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  1. If I could help you out... I would! I hope you have an eventful summer fulk of amazing stories!
  2. That isn't my point. But ok.. sorry for having an imagination. And I agree, I know lots of woodwind players that were able to learn to play a brass instrument, but sadly that wasn't an option for me. Which was a shame, but because of that I made sure I cheered them on. I am not saying that corps should accept over 9,000 players to the field. Keep the standards high and to the limited 154 (corps have used electronic stringed instruments... and still kept it at the proper amount... sorry I don't see the issue here). Why keep a high standard? Because teaching a player that has failed is also extremely important. Failing is apart of life. Heck, I am happy that I did because I learned from it. I hope that if I am able to become an educator then I can also help pick them right back up. Hope you have a good weekend.
  3. I went for a walk in the park this evening and I was thinking about woodwinds in DCI. One of my close friends was up in arms about it, as expected, and said they shouldn't be in DCI. I admitted to playing the devils advocate, but mostly for kicks and grins. After this I remembered my high school and early college days. In high school, I usually hung out with the brass sections. This was strictly taboo considering I am a clarinetist and while my fellow woodwinds never took me seriously, I felt accepted. They would jokingly say "there goes *my name*! He identifies as a tuba". It was a joke, but it was oh so true. While I do enjoy playing my clarinet, I prefer the sound of a powerful and well trained horn line. During my early college days I was disappointed. Not for the education I received, but because I wanted to better grow in my passion for show development/design. I felt like because I was a clarinetist that I HAD to focus on the classical world. Again, I am not disappointed in the education I received, but because I hoped to fly in the area that I am mostly passionate about. It is what it is and I learned from it. After these flashbacks I remembered a quote from Don Warren in the book "Building the Green Machine" which stated " Today, we think of street kids as selling drugs and carrying knives, and that stuff. They weren't anything like that. They just didn't have any money, their parents didn't have any money. They were hard to discipline. But they wanted to belong." I know Warren meant that towards the street kids of Chicago where he literally went to jail houses and recruited young men, but couldn't the concept apply? What if there are other woodwind players that are similar to myself? If that is the case, maybe we need to look at figuring out how to educate them better. Frankly, I believe that if someone is truly in love with something then why not try to see them fly in that area? Sorry for the long read, but what I am getting at is that why not try to educate all and any musician that is willing to learn? There has to be a better way to educate everyone πŸ™‚
  4. I am with you on Michael Martins proposal... give me a more pure horn line sound.
  5. He more than likely did and it would not surprise me.
  6. Well i'll be darned... it finally happened. I actually never imagined this rule would be proposed.
  7. Again... happy new year everyone πŸ™‚
  8. The title says it all! What a decade it has been. So many ups and downs, but these corps most certainly provided us with extremely entertaining shows. From incredible drill to music blaring at us at the 50 yard line, each corps most certainly entertained us! So, happy New Year everyone! SPLOOIE! ..... I'm going to blast some Cavies shows and annoy my neighbors to usher in the new year. And if they come knocking on my door... I am going to offer them a cold one. πŸ˜„
  9. Not sure about ya'll, but my gut is full. I love this time of the year.
  10. DCI should release a collection of just Cavies shows.... πŸ™‚