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  1. Now I *really* can't wait to see what John Mackey cooks up for this corps. This is so fitting for his style of writing, it's no wonder why they asked him to be a part of this production.
  2. I had a feeling once I heard the final movement that it would be the perfect impact moment for what will be an incredibly emotional ballad. Thank you for this post once again.
  3. There is such a clear linear concept and theme throughout all of these pieces, this show is going to be incredibly cohesive. I can't wait to see this show.
  4. After listening to Fraternity and Define Dancing, I wonder if they infuse some of the final movement of Fraternity into the ballad...or actually the closer. Just wow.
  5. Good lord I am listening to this repertoire right now. This is going to be an incredible show, and I can see why people have been saying that this show has soooo many notes in it. This Fraternity piece alone could be an entire show haha.
  6. I CALLED IT! Lmao. I knew they would do something in that realm, especially after the release of Oppenheimer last year. Absolutely perfect timing of it, and the crowd should be very very receptive of it provided they have seen the movie or know the story of Prometheus. That makes me very excited.
  7. How is their marching technique and execution doing so far, from what I saw from the week 3 recap they seem to be doing really well. Are they ahead of where they were this time last year from an execution stand point? Or, because the show is much more difficult, are they still having a hard time with it? You said they have MUCH more notes and MUCH more movement, are they having a more difficult time with it. From what I’ve heard, this may be the most talented corps they have had in years across the board when you include perc and guard so I’d expect they are ahead of usual right now.
  8. Me too…and I am a loud sneezer. It was near the end of a piece and because it was in a concert setting the entire band had to struggle to stifle their laughter 🤣
  9. (Im)patiently checking everyday to see if crown has released anything related to the show this year 😆
  10. One of the band mates a year under me from high school plays clarinet for the tiger band right now, so I have definitely paid a little more attention to that school even though I hate the school 😆
  11. You know as much as it is overplayed by high schools in their shows (and stand tunes for that matter) I would LOVE to hear a crownified arrangement of O' Fortuna.
  12. Dare I say one of the greatest movies of all time... Edit to add: I never watch movies in theaters more than once, and I watched this one three times in theater and many times since.
  13. Prometheus mayhaps? Oppenheimer did come out last year, afterall.
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