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  1. Every corps has those "fanboys/girls". Yes some worse than others. I have also witnessed some isolated events by members of a particular corps in a parking lot when i attended a show in SoCal back in 2007. But i don't/didn't hold the entire organization accountable for all of eternity (not accusing you of that). To this day when that corps takes the field, i cheer just as loud for them as i do any other corps performing that night. Every corps, sports team, fanbase etc, has jerks. It just seems like when one is successful and has found a winning formula to win consistently, and we can't find any dirt or skeletons in the closet, we start latching on to any little thing to bring them down and minimize their success (speaking in general, not directly at you). That's why as a BD fan, I try my best to always be respectful, friendly, and polite, ESPECIALLY on this forum. Us BD fans have to hold ourselves and each other to high standard, cause I know there are some posters (NOT ALL) wanting and waiting to pounce on anything negative about BD. And if they can't or don't have the guts to attack the corps directly, they will come after the fanbase and latch on to any little thing we say.
  2. Can you give us an example of something that happened to you personally with BD, staff, members? What was said or done that makes you believe they need more humility? Or is it that they are consistently on top, and you are looking for any reason to tear them down because you want to see someone else win?
  3. I am ok with this happening again like 08.......as long as BD comes back and dominates back to back years again like 09-10.
  4. I miss Plan9. No one could get the ABBD crowd riled up faster than him and I loved every bit of it lol. Surprised there wasn't a bounty on his head lol. But come to think of it he has disappeared............??
  5. Ms. Terri you are certainly not a know it all. I always love reading your post and thoughts. I have learned so much about this activity from you over the years.
  6. 2009 WSS was sick. One of my favorite shows that year. I still think if the Cadets snare line didn't have that car crash, they would have taken silver over Crown.
  7. Better than 84 Cadets is a tough sell Cappy. But i will say this........even though they won the Ott, that 98 BD horn line might be one of their most underrated and least talked about. They definitely deserve more recognition.
  8. Fake or not, by you commenting you are helping to keep her relevant. Positive or negative, any publicity is good publicity.
  9. Why does it matter to you if her reactions are genuine or not? Shouldn't we be focusing on the fact that her channel is getting new eyeballs on drum corps vids?
  10. Japan is mind blowing. The people, the history, the food lol, i can rave on and on about Japan. Just a beautiful country.
  11. I spent nine years in Japan. 1997-2000, 2002-2005, and 2009-2012. Six of those years in Sasebo, three in Yokosuka. I can tell you from experience, Japan is very expensive.
  12. Agreed. Been fortunate enough to visit nine different cities in Australia. Never got to NZ. But love the accent. And for the record, i do believe her reactions are genuine. But at the end of the day, she is introducing DCI to her fanbase and some are now paying attention to drum corps in ways they never would have if it wasn't for her.
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