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    My last - 1979 (I really liked "Children of Sanchez" ;-)
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  1. Last year we stayed at an AirBnB. It was a bargain and we are definitely doing it again.
  2. He’s OK ... especially when he picks up the bar tab! 🤣
  3. Personally, I would rather Cadets were fielding 40-44 guard. 36 seems light.
  4. You had to compose in Alto Clef? Was the prof a viola player?
  5. Bluecoats have been using a drum set for years.
  6. OMG! The flags are spinning again! OMG! Did you you see that rifle toss? Was that a company front?!? Did that trumpet just nail a high G? Never saw anything like it! Not since the last band, anyway.
  7. And happy 100 year anniversary for Veterans Day. Be sure to thank a Vet for their service ... and wearing a poppy today would be a great touch!
  8. BITD, I was all too happy to jettison my valve -rotor sop for a two valve!
  9. Well reading that is two minutes of my life I will never get back.
  10. I think it is highly unlikely to have a WW section in the corps proper. I can see the day that a solo WW or two are used as featured solos or as a small group from the pit. If that’s the case, would many of the legacy fans bolt for the door? How would they react if a Benny Goodman type clarinet solo opened Rhapsody in Blue? Would that be the end of drum corps for you?
  11. 1977 Oakland Crusaders had top drums but placed 15th in DCI prelims.