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  1. BigW

    Alumni Corps "How To" Questions

    I think there, they have a massive pool of alumni from over 40+ years at SCV and 80 at the Scouts... and well documented contact info which enabled them both to field large groups. Some other corps have not done particularly well at maintaining contact info.
  2. Victims fit a well defined profile in appearance and obvious patterns existed in that case. In short.... they all pretty much resembled him in appearance as a kid. Still freaks me out.
  3. BigW

    The Cadets 2019

    Talking to Scott Litzenberg last year, Tekk, I think there's more of a positive attitude/ethos of developing talent and finding the right people with the attitude, "Cadets Work Ethic", and desire to grow and be great with great instruction and encouragement rather then just hoping for people that just need a teeny bit of polishing with a clean cloth. I think right now, this will be something that will have dividends down the line- Maybe soon, maybe not as soon as some hope- but I think the eventual payoff will be great at some point in time.
  4. BigW

    Most Missed HOF

    I think of them every time I listen to WRTI's "El Viaje". A Supertanker full of wonderful untapped ideas within that genre
  5. AMEN. One runs a non-profit, runs a DCI World Class Corps... one acts with professional integrity. In your case, you'd also catch some serious well deserved heck, even with permission.
  6. Yes, there was that opportunity to just come clean- but let's carefully think through it. Even throwing himself on the mercies of the court.... he still might get enough of a sentence under good behavior he might never get out of prison., so doing that might not work either. And that's pretty ironic given his deep, deep, near frantic concerns about eventual retirement and money. He ends up there, he really doesn't need money. I don't blame you for throwing off steam. I think with me it's been blowing off in spurts for years so it's not as bad, but it's been a lot of accumulated steam.
  7. It's possible GH believes he really didn't do anything wrong... he could be that messed up in the head. That's chilling to me to think it, but sometimes, perps really don't think they did something wrong.
  8. BigW


    Terrible- Likely some serious, serious rehab involved, and I can feel if from the statement he could have done both, he would have figured out how and done it.
  9. Well, one thing for sure- how he "feels" will not matter when evidence is produced and the facts are presented, and any cross examinations are done. That won't matter in court. Just have to see how this will unfold in front of the jury ad judge.
  10. BigW

    Most Missed HOF

    Yes! Ba-renda and I marched with a lot of strange combinations of Crossmen… BD... Cadets... Bucs... Cavies... Ask Brenda about Alvin P.)... Scouts (Ask Brenda about Joey P. and Teddy)… I liked that aspect of it, a lot of different perspectives and ideas came out and I learned a lot from everyone.
  11. BigW

    The Cadets 2019

    I remember growing my beard at 17 to look older in DCA.... there, you WANTED to look older in that era.
  12. They have that show in A-Town everyone comes to, Towson, IUP, WCU, Kutztown, Mansfield, slew of others. I'm invariably busy that weekend, never can go.
  13. Egads. Basically, it looks like the Guard staff wanted the Tarp to create a framed, artsy visual moment around 2 minutes. The rest of the time... it really did nothing, maybe provided a depth and Mondrian look to one drill set... and created a lot of falls and awkward moments. Worth it in this case? NO.
  14. On the fence eating popcorn with me.