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Think I'll weigh in on this a little bit.  I started following drum corps August 1960.  I remember corps starting on the goal line and coming across the feild doing drill.  I remember horm players using single valve before valve rotary came out.  Did I mind the change?  No.  I remember when keybaords and tympani were added to percussion.  Loved the tymps, not so much the keyboards, but I grew to enjoy it so much that I marched keyboards in 1981.  I remember the change to asymetrical drill, WOW!  I also remember the change from rudimental bass drums to tonal bass.  Loved that one so much march bass 2 years in corps.  I know the activity we love so much has changed so much over the years.  I still love it even though there is one element I think we can do without (singing) but that is my opinion.  I look at the current product and wonder if I could do that.  My body starts to laugh hysterically at that point.  I still love the activity.  I marched in the alumni corps for a few years.  Was a lot of fun, wish my corps was still around but they are not, oh well.  Things change,  I remember going to the forum show in Harrisburg and if you did not purchase tickets when they began selling them, you were pretty much out of luck.  In the years before they ended the forum show, you could walk up to the ticket booth and buy decent seats for the night's show.  Things change.  I guess what I am trying to say, is embrace the activity now for what it is but don't forget the our roots.  These kids today work every bit as hard as we did back in our days.


I know there have also neen a lot of complaints about "broadway style" shows.  Well, what do the Bridgemen, Cadets, Velvet Knights and Santa Clara Vanguard all have in common?  Yeah, they did broadway style shows back in the eighties.  All the shows were well done and I know I love every one of them.  Granted those shows would not hold up against any of the shows today but that is trying to compare apples to oranges.

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