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    who leads who?

    in my view they both influence the other, as the staffs increasingly tends to be the same for many of the top scholastic MB's and DCI Corps. We could also add in the WGI Groups that both influence, and are influenced by, what we see/ hear in DCI.
  2. I had not heard that myself, but it appears others have. If so, this might explain why the deadline has come and gone, and there is still more scrutiny taking place, and DCI HQ is still vetting things there with the Cadets.
  3. Perhaps you are correct. But, its too early to come to that assessment at the moment, imo... although I have heard rumors he is close to some people in Corps with checkered pasts that at the very least must give him indigestion. Not sure how dirty Dan's hands are in all this though, despite that( you might know more/ better than me on this ). But... we'll all find out soon enough, it would appear.
  4. DCI put the Cadets on Probation last winter, until an internal audit of their financials, as well as an internal audit of the Corps policies and procedures, reporting mechanisms to safeguard its current and future members took place.. Presumably that internal audit by DCI HQ and their hired firm has been completed by now. But if we recall, this was to have been completed by the end of this summer, and DCI HQ was to make an announcement " by September " their press release stated back then if the Cadets probation status would be either lifted, or extended, or something else. But no word yet ( as far as I know ) on the Cadets status from DCI HQ, and so they are behind schedule it appears on that deadline. Not sure what has caused the timeline delay here. Maybe others are more privy to why that September deadline has come and passed, with no official word from DCI HQ on the Cadets probationary status. That needs to be cleared up, and quickly for all concerned here ( Cadets included ), as prospective auditioneers/ parents are making 2019 season plans now.
  5. Dan A. did state the following in his statement, and it seems pretty clear on penalties... particularly for any DCI Corps that knowingly violated the new DCI Policies and procedures put in place in May. " Not adhering to the Code of Conduct for hiring practices or other violations, DCI can prohibit participation and we have " So it seems to me that we will soon find out if " prohibiting participation " of Corps that knowingly violated the new stringent policies and reporting to DCI HQ requirements are mere empty words, or if DCI HQ. is actually really serious now about " the safety " of its young participants moving forward. No doubt this will be a defining moment in the history of DCI with its very future existence at stake here.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    I swear, if the Boston Red Sox's current Left Fielder ( Andrew Benintendi ) was not professionally employed at the moment and was age eligible, he just might.... might.... have a shot at making Boston's Guard for 2019 with some more practice.

    Caption Awards

    Well that sure is a rather crude and insulting assessment and remark from someone that still judges in MB circuits,.imo. Lots of Corps over the years have not won Guard, Brass,Percussion on Finals Night, but won the Ott, Sanford, Zingalli nevertheless under the accepted formula that has been in place now in DCI since 2001.,Jeff. Furthermore, not once in your 100,000 posts on DCP have you ever said that the DCI winner of the Ott, or the Sanford, or the Zingali is a " hollow " achievement, if a Corps did not win that caption on Finals Night, but might've come dam close to winning it then too.. Thats a real kick in the groin to the kids in the Corps of these caption award winners over the years because you don't particularly like the current accepted methodology utilized to determine these winners of these captions. You are certainly entitled to your opinion that you dislike the current DCI formula agreed too, and accepted by the Corps in competition for years and years. You could have given your reasons for your dislike of the current DCI methodology utilized and simply left it at that., But then for you to decide to make a really unneccesaary insult to the kids in a corps that happened to win that caption this year because your wishes for a different system for determining these things is not in place at the moment is really regrettable. Its not your finest hour, nor remarks, Jeff. its cringeworthy in its insulting tone, imo.. are certainly entitled to insult winners of captions like this too. No quibble on that. You have that right But when we look around and see why kids don't frequent DCP much anymore, its insulting comments like this that tends to drive the successful away... because even when they " win ", they might be told their hard won achievement was actually considered " hollow " by a poster thats a long time judge and has 100,000 posts ( or more ) here on DCP, but doesn't like the current DCI judging system that determines caption winners thats been agreed upon since 2001 by the Corps in DCI themselves.

