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  1. Since you apparently got it all figured out in April, no reason for us to see you here complaining in August.
  2. So you are upset because..... 1. Joan from Accounting and John from Marketing isn't paying money to sit in the end zone at a drum corps show made up of a bunch of 18–21-year-old performers, but they would pay their money to see 22-time Grammy winning U2 who is in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. 2. The 22,000 that was packed into Lucas Oil is "allegedly" all family members who paid their own money to travel and support their kid in the final week of the drum corps season, even though we have no actual proof without the raw numbers and data of who attended Finals week and what was the reason they came.
  3. I think the biggest question coming into 2024 is can BAC/Bloo/Crown separate from the other two and challenge BD. Last year, we saw the auto racing effect. Second place moves into position to challenge for first, but then here comes the third and fourth place car, so second now has to defend his spot, which allows first place to pull away. Those three corps (All freaking phenomenal btw) canceled each other out. We saw pretty much the same thing as well in 2022. Can one of them break away from the pack? If not, then yes, another "DJ Slap" courtesy of BD is upon us.
  4. We should be about a month out before the Final Boss blesses us with their show title. Let the quest for the four-peat begin!!
  5. If they earned the higher score, absolutely. If not, you won't see me here crying and saying the judges are paid off, and bringing up instances from the 1920s etc, when said judge scored my corps lower than another corps in a competition. They earn it, congrats. If not, go work harder.
  6. Tank. That was BD straight up flexing on everyone. It's like a football team being up 50-0 with two minutes left in the game, and they throw a 75 yd bomb for another TD..........because they can. Moon River.......Tank...........Game Over.
  7. Brother I am just joking, poking fun at the people who cry inflation every June. Just jokes.
  8. After they killed it with Jojo last year, sign me up for more Japanese anime!!
  9. And when those people eventually have their moment in the sun, and they boast about being right with BD finishing 4th, it's important that some of us pull the receipts we collected over the years to remind them how many times they were wrong lol.
  10. Even though they won the Ott, BDs brass in 1998 is one of their most underrated hornlines ever. Maybe because they were sandwiched between gold medal shows in 97 and 99. But 98 always seems to get "lost in the sauce." But I loved that show too. And the hornline was phenomenal!
  11. 1. BD is finishing fourth this year! That show is so weak! The annual predictions thread lol. 2. Judges are ALREADY slotting BD in first because of last year's performance. ABBD crowd might get their wish and get a fourth-place finish from BD since one of the alleged BD payroll judges is with Phantom this year. 3. We should kick BD out of DCI, they're already basically professionals. Professionals that are so good, that they COULDN'T march "Insert Corps" show, but "Insert Corps" could totally march BDs show lol. How many times have we heard that one over the years lol.
  12. Oh I wasn't referring to you brother. We know who they are lol. They'll be here in about a month or so, spew their nonsense, then if BD wins in August, they'll say they are done with DCI and never supporting the activity ever again..............only to show back up next June regurgitating the same crap from previous years lol.
  13. I was just trying to get the whining and crying started early. Lol. But now that I think of it, I screwed up and went out of order. First thing that is supposed to happen is to overreact to BDs Community Performance in Wyoming, when the show is literally bare bones and nothing of substance has been added yet. THEN I am supposed to cry West Coast Inflation after the first show. And I think the third thing is then make threads about performers sitting out like five years if they change corps to keep them from going to BD. Sigh, maybe I will get it right next year.
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