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    1980 27th Lancers @ DCI East
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  1. There was a moment in 1978 Oakland Crusaders. We were somewhere in Kansas and the temp was 100+ degrees. We went for a water break, and all the sops on the number 2 side of the field decided we would take a drink of water, but not swallow, since we knew we were going to run some of the drill in the drum solo. We marched the drill, and the drill writer started to walk to us and we struck a fountain pose, and spit out our water in sync. The drill writer just turned away from us and cracked up. Good times.
  2. You know, khaki pants, khaki shirt and accents were pretty comfortable. The worst part was that we had to press our shirts before every show — or at least when we could.
  3. How about that … learn something new everyday
  4. I thought Cadets used DeMoulin … did they switch to Stanbury?
  5. Doh! You’re right! I just started listing at 2014!
  6. I love Bluecoats’ ballads. From 2014’s Hymn of Acxiom, to the above Woods, to Great Gig in the Sky, to Saro, to Blackbird to Golden Slumbers, I think Bloo consistently kills it in the ballad department.
  7. You can tell Britt that those wheels of cheese were called mints.
  8. Strongly disagree. I believe judges are committed to award the appropriate score, given the criteria they have been given. Moreover, I believe judges want to help the adjudicated to achieve the best score they can. I also believe judges give the appropriate scores based on the what and the how, caption by caption, of what the established criteria dictate.
  9. That was an awesome show! I watched that show grow daily at ST, and man, did they kill it by finals.
  10. Video auditions are open! Newly created admin positions have been created! Send your resumes! What does Bloo have in mind for 2022. I have it on good authority that they won’t be doing The Beatles. So maybe Paul McCartney and Wings?
  11. Good point. I sit in the last row of section 141 at LOS, right by the staff pen. One year, after their corps performed at finals, a staff member started whooping, “Yes! Devil killers! Devil killers!” I thought it was distasteful. BTW, they didn’t beat BD.
  12. I’m not sure what your dry cleaner reference is all about. The only dry cleaner I know of with regard to drum corps is the “Dry Cleaner from Des Moines” and Bluecoats played it in 2018.
  13. How about one of the most negative series of threads regarding the state of the art of drum corps.
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