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    Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Cadets ( Brooklyn,NY '54-59), The Wackers Sr. Corps ( Vito Genovese AL Post 711, Apalachin NY) '60-64, The Star of Providence ( Providence, RI ) '66-78
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    The Peace Corps
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    "The Godfather", Blue Devils, 2006
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  1. DCI is slowly moving away from an All Male, " Good Ol Boy " network where Males for decades in DCI completely dominated show design programming positions in Corps, the DCI judging ranks, the DCI and Corps BOD's, and the Executive Directorship positions, and the like. There is still much work to be done to bring DCI Drum Corps into the 21st century of gender inclusion and diversity in key decision making roles. But recently, outreach by DCI has been seen taking shape, ( even at DCI HQ ), and inroads of inclusion and diversity progressivism are slowly, but surely taking place in several quarters of DCI the last 12--24 months, imo.
  2. The best Drumline in the Country in 1956 ( pre DCI ) was an ALL FEMALE Drumline ( The Audubon, N.J " Bon Bon's". Drum Corps ). They beat every single all Male Drumline in the Country they faced that season at Championships. The Snare Drum National Champion in the Individual Snare Drum AL National Championships in 1957 was a Female.

    Blue Devils 2019

    I recall Teal Sound utilizing a Guitar in their field show performance a few years back... and thought at the time, we'd soon see a couple of TOP 12 Corps use a Guitar in performance. Sort of surprised we didn't. Now it appears, the Guitar will return to Drum Corps. I believe Blue Devils Guitar will be an Acoustic Guitar, according to the recruitment article. I'm pretty sure Guitar is judged in performance competition by the GE Music judge. The " effects " of its playing anyway. As for the ability of the Guitarist's playing, I imagine the Guitarist's playing will be judged by the judge with the Drums training and experience, ie the Percussion Judge. (it can't possibly be the Brass or Guard Judge judging the performance ability of the Guitarist, imo.).. I'm really looking forward to how BD incorporates the Guitar musical instrument into their show this summer. The potential for a far more widespread use of the Guitar in future Drum Corps shows is a very intriguing development to watch unfold too, imo. I personally prefer the sound of the Guitar over that of the sound of any woodwind... and usually over that of the human speaking voice or singing voice in a Drum Corps show as well.
  4. The prevailing sentiment seems to be :

    The Cavaliers top 12

    A few Cavaliers shows over the years just jump right out for me: 1966 ( pre DCI ) 2008.... " Samaurai " 1995.... " The Planets " 2006.... " The Machine " 2002..... " Frameworks " 2004..... " 007 " 1992.... " Revolution and Triumph " 2001.... " Four Corners " 2003.... " Spin Cycle " 2000...... " Niagara Falls " 1989..... " Gloria "
  6. 2 DCI judges.... one male, one female... ( mostly Open Class Div. it looks like now to me ) 2 staffers that were active staffers when I marched, are currently on DCI Corps payrolls as " Consultants " now from their current bios, it looks like. Most I knew BITD have come and gone by now. Nobody I " marched with " is " designing or teaching shows for 2019 " either DCI or DCA.

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    FloMarching was there a bit this weekend for Boston's Texas Brass line camp, and will have some video up soon on Flo Marching's site.
  8. ... Likewise enjoyed every one of the Madison Scouts shows listed by the 2 posters above. ... I might add in '76 as another of my favorites. That OTL of " Stars & Stripes Forever ", might be military march smaltz to some, but for me the way Madison played it in '76 was the balz. Madison nearly got themselves a repeat DCI Title in '76 with that Corps as well.

    Carolina Crown 2019

    " A dramatic fall " ? ... predicted by " a lot of posters " ? Not really... not on DCP, anyway. The average predictions for Crown in 2017 and 2018 was in medal territory. We know this pretty much for certain, as the DCP prediction threads for 2017 and 2018 ( preseason ) are still up even now on DCP for verification of Crown's overall placement prediction collective average by DCP'ers.. ...which as the cumulative average by DCP'ers tended ultimately to fall pretty much in line with their eventual finish for the most part each season of 2017, 2018 too.
  10. BRASSO

    Danny Boy

  11. BRASSO

    Danny Boy

    It really was.. It was like hearing the US Marine Drum & Bugle Corps play" The Marines' Hymn ". Just about everyone responded favorably too it, and it never got old. They were a Founding Member of DCI, and a perennial finalist most years.... almost winning it all in 1980, under 4 tenths away in 2nd place to the DCI Champion Blue Devils. George Zingali marched here in his youth, later wrote their drill. And wow... what great Guards they had most years.
  12. BRASSO

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Yes. ( Brass, Drums, Guard as well. )
  13. BRASSO

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    For every thing that is " deemed better today", one can just as easily cite something else that is decidedly worse today. it is by no means an accurate and unimpeachable assessement that as things.. "evolve "... they get better. Is Venezuela " better " today than in 1985 ? Is all Wine poured from new bottles of today" better " than that poured from all French bottles of 1925 ? Is the Brittish Empire of 2018 " better" and stronger today today than in 1908 ? Is " civility " in US politics in Washington,. D.C. today " better " than 1985 ? Is the City of Detroit Michigan " better" economically , than it was in 1956 ? .. " improvements made " to make it so ? Is Brittish Rock n. Roll music" better" in 2018 than in 1963 ? Has gas station customer service at the pump " evolved " from 1960 customer service provided to customers to a " better " customer satisfaction level at the pump with customers today ? Can the typical 8th grader in the US read as well as the typical 8th grader of 1956 ? Really ? The research evidence would not support such an assertion. Look, its a misnomer to state that as the years " evolve " things get " better". Sometimes they do. Other times they don't. They are a million things one could cite that are in serious question they " got better " as they " evolved ". Some times things actually " devolve " to where its pretty clear to most that things did not get " better" in the least compared to earlier versions.... quite the contrary, as a matter of fact to most unbiased observers.