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  1. In a earlier post I mentioned 1998 BD. But since I haven't seen this particular show mentioned, what about 2000 BD? Cadets and Cavs deserved the win that year. But if BDs percussion didnt drag the score down, who knows? BD was on par with Cavs/Cadets in every other caption finals night.
  2. Much respect to you for this post and keeping it real. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the upcoming season.
  3. 1998 Blue Devils. Highest scoring 3rd place show of all time. And even though they won the Ott that year, i think this is the most underrated and under appreciated horn line in DCI history.
  4. 93 BD. That horn line would be the best of all time if it wasn't for 91 BD. And let's show some love for 2006 Bluecoats.
  5. I believe they don't win without Clara that year. She brought that whole show together in the end. I wonder if she is still with the BD organization. BDB perhaps since she is now what 14-15 years old?
  6. My goodness BD! Love what i am seeing and hearing so far. #19 in 2019! Do it up Devils!!
  7. 1991 BD. Still the most powerful and talented horn line i have ever heard live.
  8. And i will be the first to say they didn't deserve the bronze that year. They finished right where they was supposed to be that season.
  9. Only time BD finishes 3rd is in the annual predictions thread. DO IT UP DEVILS!!!
  10. I am rooting for Pacific Crest and continued California dominance. Let's go Pac Crest!
  11. Yes!!! BD just pulled a Kevin Durant interview moment with that opener......... "We are the Blue Devils! Y'all know who we are!" DO IT UP DEVILS!!
  12. Here is another one, can SCV medal this year? Not only has BD went unbeaten in years following a silver medal, but the corps to beat BD since 2008, Phantom, Cadets, Crown, and Coats didn't even medal in the following season. I hope SCV medals. But BD has proven time after time that it's one thing to get to the top of the mountain, it's a whole different story to stay there. DO IT UP DEVILS!
  13. I would like this a 1000 times if i could.