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  1. A lot is expected of folks that do both activities not to mention any high school activities which are their own animal. Hopefully he will return soon in some capacity.
  2. Adam is an incredible human being.
  3. Technically, they were tied to Pioneer in the early days - The former Pioneer Indoor now known as Pi Percussion has been based in Romeoville since pretty much their inception. They were using Pioneer's Equipment and buses in the DCI off season to save costs. There was some overlap in staff initially with Adam Hill Serving as Director of the Indoor group and percussion caption head at Pioneer Drum Corps in the early years (2008-2010 maybe?). Fast forward to this past WGI season, Pi Percussion (for good reason) drops the Pioneer name. Shortly after this Pioneer's DCI status is revoked but they still participate in the Southside Irish Parade with the help of alumni and a few students from a local Chicago school taught by a Pioneer alum (not Adam as listed above). There was some momentum captured through this effort which lasted through the summer in the form of a summer parade group (drumline). It seems they are hoping to have a home base in Milwaukee and continue to offer opportunities to the students who have been part of the summer group who are mainly from the Chicago area. This group may be be supported by Pioneer in some way shape or form but guessing that will only be equipment and transportation to shows. A lot can happen in a few months though.
  4. I'll be honest - I almost didn't recognize him with the beard!
  5. Robert Cawthorne the corps videographer- crazy to say it but it’s been 10 years or so that he’s been with the group. Super talented guy.
  6. Sweet! This is a huge pickup for the Colts (as is the rest of the McM team). looking forward to what develops on the show design end. Was also wondering weather we would see a return of the amazing Shane Gwaltney. Is he working for any other DCI groups these days since leaving Phantom a few years back?
  7. Scott has been tasked with stepping in on a couple of occasions and is truly one of the unsung heroes of the activity. He should certainly be on a short list for the DCI Hall of Fame for his leadership of the Crossmen during the transition to San Antonio and most recently the Cadets.
  8. It seemed that when JD was at Phantom he was in font of the arc a few times - not sure if he was so much at SCV.
  9. Cavaliers 90 Crossmen 98 Blue Knights 14 Magic 03 Crossmen 91
  10. No Indianapolis Public Schools this year