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Found 30 results

  1. Just wanted to share a website I built that sends text message (SMS) score updates. It sends score updates the minute DCI uploads them to The best part: It's completely free, I'm not making any money off of it. You can sign up here: Warning: Scores are sent when DCI uploads them. This usually happens between 10-11PM in whatever timezone the competition takes place. Do not sign up if you don't want to receive notifications late at night. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Week 1 [June 18 - June 21] (74.075) - The Cadets (73.700) - Blue Devils (73.016) - Carolina Crown (72.800) - Bluecoats (70.525) - Santa Clara Vanguard (70.250) - Phantom Regiment (69.266) - The Cavaliers (66.775) - Madison Scouts (66.400) - Boston Crusaders (65.550) - Blue Knights (64.250) - Blue Stars (63.075) - Crossmen (61.633) - Troopers (60.450) - Spirit of Atlanta (60.400) - Colts (59.975) - Pacific Crest (58.575) - Mandarins (47.350) - Pioneer - The Academy - Cascades - Jersey Surf - Oregon Crusaders *Rankings are determined by averaging the corps' scores from Sunday through Saturday.
  3. Been off DCP for a while, but I saw this... ...back when DCI first put it up. Can someone direct me to the forum on here where it was no doubt discussed into oblivion? Thanks!
  4. If you want to see how WGI groups are stacking up over the course of the season, check out It's unofficial, of course, and only really gives a loose idea of how groups are doing across the country. It's not meant to be accurate. Enjoy!
  5. I realize that 1979 was a long time ago but.....the Boston Crusader's fielded only 25 Brass player's in 1979 and yet came in tied for 12th place in the DCI prelims in GE Brass. In other words we made the finals in GE Brass with 12 sopranos, 4 mellophones, 7 baritones, and 2 contrabass finishing only .01 behind the Bayonne Bridgemen and only .03 behind SCV. Remarkable when you think that both drum corps probably had over 60 Brass players and that these 2 drum corps were not just any drum corps, they were the Bayonne Bridgemen and SCV. The #2 visual judge had us in 9th place in execution and 9th in CRE (Whatever that is). The #1 judge? He or she could be described as being a little more hyper-vigilant, biased or perhaps even accurate scoring us 17th and 23rd. The average put us in 13th overall in what was then referred to as the Marching and Maneuvering caption. I was the soprano soloist for Boston that year for the DCI prelims (3 of us rotated the solo from show to show). I only mention that I was the soloist to make the point that we liked to joke as to how we all felt as if we were playing solos in '79. Given our small size we needed to stretch our intervals out to 6 paces for a lot of the show. We certainly were in no danger of bumping into one another. You got to feeling kinda lonely out there so that it felt good to catch a glimpse of a fellow Crusader from time to time. Not too happy with my solo that show which bothers me as we all know the soloist tends to reflect how good the rest of the Brass line is. A really wimpy, paper thin high F at the end causes me particular angst. But despite the soloist you've got to admit that these could be some of the most amazing scores in the history of DCI. O.K., you don't have to admit to this but you sure as hell should. I would also like to add that as a Crusader alumni I'm very proud of the present day corp. I don't know any of you but I want to let you know that I marched 5 years with Boston and I was as crazy, obnoxious and pugilistic as any of them and yes I enjoyed a beer or two back then but we had our time and it was our corp. It your corp now! I went to a rehearsal about 10 years after I got out. I looked into the stands for a familiar face and was only able to recognize Mikey Woodall. I sat down next to him and asked him what the drum corp was all about now. His dead serious answer was...Bill, it's different now. Their nice kids. Enjoy the time you have!