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    Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Cadets ( Brooklyn,NY '54-59), The Wackers Sr. Corps ( Vito Genovese AL Post 711, Apalachin NY) '60-64, The Star of Providence ( Providence, RI ) '66-78
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    "The Godfather", Blue Devils, 2006
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    Well, I believe in the Soul, the small of a women's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing Astroturf. I believe in the sweet spot, opening your presents Christmas Morning rather than Christmas Eve,and I believe in slow, deep, soft kisses that last 3 days.

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  1. This is a wonderful personal tale re. " the dating scene ".... " your personal assessment/ experience with both married, divorced, unmarried men, and so forth. And it is to be respected. But none of this has anything at all to do with why the Lehigh Pennsylvania Prosecutors office believes that they have sufficient information in their possession from their investigation of George Hopkins to proceed with his arrest and charge of multiple counts of sexual assault, including that of Rape, of 2 women victims in their County of Pennsylvania. You understand that the fact that he apparently " respected " you in your ever so brief talks, dinner with you, has no bearing at all on what his alleged crimes he might have committed with others. Correct ? Some of the worst rapists, murderers on the face of the planet also had moments of kindness to others. For example, most of the Mafia men would be out raping, torturing, murdering, carving up, men and women at 4pm in the afternoon, then by 6pm they were bringing home roses, candy for their Mother, their Wife and/ or Mistress that they treated with " respect " 24-7. You seem like an intelligent women. So you understand that your acknowleged ever so brief experience with GH is not why the Prosecutor is charging him with crimes committed on two women victims of the crimes of rape and sexual assault, correct ?
  2. Besides, I can speak for married men everywhere, that when we are out to dinner, its just as likely we are reaching to move the leg under the table, then for our wife's leg under the table. And if you're married long and well enough, it could just as likely be the grand son's high chair leg you are foolin' around with at the restaurant's table.
  3. For tonight only, who needs DCP or CNN,, when we have our own " As The World Turns" like show ?
  4. Fair enough... In your case. it appears he respected your wishes that night, and went back to thinking about his dinner's lamb chops, and the creative ideas you had for his Corps and whatnot. And thats cool and all too, imo
  5. Well, when he put his hand on your leg at dinner, its good to know you figured out rather quickly right then and there that he had some " ideas" in mind for you that I'm sure he was just burning to" discuss with you ".

    The Cadets 2019

    I could easily name upwards of 2 dozen marchers, in Corps up and down the East Coast, that marched in Junior Corps overage... lol. Names and all. if we think marching overage in Junior Corps prior to the formation of DCI was confined just to East Coast Corps, think again. It was present out in the Midwest,( Canada for certain ) as well. My guess, the notion that no Corps were knowingly ( or Corps Directors didn't want to know ) marching overage marchers in the West Coast Corps BITD would be pretty naive for out there too as well... lol! In the Senior Corps ranks, the Veteran Organizations used to have a policy in the post WW2 period, that marchers in Senior Corps had to be Male, over 21, and Veterans. While most Sr. Corps were indeed Male, over 21, and Veterans, most Corps marched non Veterans, and many would utilize a few under age 21 marchers as well in their ranks BITD in these national competitions. For example, I know a former marcher.( known him for years) that marched in a Junior Corps at age 20, then when his season finished in August, he went and marched in a Senior Corps snare line that competed a month later in September at the AL Legion Nationals Championships... in his case, he was a double dipper, ie underage, AND a non Veteran... haha!
  7. ... yes.. Maybe the 12 of his reported women victims spanning multiple generations, ( most didn't know one another reportedly ) all were " orchestrated " by yet unknown forces to come together some weekend at a secret Holiday Inn in Allentown or similar to secretly plot together how they could bring down one guy at the Cadets Drum Corps......George Hopkins. Probably because these women did not like his Corps Show designs/ programming (or some other similar Drum Corps oriented complaint they had with GH ) Its possible there were no rapes, sexual assaults, sexual harassments, sexual intimidations, threats, druggings, etc, by GH and instead its all just a wide, vast, conspiracy of a dozen women haters of poor ol George Hopkins who are all lying about what he is alleged to have done to them over the years. And gosh darn, the gullible law enforcement, media, and the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Criminal Prosecutor's Office must have all fallen for the women's lies too. Poor George. Life is so unfair to him. Especially the women..

    2019 Predictions!

    ;Prediction for 2019 :... DCI Corps Show Designers will take into strong consideration for their Show Designs for 2019 elements in the construct that judges ( particularly GE, Visual Design judges ) are seemingly increasingly rewarding these days now over other elements. For example, I would predict we'll see far less end zone to end zone field coverages ( horizontal ) in drill designs, and more show designs that principally (over 80% ) that will take place front and center and within the 35 yard lines. I'll predict more Corps thus going more vertical, and more heightened, than horizontal and field exansive in drill constructs. We've see this evolution the last couple of seasons, and I predict they'll be more of it. Also, I'll predict less singers being utilized in shows on the whole for 2019. Corps than have won, or placed runnersup, have not utilized singers in their DCI Championships contending shows of late.

    2019 Predictions!

    And here I was thinking initially of including the 18th century too, but thought afterwards I'd stay more current for you with this. Oh well.
  10. BRASSO

    2019 Predictions!

    I predict more predictions coming. But when, would be pushing it.
  11. BRASSO

    2019 Predictions!

    Then SCV 2017 and 2018 seems about " as current " as they come . They finished 2nd, then 1st. Their Show Design ( and MM execution ) won them a Title as a " CURRENT Corps. Nothing wrong in the least with them " currently ". Corps not medaling as" CURRENT Corps" at the moment ( 2018 ) need to figure out why they arn't. This is not about SCV. Its about what others have to do in 2019 to challenge those currently ahead of them up and down the placement pecking order.
  12. BRASSO

    2019 Predictions!

    You want SCV to return to their ways " of the past " ? They finished 2nd, then 1st the last 2 seasons. Other Corps could learn from SCV ( and BD )... Those who are not medaling recently comes to mind... lol
  13. BRASSO

    2019 Predictions!

    SCV has 7 DCI Titles... lol.
  14. " Hell Hath No Fury Like 10-12 Women Scorned " " The Power of 10".... Georgie.