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  1. Hook'emCavies

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Lol I am known to be a bit of a rebel
  2. Hook'emCavies

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Very jealous that you will see them before I will lol
  3. Hook'emCavies

    The Cavaliers 2019

  4. Hook'emCavies

    The Cavaliers top 12

    I got to throw their 1998 show in the mix. What an absolutely brilliant show and talk about a bounce back in the right direction after the 97 season. Traditions for a New Era has incredible visuals!
  5. Well other corps are getting their top 12.... so why not create a page for the greatest corps in DCI!!! My list.... it is a tie between all of their shows. To be fair, it is extremely hard for me to pick just 12 shows. Go Cavies!
  6. Hook'emCavies

    Madison Scouts all time Top 12

    1996- A drum corps fans dream part Dos- this show just rocks. That tenor line was ridiculously large and those screamers! Woo! 1995- read the above comment... woo! 2010- this was an incredibly fun show to watch in Houston. After their performance I remember standing and yelling "Welcome back Madison!"... good times! 1994- what a show! I can jam out to Malaga anytime! 1988- Malaguena... enough said 2005- ok, The Carmen Project was a fun well balanced show between West Side Story and well the opera lol 2008- ok I admit that there are technically better shows, but I really enjoyed this show. They have my personal favorite DCI verson of Danzon. While I admit I am biased with that piece since I played it in orchestra, their verson was powerful and very entertaining. 2017- pretty much like the previous post. I played Prague with the SHSU Wind Ensemble in 2013 at TMEA. The piece is loud, powerful, and yet very depressing considering what it is about. I liked that Madison attempted something different and the members were sold into it. 1998 2011- that was an emotional ride 2007- I actually really enjoy this show. That opener sets the tone extremely well and regardless of what they placed... it is still an entertaining show. Truth is, I am not able to name anymore from the top of my head that sticks out the most for the last couple of places... so I'll say every show they performed was a tie for 12th 🙂
  7. Hook'emCavies

    The Cavaliers 2019

    HOW DARE YOU!!! lol!
  8. Hook'emCavies

    The Cavaliers 2019

    I am getting extremely excited for this upcoming season!
  9. Hook'emCavies

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    My good sir, I hope I am able to have a cold one with ya this Summer.
  10. Hook'emCavies

    Prayers up for this Cavaliers family...

    I hope he is flying over the rainbow.... 😞
  11. Anyone from The Cavaliers 1989 season
  12. Hook'emCavies

    March Madness DCI Style

    But... Cavies won lol!!!