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  1. Yea it was the San Bernardino show. At first alot of us in the crowd (at least people sitting around me) thought BD mucked up the opening tosses. It wasn't until after i got home that night, logged on to DCP and found out it was the gust of wind that threw off that opening sequence. I was just glad no one was hurt that. Cause it got really scary for a second seeing those rifles get blown off course, bouncing off the props in all different directions.
  2. Thanks brother. Much love and respect.
  3. You are 100% correct. No argument here. I guess what i was trying to say is i want Bloo at full strength with no weaknesses in the event BD goes around them. I want Bloo to be at their very best (which they normally are), in every section, every caption so if BD does top them, there would be no excuses. I have never bashed Bloo, in fact i show them love every year as they are always among my favorites. I just said it the wrong way and i can and will accept responsibility for that.
  4. If tonight was indeed one of their worst runs, than that makes me really excited for where they are currently sitting.
  5. Bloo is a monster. It's gonna be a dogfight. I have been saying it for a couple weeks now, Bloo will not make it easy for BD. We need to settle in for slug fest. BD and Bloo are about to start throwing haymakers.
  6. Blue Devils only corps tonight top three in every caption. Go Devs!
  7. Honestly, i just hope and pray Bloo get's the percussion together. So when BD goes around them, there is no built in excuses for people to latch on to, like whats gonna happen over the next 24 hours.
  8. Season series between BD and SCV now 4-4. Put that SCV dominance to bed. DO IT UP DEVILS!
  9. Getting that 2015 feel. Sitting in 2nd within striking distance. Everyone around BD taking captions. And they just coast along doing their thing. Loving this. Great night for BD Nation. DO IT UP DEVILS!
  10. Running them down like they did SCV! Let's go BD!! Great job tonight!!
  11. Bloo''s lead cut in half. HERE...........COME.........THE ..................DEVILS!!!!!
  12. Hey Mods, just for tonight, for every like we give Hook'emCavies, can one equal ten likes? If anyone deserves this, he does!
  13. Let's go Devs. Close that gap tonight! Bloo isn't going to make it easy! They are ballers for real!
  14. That's freaking awesome! So happy for you. Enjoy yourself!
  15. Are you going to be Katy tomorrow seeing your Cavies for the first time this year? If so, you are going to flip your ****!!! Cavies show in person is just bad***!! They rocked it in San Bernardino. Only corps that night to multiple standing ovations. And they deserved it. You will be proud.
  16. I agree with you and Jake W. PR 2008 and BD 2015 are the only closers in the last 20 years that truly propelled their respective corps to victories. The I am Spartacus in 08 was classic and iconic. And Clara singlehandedly won that 2015 title for BD. That young lady pulled Ink together.
  17. Ain't that the truth. Hopefully BD Nation will be in the south the next week or two and give us some great videos of our beloved Devils.
  18. Blue Devils: 7 Golds and 5 Silvers in the last 12 years. Keep doing what you are doing. You are giving us dominance we may never see again in our lifetime. Don't listen to the outside noise that really doesn't matter. With the success you have achieved, some will not like what you do regardless of what you put on the football field. You could come out and march a entire show at 230bpm with break neck drill ending in a massive company front with the horn line achieving volumes that push the stands off their foundation. Guess what........some will still find something to complain about. So who cares what they think. If they don't like your props, or staging etc, they know how to logoff flomarching and not watch your show. Stay the course, stay true to yourselves, and Do it up Devils.
  19. And he is a straight up beast because of it. Let me wipe out with tenors. 911 followed by an ambulance ride would have been next up for me.
  20. Hey Jeff i have a 17 year old and a 15 year old with sassy attitudes if you want to see what your future holds. I just need you to sign some paperwork that you won't be bringing them back LMAO.
  21. BD rocked a new ending on finals night 2004, when they rushed off the field simulating the train leaving the station. Summer Train Blues Mix show. No one saw that coming!
  22. BD ran past SCV like they was driving in reverse. That's three in a row. Tonight's recaps make me giddy. Let's go get Bloo! Won't be easy. Bloo is for real. Much respect to the men and women of Canton.