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  1. I asked a question to BD fans about three peating. And because its Blue Devils a few took my question out of context and thought it was cocky and non humble etc etc. I never said BD is to going to three peat if you read my post. But it's a good reminder and lesson to myself to beware when bringing up BD accomplishing anything.
  2. I am not going to argue the three peat requirement. You are entitled to your opinion, although I wholeheartedly disagree with it, I respect it. But you was asked repeatedly to bring the proof to the table to back up your claim, and so far you have chosen not to.
  3. And BD is so bad*** they could do Rick Astley and still finish top two.
  4. I dont see it as unpopular, it's your opinion and I respect it. I would say that since 2014, BD has gotten alot of love and has been entertaining. I am basing that on the 2010-2013 years on DCP. Anyone who was around back then remembers how volatile it was for BD and anyone who supported them.
  5. So to ensure i understand you correctly (dont want to assume), let's say for the sake of this argument that the Olympics are just canceled. No Olympics till 2024. Then in 2024 the German womens soccer team wins the Gold medal just like they did in 2016. Am I correct in saying you would not count the German womens soccer team as back to back gold medalist cause 2020 was canceled?
  6. I agree. Any fanbase can talk three peat or winning championships any year. I am a die hard 49ers fan. We can go 1-15 and if you ask me, we are winning the super bowl the following season lol. I think we are winning the super bowl this season coming up (if there is a season) So I am with you there. Good point.
  7. I think it would be important to know that whether it happens or not, like it or not, BD has earned the right to talk three peat anytime they want.
  8. That certain corps from Canton definitely has this BD honk's attention. Bluecoats are dangerous and not to be overlooked in capacity. Respect.
  9. Question to my fellow BD honks........what is more important to you, BD getting the elusive three peat, or continuing their insane run of top 2 finishes, which now stands at 13 in a row. To put this into perspective, the 2021 age-outs would have been 6-7 years old last time Devs was third or worse! All the other corps might get an occasional title here and there, but let's keep it 100, like it or not its BDs world and we are all living in it.
  10. Let's get 20 in 21! Do it up Devils!!!