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  1. Innovation Coming back to this topic that my friend Karuna brought forward. When I look across the activity .. unless you want a Bluecoats show.. I see pretty standard fare in visual and musical design. And when Crown tries to get too far outside their sweet spot it kinda flops. Yeah the brass choreo is a little stale. The guard work was under written last year and they could have executed more. Percussion has really moved stylistically and it paid off. Brass remains solid .. so with a new visual team .. we’ll see. I think with the new leadership there will continue to be some level of freshness .. maybe not necessarily innovation. Word is they recruited well .. with Crown being a perc destination .. !!! Guard filled early too. I hear bigger props .. which is not a Crown tradition. Who knows but I’m excited to see what they bring out .. 👑 Not too early to plan the NB hookup. 👑👑👑 Suite for sure.
  2. What should they do next year .. story telling seems to have worked this year but you can’t do that every year. And anything in the philosophical realm didn’t seem to work in these past few years’ shows. Too many dots to connect … the keep it straightforward and not obtuse is definitely a carry forward .. let some of the drill set (not always moving) build over the season .. guard can handle more content .. just my 2¢ It’s not Crown material but someone needs to put on Moulin Rouge. Done well it could be strong. On to college football for me. I’ve gotta let DCI go for a minute. 👑
  3. Yeah .. I think they went a little too easy in the content . Guard particularly. Honest to god tho how are you 1st and 4th in GE1?
  4. Flo sound was off .. for sure. and it’s still off. BDs sound weird too.
  5. They’ve got the goods & talent to do it too!!
  6. !!! IT’S THE SHOW DAY !!! 👑 LET’S GO CROWN 👑 👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑
  7. Last column on the right .. focus .. get ready.
  8. Yes .. last night was the toughest panel for Crown . But check in with kinky little devils .. I mean Poppy
  9. I’m the party pooper. I don’t think it was as tight. But a good run. Gonna be super duper tight between them and Bloo. having said this I don’t think anyone had a breakout night.
  10. Whew .. that would be a very tight squeak. But I’m all in .. LET’s GO CROWN 👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑 👑🗡️👑🗡️👑🗡️👑🗡️👑
  11. More this year than in recent memory, this is gonna be about personal taste .. and analysis .. those fuzzy edges where it can go either way on any night. My 2¢ Crown did what they needed to do we’ll see here soon ..
  12. Doing what they need to do. Squeaky clean .. little drill interval in the final set but WOW .. All captions bringing the heat .. and that was prelims. That was a statement. !!! 👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑
  13. Yeah .. they looked off at NightBeat even. Atlanta they were on it. Idk. It’s weird .. the closer .. just isn’t clean .. and it’s not getting cleaner. I’ve seen it since Atlanta .. and perc. ?!? Guard is inconsistent. I’m not beating up on them they are undefeated .. but they’re getting chased pretty hard. Again atypical. Usually this is when they put the Blue Devil into high gear and sprint to gold. I don’t see that this year. of course I’d prefer Crown 👑 take it all.
  14. Which is BS .. DCI even states Allentown is judged as one event. Let’s get Crown and BAC into Gold and Silver… or vice versa. But that would be an epic throw the baby moment. Given the scoring lately who the heck knows. I’m expecting big numbers for Bloo and BAC tonight .. 🤡
  15. I’m very curious what’s going on there. Very very atypical for BDs.
  16. Well .. it’s certainly setting up to be very interesting come Thursday. Crown .. great night pushing those Viz and Music numbers. 🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥👑🔥
  17. Was the boot off the horn soloist ? He’s one hole.
  18. Me thinks the Crown dagger is a big drill and maybe too much change at this point. I was talking to Grandpa. I think that silk can even be sparkly gold ?!? They added four measures last night .. but it still does not feel 100% finished. Guard doing choreo for the final counts is popular but dang I want apparatus full tilt on those final measures. My 2¢ that’s worth 0¢
  19. I think the changes have been in rehearsal for a while. Crown set maybe pre Murfreesboro.. I would love to see a silk fill the Crown like Inferno but bigger. Fill the Crown. I also like the idea of the guard being the sword 🗡️ in the Crown.
  20. Almost exactly my thoughts .. I saw those guard glitches.. but they are in a great place. The guard running into the Crown feels rushed .. and I think there might be more there. I had also hoped they would activate the table halves somehow. They basically pull to the thirties and sit…. definitely tipping up would help but that’s a big change .. I like that there is room to clean and grow more .. the BAC show seems to be maxed out but .. and on Flo high cam the ocean flyover looks rushed and a bit “we gotta add something”. As friend told me .. they are over laying now. Pretty good to be basically tied for 2nd.
  21. Yeah .. it’s the same panel .. but the bigger question and I did not database it all this year so I don’t know if or how these judges saw Crown in earlier shows.
  22. I say 👑 set is tomorrow night. Can I get some back up here ? Dang .. those GE numbers tonight AND Bloo closing that gap like crazy . . I have no idea what to expect come tmrw night
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