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  1. I love Courtney's reactions. Its raw and real imo. I have been married since 2001, and for the first five years, never introduced my wife to drum corps. In 2006 she saw me watching the espn broadcast DCI Finals, sat down next to me and loved it. We went to Riverside in 2007, and she nearly had a cow, I mean Courtney on steroids lol. She thought it was the coolest thing she had ever seen. In fact I remember the people around us loving her because of her reactions, especially after i explained to them it was her first ever live show. Needless to say now my wife is hooked on drum corps. God help me if I tell her we arent going to a show, I will be coming home to a empty house.
  2. I think it's time for Courtney to get some BD Space Chords in her life.
  3. As a BD honk I couldnt agree more. SCV deserved the win and they were CLEARLY better than BD in 2018. No debate. Babylon is a beast of a show. As a Cali kid born and raised, my heart will always bleed blue, but I always root for all the Cali corps. Mandarins kicking butt, Pacific Crest appears ready to announce their arrival to the world and put four Cali corps in finals. Gold is top three in Open Class, and of course BD/SCV bringing those medals back to the west coast. Could not be prouder!
  4. Learning as much as i can about the Blue Devils show title, researching etc. Heavily anticipating BD family night, reviews and thoughts of how they look and sound.
  5. Agreed. I know one person who is a fan of Courtney's YT channel, that before a weeks ago never knew drum corps existed. Now she is watching shows daily, and wants to attend a show next year live. Regardless of how she is doing it, Courtney is bringing new fans to the activity, big props to her.
  6. It's crazy that the last time BD went back to back years not winning, my daughter was in pre-school. She just officially graduated high school yesterday. BDs dominance is unlike anything we have ever seen in this activity, and we may never see it again.
  7. Facts!!! Even when they lose they win. I remember after scores was announced in 2016, my wife was asking me why i was so excited since BD just placed 2nd. First off i was genuinely happy for Bloo, but i was also happy cause i knew BDs hornets nest had been disturbed once again, and 2017 everyone was going to feel their wrath.
  8. Even though they won the Ott, BDs 98 hornline might be one of the most underrated in DCI History.
  9. If BDs 91 horn line is 1A........then the 93 horn line is 1AA. Two of the best ever.
  10. That 91 BD horn line................omg! Talk about an out of body experience to hear them live. Greatest horn line in the history of DCI IMO.
  11. Lol fair enough HockeyDad. Fair enough. Respect.
  12. I asked a question to BD fans about three peating. And because its Blue Devils a few took my question out of context and thought it was cocky and non humble etc etc. I never said BD is to going to three peat if you read my post. But it's a good reminder and lesson to myself to beware when bringing up BD accomplishing anything.
  13. I am not going to argue the three peat requirement. You are entitled to your opinion, although I wholeheartedly disagree with it, I respect it. But you was asked repeatedly to bring the proof to the table to back up your claim, and so far you have chosen not to.