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  1. Honestly...... I'll take dry heat anyday over 100+ with 80+% humidity.
  2. Just got down to 99. We got a cold front coming through starting this week. I'm concerned because I saw a few dirt devils form today, there is no wind right now and dark clouds are increasing. Heck, I got my little brother to help me out with securing our land...... just in case.
  3. Same.... I really can't follow the show tonight. 😕
  4. That's like 10 degrees cooler compared to me right now.... whew, it's hot and humid right now.
  5. They are. I mean, my list will more than likely change before the Tomball show.
  6. Yeah, my predictions are more than likely going to be completely wrong
  7. Probably didn't know about the first one. No worries lol
  8. Well, I have updated my finals predictions. Obviously I haven't seen anything.... c'mon Tomball lol 1- The Cavaliers (sticking with my guns on this one) 2- Blue Devils 3- Bluecoats 4- Boston Crusaders 5- Carolina Crown 6- Santa Clara Vanguard 7- The Cadets 8- Blue Knights 9- Phantom Regiment 10- Crossmen 11- Blue Stars 12- Mandrains
  9. Seems like BD honks are already claiming the title. Even if BD does win it all.... show'em up Cavies!!!
  10. True..... but I convinced my cousin to m take her family to the show.
  11. I respect anyone's opinions about placements.... but I'm sorry..... Cavies have gone through a lot since 2012 and I think they deserve something great to happen. I think folks have forgotten about that on DCP..... I hope they kick some butt on opening day.
  12. Ooooooh.... this excites me. It's June.... I trust this staff. To dare is to do
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