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  1. And if the season is abbreviated, how many members are willing to pay typical corps fees? We were in what seemed like a thousand shows a year (starting before Memorial Day) and that is what gassed us. If the 2021 tour is cut to a dozen or so shows, would you pay $4000+? I wouldn’t.
  2. Yeah, Delta Sigma Phi was a completely different matter!
  3. Yeah, I already donated ticket money to Bloo for tickets I bought for their shows. That leaves Super Three tickets. I will let them ride.
  4. I wondered that as well, but decided that if there isn’t a 2021, DCI can keep my money as a donation.
  5. In the ‘70s, I was in five different corps. I was never hazed.
  6. Funny. I applied for an absentee ballot and apparently it is lost in the mail. They said I had to wait until Monday before they will consider voiding the lost ballot and allowing me to apply for a new ballot. I am much more concerned about being disenfranchised, but you be you.
  7. Election-day fraud California includes the following crimes in its definition of election fraud: Accepting or offering money for a vote — California Elections Code 18521, Using threats or coercion to influence a vote — California Elections Code 18540, Voting in an election in which one is not entitled – California Elections Code section 18560(a), Voting more than once in the same election — California Elections Code section 18560(b), and Impersonating another voter — California Elections Code section 18560(c). Penalties for California voting day fraud
  8. Funny, my chart says ########. I thought he was referring to the target area.
  9. I have had several ... my sister died of colon cancer so I am in a three year rotation.
  10. I have a colonoscopy next Tuesday. I can’t wait.