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  1. That's the hard part. Top 12 this year was all deserving and i loved SOA who was just on the outside looking in. But if you twisted my arm and forced me to pick, I would say PR. Can't believe i just said that cause i love Regiment so much.
  2. Pac Crest is next. California will be well represented with four corps in finals 2020.
  3. I know hating on BD is a surefire way to get likes on this forum, but dang dude........
  4. You love giving Cappy the business lol. You guys need a podcast. I would totally tune in!
  5. That would be sweet if it did. BD got robbed of the Ott in 2017. Can i use the word robbed? Well apparently BD robbed a bunch of corps in another active thread, so yea we will use the word here lol. But ultimately, someone else can be number one in brass. As long as the gold medal is consistently coming back to Concord. Shine bright like a diamond Devils.........shine bright.
  6. I love Bloo and boy do i respect those men and women from Canton. But no, DSU wouldn't come close to Felliniesque.
  7. I think i am the only one who said it. Feel free to call me out. But i have the courage of my own conviction, regardless of how unpopular it will be on this forum. But you are one of the classy ones on this site, so i always look forward to reading your thoughts.
  8. Thank you for the response. Have a blessed day and a nice life.
  9. Yea maybe saying any other year was out there lol. I dont think it beats Babylon in 2018. But I do think Tilt would have won in 2013. Now I will go enter the witness protection program to hide from Crown fans.
  10. I hated Tilt.............cause Bloo didn't come out west to Cali and grace us with their presence. Yea i am still pouting LMAO.