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  1. We’ve had regular meals from the food truck so far. We will be staying in hotels for the last 2 or 3 days of the season, which might be when the food truck won’t be available.
  2. The food truck is still here with the corps.
  3. A lot of very exciting changes are debuting at tonight’s show! 🤩
  4. Judges were harsh on Madison and academy tonight, and tonight was a better show than last night’s for Madison.
  5. Get ready to grab the popcorn, folks. This thread is gonna be one wild ride for the foreseeable future. I’ve seen an image someone posted on the MS coffee house Facebook page that is changing the Scouts forever. Doesn’t seem to be officially posted by any Scouts/FPA pages though.
  6. Turns out there’s actually just a miss count. The whole visual caption is scored wrong. 15.15 total for the whole caption when each individual sub caption scored 15.1, 15.3, and 15.0 respectively (Mandarins). DCI averaged the visual scores instead of adding them together for some reason. Scored a 75.5 total tonight
  7. They used to be judged on different sheets up until around 2014 or 2015. Now all corps are scored on the same guidelines.
  8. BAC fees are the highest across the board at $5,150 in fees. Madison is $3,900 for this season
  9. We’ve got a ton of choreography to add in the next 2 days of rehearsal before our next show, lots of still moments right now. We got overscored in GE 2 our first show but we went up 1.05 points tonight from our last show.
  10. First uniform tease of the Scouts!
  11. I only know that our spot roster of 36 is full, no idea about the behind-the-scenes.
  12. Guard has been full for the past couple weeks, and there has been big improvements there since. Our dress rehearsal tomorrow will unfortunately not be in the official uniforms, but we will be wearing the shirts the alumni helped sponsor for us.