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  1. I see your point. I suppose there can be persuasive argument that maybe Corps should not reveal things until the start of the season . I liked it so much better however when young and old alike rarely if ever were ragging or making jokes on Corps attire or whatnot choices.... In April. June... or August. This does take some getting used to now, doesn't it.
  2. its a real jungle out there, X.... lol!
  3. Haha !!... I see what you did there !! ( Star was 3rd in GE Visual & 4th in Field Visual at Finals Night in '93. )
  4. Well, if thats the reason for the delay in the reveal, it only delays the inevitable. Fans are going to know the attire and headgear the first week of the season, even if the Corps delay to then. From that perspective, if Corps expect to be " ripped on them so bad " by fans, it seems that it would be better for these Corps then to get the attire reveal out maybe in April or earlier. This way marchers can adjust better to any criticisms that might crop up. Theres not much advantage to have the reveal come out the week/ month of the opener of the season and have marchers have to deal with being " ripped on them so bad " during that timeline, imo. There is the old wise adage.." if bad news ( or expected criticism ) is coming forth, get it out early and complete, rather than later ". As for Academy's reveal, I know they are getting ripped to shreds on other social media websites on their attire reveal, but patience is required, as you are correct, until we see these on the field it seems a bit premature to be ripping it to shreds and making jokes about it from an artist's depction, or a photograph, etc.
  5. Judges are not instructed to judge headgear, nor fashion choices by Corps. The judges just naturally assume and expect however that if your show theme is about " Hell", you 're not going to go out in clown attire, clown shoes, red nose, red hair, white make up, bright green/ pink colors everywhere in colors, etc for your " costuming " with such a chosen theme. There is no caption for " costuming ". There is no judge for " costuming ". Costuming is not mentioned in the current GE Captions, it would have insignificant, perhaps non existent evaluative point assessment, except as it could relate to a VISUAL move on the show. For example, if Phantom Regiment takes off their shako and puts it on the field in a portion of their performance, and the judge likes that VISUAL effect of the VISUAL maneuver, he / she would naturally assess that visual move, just like any other visual move the Corps made in the show. But the CHOICE of the attire/ headgear ( which is the subject of this thread ) is irrelevant to that visual move, as the visual move could have been accomplished and " coordinated " with just about any headgear choice made by the Corps, and the attire worn by the Corps proper was irrelevant to that visual move as well. Color Guard at one time in DCI did not have its own caption... its own judge format... its own judge. That section of the Corps does today. Each section of the Corps does. We have the Brass ( Ott Award ), Percussion ( Sanford Award ), Guard ( Zingali Award ). Drum Corps competitions currently have no " Costume " caption... no " Costume " criteria.... no " Costume " judge. If this is where you believe Drum Corps is headed, then I can not state you are wrong, as this is speculation. As such who knows, as we move into " theatre ", for the genre, it is possible that in the future fashion will be considered relevent to judge, and there will be a separate caption for " costuming ", with its own fashion judge, and an award given for winning this Drum Corps competition caption ( my guess, the Cesario Award ). But in the meantime, where Corps finish in placements in DCI is currently not predicated on the attire and headgear choices they make for themselves, imo. SCV's DCI Title won last season for their first time in 19 years had virtually nothing at all to do with the attire and headgear choice they made in preseason, imo. Now, if a couple of folks here on DCP think otherwise, then thats their opinion, and of course, they are entitled to such.
  6. This is pure nonsense. But if any fans are to accept this nonsense that judges are judging fashion choices, headgear choices in shows ( they're most decidely not ... but assuming they WERE ), then it logically compels us to ask if it was SCV's choice in costuming attire last summer that helped secure them their first DCI title in 19 years , and conversely, if BD lost the few tenths they could have utilized because their costuming choices for 2018 were not judged as well by the judges as was the fashion choices made by SCV last season. But... this is just plain silly.... of course. SCV won their title last season and the fact they had no headgear, and wore the simple attire that they did, had nothing at all to do with the scores and placement the judges awarded them. Furthermore, when Corps opted to go to " theme specific " attire, its reasonable to assume as well we all would have received information that the new judging criteria that went into effect would now be judging attire and headgear choices by the judging community. But to my knowledge, no such info was provided ... anywhere... to anyone.... even from DCI pr Flo Marching.... that judges would now be judging the fashion choices of the Corps in these judged shows. But there has been no such info disseminated. For a simple reason, imo. Judges, despite the silliness promulgated in some quarters, are NOT judging the fashion choices Corps are making, and as a result, scores and placements are not predicated on what marchers are wearing in attire and headgear. And frankly, God help us, if scores/ placements in the future DO become like a Peacock/ Fashion Runway competition endeavor, than a Drum Corps competition endeavor.
  7. I believe they also threw out the inspection scores for all Corps. Oh well, Cavaliers were a great Corps too, so don't want to take anything away from their accomplishment.
