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A Reminder About DCP Posting Etiquette

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Hey, everyone,

Just as a reminder, DCP's Community Guidelines, which everyone agreed to when they registered, say

You may not make personal attacks on other Community members or non-members. Harassment of other members is not allowed. Flame-bait, trolling or flaming posts will be edited or removed, and action may be taken against the author. Issues and posts directed at a single member should be handled via our built-in Private Messenger feature.

If you have an issue or comment with a single member's post, feel free to discuss the post in the thread.

If you have an issue with a single member, period, take it to PM. Posts attacking members in our threads will be removed, and the authors either suspended or removed from DCP altogether.

Thanks, and as always, feel free to send me any questions, comments or concerns that you might have.

Mike New

DCP Community Administrator



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