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  1. Where were all of you in August 1991, the last time we saw BD finish 5th? I was getting ready to start 8th grade the following month in September. The Founders of Facebook were all in elementary school. Gallon of gas cost $1.14 Gallon of milk cost $1.05 #1 Movie in America was "Terminator 2 Judgement Day" #1 Song in America was "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" by Bryan Adams And the 106 men that make up both the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs rosters that played in the Super Bowl a few months ago.....................98 of those men weren't even born yet, to include the two starting QBs Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy LMAO. BDs dominance is simply unmatched.
  2. I said in another thread that if I was an Audiologist back in 1991, I would have made money off of BD. After every one of their performances, I would have been standing at the stadium exit passing out my business card for audiograms.
  3. My wife and I will be at Family Day next month, and the Saturday/Sunday shows in SoCal June 29th/30th. If Anna needs anything, let us know, and we will be happy to help.
  4. LMAO! He had a shaved head growing up. He started growing his fro around freshman year of high school. He would kill me if I showed those pics LOL.
  5. Safe travels to everyone not only headed to Sacramento today, but all over the country as corps kick off spring training!
  6. I heard some Colts fans have always wanted an open-air stadium..............
  7. If BD ends up playing the piece that was left off the original repertoire (You know what piece I am talking about).........next month at the SoCal shows, the heck with throwing babies, you are going to see me toss a grown man onto the field lol.
  8. So among some of BDs musical selections for 2024, they are playing.............. Streets of Rage Merry Go Round of Life Can You Hear the Music Poor Things............AS THE CLOSER!?!?!?!
  9. Wife and I was laughing at that. We think he probably just got out of the shower lol.
  10. Funniest BD rehearsal moment.............. Back in 2014, BD was housing not too far from the crib, so I went to their afternoon block. Everyone was in sectionals and the snare line was working thru the drum break where they get up on the stage and do their snare feature. Brandon Olander, 16 years old at the time, messed up on the visual part of the feature. As we all know Brandon marched Academy the previous year in 2013. So ScoJo walks up to Brandon half serious/half joking and says........ "You see that bag over there? You know what's in it? A one-way plane ticket back to Arizona if you ever do that again!" Everyone started laughing and needless to say, Brandon didn't mess up the rest of the day lol. It was one of those hilarious had to be there moments lol. All jokes aside, Brandon.............good Lord!!!! That kid was a freaking prodigy.
  11. Thanks brother! We are really excited and proud of him. He has worked really hard and we are so happy to see it paying off. Going to be a great summer for everyone!
  12. Outside of going to shows, one of my favorite things each summer is going to BD rehearsals. I have been to roughly 9-10 different corps rehearsals over the years. BDs are the best hands down. Everything is so detail oriented, NOTHING slips thru the cracks, not a second is wasted, yet it's such a cool, chill, relaxed, and fun environment. I am probably doing a bad job of describing it as I can't find the right words. Do the other corps that I have seen do the things mentioned above at their respective rehearsals? Oh yes they do, and they do it DARN GOOD! But BD, I am here to tell you they are just on a different level. If you haven't went before, go to an evening rehearsal block of BD under the lights, and watch the Devils work. You won't be disappointed.
  13. IMO, BDs 1991 brass is the best of all time, coupled with arguably BDs worst drumline, finished 9th that year? Yikes! ScoJo going to SCV in 1990 might have had a lot to do with that.
  14. I think 18 would put up a fight. 16........Idk. I think 23 would make it interesting. But Babylon would have the best chance at beating Fellini.......but still lose.
  15. Agree with @NewArpege we gotta get you to a live show! It is totally worth it! Get on the plane brother! .
  16. If you took Felliniesque as performed on finals night 2014, and went head-to-head with the DCI Champions that succeeded it, how do you think Fellini would do? 2015 Ink 2016 Downside Up 2017 Metamorph 2018 Babylon 2019 Ghostlight 2022 Tempus Blue 2023 The Cut-Outs And I agree, Cut-Outs competition was way harder than what Felliniesque went up against.
  17. Your comment rings true for last year. I saw "The Cut-Outs" online (rehearsal run) and thought "Ok good show, they will challenge for a title. But then I saw them live three nights in a row at Vista, Pasadena, and San Bernardino in SoCal. My thoughts............."So who is going to finish second this year, because NO ONE is beating this show!" Seeing BD online vs live is night and day.
  18. It's not a BD thing, it's anyone that has figured out the winning formula to consistently stay on top. Unless you are a fan of that player, team, corps etc............we (in general) don't like dynasties. So when someone dominates, and we can't stop it, the next best thing is to create those false narratives and lies, and even go after that team's fanbase.
  19. 1991 when I was in middle school, my uncle took me to the Riverside show. That BD horn line live in person............OMG! Anyone who was an Audiologist, should have been standing outside the stadium exit passing out their business card for Audiograms after sitting in front of that 91 BD brass. To this day, the loudest horn line I ever heard, hands down no debate.
  20. A full in your face show? Not sure if BD will go down that road again. I am here for it if they do. No one brings it like BD. But they have given us some moments the past 20 years. Summer Train Blues Mix in 2004 had some powerful in your face moments. That horn line was a bunch of ballers. Popped a 20 in brass QUARTERFINALS!!! The first five minutes of Winged Victory in 2007. Good Lord man! Raw energy and power! One of the best openers in DCI History. The opening hits from the last two shows Tempus Blue and Cut-Outs. Live in person, the brass just caved your chest in.
  21. I was stationed in Yokosuka Japan in 2003. I went TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) to San Diego for a month in June to attend Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor School. DCI had a show in San Diego (Westview High School if remember correctly?) about 20min from base. It was my first live show since I left for the Navy in 1997, so I was super excited. Even though it was mid-June, seeing this show live was INTENSE! I felt like I needed to give BD my wallet and cell phone because this show was just in your face from start to finish. And I think it might have been only the 2nd or 3rd show of the season for BD, so they hadn't even begun layering and kicking it into overdrive yet. It was still in the infant stages. It was the swag, and confidence they performed with. BD was too cool for school, and they knew it, and no one could do anything to stop it. And I loved every second of it.
  22. This show was absolutely ridiculous! I remember this season well. BD running down the Cavaliers, passing them late July, not looking back and winning by a freaking landslide. Gap was almost 1.7 points I think? Phenomenon of Cool Spin Cycle My Favorite Things Harmonic Journey Pathways I would put that 2003 top five up against just about any year.
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