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    Freelancers 1987-1992 Baritone, Cheshire Cadets (DCUK) 2004-2005 Contra / Staff, Kidsgrove Scouts 2016, 2018 and 2019 Tuba, (2017 Visual Tech)
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    Currently? Blue Devils and Phantom Regiment
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    2020 Phantom Regiment (that corps was simply magical) and 2014 Blue Devils. I marched in the 80s and 90s and I will say it... todays drum corps is just better.
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  1. Anybody else think Mandarins could catch SCV this year? Personally, I absolutely do... and I think it could be in the next show or two.
  2. Best bit? I'm not even British! I just married one!!
  3. It is with great sadness that I bring you the news that the Kidsgrove Scouts have officially gone inactive for the 2022 season. Unfortunately, the corps is yet another casualty of the Covid pandemic. Having not fielded a corps since 2019 and with Europe having lost two full seasons, the demise was ultimately down to both staff and membership moving on to other interests and pursuits. The organisation is not dead though as the Kidsgrove Junior Scouts are being reformed to be a local parade corps and as an opportunity for youth in the "Potteries" region of England near Stoke on Trent to learn and participate in music. The organisation still retains all the equipment and gear. Whilst the door is certainly closed, it hasn't been fully deadbolted, but the corps administration has stated that fielding a corps again is not likely to be on the cards for "the near future"... For those new to the activity, this is a really big deal. Kidsgrove had reach far and wide on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I will offer a brief history lesson if you'll indulge me... Formed in 1908, The corps began life as a scout band , performing primarily in parades. In the early 1960s, a fire destroyed all of the band's instruments. Taking this as an opportunity to start afresh, John Swindells borrowed money from his father, bought new instruments, and re-formed the group into a more structured organization. By 1972, the Scouts had grown into the UK national scout and guide champions. The corps gave up the traditional scout uniforms only in 1992. In 2001, the corps embarked on a different direction in show concept, from heroic show music to jazz. They finished 2003 in second place at the Drum Corps Europe Open Class competition and fourth in the British Youth Band Division I contest. Ultimtely John's son Rob took over teh day to day running of the corps and over the last 20 years or so the corps became known as an extremely tight knit group with many generations sharing the field together. Mom, dad and kids all in uniforms was not at all uncommon and several marraiges were formed within the ranks. Competitive success really took off from 2007 when the corps won their first Drum Corps United Kingdom Championship title and they won it 7 more times in 2009, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18 and 19. In the UK the Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors also won the Junior Class Championship five times in 2008, 10, 11, 12 and 13. In Europe the Scouts won three titles in 2010, 15 and 19. And finally the corps was also well known in the USA having competed on the DCA circuit making finals at each calling in 2010 (6th), 2012 (7th), 2015 (6th) and 2017 (7th). Prior to the Covid pandemic, the cors was due to attend the DCA championships in 2020.
  4. I think we need to look at the reality of the situation a bit... DCI is a huge undertaking each year. There are literally thousands of performers and staffs (many very young themselves) touring together and living in each others pockets for weeks on end. NOT in any way excusing it, inapprpriate stuff IS going to happen. It's been going on since the very beginning... and that does not in any way make it acceptable or OK, but I am afraid it'ss unavoidable. What is important is HOW it is handled and dealt with by those that are supposed to be in charge. Our leaders HAVE to do better. In this instance, those leaders being the corps directors and DCI. Corps optics at the expense of individual safety is utterly and completely unacceptable. We MUST demand accountability and consequences for actions... AND inactions. We live in a world of accountability and INSTANT communication. EVERYONE has an audience online and hot button topics will blow up VERY quickly if mishandled by those in positions of responsibility. Perhaps it is time for more women to be in charge (how many female corps directors are there? How many women are board chairs an and how many women have been in charge of DCI? Not many and NONE on that last one). Boards perhaps need to be more representative of the memberships... younger, more diverse, more in touch with how things work TODAY. AND EVERY SINGLE CORPS MUST HAVE A COMPLIANCE OFFICER WITH ULTIMATE ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY... ABOVE AND BEYOND THAT OF THE CORPS DIRECTOR. I'D EVEN SAY THAT EVERY CORPS SHOULD HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICER THAT REPORTS TO NOBODY BUT DCI DIRECT. My two cents there...
