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  1. After watching The Cavaliers latest YouTube video... Drew Dicky is stealing my look. Hahahaha! Of course I'm joking around. He actually works at UT while I'm a bearkat. I'm so excited yall!!!!!
  2. Yeah, I noticed the same things. Sometimes can get in the way of many things and it can bring the best and sometimes the worst in someone. It's more of a reason why I cheer my head off for these corps... at the end of the day, that's what matters.
  3. Oh man.... I can list many reasons why I love The Cavaliers. I love the corps because, in a sense, they have been there during my best and worst days. Truthfully, if it weren't for them I wouldn't have walked away from the company I worked with for 6 and a half years just to have some spec of hope to finish my degree. They remind me of who I am and that hard work can pay off. Yes, it was more than one reason why I love The Cavaliers... but gosh darn it they are champions every year in my opinion. I love all corps, but there is one that always speaks volume to me. SPLOOIE!
  4. I have heard many wonderful things about The Cavaliers. I can't wait until I see them!
  5. Hahaha! They are in every movie... you just have to look hard enough.
  6. Well, Back to the Future is my favorite movie. XD
  7. Truthfully, the last movie I saw was 1917 in 2019. And frankly, I enjoy watching new movies in the comfort of my home. But I just like the idea of seeing The Cavaliers and other corps on the big screen.
  8. Yeah, see that confused me at first. I even contacted DCI and asked them if most fans missed the voting portion. They more than likely selected that grouping of shows for the younger audience. But, I could be completely wrong.
  9. Agreed. I like the idea of bringing back the countdown. I remember it being a fan thing to experience with friends during the spring time in high school. Plus, voting for the corps you want to see and judging them was pretty fun.
  10. I found this show to be nostalgic, but felt like something fresh. I love how it felt like a 2000s or a Crown early 2010s show! But the best part has to be the use of their old marching uniforms. Well, done! I'm very happy right now!