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  1. 2015 was a monster year. I would put that top five against just about any year.
  2. I see what you are saying.......but if we go off location of drum corps........Crossmen should have Texas talent pool on lock.
  3. Yea i personally didn't have a problem being a Spice Girl lol. It was hilarious and everyone on the ship got a laugh out of it. Even now i look back on it laugh. Now days that would never fly as there would be EO complaints left and right. But all the other stuff...........yea.
  4. Sadly i never marched as i don't have a ounce of musical talent in my bones. But as i am currently active duty in the Navy, when i crossed the equator for the first time back in January 1998, i got hazed big time. Didn't think too much of it at the time, all i knew is everyone before me did it, so i was following tradition that i was a Pollywog and needed to go thru this "Ceremony" to become a Shellback. Being that i was 20 years old and a E1, I was too scared to question anything. Knowing what i know now as a Navy Chief, i was hazed and practically tortured lol. I remember our Work Center Sup
  5. 2006 was a phenomenal year imo. Faust was a absolute masterpiece and maybe my favorite PR show of all time. My beloved Devils slayed it with Godfather. And my goodness Bloo with of my favorite Bloo shows of all time with 2015 and 2017. And let this sink in.........we are in 2020 and steamrolling towards 2021 in a few months............this particular thread is the last time we will see BD 3rd or worse. Dominance like we have never seen and probaly will never see again.
  6. She reacted to BDs Space Chords last week too. Wasn't the best vid for space chords but still cool nonetheless.
  7. BDs horn line was out of this world in 2004. 20 in Quarters i believe. One of the best BD horn lines of all time behind 1991 and 1993.
  8. Thanks. I was thinking this exactly.
  9. Respectfully disagree Cappy. Judges got it right. Bloo was better and earned it. Crown and BD had gold medal worthy shows, but it belonged to the extraordinary men and women of Canton Ohio in 2016.
  10. Can't remember if it was Inside BD360 from 2010 or 2012........but some of the members being interviewed before tour started said they knew the show wouldn't be well received, but it didn't matter to them. It was going out there, performing to the best of their abilities and of course.....dominating.
  11. When she reacted to Crown 2013, she was more in love with the percussion than the brass lol. I told Courtney before reacting to new school BD shows, to go and watch Inside BD 360 for that particular year so she can get a better understanding of what they are trying to relay to the audience and/or achieve.
  12. I have noticed that too. She seems to enjoy the 80s/90s shows just a tad more. When she reacted to 88 SCV, thank goodness she wasn't holding her little niece/nephew or cousin, cause that kid would have went thru the wall lol.
  13. Yea i think Madison 95 might be her favorite one to date.