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    It varies from year to year but for 2017, Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard and Boston Crusaders.
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    27th Lancers - 1980 DCI East
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    My last - 1979 (I really liked "Children of Sanchez" ;-)
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  1. Jurassic Lancer

    Callback camps

  2. Jurassic Lancer

    Callback camps

    Have some of Crossmen 18 MMs opted to try their luck at other top tier corps? Are all remaining 18 MMs going to be offered contracts? My guess is there are more than 45 holes to fill.
  3. Jurassic Lancer

    “Failure to Protect”

    I agree 100%. All those who allowed the sexual predators to thrive in our activity should go.
  4. Jurassic Lancer

    “Failure to Protect”

    I don’t find this position crazy. I am not a great thinker but if DA didn’t stand by and do nothing then why are we here? Was he simply ineffectual? The proof is in the pudding is it not?
  5. Jurassic Lancer

    “Failure to Protect”

    There is no probably about it. They have been reading DCP ... and Reddit ... and Twitter ....
  6. Jurassic Lancer

    The Cadets 2019

    This is huge! Congrats on the hire!
  7. Jurassic Lancer

    “Failure to Protect”

    If the spotlight of these articles do not clear out the cockroaches from the staffs and admins of all our beloved corps then the corps do not need to exist at all. For the love of all that is decent ... PURGE!
  8. Jurassic Lancer

    Help me out here!

    I see what you did there!
  9. Jurassic Lancer

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Yes! Olivia was “discovered” by Jon Vandercolff and Jim Moore who work with Union H.S.
  10. Jurassic Lancer

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    My question is: Did they enhance or did they distract? There may be a way for them to add value to a show but this wasn’t it. I think this is like the infancy of A&E ... a tentative first step but clumsy right now.
  11. Jurassic Lancer

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Amazing pick-up! Congrats to Eric and BAC!
  12. Jurassic Lancer

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    Me either.
  13. Jurassic Lancer

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    Look at your DVDs again. There are significant differences between 1979 and 1980 Lancers.
  14. Jurassic Lancer

    Caption Awards

    Or is Nick Saban the Scott Chandler of college football?