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Mandarins vs. Oregon Crusaders

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One constant seems to be Mandarins ahead in visual while Oregon takes music.

Agreed. Mandarins have a nice visual package this year. OC has a lot of demand visually that needs cleaning - always a problem for this corps. Both corps are showing improvement in color guard.

What I find most interesting though is how the GE swings back and forth between the two - clearly where the subjectivity lies. Musically, I also think OC's brass & percussion books are stronger.

But there is no question that Mandarins have a really effective look out there this year and their brass sounds very big.

In any case, it's nice to see both of these corps working so hard. They both deserve some judging consistency.

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Mandarins over OC tonight in Erie.

GE Visual Music TOTAL

Mandarins 31.8 23.35 23.70 78.85

OC 31.8 22.75 23.85 78.4

Tonight GE tied. Mandarins' better visual performance won the night for them. Congrats to Mandarins. Good luck to both corps heading into prelims!

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