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  1. What year was his son the synth driver?
  2. 11 minutes of GG in your face. If that ever comes to fruition, BD would slay it. Wherever they are playing, you better tighten the bolts and screws cause they will move that stadium off its foundation.
  3. If it's the show with all Gordon Goodwin music I will pay triple the admission.
  4. The way the media is slurping the Chiefs, you would think my 49ers are the Jets. Dont even know why the Niners are showing up. SMH.
  5. Awww thanks Ms Terri. Much love to you and Bloo Nation as well. Classy organization and fanbase.
  6. No thanks needed. I do it cause I love my country and love leading, mentoring, training and developing my Sailors. But you are very welcome Ms Terri. BTW.......I am a Chief not a Sir. I work for a living LMAO.
  7. Heck yea! I am a Navy Chief. Almost 23 years in. Retiring next year at 24.
  8. Die hard Niners fan. I was at the NFC Championship game on Sunday. Been going to Niners games since I attended my first one in 1982 at age of five. Sunday was the best atmosphere I have ever seen. Levi's stadium was rocking. Niner Empire! Quest for six!!
  9. I grew up in South Central LA off of Florence Ave, about 10-15min walk to the USC campus. FIGHT ON!!!!
  10. RCC is legit. My Auntie was part of their CG in the late 80's early 90's. All their shows was BD to the max lol. Still to this day my favorite RCC show was when they did BDs 1982 championship show. Think that was 1989.
  11. Thanks! My son is a tuba player for Vista and he said the whole band was proud of their performance. I was super proud of my son cause this was his first year in band. He had been playing football since age 7. He really seems to love marching and he has so much fun. From what I understand Vista is going to Indy next year.
  12. Yea you might be correct. My son's band went to Texas, only band from Cali that competed in Texas few weeks ago. They held their own and did great finishing 19th out of 84 bands i believe. But still not on the level of the top Texas bands.