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  1. That's definitely fair. I had my issues with it to that, frankly, frustrated me. I clearly don't know any of the facts, but it felt like the staff was kinda going through the motions. Some weird decision making... the hornline, for 9th place, rocked. I don't have a lot of issues there, but I still felt like the attitude from even the music staff was "good enough". I really hated typing that too..... it's almost like they wanted to leave the corps for another gig. And I get that... you gotta go where you feel is right, but you still have to give your 110%. I could be completely wrong, but business is business. Visual staff was disappointing for me. I felt like they banked on the uniform to boost GE and visual score. However, there was a lack of teaching fundamentals. Teaching how to guide, proper step size from set to set, and just general attitude. You basically nailed it with the design flaws and I'll add that the drill was... eh. I might be still spoiled with Michael Gaines work, but The Cavaliers are known for crazy drill. I want amazing drill again. I might be a bit harsh on the former staff, but they really frustrated and disappointed me last season. The Cavaliers have created a new staff this season with a mixture of old and new faces. I will ALWAYS support The Cavaliers no matter what and even if I'm the only Cavies fan in the stands come Tomball... so be it. I will still cheer louder than everyone around me.
  2. That's fair and I actually liked the uniforms from last season. But it just doesn't beat that traditional cavies look.
  3. I wish I could drop that right now.... if I could get the 92 program.......
  4. Kinda... yeah but they haven't been wearing anything lol but yes
  5. It's more unified and easier to identify the corps. I obviously understand it in WGI, but DCI needs to be different... in a sense. My buddies always used football as an example. Imagine the Texas Longhorns wearing a uniform that wasn't burnt orange or white, but it was silver and gold. The longhorn symbol is not on the helmet and thr color of the helmet is purple. Who are they? I'm not trying to bash WGI or anything like that, but in drum corps it makes sense for things to be a bit more unified. It's just a better way to identify the corps.
  6. Thats awesome!!!! The season needs to start right now lol!!
  7. I have heard LOTS of awesome things coming out of Boston
  8. You know, it's weird that they aren't selling the corps flag for the 75th anniversary.
  9. I had a dream that I was the director of The Cavaliers. I was able to lead the corps to 3 championships in 4 years. It was awesome!
  10. Gotcha. Huh, Boston is kinda far along. I'm also pumped that Sausado is back. I finally get to hear his work with The Cavaliers live. This is going to be fantastic.
  11. That's true! I'm thrilled for this year's marching members. They are going to have a blast!
  12. Is there anyone able to sneak into practice? I need some insight on them lol!!!
  13. HERE WE GO! HAPPY JUNE!!! First show of the season is on the 28th and I'm pumped! Lineups are as follows 6:30- Gates open 8:00- National Anthem 8:10- The Troopers 8:28- Colts 8:46- THE CAVALIERS 9:04- Phaaaaaaaaaaantom Regiment 9:22- Blue Stars 9:47- Scores
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