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  1. So sorry for your loss. I love your love for The Cavaliers, and what a nice way to honor her with Somewhere over the Rainbow 🌈
  2. It's almost like a way to easily allow "slotting." I mean, it seems very subjective.
  3. In fact, can someone explain to me what factors actually go into the General Effect score?
  4. Yeah. Frustrating that there are aspects of this that the boys have absolutely no control over. Seems like what the adults do is judged as much as what the corps members do. I wish there was more focus on the performance and less on the staff-contolled stuff. But that's just me. I realize that the content of the show is important. And you are correct, the GE scores need to go up. I'm not really sure how that's done (I mean, what exactly is General Effect?) Kind of hard to compete with flashy sets, heavy use of recorded sounds, etc.
  5. The Colts have been around for as long as I can remember (and that's a long time!). It's great that they are doing so well!
  6. If the brass and guard can raise their scores, they could make some significant gains! The percussion is already trouncing everyone. Flo just put a video on YouTube featuring them with the judge commenting. He called it a "Smorgasboard" and "It's like this giant, and beautiful charcuterie board" 🤣
  7. If you look closely, you'll see that they are using the props to store and hide guard equipment. My guess is that is the main purpose.
  8. I hear the good folks in Sevierville will likely get to be the first ones to see the new ending! My son tried to explain it to me, but it seems like one of those things you just have to see. Glad they are on Flo on Thursday, and I'll see it live on Friday in Allentown!
  9. But it was horrible in person. That stadium sucks sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Everything sounds like mush.
  10. They expect to perform in Birmingham and Atlanta.
  11. Cavaliers will do another standstill tonight. About 20 members still recovering from the stomach bug.
  12. Cavaliers will do another standstill tonight. Just got a text from my son. He said about 20 are still sick, but improving.
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