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    Currently, Bluecoats. Historically, 27th Lancers.
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    1980 27th Lancers @ DCI East
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    2016, 2019
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  1. Yeah, I changed my post … I felt I was being a little too self-aggrandizing … and you’re right … I was part of a couple of those corps that were open to virtually everybody for next to nothing. I too wish that was the reality of today’s corps.
  2. OMG! Five minutes after reading this, and I’m still giggling to myself. You just said the quiet part out loud! Why indeed?
  3. Not entirely true … I have skin in the game for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Bluecoats
  4. I get a Bluecoats vibe from them in that they are also turning into Mad Scientists ( if they haven’t turned already) -that’s a great thing — the more mad scientists, the better
  5. … and a few miles north is Carmel, and I’m not sure how far $150k would go there
  6. They are all angry cellists. Why are they angry? There were no cello solos this year.
  7. With the internal shift of Bloo’s guard staff, I think they have a real shot of making the top twelve next year! Here’s hoping! 🤞
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