    Caption Awards

    Not really a " walking contradiction ", imo. DCI for just one example of other " averaging " thats utilized, DCI makes determinations on order of appearance at Regionals shows based upon "average scores/ placements" up to that point. WGI does so too. DCI also has some shows with 2 judges in a caption, but splits them and " averages " them out for the score in that caption in that show competition. If some fans like the older, single show, single judge formula once utilized to determine Best Brass, Best Percussion, Best Guard, thats fine too.. But I hardly view this newer " averaging " based , 3 day, 3 panels, Championships formula now utilized as any " walking contradiction " to have DCI Corps agree to do it now in this fashion. DCI has lots of different sized panels throughout the season too. Most panels are smaller than what they'll have on Finals Night than what the Corps had for 95% of their competition shows that season. Is this then a " walking contradiction " to have a different sized judging panels at Championships than what the Corps had for the panels throughout most of the season ? Finally, although not a perfect analogy, I'll share this thought anyway :. If in the judgement of a Physician , we need a major surgery, is it better to have one judgement with this with the one Physician, or perhaps 3 Physicians given a chance to diagnose us, and give us their expert judgement ? Assuming all are of equal experience and abilities to assess, I'll take the considered wisdom of three together, than the single assessment from the one. 12 combined eyes/ ears of the 3 tend to be far better assessors than the 4 eyes/ ears of just the one, imo. We won't " average " these out, of course. But its far preferable to have 3 assess for us " whats the best ", than to have just the one tell us " whats the best ", imo.

    Caption Awards

    Yup.. thats how the Corps have decided to do it for quite awhile now. They made changes they believed were an improvement on the previous formula utilized. Like any change DCI decides upon, some fans like those changes, some fans dislike those changes, some fans don't care either way.
  10. BRASSO

    Caption Awards

    I don't see a " double panel "on Finals Night as workable however... nor as an improvement over the current methodology the Corps/ DCI have adopted and agreed upon. The introduction of " double panels " in Brass, Percussion, Guard for Finals Night, but not for Quarters, Semi's affects in a major way the allotment of points on Finals Night competition, that would be at odds with the allotment of points on Quarterfinals and the SemiFinals... unless I'm missing something here. Changing to ( for example ) 2 Brass judges and 2 Guard judges, 2 Percussion judges, changes everything on Finals Night, compared with the previous 2 nights, and is not a sensible way to decide a DCI Champion for that season, imo, let alone Best Brass, Best Percussion, Best Guard at DCI Championships, imo. If you are recommending DCI have " double panels", they'd have to have them for all the 3 nites of Quarters, Semi's and Finals at their DCI championships to make any rational sense at all it would seem to me. But this seems out of the question, as the Corps don't seem to have any interest at the moment in going to any " double panels " at Championships for the 3 nites of competitions, and for reasons beyond just the additional costs to do this too, I'd imagine.
  11. BRASSO

    Caption Awards

    Maybe I wasn't as clear to you either here. For example, I do not believe the current 3 day average formula adopted by DCI and the Corps for assigning the Ott, ( Best Brass ) the Sanford ( Best Percussion ), the Zingali ( best Guard ) awards is a " silly " methodology to do this at all . As a matter of fact. I support the formula thats been adopted by DCI. I find it an improvement over the previous system ( one show ). I believe it to be the best way to do this. It allows 3 panels, 3 show performances, to more fully determine the winner of these, imo. I do not support any efforts to return to the previous formula utilized to determine the Ott, Sanford, Zingali DCI Awards. I understand you would prefer a Finals Night performance alone to determine who wins such sectional awards.. the older system, and I respect that, while disagreeing with you that DCI should return to this outdated formula. Finally, I do believe it would be positively silly to consider a formula that would entail the averaging out of the Corps scores from the entire season to determine that season's Ott, Sanford, Zingali Awards. We both appear to agree that this would be silly, and would probably have little to no support by the Corps, nor most fans, to consider doing it this way ( for reasons expressed here above ).
  12. BRASSO

    Caption Awards

    Thats what DCI does. They average the scores of the 3 nites at Championships where all the Corps have put in changes and unveiled their final product to determine the best Brass, Percussion, Guard. Your suggestion to average all the season's show scores to arrive at this sounds pretty silly to me. I can't imagine DCI, nor many fans, wanting something like this as the formula to be utilized. Early season shows go through many changes with deletions, additions, modifications and alterations before Championships week final product is produced in performance.. Counting early season shows scores/ placements into the average. ie " the entire thing ( season) " to determine the best Brass, Percussion, Guard in DCI makes no sense to me at all to even consider doing it in this fashion. Oh well.