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  1. Cavies marching in Kelly Green again... very nice!!!! Do I plan to cheer my head off like usual? Heck yes I do!!!!! And beyond my history!!
  2. I am hopeful for the 2021 season. I miss DCI a lot... shoot, I am stuck at home due to quarantine and all I'm doing is sitting here and watching old marching shows. While it's helping, it just isn't the same. Hopefully we can get this figured out. I need to cheer for the best corps during the summer.
  3. I know it has been a bit since I posted (I haven't felt myself for months due to the lack of DCI and I have been busy because of work and school)... but I had to take a break to say... Splooie and RIP. A true DCI legend has passed away.
  4. Cavies 2004 is actually what made me a fan of the corps. I love every bit of it!
  5. Wow.... 2020 may have been awful, but I am thankful that you decided to post this.