fan (was listening to 2001 just this morning) - at least you can appreciate that they reorganized themselves and are now an active corps again, right?
  5. copyright

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    Southwind was great at 2002 Semis.
  6. Interesting! I guess after hearing it so many times at the slower tempo it seemed 'off' to me to hear the other faster version. I guess that's the percussionist in me. After the 98 CD's they stopped including the introduction all-together not to mention the finale audio. Thanks for the information.
  7. I think you're right! Interesting that the tempo was faster midseason than at finals...Perhaps they overhyped?
  8. I recently created a playlist of my favorite shows including 1998 Crossmen and I am wondering if anyone can help me answer this question about tempos. 1) The version I added to my device has the introduction from Brandt Crocker - 'On the field - presenting their program A Pat Metheny Portrait" seems to be the professional recording however 2) If I go back to the audio CD from 1998 - all that was included is Brandt Crocker saying the name of the corps and the show beginning. 3) with a quick YouTube search I find that the audio of the opener is slower than version 1 Can anyone else verify these two versions of the same show and why one has such a faster tempo than the other? Thanks folks! By the way, 1998 Crossmen is one of my favorite shows. I feel fortunate to have seen it live early in the season before I really knew was drum corps was all about.
  9. copyright


    Lance knows that...
  10. copyright

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    No one will ever know.
  11. Keep in mind how long Roman has been in charge of the corps - you think all the layers of this drum corps onion can be peeled back in a month? Also, keep in mind that those who have been asking to help for years are finally being allowed to speak into how things are run and looking to fill spots on the board.
  12. copyright

    Don Warrens Book - Autographed

    When the book was released around 2008 he was present at a number of local shows signing the book. Had mine signed at the Naperville, IL show.
  13. copyright

    Pioneer What Next?

    I also agree with Old Corps guy on all accounts. There is some room for improvement which could certainly be solved by consistent tour and program staff with the corps all summer (and Roman agrees with this). The major barrier is finances. I was pleased to see a greater number of staff with the corps this summer. Additionally, many of them were pio alums which I believe increased moral and pride amongst the members plus made alumni feel more engaged throughout the season. What many people don't realize is how many brass members don't play the instrument they marched this summer - back in the day there were snaritones but this year there were many woodwind players that were making it happen on brass instruments.