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  1. Funny enough, a buddy of mine sent this to me a couple of days ago. Go Texan Day is on Friday btw lol
  2. Oooooh yeah. Returning staff and percussionists.... they are going to be crazy good.
  3. There is a great possibility that could happen. If you look at the corps history percussion has been stronger than the hornline. But any other given season Cavies 2019 could have took home 1st that category. I think it sparked a lot of interest for those kiddos to audition for this incredible corps. Percussion, Brass, and color guard. I honestly haven't heard anything in terms of direction for this season or what the talent is like... but my gut is telling me to go into it completely blind and enjoy the ride.
  4. Is there anyone else watching any Cavies shows during the Superbowl halftime?
  5. Yeah, but they said they were going to announce the venue yesterday.
  6. I just double checked myself to make sure I wasn't going crazy... but DCI did post on Instagram that five DCI tickets in Texas would be on sale today. Something must have fallen through. Does anyone have any details?
  7. I hope so... I partially hope they have the show in Huntsville. VERY doubtful, but I drive past our new stadium just about every other day and it looks nice.
  8. DCI needs to hurry up and announce where The Cavaliers will be performing in the Houston area.
  9. Btw, I'm happy that you're posting again!
  10. Ya know, I'm sitting here eating dinner before I finish my work day.... and I'm listening to the 2023 production. I got a flashback to how it felt when The Cavaliers drumline nailed the Casey Claw. It felt completely different than your normal feature/first place performance. It was dominant and I KNEW they were going to win the percussion trophy. I never felt that type of feeling (honestly, 2011 didn't feel like this). I really hope this is a sign of excellence down the road because, well, gosh darn it! I want to see my Cavies destroy everyone!!! Sure, it's not about championships, but gosh darn it! Win one for me and I will fly to Indy to celebrate! I'm excited for 2024!
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