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    Crossmen 2019

    Full Judging Panels supposedly was voted to come back for early season DCI shows after enough people complained that judging Drum & Bugle Corps competitions without Drum Judges, or Brass judges, or Guard judges ( or some combo thereof not included in the judged competitions )seemed like a dopey thing to do to allegedly save a few bucks. That said, bringing something back in Drum Corps ( like you said ) after it disappears is as rare as a teenager's weeky allowance return by the teenager after it disappears.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Me too..we'll miss seeing You and Hubby there as well. Boston will be there in Dec, Jan. & April in Florida , but in Feb ( your toes in the water vacation time ) BAC will be in Texas this season.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    He could've marched there too... not really sure about that, X. Alisko might know.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Now that this 2019 Boston Crusaders thread has been completely derailed for the moment ( haha.. patience.. it'll get back on track soon ), Cliff Clavin, the Boston mailman in the old TV sitcom " Cheers ", marched Drum Corps. He was in the drum line for the St. Ann's Loyalaires, Bridgeport, Connecticut in his youth. Cliff ( real name John Ratzenberger ) here :
  5. I don't believe " disclosure of Drum Corps expenditures", is needed however to learn what should be fairly obvious to begin with, ie that Corps that have the best financial resources, can invest in success , better than Corps with less financial resources, less investment can toward success.. And that such financial investment toward success tends to become the net result, ie more success. Do we really need a full investigation to find out that the reason the NY Yankees, LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox Houston Astros, ( and Alabama, Ohio State in college football ) tend to win more than ( say ) the Milwaukee Brewers, Tampa Rays, Baltimore Orioles, ( or Tulane, Rice, etc in college football ) is due to better resources, higher financial investments toward success ? Or do we sort of intuitively know it as simple economics common sense, and without the need for any deep analysis or " full disclosures " to determine this ?

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    I know, its true.. beer can have that level of appeal for some. (.. haha!)

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Sam Malone supposedly lost the velocity on his fastball in the Minors, but later developed an effective curve working behind the Bar at Cheers.

    Crossmen 2019

    I believe all of the Corps have FE with cymbals. MikeD. But few Corps still utilize the cymbals with marching members on the field. Increasingly, more and more Corps are dropping the use of the cymbals with marching members in their show. Ironically, there is no " follow the leader " here with this trend, as DCI's current Champion still finds it useful ( and undeniably a winning formula for themselves ) to utilize the marching cymbal section in their quest to win a DCI Title.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    an audience cheering for Boston's Cheers would at least have lots of irony inherent in it. Jeff...
  10. BRASSO

    Crossmen 2019

    Cymbals are an integral instrumentation component of most Orchestra's and Symphonies world wide. As most know here, almost all the great Classical Composers over the centuries utilize the Cymbal to one degree or another in their Music Compositions. But its true, if the Corps do not want to use the cymbal even in the FE for their musical interpretation of a music piece, there is nothing that requires that they need to stay true to the original composer's intent with the use of the cymbal. Personally, I love watching the few remaining Corps such as SCV utilize the cymbal in their shows in their field drill. Its awesome the way they utilize them in such a clever, and showmanship manner and not just in the FE, imo.
  11. " What rule would I propose for the 2019 DCI Tour ? " ( you ask ) A simple one.. even if it seemingly has to be a reminder : DFTK.
  12. BRASSO

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Its true... we can all believe what we want. However, if one is interested in actually learning the process that Boston utilized for the 2018 show, here is Boston's staff explaining the process they utilized to select the Theme's constructs 1st then build the Music/ Visuals/ Attire afterwards around the Theme ( sense of loss, conflict, then Salvation ) selected. It was a holistic approach where no single element,( ie the Music) was chosen first to start the show, nor to principally drive the show, nor " tie it all together ". Boston's staff has great chemistry and they work very well together in the collaborative, shared process of putting their show together, once the Theme to be conveyed with its intended emotions to be conveyed to Judges/ audiences is decided upon ( Keith Potter, BAC Artistic Director, influenced ). Its an equal combo of Visuals/ Guard/ Music that both starts and completes Boston's shows & themes, & messaging now... both in 2017/ 2018, and presumably will be for 2019 as well.
  13. BRASSO

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    What came from the Designers mouths ? That the Music alone drives Boston's Themes the last 2 seasons and ( your words )" the Music is what ties the themes all together " ? Not sure what you are referring too here, Liahona. The show ended with the Visuals/ Guard leaving behind the Theme's final messaging on the Field " BAC WAS HERE ". The Music selected and played was certainly a major component to the theme's deliverance to both judges and audiences alike. But it was not ( imo ) the Music chosen that Karuna said above ( and you agreed with) that kicked off the show, nor drove the Theme. It was all 3 components working in unison in equal measure.. Guard/ Visuals/ Music... that appropriately conveyed the Theme and its central messaging to both judges and audiences alike, imo. Music did not start, nor kick off the show. Neither did Guard. Both Guard and the Singers humming started the show simultaneously, and " SOS " was conveyed visually by the marchers, before the Brass line played the musical opener " Breathless Allelulia " enmasse in the start too.. By the end, it seemed pretty clear to me that the Theme was not primarily " music driven " by Boston's Show Designers, but in the end was a holistic approach that utilized all 3 elements to convey last season's Boston Crusaders Theme of " S.O.S ".
  14. BRASSO

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Its true.. regarding Gaines. When he came back to SCV he " evolved " from the Cavs 2000 years, and was not about to write/ recommend any more those types of Visual shows for the SCV.. Likewise, I believe ALL of the guys still in the activity from back in the 70's " evolved " in their designs too... even in Brass/ Percussion. Scott Johnson isn't writing Percussive parts like the ones in the 80's either. And he's never left BD in decades. DCI has a couple of judges that judged DCI shows in the 70's. 80's too. They're not judging the same way they did back then either. The Madison Scouts can be good again, and entertaining again in the coming years. SCV 2018 show this season was chock full of little flashes of SCV iconic moments.. and they won it all here in 2018. BD in 2017, lest we forget, did a quasi throw back, historical tribute show in 2017.. with LOTS of earmarks of past BD iconic moments found throughout their show of BD's past... and they TOO won it all. So this notion we sometimes hear around the office water coolers, and school band rooms, that Drum Corps have to be thoroughly and completely avard gard and " modern " to place well, and thrill fans, is certainly not supported by the last 2 recent DCI Champions shows themselves, imo