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  1. My OCD kicked in. Hahaha!!! But it gave me some interesting ideas.
  2. Most band programs in Texas usually start summer band during the last couple of weeks of summer. Ugh... I actually really miss it.
  3. Yep! I love Reliant (yeah I know it is NRG, but oh well)
  4. I know I am DEFINITELY the minority.... but.... HOUSTON!!!!
  5. Go back to the Berry Center Just not a fan of Legacy Stadium...
  6. Lol no, I went to Klein Forest.... I dont think I need to go into details on why we were rivals. By the way, I could never understand why Westfield literally turned their backs on us during halftime. Eh, oh well
  7. I have never marched in DCI, but I always talk about my hich school's main rival.... Westfield...... still cringe when ever I say or type that schools name.
  8. 1972 to present..... The Cavaliers. Hahaha! I kid! I'll have to think about this one.
  9. Start: cheering The Cavaliers nonstop