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The weather finally got the best of corps competing Thursday in Beverly as a steady rain finally forced Cadets and Phantom to perform just a standstill. It was suprising that the show went on as long as it did as it rained lightly on Carolina and Crossmen then really poured on Boston.


Stentors- It was good to see Stentors back after a years abscene. They fielded a very small inexperinced but enthusiatic corps. The battery stayed in the pit the whole show. The last 25% of the show was performed at a standstill.

Dutch Boy - Was a considerable step up from Stentors with their 2007 a space odyssey program. 'Also Sprague...' was an effective haunting opener with some nice ensemble hits. Once this show is cleaned up and finished they should do well in Div III

Div I

Crossmen - Crossmen received the strongest crowd reaction of the night with their 'Symphonic Metamorphisis' program. The opening hit from 'Russian Christmas Music' with the brass line in a huge arc front and center was wonderful. As others have pointed out this show can appear a bit fragmented and disjointed but I think as a ton of potential. Crossmen were by far the dirtiest Div I corps with many ensemble issues and a weak messy guard. Why are so many corps this year using solid silks? IMO they do not add much and look like practice flags. I loved the bits of 'Symphonic Metamorphisis' scatered through their show with bits of other Crossment greatest hits of the past. I was really hoping to hear the last 'Symphonic...' movement. It would be a great ending! This show could be a dark horse if they can clean it up.

Blue Knights - Had an effective Shostakovich themed show that opened with a movement from his 10nth that BK also played in 98. The wild colors of the hand painted silks had a great impact in the opening statement. Another solid all around production with lots of unique body movement by the brass. Guard danced a bit too much for my taste. Guard costumes on the guys in the guard were way to feminine. They looked like they were wearing bad prom dresses! BAC and BK could be battling for 8th come Pasadena.

Carolina Crown - Carolina's 'Triple Crown' is just a beautifully designed show with all segments of the corps showing strength. They were by far the cleanest corps of the night which could be a problem for them as the season progresses. I think they could add more 'racing' visual references that could help clarify the theme. 'Red Pony' is always welcome and the brass really shined in this peice. I did not think the guards equiptment work was as difficult as previous years although the costumes are quite effective. Percussion is much improved from previous years. Competition is so brutal this year they may be heading for 7th.

Boston - As soon as Boston was set and ready to go the skys opened up and the rain became very intense. The brass line moved off the field for a few minutes before resetting their opening places as the rain let up just a bit. Although from what I could see noone slipped and fell BAC probably should not of performed. The guard really struggled against the elements. Flags had been sitting in the rain on a wet field for 15 minutes before the show started and it showed. Unison work was messy and there were quite a bit of drops. The 'woosh' of wet silks spraying water everywhere was evident through out the show. That said the guard design is the most improved section of the corps. The costumes (on the girls at least) are gorgeous and the equiptment work framed around those easels they carry around was very inventive. Overall the show is another solid offering from BAC. I think visual design may hold them back. The soaring opener of 'On Pace' started softly but the hornline was placed in a small circle back field that really muted the impact. This impact cried out for a company front or front stage arc. 'La Fiesta' was not the Maynard Ferguson arrangement but was effective none the less. The ending really needs to be punched up. Crowd reaction was strangley muted. Scoring has been inconsistent since they debuted several weeks ago but they will be fine come finals.

Thats all folks. By this point it was 10:30 and I headed out. Sorry Phantom and Cadets but I will see you Friday at Boston's home show and in Allentown this weekend.

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Crossmen were by far the dirtiest Div I corps with many ensemble issues and a weak messy guard.

ok, while I wasn't actually at the show, isn't Crossmen's guard doing extremely well? I believe on a previous post somewhere else, someone mentioned that their guard is in 9th total. Could be just because the rest of the corps is a little dirty...?

Side note...happy late 4th of july everyone! I'm out of the country this summer...after not being in the USA yesterday for the 4th of july for the first time ever in my life yesterday, i was prouder than ever to be an American.

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