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  1. Duly noted re: falling out. I don't recall ever hearing that specific nomenclature at SC. Was it an option? To be fair, the guard staff changed often then so institutional knowledge was most likely lost. I essentially mimicked what I saw the brass and drums do because there was so much mixed messaging in the guard between multiyear vets and new staffs. It was nice to go to the lot this year and watch corps parade by, even if they weren't formally marching. Lookin at you, Troop. Not breaking ranks remains my instinct, even after 20 years.
  2. Apologies for OT. Genuine question for those of you with a better grip on history. Was the TOC I marched in 04 a prototype for what it became the following decade? I was under the impression that 04 was the first time corps had been asked to march their shows after finals. We weren't a fan of that, in particular. It seems like the TOC that others are talking about is different... As for breaking ranks, we were intense about it in my high school... and SCV was very very very strict about it. I have a humiliating breaking ranks story that I witnessed, but that I don't have consent to share. Suffice to say that members should be encouraged to break ranks when their personal health or dignity are at risk. I would've loved to meet my corps' fans at any point when I marched but it never happened. Gotta get to that next housing site....
  3. This reporter's story is infuriating. Grooming signs everywhere but no one stepping up for that person to help make it stop? Sounds like another story I know. Just more "brothers and sisters" from the group trying to convince them to come back every year, grind themselves into more abuse and debt, after they've said no numerous times. After saying no and being dismissed enough times, it really starts to mess with survivors' abilities to funtion in every day life. It can turn one trauma into complex PTSD. When will this community start listening to those of us that survived abuse in the colorguard section, specifically, and help hold our abusers accountable for, what in many cases, was criminal? I'll keep saying it until then: this section has a particular nastiness and harm that necessitates specific responses and accountability. SCV, Diamante, Phantom... all have reports from colorguard members coming out all within the last year. The abuse disclosed in two of them also occurred within the last year. As is being said in another thread... what will it take? How much more harm must be endured by innocent, young marchers whose bodies aren't even done growing?
  4. Or we could just all collectively move on, as per kdaddy's request. I've already apologized.....
  5. There's a difference between projection and advocacy. Projection would be my saying you're an abuser for using the language you did or that you should be banned for using it. I didn't say that and definitely don't even remotely believe it. Advocacy necessitates clarity of language. When others aren't using that language (which is very common outside of this industry among other advocates,) I point it out. That's not projection. I apologize then. I'm not intentionally targeting you and never intended for you to feel that way. I understand why you do. I won't bother you again.
  6. You can say whatever you want. I'm taking a survivor-centered stance in pointing out your language and its disconnection from the harsh reality of abuse in the industry. I'll say it again. There are countless reasons why witnesses and survivors can't "come out and say it." Please don't passive-aggressively put the added burden of fixing these problems on us. That's completely in the hands of the orgs and DCI. You seem to be reinforcing non survivor centered language here. Again, say what you want. I can't stop you. But due to my unique history in the activity, it hopefully makes sense why "not responding effectively" might hit home for me. Well, not saying something because your friend is the alleged problem is completely unacceptable. And rampant. And harmful. I'm criticizing the words you typed into a public website, about a survivor-centered topic, through which your seem to defend or give leniency first to a potentially problematic hire. Why even give this person the benefit of the doubt at this point? We're talking youth education here... there's no room for mistakes or even the appearance or possibility of it. If I'm off base, I apologize. That's what I'm getting from what your writing. You, on the other hand, seem quick to criticize me directly. What I don't understand is why folks seem surprised that a survivor from this industry feels compelled to offer their reflections on the matter of a worrisome hire. So weird.
