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  1. Chief Guns

    17 years later, 9/11/2018

    The morning of the attack, i was a Third Class Petty Officer out to sea onboard the USS Benfold (DDG-65). We was on our way home to San Diego, few days away from our homecoming. We was wrapping up a six deployment in the middle east. I remember being woken up and being told something just New York. Luckily the ship was pointed in a direction where we got tv reception. Couple hours later, we got the word we might be turning around and heading back to the middle east. Needless to say other ships went and we ended up pulling into San Diego Friday September 14th.
  2. So proud to be from Cali!!!! SCV keeps the title here in Cali, my Devils rack up another silver, and Mandarins crack the top 10!!!!! Ok Pacific are next!!!! West Coast takeover!!!!! East Coast can host the championships, as long as the title's keep coming out west!
  3. 12 straight years of top 2 finishes for BD. Consistency like no other. To think that this years age-outs was nine years old when the streak started. So proud of you Devils!!
  4. I honestly don't know. Maybe 6-7 years ago?
  5. Under Open Class scoring that was on different sheets?? I may be incorrect. Anybody have more insight on this?
  6. Great job BD! Here come the Mandarins!!
  7. Chief Guns

    Blue Devils 2018

    Nah Chief. E7. 2019 will be my fourth look at Senior Chief.
  8. Chief Guns

    Iconic Drum Majors

    Kristi Spears. Janet Jackson had to take a backseat as my teenage crush when i saw Kristi lol.
  9. Chief Guns

    Blue Devils 2018

    Not sure if it's anything, but i noticed in the closer when they have rotating circles with the characters in the middle, the circle on the far left doesn't have a character in it. Perhaps someone will be added to the closer?
  10. Chief Guns

    40 year dominance

    Winner winner chicken dinner!
  11. Chief Guns

    Blue Devils 2018

    Agreed! It's around this time BD puts the finishing touches on the closer. Believed they unleashed Clara in Buffalo 2015?
  12. Chief Guns

    40 year dominance

    Key words........This Year. If BD does end up taking silver, this will be 12 straight top two finishes! Consistency at it's best. And BD will have to be the favorite to win it all next year, and go undefeated while doing so. Last four corps to beat BD at finals, PR, Cadets, Crown, and Bloo didn't even medal the following season while BD didn't lose a show. I have said it before and i will say it again, it's one thing to get to the top of the mountain, it's a different story to consistently stay there. As a Cali resident born and raised, this year is phenomenal. SCV is back and DCI is better for it. My beloved Devils are just rolling along continuing to pile up unprecedented streaks to the likes we have never seen and may never see again. AND THE MANDARINS!!! Yes give me more Mandarins! Three Cali finalist!! Now we just need Pacific Crest to turn the corner and i think it's just a matter of time before that happens. DCI Finals can be in the east, as long as the finals trophy is coming back west to Concord or Santa Clara. GO SCV!!! DO IT UP DEVILS!!!
  13. Chief Guns

    What makes a good Blue Devils show?

    At your earliest convenience, please elaborate on this. Thank you.
  14. Chief Guns

    What makes a good Blue Devils show?

    Don't forget about TJ leading Color Guard.
  15. Chief Guns

    What makes a good Blue Devils show?

    To this day BD 91 is the most powerful horn line i have ever witnessed in person. And i stood in front of Crown's brass during their warmup in Riverside 2013, which was jaw dropping amazing. But BD 91, OMG, just a different level of power. 1993 wasn't far behind either.