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  1. Would love for that to happen more often! A little march madness unexpected shakeup keeps things interesting.
  2. It’s gonna be cool. I’m picturing drill that is color blocked with colors switching into wrong color sections and then running fast in block formations to create static. Very cool way to represent a glitch.
  3. Your son seems awesome. Wish him well for us, and can’t wait to watch their show over…and over…and over again. 😃
  4. Here, people are being polite. Reddit is a bit more ‘colorful’ with their criticism: cheap-looking, high school cringe, power rangers, Crown wannabes, etc. A bit too much. Im with you that people taking it too seriously. These will look fantastic on the field and meet the sound of their music! We got your backs, BAC. Do your thang!
  5. Hold up. I don’t get the hate for these uniforms. They are very interesting, vibrant, and theme-appropriate. They’ll look great on the field.
  6. 100%. These are top-to-bottom the best music and theme selections I’ve seen in a year. Within in the top 4, there are some interesting hints about what’s coming visually. Bloo pivoting their concept back to an era where they were visually the strongest. BAC pivoting their show design to a much more visual show. And Crown doubling down on storytelling design from last year but in their strongest dark music lane and focusing on choreography and GE. All those moves indicate that those three are repositioning themselves, attempting to close their deficit gaps to BD early season instead of late, and 2 of them have shifted into lanes they are historically the strongest. Who knows if they’ll be successful or not. But it reads like a more competitive top 4 this year.
  7. Don’t ruin it for us, Chief! Some of enjoy having that glimmer of hope, even if only momentarily, before BD steamrolls our dreams into the ground.🥳🤓🥹🥹🥹😭😰🥶☠️
  8. Agreed. They’ve been dominant for sure. And several seasons, by the end, they were their only competition. Jury is still out on this season. It seems like it’s going to be more competitive all around across the top 12. But who knows? We may get to the end of the year and realize BD remained untouched again.
  9. Love the uniforms! Sleek and fun. BACs show definitely gonna have a fun vibe this year.
  10. For sure. I see it. Babylon, especially, reminded me of the next generation of Cavies 2000s style.
  11. I expect we will get one in 3-4 days. Someone better film.
  12. Get outta here! That’s some next level forum skills there.
  13. Goodness. You have 23k+ posts. And I thought Terry was the leader in posts at nearly 15k. Impressive to the both of you.
  14. Legit tearing up. We will always love The Cadets. Crown is very lucky to have some of the Cadet legacy be part of this show.
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