  7. I'm not sure the need to use that word. This industry (community, members, alum, fans, orgs) retaliates against people who speak out... even about known reports of instances of abuse. Coy? Try "justifiably fearful of retaliation based in the history of this industry." "Not responding effectively" is a nice way of putting it. My understanding is that dismissing/mishandling a trans person's report of deadnaming is, itself, abusive or neglectful. Take your pick. If the culture within the group has escalated to intentional deadnaming, by staff, or the threat to do so, it's already been going on for a while. This is conjecture, to be fair, but I don't think being soft with our language to protect this "educator" is helpful. Possibly because transphobia, ignorance and intolerance are rampant in our world and therefor also in the industry? Possibly a dash of limited continuing ed requirements/opportunities for colorguard staff? Maybe a hint of no standards for training in ethics? Possibly just a sprinkle of not knowing how to encourage young people without treating them like peons? Also, unless there have been drastic improvements in the last few decades, colorguard culture can be uniquely harmful. I've never seen that addressed anywhere... Guard, unlike the instrumental sections, has no pedagogical or ethical standards outside of drum corps and winterguard. I assume colorguard teachers are still able to work in public school systems without educational credentials, experience, or training? Often, if I recall correctly, not even basic fingerprinting. Even then, I marched with enough instructors and members who worked in public k12 settings in the off season who were abusive monsters anyway so... Yep. I'm arguing that as someone who was abused, harassed, and neglected within the colorguard caption. Couple misconduct with the fact that there IS NO CAREER PATHWAY for most colorguard people within or outside of the activity with the skills we've gained marching... and you've got a unique, nepotistic breeding ground for bad actors. Yes, very weird. There's a whole world of talent out there. To rely on a reported abusive person like this supposedly because of recruiting channels is unacceptable in youth education. I didn't even think BK guard had a recruitment problem... that guard was fire with what they were given. Constantly had me in tears of joy this season. That's more than I can say for several higher placing guards. Good luck. I'm hoping the other consultant that I marched with has matured beyond the enabling and bullying behaviors I witnessed when I marched. I'll afford them that grace for now, given they shouldn't spend much time with the members in those roles anyway. Still I remain concerned about them both given their connections, whom the rest of this community seems to trust. I don't. I definitely wouldn't spend my money or time there if I were an open eyed MM, but I wish the whole BK team good luck with all that and would relish in the chance to be proven wrong. That would mean MMs are safer, so it would be a serious net gain for everyone. I assume I'll be flamed somehow for being OT again so... have at it. Staff. I'm still talking staff changes relevant to the upcoming season in very tangible ways. Edit to add, as though I weren't already typing too much: I hope it's noted that Diamante, Phantom, and my own story all involve reports IN THE LAST YEAR of misconduct in the colorguard caption. It's almost like we're trying to tell the community something....
  8. Oof, that consultant list. Have fun with that. Wishing the marching members the best.
  9. Can't argue with that. My grasp of more is limited. ๐Ÿ‘
  10. All good but off topic has been okay on this thread so far. I'm following pretty closely for trolls and flamers.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0278wE6WrpbMtQEfEtKKvgcwyaTqXKRFmA1kkrUK92yADMBExiLQEcFMg3WjxepBHWl&id=100011056861759
  12. VC alum have been warning about this for years. ๐Ÿ˜ž It is really sad when the org builds you up in either corps only to reject you later down the line for any number of unspoken reasons. It really sucks. I always wanted to be a drummer. Was told I was too small. So instead I sat on the drum bus in corps during some of the best JONZ years in history, and later married a drummer... still crossing my fingers that he'll teach me djun djun some day! So, I'm familiar with the feeling:
  13. Mods can control off topic if they like. I don't mind distractions in such a heavy, sad thread.
  14. This is the million dollar question. I would argue that the organization has endured some very serious blows and I never count 'em out. Perhaps I'm whistling in the dark? In drum corps? I'm unsure. But other significant arts nonprofits across the country? Plenty! I sure hope a contingency and possible transition plan are in place. Plenty of other arts nonprofits thrive without gambling businesses. Another triage strategy is needed here for sure. This is why cutting out the locals is so dangerous. ๐Ÿ˜ž When we have to fight to communicate it becomes pretty exhausting. I'm sorry your efforts were met with crickets. Prior to this year I may have contributed to that. The only contact I remember was a donation request. I'm in contact with some of those cats but haven't broached the topic yet. I'm deeply curious about their transition. I hold onto hope that someone in leadership/admin will recognize the value of reconciling with survivors. Like most orgs, I imagine they have limited capacity for the emotional labor required to do so. There are many of us who could be volunteers across the country, donors, or board members. We were just burnt so badly we stopped knocking on the door.
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