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  1. ^^^ THIS ^^^ If I am paying money to go watch a drum corps competition and these guys are on.. well... let's be honest, this is my hot dog corps. Now I get it that is not fair to the performers, but it is what it is. And I am just saying what a lot of people won't. To me, the big issue is why can they not recruit members? It's not as if there aren't high school music programs close by... The problem MUST be internal and not the fault of DCI. All DCI does is provide a contest schedule and a venue in which to compete. Do you know what The Academy, Blue Stars, Carolina Crown, Genesis, Jersey Surf, Mandarins, Music City and Pacific Crest all have in common? They all performed in DCI's "second tier" and are now succesful World Class units. Perhaps instead of complaing about DCI, they ought to be figuring out what made those corps so sucessful and how they used Open Class as a springboard. Or perhaps they should look at longstanding Open Class corps such as BDB, Gold, Guardians, Legends, Raiders, Southwind, Spartans and Vanguard Cadets and find out how they both recruit and retain members and try to emulate success. Just a thought.
  2. Bloomington ... IU Memorial Stadium... HUGE single stand = a WALL of humanity. Charlotte... Bank of America Stadium Santa Clara... Levis Stadium 4th site... secondary rotation... Madison, Kansas City, Dallas, Foxboro, Annapolis, Denver, Buffalo
  3. Nope... I ALSO recieved a fan letter! LOL
  4. And my post.. is my OPINION. I am entitled to have one believe it or not. You're welcome to agree or disagree.. Personally, I don't really care..
  5. My "official" HYPE-O-METER Rating for the 2019 Phantom Regiment production "Joan"...
  6. “Afterburners” by Chuck Naffier... Assuming this must be a Chuck Naffier original composition... can't find anything on this one. “Backlash” by Simon Dobson YES!! This one has a very Madison vibe to it.. the old-schoolers should dig this one “715-Creeks” by Bon Iver YAWN... Sorry... this Imogen Heap clone does nothing for me... the old-schoolers will hate this one. Might as well be called 715 Winks because that's what is gonna be happening during this part of the show. “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” by Benjamin Britten Love this piece of music, but I don't see how this fits in with the rest of the show thematically. Gonna have to be some pretty creative arranging to make this one work... Not so sure about this one. “Spinning Wheel” – Blood, Sweat & Tears Nice. “One Voice” by Barry Manilow Again... I dunno about this one. Seems really mellow to me.. possibly too mellow to be a closer. Overall, I am not quite completely underwhelmed, but neither am I jumping out of my chair for this one.. I have no doubt the performers will work their backsides off and be great with this.. I just wish they'd been given something better to work with. This show is screaming 15-17th place to me I'm afraid.
  7. Yeah... ALL the hornline was hooked up with the chicks in the guard... And if you believe THAT...
  8. I won't even consider listing placements but some thoughts.... Don't think that Vanguard can't repeat. With regards to Vanguard repeating... don't think Blue Devils are just gonna step aside without a fight. Boston... Hi. We're here and came to medal.. Just sayin! I see Crown, Cavies and Cadets in a big scrap and I somehow see Bluecoats falling into this pack... but I see the top 7 not having much spread... No more than 4 points between 1st and 7th... Next pack... Blue Knights, Mandarins, Blue Stars and Spirit of Atlanta... and the battle for 12th... Phantom, Crossmen, Colts... I see Phantom winning this group, but only just I don't think Madison has a hope in you know where to get back to finals this year I see a big jump for Seattle Flame away....
  9. We are straight up all age as that is the rules of both DCUK and DCE... In the International Class, DCI allows us to compete under the rules of our governing body... we also get to compete in Open Class and Prelims, although we cannot displace a DCI corps... In the event we should place in the top 12 (crazier things have happened) there would simply be 13 in finals... so no, we do not need to nor will we be dropping anybody.
  10. To be fair.. we don't get hung up on the numbers... that is completely out of our control. But like Jeff said, completely different scoring systems and panels... Here's our show from DCE Finals in 2018... we cracked a low 90 as I recall... Don't get me wrong.. we won't be coming to DCI just to make up the numbers... we will have a placement goal, but we will also make it a priority to entertain the hell out of you!
  11. I can tell you for a fact that Kidsgrove Scouts has DBS checks (British equivalent of a criminal background check) for ALL members, volunteers and staff over the age of 18, as do all British drum corps. I believe it to be the Continent as well...
  12. First and foremost.. member safety... I would propose that each corps must have a dedicated, full time safety and compliance officer. Someone completely independent of instructional or design staff. I would also propose that this individual reports DIRECTLY to DCI and not corps management. If an issue of member safety arises, this individual should be compelled to report findings to DCI and the relevant legal authorities if required and have the authority of the sanctioning body to shut down a corps if compliance issues are not addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner. Enough is enough. It is time for draconian measures. It isn't 1989 anymore. Also on the safety front... Modern drum corps is a very physical activity. A fully qualified sports medicine professional should be required on all staffs as well as a fully qualified dietician. If we can afford high cost equipment and instructors, we can afford that the members are properly fed and cared for. On the competition side of things... Separate field percussion judges... Battery and pit are two completely different beasts. All shows MUST have full judging panels. The members pay a lot of money to be taught by and evaluated by world class level educators and the fans pay a lot to watch. This is the least all should expect. On that same token... Minimum show length of 10:00. The fans pay a lot of money to see what corps do. It is ripping them off to only see half a show. If a corps has less than 10 minutes on the field, I would assess the penalties at five hundredths (.05) for every second under the minimum time, ie... If a corps came out minus their closer and their show was only 7:30 in length the penalty would be 7.5 points (150 seconds x .05).
  13. I have been told by a reliable source in one of the corps that this decision is nothing at all to do with finances... That's all he would say though. My gut reaction this is fallout from the scandals... although I have no proof. Just a gut feeling.
  14. I wouldn't worry about future iterations of either SCV or BD as to be fair, they really didn't get too many "kids" directly from their feeder corps anyways.. Both are "destination" corps.. ie.. places people go to age out.. A lot of the SCVC and BDB kids went on to other World class corps rather than directly into the A corps respectively. Sure some eventually aged out there, but I am willing to bet the actual numbers are probably pretty insignificant.