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  1. Haha now that is a smart use for Duct tape! I love that LOL
  2. Can't wait to see the improvement and changes from MMX tomorrow! Go bones! I have a few friends in this group this year!
  3. Sounds like that strong seabreeze! The wind coming off of the coast at night is always insane!
  4. Other than forums, I don't have social media so that's why I asked here. Thank you though.
  5. Hey can someone please tell me what crown's warm-up time is tomorrow? I'll be at the competition for the first time ever and I can't wait! This will also be my first time in front of a World Class group ever not counting both of the Crossmen Experience camps that I have been to. I'm STOKED. I'll be a tall kid wearing a bright red Crossmen Xperience camp shirt and a black Nebraska Cornhusker hat if any of you want to come say hi. I'll be at the stadium from just after 11:00 AM all the way until after scores announced soo.... hope to see you there!
  6. I have a director that marched with BK in the late 90s and has a history of teaching with the group and developing great students that eventually march with them... that's really cool IMO.
  7. Moderator pack: The gods of the activity. They keep the meadows safe and rather clean. Noticed by the Colored usernames and often seen swooping in and yellow taping disaster areas before the disaster happens. The smartest minds around, that's for sure. Oh, and they never sleep.
  8. What I would like to see is them performing extremely clean and putting an 87 up, but sadly that score is not likely to happen just yet. I still think they have a chance to take it 😀
  9. Trust me, I understand. I have a bit of experience on some other forums, none nearly as popular as this but pretty darn popular. Some of the common posters here know me because of those forums. I've seen a thing or two when it comes to toxic posters, and I have generally learned to just skip reading those posts. Some of them are pretty funny, though. I know there are some amazing people here though. I really like the dry humor that comes out of Jeff Ream especially and the support that those like Hook'em has for their respective corps. It's a pleasure to see those like Terri who cheer on everybody, because that's what they deserve. How long have you been a part of the marching arts?
  10. I know a guy that marched Star and Phantom in the late 80s and then went on to march When a Man Loves a Woman who has taught me a lot over the last few years. I still have a lot to learn. He reminds me of a few of the people that I've met across the forums. This guy is great. He's now our Band Booster President.
  11. I figured that would likely be the case but how in the world are they able to find the videos so fast? And how many people do they have looking for the videos?
  12. Man this is hilarious to read. I think I would identify myself as more of a corps hopper although my favorite group as a lot of people on other forums have come to find out is Carolina Crown.
  13. Something I have been wondering... of all the shows that you can find on a certain platform after a performance I can never seem to find a recent video of Bones. How is that the case?
  14. After each show I become more and more confident that this corps can crack the top seven come finals night. They may be sitting around ninth right now but you can't really compare scores across competitions. This is also an extremely aggressive show that has a lot of room for growth and I can't wait to see the difference from now to finals night.