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  1. I dunno, that's crazy. I dunno... my response to crap like that, "bring it". Too old and tired to let folks like that bring me down and I'm feistier than some might assume.
  2. I know- or limit what they are, etc. Maybe fewer trophies that are more unique, but I do know many years ago, there was a maxim at the beginning of the band competition era in the late 70's that 'everyone goes home with something'. Late 70's McCormicks materials and newsletters were very emphatic about that. IIRC, it was one of the big, big selling points when what is USBands was founded as CMBC Maybe people need to think outside the box as to what that something is. Travelling trophies for one? Back to the old AL golden drum trophy for a bit contest? I'm open to anything. Some HS bands would think themselves very fortunate and blessed to have so much success that they fill up their trophy space. I guess that's also why I find this a bit sad. That being said, just about every HS I go to has a really nice trophy area spanning up to 10 decades in some cases, at least back to the 60's. Then again most of those awards are major events, and rare to get. One looks at the band activity, and there's a pretty small group of successful groups that gather most of the big stuff, just my 2 cents.
  3. Yes. I'm stunned none of the visual panel discussed this with the corps. Maybe they did and were ignored. That's an elementary issue.
  4. Just musing... what would happen if that would have happened to the Football trophies and awards in a building? People fired, Even more anger and scorn heaped on the people who thought that was a brilliant idea to get rid of history and heritage? Ooooo.... yet another example of that old double standard at work that caused me to love so many "competent" school administrators to death when I worked in the schools.
  5. BigW

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    Charitably... I know they weren't well liked by people familiar with them for about every reason a percussionist wouldn't like them. Nothing worse than playing/struggling on a bad horn, same has to apply with percussion.
  6. BigW

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    I remember very, very vaguely they may have had some connection, Jeff. The conversation with Rook was a loooooong time ago. IIRC, North himself with maybe a little help basically hand built the shells, it was a very cottage industry kind of company. North wasn't getting any younger, health issues, sold his molds and stuff to what became Stingray. My guess is that Stingray looked at how he did it, the relative complexity to do what he did.... decided they could simplify the design and building processes, pretty much ended up with their own product. I remember when Spirit circa 1979-1980 had a line of these snares or ones very similar in early season, and they didn't last very long, going to a more conventional snare made by someone else:
  7. Could have been a desire of the college to just get the party off the campus quietly without much ado. Much of this issue disturbs me to a rather high level. When I have time I'll prolly get to it on the DCA end in a somewhat related thread. Massive culture change with the organization he was with is as necessary as I've ever seen it be almost anywhere. The inept smokescreens on DCP that were blown involving this issue insulted my intelligence and anyone who can count higher than four who also read it.
  8. I think Guinness listed the record as some North Korean election as being in excess of 99.99 % for Kim Il Sung....
  9. Yes in regards to the spellings and variations on the last name "Kuhn". Friend's family did research on his family tree and deeper back there were those spelling variations.
  10. And from the looks of it.... DUMB kids. Low Brass pranks are common, but pulling this one? Then again, even South Park mocks the same term (note mocks) with Cartman's superhero alter-ego. I remember watching that for the first time and was pretty surprised they went there.
  11. Yes. My guess is if you asked a state's department of education you should get an answer as to whether a license is active/current, or was revoked or surrendered. There is a huge difference.
  12. I thought about this. Maybe later today for the nice big fat Sunday Paper everyone sits down and reads?
  13. I think it's the degree of speculation that you may want to be debating. The message is a polite heads up that something bad is going down- One can't help but wonder with whom and with what organization or organizations. I don't think Dan is deliberately fueling anything beyond that natural curiosity any normal individual has. As for Dan.... I see a lot of anger and frustration directed towards him. I'm hoping the anger and frustration is more about the fact this stuff happened at all more than directed at the individual. I don't know him other than seeing him on simulcasts, etc. so I have no finger in that pie. I do know he did have a daughter that was with the Colts in the guard for at least a season or two. Since he's the Father of a recent performer, I would very reasonably conclude he has to be upset as all heck about all of this and wants to fix this in every way he can do it using what powers and authority he has available to him. That's been a serious subject be discussion here as well. I have a guess he's more legally constrained than we'd like to think. I try to keep that in mind where he's concerned as an individual and realize the guy has to wear two hats and be a cat-herder with some of these Corps personalities. He can't wave a wand and smite the foe here, as much as we'd like that, and I'd bet as much as he wishes he could. I think some of the things said here have been pretty extreme, particularly where it's implied he's been hip deep in a dark gray/really dark area of criminality. If this is the case, I'll be incredibly surprised, dismayed, and likely more upset than most of the posters, but let's see where the facts in this upcoming article take us first before we light the flamethrower and aim it at his bunker. Let's find the right target first, shall we?
  14. Sure there is. Perhaps the attitude is that one of Dan's tasks is to act as a meatshield when things like this go down and take cover. Let him deal with it while they figure out next season's program, recruiting, and money. I have a guess as more information is divulged, the target will shift to those in question from any future articles or publicly confirmed discoveries. Once they're outed, they can't hide behind any statements Dan makes anymore. Then... you will see them having to refuse to speak to reporters to prevent self incrimination, etc. and the brickbats will fall where they should be falling.