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  1. Most favorite: 2016 Relentless - I think this show was way underrated. The ending change was costly 2015 - Inferno - should’ve been Gold 2013- E=MC2 2011 - Rachstar I just like it 2014 OOTW - probably their hardest show ever on all fronts .. it struggled to execute 🤡
  2. Ha.. nice. you know BD don’t do nothing cheap. Keeping it real. Babylon is my favorite keep the props simple and let the performers shine. And it was beautiful.
  3. The BD props don’t look expensive but they execute everything so precisely that I would guess those are costly. They are professionally designed and built and maintained . But they do a lot with “simple” props. I keep mentally going back to Jagged Line and that massive construction on the field. That thing had to expensive to produce maintain and transport. Then I look at Crown .. and they execute props so poorly I would not even use them. And I’m a Crownie. Is BOA and WGI really driving DCI evolution? I only see a few BOAs that get close to DCI world class. WGI probably has p
  4. I certainly hope every corps makes it through but ... likely all will not. For me .. it is not necessary to have these over produced electronic extravaganzas for it to be enjoyable Drum Corps. Travel is a huge expense but there is no way the 2919 show was not mega expensive to design produce transport and execute for 10 weeks. Is all that really necessary ? Why stress your org so much financially? I liked the show .. but I also like the much simpler less produced shows too. Maybe there is a reset of sorts. Idk.
  5. Nobody knows. Let’s hope the virus situation settles down quickly and we get another great year of drum corps.
  6. Sounds like fuzzy math. Wonder what’s going on.
  7. I see the staff is up on the site.. looks like most of the same faculty. Yes?
  8. Hmmm. I’ve watched last year’s show about 500 times since seeing finals in person. It was a medalist show .. period .. I agree with the indoor vs outdoor subtlety .. some of the details were just to fine for outdoor ... and the monochrome thing .. it almost feels like your mother telling you .. because I say so .. we’re gonna do it this way don’t ask questions. They need contrast and less subtlety on visual .. also a lot of guard talk .. but you know .. there was a pretty big spread in the percussion scores 👀 .. if you’re down to hundredths of a point .. but I thought all the capti
  9. I am no better today .. maybe I am more bitter? I did sit by a Spirit colorguard member on the way home .. she is all fired up to try and get on CrownGuard .. so I see more and more growth. I also happened to sit by a member of the BAC Board. She was nice and said oh .. we don’t compete with Crown. So .. maybe I reconsider them. As she said .. which is true .. staff moves around all the time. It just happens in DCI. And come to find out BAC nor Cavaliers blew out Crown. I think Crown blew them and SVC out. So there that was cathartic. I have no dog in the BD/BC fight.