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  1. It has been pointed out to me that there wasn't in fact a 2024 SCV thread so I will open this one. That said... follow the Community Guidelines and play nice.
  2. It has been pointed out to me that there wasn't in fact a 2024 SCV thread so I will open one. That said... follow the Community Guidelines and play nice.
  3. With due respect, The site already has a community guidelines section... that pretty much covers the "rules" of the site... I should know as I have been on the DCP admin team since the site was less than three months old. I was kinda party in actually WRITING said guidelines. If you want a thread discussing 2024, Vanguard, then I am pretty certain that the 2024 staff is relevant to the topic. I feel comfortable speaking for the admin team on this that we are not particularly interested in enforcing arbitrary rules set on individual threads that sit outside the community guidelines.... and besides, there is already a 2024 Vanguard thread. Closing this thread as a duplicate.
  4. As this thread has veered off-topic and no longer aligns with the intended discussion, it will be closed. We encourage members to initiate separate threads to explore topics such as age limits for drum corps, ensuring a focused and productive dialogue. Thank you for your understanding.
  5. If The Cadets had simply folded due to the cost of fuel, housing, insurance, food etc, I could live with that. Sad but hey, them's the breaks and life goes on. The fact that this was instead 100% self inflicted, it kinda pisses me off to be honest. I see lots of comments about He Who Shall Not Be Named... well, these actions pre-date him. Looking at the big picture, I can now see how he did what he did as the culture was already there. FOR THE RECORD... I am in NO WAY excusing the actions... I think he should be in prison right now. Just that this stuff was happening BEFORE him. As much as I hate to say it, the corps SHOULD have died back in 2018. We simply got a bonus five years on life support. This is sad, perplexing, anger inducing and TOTALLY unsurprising I'm afraid.
  6. No... literally no point. Beating dead horses and all...
  7. I dont normally promote the March or Die podcast here but this week we have been joined by Spirit of Atlanta's executive director Jason Burns who generously gave us over two hours of his time for the podcast (dont worry, we edited it down to 90 minutes). I figured this would be of interest to the masses as Jason is very candid about "how the sausage is made". Would love it if y'all gave it a watch and if you like what you see, it would be even better if you subscribed. Next week we have JW Koester from the Mandarins joining us and I have several other interesting folks coming on in the next several weeks.
  8. I'd say times have changed but they really havent... This has been going on for literally decades... especially in the guard and percussion captions.
  9. Perhaps you forgot when Carolina Crowns staff up and left for Boston... pretty much ALL of Crowns guard followed them. Todays performers DO in fact chose organisations based on instructional staff. You think brass players dont go to BD or Crown to learn under all star brass staffs? I am certain that Paul and Sandi Rennick have absolutely NO influence on percussionists decision to march at Vanguard. Seriously, times have changed pal.
  10. Wow.... that sucks for the kids that tried out and got contracted at Troopers. It was no secret that guard was the Troopers weak link last season. Getting a new staff in would have put a buzz into that section and that is now gone. Imagine going to Troopers to age out, thinking one thing and then after contracts were given out finding out its something different. Hope they have a plan.
  11. Oh I can assure you the Freelancers low brass section most certainly DID notice.
  12. Your pattern of posting seems as if you have some glee in the demise of the activity. Plenty of other hobby pursuits out there my friend...
  13. As crappy as it is to say (and I know this will be an unpopular opinion), at this point I'd say its a case of "buyer beware". Vanguard did not field last year due to financial difficulties. It is clear as day that those difficulties still exist but that the Vanguard management is merely moving the deck chairs on the Titanic at this point.... "Nothing to see here folks... it's all fine". If I was gonna fork over several thousand dollars to an organisation for my kid, or I was that kid forking over my own money, I would make absolutely sure that my INVESTMENT is safe. You wouldn't go and give a loan to a person or business that you know has no ability to repay their debt so why should giving many thousands of dollars to a drum corps be any different? It's not as if this information is particularly hard to find.. it's here, it's on redditt, facebook, X or MANY other places. At this point I would suggest that anybody that goes all in with SCV 24 does so at their own risk. I publicly said on my podcast that I absolutely do not believe that Santa Clara Vanguard will be taking the field in 2024 until I actually SEE the Santa Clara Vanguard ON the field! DCI needs to take leadership of this SCV situation and make the decision for them. Its clear as day they STILL dont have their act together. As of right now, that organisation has no business conducting drum corps business of ANY type. I am also keenly aware that Cadets and Southwind have folded and it will be a cold day in hell before anybody at DCI has the cojones to ACTUALLY do anything about this!
  14. Not only is this out in public but it is literally ON the public record. While the subject matter certainly makes for uncomfortable reading, so long as the Community Guidelines are adhered to and the thread doesn't veer wildly off course, I see no reason to close this.
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