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  1. Not really lol. The posters general feel is optimistic and I love it. When I was a kid I thought of auditioning for Crossmen because they were local at the time. And ironically I have family that live in the Philadelphia area... so it makes some sense as to why I like them.
  2. I really like how optimistic you were for this show. That is a great attitude!
  3. I totally get that... one thing I do on opening day is buy a 6 pack and my closest friends came over to watch a marathon of shows. And as the opening show started I would follow it right here on DCP and give updates to the guys. It goes to show how awesome DCI is!! Anyway, seeing that you are from Colorado, have a beer from Estes Park brewery for me xD.
  4. I plan to. It is a BIG reason why I dropped my old life (not going to get into the details... but I am happy that I did it) and moved to my college town. I am still waiting on the university to tell me what is going on for the small semester, but I am VERY optimistic. I hope to be an instructor for the best corps in the country soon. The summer just isn't the same without DCI.
  5. Words can not describe how sad I was yesterday. I obviously understand the situation, but I already miss the excitement of cheering on all of the corps and especially The Cavaliers. Frankly, I was also looking forward to FINALLY traveling to Mesquite, Texas for The Cavaliers home away from home show. Maybe next season... 🙂
  6. I would be containing my excitement for the upcoming season..... 😕 I am still really bummed.
  7. I freaking love that show. The contra peddletone at the start of the show grabbed my attention right away.