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  1. Anyone working with schoolkids in PA has to have a clean Act 34/State Police, Act 151/Child Abuse and Act 88/FBI fingerprint check. Volunteer, paid staff, whatever. They cost about 60 bucks if you get them on your own. Another issue to deal with if you're seeking school employment as a yearly expense. It is what it is in that regard, an unfunded mandate. I felt it to be rather insulting when the last program I consulted with screwed up and I paid out the money for the background checks for the privlege of working with them unpaid. That lasted one rehearsal. As for Assistant Band Di
  2. Yes. I have been meaning to send a friendly note to the Superintenent in Altonna, PA over some of this issue. he was interviewed on MSMBC recently and talked frankly about how he used to get 150 applicants and now only gets 4. To be honest... and this isn't easy because I went though this guff-- Teaching candidates were treated as expendable. You don't like the person... so what? You'll get another 30-100 applicants. You can treat them like dirt in the interview, so what? I found out years later I should have reported one School District in PA to the NLRB for asking innappropriate questio
  3. Yes- that's the profile, thaks for laying it out so well. They're generally very good educators/instructors and quite charismatic. It makes it hard for others to believe that's what they're doing. Thankfully over the decades, knowledge is power about that profile and more see through it. Also, the law requitres reporting in some states regardless of what an individual may think or believe about the suspect.
  4. There were times at my workplace where fellow workers used to tip me off on these disasters so I could apply for the position. With 30-100 applicatns BITD for these jobs, a horde of us descended on those openings when thew word got out. I saw the same faces over and over trying to land a job. Even with all the regulations and laws in place, it's still going on, though at least the culprit ends up arrested instead of a quiet resignation and walk stealthily out the back door to another job whether within education or outside the field. In certain cases, they found better opportunities after they
  5. IIRC there were a few ex-Rockets on staff with RC, as well as Norwin's director right when Norwin started to hit their stride on the national level with MBA/BoA, who was also a former Rockets Drum Major. He was one of the first of those "College edjamacated jerks who ruined the activity" according to some people who have been on DCP and pretty much said as such.
  6. Knowing some of the people mixed up with RC at that time, the impression I got was that they just had everything go their way at the right time. Everything came together perfectly and lined up for them. That can also happen. The impression I also got was that they just couldn't keep the lightning they had in a bottle and they never could get things back to that level. Money, recruiting/getting the right kids to replace the ageouts- IIRC they also had a lot of expereicned kids on board that year which them aged out--- they just got very lucky.
  7. From my best memories of competing... it would have been a serious exception when I started in 1979 not to have competed on a field that wasn't marked like a football field. I can't remember not having the hashes/inserts or yard line markers for references. Maybe 1979 changed all of it? Jim!? Jim? Mike? Ben? I'll ask my sister who was at a lot of shows spectating (her first season on field, 1981). Maybe she has a clue. There are pics of Westshore in Lewistown, PA competing where that might also provide some clue. There's a large set of pics of many corps on field somewhere of the 19
  8. I discovered the "Brothers" watching Steel in 1985 rehearsing at my old HS practice field for the Lewistown, PA DCA contest (NOT Lewisburg for those who get confused). They blew me away, the energy, intensity, groove, musicality, they were like a nuclear reactor with the rods pulled all the way out. Still just shake my head and smile thinking of that.
  9. Without Steel, I'd never had the chance to ever eventually really meet Sandy and Hair Bear, Jeff. I was thinking of Steel as well especially in that way. I greatly value that.
  10. YES. My parents were fond of them, especially Dad.
  11. Just my tuppence- not in any order, I miss Les Metro, Les Cascasdares, L'Odysee, Les Ambassadeurs, Quebec corps thinking out of the box and presenting fresh and exciting ideas for their eras. I miss the Brigs. maybe not totally fresh, but edgy enough to suit me. One corps ran themselves aground off the field, though I enjoyed their content as a fan. I'm mixed about missing them. MBI, I definitely miss. A different flavor then the Bucs but well thought out, imaginative, well put together, and wonderfully performed.
  12. So, one considers the White Sabres, Fusion Core, and the Bushwackers valueless? Ever seen them, or are you making a decision based solely on numbers put down by judges?
  13. And what's wrong with that? Must every DCI corps be like BD/Crown Coats/Vanguard to satisfy you?
  14. The "show filler" attitude is rather insulting to several of the competitors. To be blunt- in most DCA seasons before 2005, only 3 or so corps, sometimes no more than two have had any legit chance to win. 1990 was an anomaly. It would be nice to see everyone have the perfect staff composition, perfect design, financing, a mass of talented personnel that returns year in and out, but that hasn't been happening and I don't believe it's been for a lack of effort from several of those corps. The corps in that 4-8 range are worthy of respect. A lot of it. They're better than what passed
  15. In the case of that show you'll need to wear a miner's helmet with a searchlight to check the technique.