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    Marching Member in the 1970's
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    It varies from year to year but for 2017, Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard and Boston Crusaders.
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    27th Lancers - 1980 DCI East
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    My last - 1979 (I really liked "Children of Sanchez" ;-)
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    Detroit, MI

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  1. You know the two are not mutually exclusive 😂
  2. We talked about Game of Thrones a little.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking about commenting in a Bill & Ted’s kind of way but remembered I was on DCP!
  4. The fastest I earned one was late February, the latest was May, so no laughs from me!
  5. I am going to go with 2017 Boston as well. I am so bummed the ballad didn’t make the BluRay.