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Missed the Open Class corps due to a horrific car accident on the freeway that had traffic backed up for miles. Also this is my first ever review. Go easy on me.

Pacific Crest - Great job tonight. Looking forward to seeing this show continue to develop over the next month.

Mandarins - Idk what's going on up in Sacramento that is motivating this corps, but whatever it is keep it up!! Outstanding job Mandarins!!

Academy - This goes out to every corps contending for a finals spot in 2016.........July 3rd at 8:36pm pacific time, The Academy put all of you on notice.

Blue Knight - Love what you are doing. Just give me the full show. Can't wait to see the full production.

Madison Scouts - Thank you so much for coming out west and gracing us Cali kids with your presence. Great performance tonight and few on this planet can match your energy. Thank you Madison and i hope you make the trip out here again real soon.

Blue Devils - As a BD honk i have to say i am sorry. I had my doubts after seeing the preview show online. You proved me wrong. Online does this show no justice. You have to see it live. This show is BOSS! I have attended every Riverside show since 2007. And after each of those show's i have correctly predicted BD's final placement in each of those season's except for 2008 (said BD would win gold). BD is winning gold this year. This show is on another level. And by season's end BD's percussion could go down as one of the best ever. Do it up Devils!

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