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  1. Can't argue with that. My grasp of more is limited. πŸ‘
  2. All good but off topic has been okay on this thread so far. I'm following pretty closely for trolls and flamers.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0278wE6WrpbMtQEfEtKKvgcwyaTqXKRFmA1kkrUK92yADMBExiLQEcFMg3WjxepBHWl&id=100011056861759
  4. VC alum have been warning about this for years. 😞 It is really sad when the org builds you up in either corps only to reject you later down the line for any number of unspoken reasons. It really sucks. I always wanted to be a drummer. Was told I was too small. So instead I sat on the drum bus in corps during some of the best JONZ years in history, and later married a drummer... still crossing my fingers that he'll teach me djun djun some day! So, I'm familiar with the feeling:
  5. Mods can control off topic if they like. I don't mind distractions in such a heavy, sad thread.
  6. This is the million dollar question. I would argue that the organization has endured some very serious blows and I never count 'em out. Perhaps I'm whistling in the dark? In drum corps? I'm unsure. But other significant arts nonprofits across the country? Plenty! I sure hope a contingency and possible transition plan are in place. Plenty of other arts nonprofits thrive without gambling businesses. Another triage strategy is needed here for sure. This is why cutting out the locals is so dangerous. 😞 When we have to fight to communicate it becomes pretty exhausting. I'm sorry your efforts were met with crickets. Prior to this year I may have contributed to that. The only contact I remember was a donation request. I'm in contact with some of those cats but haven't broached the topic yet. I'm deeply curious about their transition. I hold onto hope that someone in leadership/admin will recognize the value of reconciling with survivors. Like most orgs, I imagine they have limited capacity for the emotional labor required to do so. There are many of us who could be volunteers across the country, donors, or board members. We were just burnt so badly we stopped knocking on the door.
  7. Wink. Same. Both of my degrees are from TWU. Man, we vibin in this thread. All completely valid and I don't really disagree. I guess I take on the mindset of the book The Art of the Turnaround. All of these organizations have irreplaceable cultural value. But smooth direction changes are slowly becoming less feasible. Well said. Very sad indeed. I'm sure there's so much we're not seeing too so I want to give the org at least that grace.
  8. I hate to break it to local alum but VMAPA is not technically obliged to serve the Bay Area community directly. What a shame. The mission statement says nothing about it. 😞 I see this often in arts non profits. When they pivot at any point to prioritizing broader or non local goals, they often also alienate a crucial group of supporters that ground the org and make it unique. Locals live in the shadow of giants they rarely see the same benefits from as outsiders. It's weird.
  9. Oh, there's no bad to break here. I'm processing fast, but I also heartily welcome complex dialogue with contrasting perspectives as long as it respects survivors and witnesses first.
  10. Not once have I made a demand. This is not a protest action. The organization with the money and stature to do its job should do it to the standards that it has held its members since its founding... often to our detriment. They've made it painfully obvious how little they want my help. I'm well aware of how little my voice matters in this arena. I'm merely processing sad news the best way I know how and the words I express are my own. Your suggestion that I should keep trying to offer/demand solutions to an org that harmed me and continues to avoid me would only perpetuate the harm. I'm not processing with them and they have demonstrated they don't have the capacity for that anyway. Not when we're hearing reports like this. That's why I'm processing with the respectful folks here.
  11. Case in point, and for a little distraction: https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/34454174/viral-baseball-sensation-savannah-bananas-leaving-coastal-plain-league-go-all-banana-ball
  12. Perhaps our senses of how long this turmoil (globally and organizationally) has been occurring differs. The turmoil was very tangible to me two decades ago. I tried to return and help, but was swallowed alive by yet more harmful admin decisions. Alum want to help but are often turned away. There are more elegant solutions than "this or that." We've been saying this whole time that there are plenty of VC members who are worthy of marching SCV. It's not so cut and dry. Some of my favorite and most respected alum that I marched with were first VC. Respectfully, why should we? VMAPA and alum have done so little to reconcile the many harms against us, despite plenty of chances. We didn't burn this bridge. Many of us have tried to repair it multiple times with no assistance from the other side. My own processing of this news publicly right now is a sign that I'm still friggin' trying to. But it's rarely taken that way.
