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    Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Cadets ( Brooklyn,NY '54-59), The Wackers Sr. Corps ( Vito Genovese AL Post 711, Apalachin NY) '60-64, The Star of Providence ( Providence, RI ) '66-78
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    The Peace Corps
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    "The Godfather", Blue Devils, 2006
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  1. Prayers and Condolences to the entire Cavaliers Organization,. Family, Friends, Alums, former Staffers, Fans of the Corps. He was a Drum Corps Legend, if there ever was one. Don Warren. May He Rest in Peace.
  2. Blue Devils played " Happy Days are Here Again " in 2009, and parlayed that into a DCI Title too. They can play anything. ANYTHING, imo.. and it would not hurt them on the score sheets. Talent allows this. Heck, they could probably play " Three Blind Mice " ..... " Mary Had a Little Lamb " and so forth. and make it work on the sheets for them.
  3. BD are always " The Corps to beat " in any preseason talk. And it has virtually nothing to do with the show announcement, nor the list of music to be played. Lets face it, this Corps, which essentially is akin to DCI 's All Stars Marching Drum Corps, could announce this weekend that they will be playing Dionne Warwick's pop hits from the 60's or similar in their show, and we know theres a good chance they're going to win or medal with the music/ show. And best of success to them once again this season. Looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us.
  4. The written description focus in the press release seems to me to be more on David his underdog role. Its not so much about " Goliath " per se, but more on the virtues of courage, wisdom, and perseverance, and the like displayed by the young David when facing the taller, stronger, seemingly invincible Goliath. Thats my take anyway. I have not heard Tim's take on his read of the press release. X
  5. This show/ theme/ music could be right in Boston's wheelhouse for 2019. Time will tell however.
  6. Over on the PM page, a few posters are chuckling right now, as 12 days ago ( 5/5 ) I guessed on there that Boston Crusaders theme would be " David & Goliath "..... lol!
  7. I don't think most Corps schedule their announcements around the Blue Devils timetables... lol
  8. I'll say. I'd be a first. What long time Corps thats undergone attire/ shako replacement or displacement did so where " people didn't freak out " ? πŸ˜„
  9. If we change the situation, we may very well change what will prevail legally, and what will not. In this case, so we are clear, we are not discussing whether or not a " company " can start up their company and call itself the "27th Lancers, Inc ", or 27th Lancers Corporation " or 27th Lancers, LLC " or" 27th Lancers, D.B.A,"., and sell luxury yachts, ice cream sprinkles or whatever. We were discussing whether or not a " Drum Corps " could start up a Drum Corps called the " 27th Lancers " and do so without permission from the original Name Holder. The answer was unmistakable insofar as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Courts were concerned. The answer is an unequivocal "no ". It is not legally permissible. If such a startup Corps decided to base themselves in another state, I believe that the 27th Lancers heirs to the name " 27th Lancers " would be able to prevail in such situations within that state as well, or perhaps preclude that Corps from traveling across state lines with that moniker, as surely Federal Law would likely be determinative in that situation. But I suppose thats why we have lawyers and courts to determine such impasses. I mentioned above that members of the original " The Four Tops " singing group, went to Court several years back and successfully got a judge to order a Cease and Desist Order for a similar nationwide band traveling group that called themselves" The Four Tops ". That group was made to stop calling themselves " The Four Tops ", nor billing themselves in advertisements across the US in their travels as such. I do not believe the original " Four Tops " band was touring at that time either . I'm not 100% certain on this aspect however at the time of their claim to not use their Name nor whether or not this would have made a difference with that Federal Court's ruling
  10. If so, its 2019, so there is no way this scene would ever be depicted in the BD show 🐎πŸŽ₯πŸ˜„
  11. Its rarely politics that effects Corps/ marchers. By far, and its not even close, imo, its... economics. Economics determines who marches and who doesn't. Economics even determines how Corps continue to function and exist, and what Corps falter, and others, cease to exist.
  12. Well, if you remain unconvinced by the facts above that the " 27th Lancers " successfully got a court order to remove a Corps from using the name " 27th Lancers " without their permission, go out, file the fee, then start your Corps and name them the " 27th Lancers" as well, and see what happens. Good luck and a toast to you, my friend with your " 27th Lancers ".