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  1. The show was fine. They placed fourth .. kids enjoyed it .. fans enjoyed it. Looked pretty good .. sounded really good. What else is there to say ? I kinda picked this fight last week saying it was “different” but … “CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?” lol …
  2. Thanks Mike for the balanced opinion .. which maybe I did not say well previously. I was simply trying to state if the opinion is Crown does the same thing(s) .. others are certainly near or in the same category. I still feel like this year was very different visually from anything they have done before. Musically. Ok. I’m probably convinced but I sonically like it.
  3. Totally disagree .. a very high percentage of I’ll say fans would say Blue Devils run the most formulaic shows in the activity and have really excelled at training the judges to reward that formula. I did not even read 90% of what you wrote because it’s the same stuff regurgitated ad nauseam .. you clearly don’t like what Crown does. I like what they do .. and it’s that simple. I do think Crown did something different this year. It was not groundbreaking and they struggled to execute it. They will remain a top corps. They will recruit just fine and life will go on. And BD .. will keep repeating what they do until the judges decide to reward something else. I don’t like what they do .. it is not interesting to me and that is my prerogative. Crown, from what I have been told, was happy with their season. The kids enjoyed the work they were given. That is a win/win. Crown has not placed below 5th (once) in what? 14 years so I think they are just fine without anonymous DCP honks on their staff.
  4. You could easily do the same analysis with much more comparative exactitude for the other shows I mentioned and their predecessors .. it is also interesting to me the gratuitous musical moments you mention are now emulated across most corps in the top twelve.
  5. Well .. there certainly were issues on a number of fronts but I give Crown credit for trying something different for them and the activity. The top five corps’ shows except Crown to me were disappointing as they were reincarnations of their last competitive show. Really BDs .. so similar in look feel and staging to Ghostlamp or other shows .. Boston basically has run the same approach for now 5 years .. finally getting it down but very simple drill with CG carrying the visual .. it’s clean and concise but really is an extension of the shows done by that team at Crown. Bluecoats.. a continuation of the Beatles shows/groovy theme that are so similar. SCV .. still hanging on to the vestiges of Babylon with their props visual and arrangements. I don’t think any of these shows were bad or unlikable but it’s not like there is a huge amount of stretching artistically/design for these corps. Kind of a status quo year to me in retrospect. When I saw the Crown preview show live. I thought it was exciting. But I thought .. they’ll never clean this drill. So I don’t put all of the issues solely on Subel, even tho he struggles to articulate a concept on the field and the scale vs WGI seems to be out of his grasp. BUT the drill writing is too schizophrenic for me .. nothing sets or resolves it just seems to be always moving to something else. As far as fixing issues .. folds transitions. Seems like they had a lot of kids out sick post San Antonio when they probably wanted to make changes. There was a point where they just decided to ride it out. I don’t think this team’s skills complement each other and I don’t think there will be changes but I hope they refine the approach. Way too broad this year and the details just did not resolve going into finals.
  6. So amid all the conspiracy theories and tied placements. What if DCI were judged like ice skating (another artistic sport).. the judges punch their numbers in and you get a score after each performance. I guess their technical scores are more codified.. but maybe a crazy idea. Ppl would lose their minds I think. I only say this as I have been schooled that the numbers go into the scoring system tabulated and that is it .. I’ve never got a clear answer on when the numbers get entered into the device just a curiosity .. but they would judge it as they see it and less relatively to each other. Then it truly is just the numbers .. simple math.
  7. In totality .. there was a lot fabric in a lot of shows .. and the tarp and fabric vendors seemed to really push the digital print material .. cheaper .. easy to transport etc. Leaving it laying around on the field was a slop fest Subel to me is still stuck in Winter Guard visual that fails at scaling to the big field.. and frankly it doesn’t work with Jeff’s drill .. imo. You can take any show and grind it into the ground and on really close analysis you could say none of them make any sense. I say just perform what you want and skip all the esoterica of the show explanations.
  8. Well .. Crown ended it well. And a pleasure to hang out on the forum. Even tho we might be ornery sometimes .. just sticking up for CrownLand!! It’s done now and definitely agree with some scores not with others but we move on to another season. I’m ready for college football 🏈 now personally and some cooler weather. Adios
  9. Definitely best run of the year ( and I’ve seen every show that was broadcast and 6 in person) and definitely the crowd bought it. I’d say Crown had more than Bloo .. if they’d done this all week. Man where would they be. Lots of love for the corps. What a way to end the season. !!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️
  10. They were hot tonight. And the crowd participation worked.
  11. Full House folks. Say it’s a sell out. and the Crowd is ready to Rock
  12. I guess I meant even more recent. Ghostlight not story Babylon not story Metamorph not story Downside Up not story Ink not story etc
  13. Mike .. I really do not even think Inferno would come close to winning. DCI has just moved into such a different place .. which I don’t think includes grand sweeping mega Drum Corps shows with those story lines. I love what Boston is doing and tonight will tell if that type of show is highly rewarded. Just a week ago the chatter was about BAC beating BDs and now they have to fight it out with Bloo. Survey says from my arena of non-experts Bloo is t’ed up for silver. But we’ll see.
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