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  1. Really, they have no real reason to do so if one wants to be callous about it. The people they get from DCA corps will just go to their Open Class units to train up for the World Class instead.
  2. I figure this, Jeff. 2 cars of people, everyone ponys up 25(?) bucks for the day for DCA to cover their expenses...... about what I'd pony up for an autocross event at Spooky Nook to run my car. Add the 400 bucks for a helmet... I figure everyone's got their instruments of choice.
  3. Right in so many ways. I think this would have to be a stage venue somewhere near the event, and yes, the costs would have to be covered by the entrant fees for certain. Much like the SCCA Autocross events. I remember paying a decent chunk for the chance to drive part of Pocono. That formula would have to be something like the anticipated number of entrants... how much the venue costs, pay the adjudicators (usually 2) and divided by... Something where people can show up for free and hopefully, enjoy. A sideshow done that morning/afternoon before the actual contest. Yeah, someone can watch rehearsal all day and some do, but it might be a positive alternative for some folks as well. Something tells me this- with some decent brass players and percussion not worrying about moving around like dervishes at the 4-8 performer level, there could be some very enjoyable music to listen to from more than a few of the entrants, at least I'd freakin' hope. It wouldn't be like a 21 member barely rehearsed ragtag corps running around on an open field spread out to the 20's and well, not exactly succeeding out there.
  4. Maybe there needs to be a well thought out multi step/tiered approach where groups who want to develop and grow have something within DCA in some way shape and form that's more than is currently provided. More thought than I can give to it right now is needed.
  5. Drawing might not be the exact point of Sound Sport and Minis, Jeff. Think of SCCA Autocross or club racing. The people who do it are the crowd for those who do it. At least someone's doing something. Maybe the groups have to pony up more in fees to get a venue. For example, I ran my CRX at Pocono in 1988 on part of the banking. Do I care anyone other than my Dad... (I'll talk later on that, man... ) really watched? I'm uncertain, Jeff. I have some contacts and in's at HACC. Could I put something small together through it? I've been thinking of trying. There are a lot of problems corps are having- Dues... time... commitment.... Maybe there just has to be some thinking of trying to build through grass roots and through something far simpler instead of the more traditional and more demanding expensive way right now. Another thing kind of like it... Tubachristmas. Some of the events like Reading have a great venue and an actual following that's been cultivated carefully over many years. Others, are there mainly for the 7 people who show up and are playing for one another and some of their families at a mall. Both have a place and are valid, and I enjoy performing at both kinds. It doesn't need to be the big 200+ performer mobs that get on TV.
  6. Thinking small ensemble, smaller than that. Little or no drill, just play. For ratings, comment, people want numbers, give them. Pay to play. I know this is done once a year already, but it just sounds like there needs to be something where 12 or less people can put something solid together for a 5-7 minute performance and get people more involved. Maybe they're performing only for each other... but at least someone is PERFORMING. I'm not thinking about a more serious mini corps environ here. The Big Boy Brass performed at one of the NE indoor pre season concerts, something more along those lines. I can buy a Snell 2015 helmet and go to an autocross in my Passat and do some low end performance driving. Pay the 15-20 buck entry fee and go wild for a few minutes. granted I may not do well because I'm not spending $$$ on sticky tires and an extra set of wheels but I'll have fun. Orient something towards participation at a grassroots level where one doesn't have to have a field to rehearse...nice unis….people bring their own horns or percussion, and one might have something.
  7. Been discussed.. there needs to be more activities like SoundSport or I and E where older people can participate or people with little time or budget at some contests. Get people doing. Of course this gets pooh-poohed... but you want people involved, maybe there needs to be more of this outside the traditional structures to keep some bodies in the activity. Not everyone is racing in NASCAR. Nor do they want to nor can some of them. But they can keep an SCCA club car in their garage and get it out a couple times a year and race.
  8. I'm uncertain, Jeff. To me, the issue is partly this- 3 contests for some corps if that... and in many cases a full performance doesn't see light until prelims? Perceived value maybe from the members?
  9. So, it's kind of the equivalent of a town hall meeting? That's pretty cool!
  10. There are many, many thoughts on it on my end. The main thing that would be beyond horrible....would be if they ended up doing the same British theme every year and Holst, Vaughan Williams, Grainger, and Elgar everyone to death like another group that comes to mind. The other issue... What the heck kind of uniforms would they wear now? Vanguard for instance was able to make changes that they succeeded with... but I have a guess there would be a certain aesthetic demand that couldn't be met. it would take a heckuva costume designer to make that happen where people didn't freak out.
  11. Don't know about 'horrible', but extremely problematic. New fans have no clue what it was all about and likely not care... and the old fans would have certain expectations that would likely not be met. The results sure could be horrible, but it would be at the least exceedingly difficult.
  12. Well Jeff... In the US corps activity, because of all of the reasons you've mentioned, we tend to memorize the charts for parade work. There tends to be a rather well, ghastly tendency for people with lyres to have bad posture and marching technique (they tend to march like Quasimodo from a lot of observations over the decades...)...... and have their heads in the music and not paying attention to good dress and cover in formations.
  13. One of Dr. Wells' tenets in the book he published while at WCU about the activity in the mid 70's was to "surround yourself with brilliant people." The trick is whether one listens to and utilizes the abilities and talents of said people. Seen a lot of instances here and there over the years in band and corps where they were ignored by the person in charge thinking they knew better... and the results are usually not very good to say the least.
  14. Even with me... thanks to my HS German teacher who introduced us to the goodness of brats, Weisswurst, and Knackwurst. You have the good German Curry ketchup and Dusseldorf style mustard?
  15. Yes, but how does one get a stake or qualify to have a stake in MBI? That's where I'm curious.