  13. You gotta split the resources between the groups evenly in times of turmoil folks.
  14. Thank you. I hope many alum can appreciate your and others' condolences. I'm hoping that the dialogue other alum in this thread have brought so respectfully to the table is a sign that this isn't entirely true. On it's surface, these thoughts reflect my experience among alum to a point. I personally feel there's a great divide between X and Millennials right now. That's only based on my personal experiences though. I listen to Gen Z and other survivors first at this point. Louder for those in the back. @Slingerland seems to agree. I'm processing this right now in community with you all. I appreciate your contribution and hope my thoughts can be read more as a thought experiment than anything else.
  15. It directly contributed to my extreme weight loss from stress and cascaded into middle age with disordered eating. I ate like a horse before drum corps, no dietary limitations. When a legend told us that on tour, I skipped meals staying behind with them to try and figure out what we were doing wrong. I wasn't even a rookie falling for it. I was a fully cooked vet.
  16. Nice, that's excellent to hear. My numbers were based in not knowing this and attempting to reroute low Bay Area numbers. I'd keep it right there in the future. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I hadn't heard of this half-patch BS. Fully agree.
  17. Hey fellow alum in this thread... I'm really sad it took this for us to connect, but I'm glad you're here. 😭
  18. 2004 was nearly torturous for this reason alone. We were regularly called "not Vanguard enough" by key staff. No matter who says it or whether it's directed at SCV, VC or staff... it's toxic, just like patch culture. Didn't patch culture originate because the patches also got you a discounts on tour fees? That's what I remember. Go look at Santa Clara Fanguard vlogs on yt, they're practically dripping with it. Thank you for bringing more nuance to this. I've proposed this elsewhere: SCVC recruitment strategy: 50% or more Bay Area cats or more (largely recruited from the alum who run HS programs) 50% outside SCV recruitment strategy: 30% SCVC or more 30% other corps/outside of Bay Area 30% vets from previous year 10% misc (I'm happy to be in the misc category, but sure would love to not be "othered" for being a Texan. I was one of so few when I marched, but recognize that it's complex. Are we also not part of the family? Part of the legacy? Worthy of a seat at the table?) It's also more difficult to ignore Texas like than it seemed to be BITD. There's simply more funding through and through for middle school and high school programs in my home state. It's an logical recruitment hub. But too much Texas anywhere is not good.
  19. I do and I'm so sorry I couldn't have stayed around to help with any of it. Enough closed doors in my face led me to throw my hands up.
  20. My super bad, lol! It's a really appropriate metaphor so I've been slinging it around like candy. To get rid of an earworm, I hum or sing a short, repeatable melody. Sometimes jingles are perfect like "Buy Menen." Disney earworms are the worst.
  21. Same. I'm fuming over here. Y'all're lucky I'm out in the remote desert. I'm the first to stick up for the largely-alumni staff of the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets... that is, until I hear reports of members not getting enough food, bugs at the housing sites, staff implosions, and other issues disclosed to me that I'm not at liberty to share. If that's what's happening then the organization doesn't deserve what VC members bring to the table. I'm going to give some staffers the benefit of the doubt, hoping that they fought for what was right, but I have limited first hand knowledge of this. I will say that I've been told by one alum that Vanguard often turns its back on some of its best people. That's alumni doing that to other alumni, folks... This doesn't excuse pulling the rug out from under them, but it may ultimately be keeping individual MMs safer. If that's the case, then it was the right call. A "right-er" call would have been to give VC the TLC and resources the MMs deserve, but it's too late and VMAPA has to sleep in the bed they made. If alum are ######, they need to be able to handle that ethically, compassionately and fully, rather than leaning on the legal experts on their board alone or primarily. My interactions with them have not given me hope. I can't tell you how refreshing this is to hear from another alum. Thank you. Myron would be proud.
  22. Waiting for more alum to speak up or connect (other than the ones already accounted for herein) got me like...
  23. Edit to add: this meme isn't directed anyone in this thread. πŸ™‚
  24. All good. Further disclosure if my own story depends only partially on concerns I've shared on this forum. Sure would help to have support from fellow alum in shifting my decision though *wink*. So far many of them are just as mum as the org. @Jeff Ream is right, SC doesn't talk about Bruno. Other disclosures are from witnesses and survivors dating back a ways and those folks haven't given me permission to share their stories. I don't break the trust they've given me, ever. The only other category of disclosure would be my direct interactions with leadership, which are relatively minimal. Again, I'd only share that with trustworthy alum first. Then, with their support, guidance and consent I may disclose.
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