  5. It's getting to the point where when you try to find positives, it's merely trying to defend the indefensible. Burn it all down.
  6. Pioneer was low hanging fruit because of one stubborn individual.. The Man In The Hat. Had he complied with the directives of DCI, Pioneer would still be competing today.
  7. With all due respect.. you are wrong. Have look at the DCI rulebook. Policy 321 allows for Dan to take unilateral action on his own. If Spirit does not clean up their act, he can in fact punish them severely. Pioneer was placed on probation and one of the stipulations of that probation was Roman Blenski having no decision making authority and for him to step down from the board. He refused, and Dan enacted policy 321 and for all intents and purposes gave Pioneer the death penalty. Unless I am wrong, in theory, Pioneer COULD in fact petition for reinstated DCI membership if they enacted the requirements of the probation set down by DCI. They just didn't.
  8. If this gets into the public eye.. ie: outside of the infinitely small drum corps universe, Dan may not need to act as I cant imagine a single school or housing site that would want to potentially open themselves up to this sort of risk. Problem is, that every OTHER corps will be tarnished by this as well.
  9. So THAT is their response? REALLY? Dan Acheson needs to enact Policy 321 right now.
  10. Policy 321 of theDCI rulebook states... "Violation of DCI Policies and Procedures may require the CEO to take disciplinary action against any participating organization or any executive, employee, contractor, performer or volunteer of any participating organization. Such disciplinary action shall be taken in the sole discetion of the CEO and may include, but is not limited to, suspension from participation in any DCI sanctioned events, activities, facilities and housing sites for any period of time; and as to any participating organization, witholding payment of funds for the assessment of a fine of up to a total of $5000.00 for each violation" This is the policy that was implemented in the death penalty of Pioneer. Dan Acheson CAN take action right now if he chose to do so. The question is will he? Personally, I think if nothing else, DCI needs to ban Spirit of Atlanta immediately until such time as they can prove they have basic child protective measures in place. Whilst yes, many (if not most) of the members are in fact over 18, we still do have LEGALLY speaking children on the field. As the sanctioning body with general oversight of the activity, DCI has a moral responsibility (if not a legal one) to ensure the safety of children participating in their organized activities.
  11. You can speak your mind.. just do so within the community guidelines and you'll be fine. Just bear in mind however that words often generate responses and not everyone will agree with your point of view. Moderation here has never and will never be about silencing opinions and discussion.
  12. Speaking of bugs.. I recall one retreat at Allentown (91 I think)... Freelancers were always known to be pretty no nonsense in retreat. You held rigid still and did NOT move.. AT ALL! So fast forward to about halfway through retreat and one of our baritones' plume is violently shaking all about. Was my good friend Steve. Turns out that a moth had landed on his neck and CRAWLED INTO HIS EAR. Now I don't mean lik eon the outside.. rather IN his ear.. as in when they took steve to the ambulance, the paramedics had to get forceps to retrieve the trespassing moth from up against his ear drum! And yes, we did call him Mothra from that moment onwards!
  13. Yeah... we were en fuego on Friday night. I marched from 87-92 and 1989 semi finals was the ONLY show that I ever did that I honestly don not remember. I remember going onto the field and my next memory was the last horns down. Everything else... a complete blank.
  14. Gentlemen.. please put away your duelling swords and turn around and walk away in opposite directions... Take a break and come back when we are ready to be a bit less personal.
  15. Like Jeff... I too received literally dozens of hate mails and even threats to mine and my family's physical safety. I even had someone post me a picture of my kids (yes, they got reported to the relevant authorities). All because "we didn't cave". You know what? The internet is huge. There are LITERALLY MILLIONS of places for you to discuss current events ELSEWHERE online. We however recognised pretty quickly the lay of the land and as a consensus decided to bend our rules and ALLOW discussion on THIS drum corps forum as well as the facebook page. What happened was certain SJW's got all bent out of shape because someone actually had the cajones to enforce rules and set boundaries on them. Like it or lump it, ones First Amendment rights do NOT extend to private, moderated online forums. I can absolutely assure you that nothing was taken lightly and nothing IS taken lightly with how we choose to moderate not only this forum but the facebook page as well. I've said my piece. Like John said, if you'd like to discuss it further with me, feel free to message me.
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