  8. As you know too Ghost, Boston won the '67 AL Prelims. Then were ahead after inspection. But for reasons unclear to this very day, the inspection scores were uncharacteristically thrown out for Finals. Cavaliers won Finals, Boston 2nd. Amirite ? You were there that '67 season as well, no ?
  9. Old timers on here will recall when attire and headgear worn did in fact, factor into the scoring in competition. Inspections. ( lol!) That uniform, headgear, shoes, socks, eyeglasses if you wore them etc had better be in straight, spiffy, polished, condition ( and no loose threads hanging anywhere ! ) or that inspection judge would indeed take off tenths on the Corps score... and even before the Corps played a single note in the show too. I know Corps that have won and lost competitions.. even National Titles.. by those few tenths that came from the Inspection line.
  10. Yes and No regarding whether it was " traditional " or not. It was not as" traditional" as far as previous Cadets uniforms were concerned, but the Corps Colors were the traditional M&G they won that 2011 Title in. The Cadets won the San Antonio Regional over all Corps on 7/18/2015. Hopkins soon after that San Antonio Regional changed the uniforms, colors, went to the All blacks, and 3 weeks later unfortunately the Cadets finished out of the medals at 4th...( and have not medaled since ). I'm not saying the Hopkins decision to chuck the 80 year iconic Corps Colors was the reason for the Corps slippage, as that would nullify what I've been saying all along, ie.. that Corps attire and headgear choices are a non factor in placements. People do associate the Cadets recent placement slippage to attire/ headgear, Corps Colors choices by the Cadets. I'm sure we've all heard this here too. But I do not subscribe to that.. Other factors account for this, imo.
  11. The highest Finals placement the Cadets have had the last decade have been in their traditional M & G's however, George . I don't state that as the reason they should go back to them, as in todays modern DCI thats probably not a wise thing to do. But the recent attire and headgear choices of these Corps... up and down the entire DCI placement ranks... has not effected these Corps placements at all, ...as near as I can tell anyway. The best " theme specific " attire and headgear in 2017 just might've been Academy, imo... or one of them. They dropped out of Finals. Thats because the show design and execution captions were the end all and the be all among their peer groups... and their attire and headgear choices was a completely non factor in their placement that season. ( and as it should be, imo )
  12. Boston in 2013 changed uniforms completely in mid show and even ( as Jeff Ream says is factored in ) used the costumes in the performance effectively by completely changing the attire Corps costumes and colors with that in the performance. There was no effect whatsoever however on their scores/ placements with that attire/ headgear choices,... as near as we can tell anyway.. As for the Cadets, they have finished in 1st place and in 19th place with virtually identical attire & headgear in both cases, and that fashion choice and headgear choice had no bearing whatsoever on either that 1st place finish nor that 19th place finish for them, imo. As for Cadets title in 2011, its mere speculation that they would not have been able to win their Title that season without the duality of the attire. The theme was about duality, ( perfect for duality attire ) so the attire change DID perhaps assist with that GE visual caption more than if they had utilized their " onsies ", and attempted to win it with those. I grant that possibility as a matter of fact. However, placing 1st in GE Music #1... 1st in GE Music #2,....2nd in Guard,.... 2nd in Brass, ....1st in Music Ensemble,... likely were the principal reasons they won in 2011, imo... not the attire/headgear choice that season. But... who knows.
  13. Well, I seen the judging sheets, and the criteria instructions, and there is no mention at all on asking any of the judges to award or deduct points on the basis of " does the costume fit the theme ?", ... nor is it mentioned in the training manuals and judges's instructions that Corps are supposed to " actually use parts of the costume in the performance " in order to derive any awarding of point credits. That said, my DCI judging manual/ instructions to judges I've read is now 11 years old. So could you perhaps download this page that covers this in the most recent Judging Manual ? , as that would help me ( and perhaps others ) better understand how the judging has changed since 2008 and where apparently now the attire and headgear ( and presumably the absence of headgear ) is now judged for point gain or loss on the General Effect sheets ( and how attire and headgear choices could even apparently " bleed over " into Brass, Percussion, Guard captions as well, you say ). Thanks. Jeff.
  14. All I know is, if a Corps show design is stellar, the marchers execute in brass, guard, percussion better than any other competitors, no other Corps choice of attire or headgear will mean a hill of beans. The Cadets ( for one example ) have finished both in 1st place and in 19th place in DCI with pretty much the identical uniform and headgear. Judges did not care a wit when they gave them 1st place, nor 19th place, on what they wore out onto the field for competition. Nor should the judges have cared. . SCV won a DCI Title for themselves in 2018. Their attire and sans headgear decision had nothing to do with that, I'm pretty sure. And the Corps in back of SCV were not disadvantaged in the least by what they chose to wear for themselves as Corps in 2018 either, imo.
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