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  1. And now we have the case for an on field percussion judge to check technique.
  2. Oh, the flash and shower of sparks? Yeah, that was a nice surprise after the Concert number, wasn't it? We were all freezing, too. At least for the Halifax, PA parade Rook made me a good turban out of my blue and white striped towel which helped a little and made me look dashing.
  3. Educated guess is that the nylon valve guide is worn out. Supposedly, replacements for those are easily found. If it isn't that, there should be a good repair place near you with strong techs that can help you. If you're anywhere near Halethorpe, MD, Rosso Music is the place to go. I gladly drive the 90 minutes from Harrisburg to get my gear worked on there.
  4. Johnsonburg Grey Knights are doing things up their way off and on AFAIK.
  5. DCA has always been that way. Not an excuse as much an observation. Hence RCA, ICA to get the start-ups places to compete BITD. I wonder how many corps didn't survive BITD that might have been able to make it work if there would have been more support that had some numbers and were decent enough to make a respectable showing.
  6. I've cringed from comments in the crowd about some of the groups trying to make it. Also saw one in the early 90's where it may have been their only DCA performance before they imploded. I learned a lesson from that organization- Just because someone might have some clue about teaching or show design, doesn't mean they can handle the business aspect of running one of these organizations effectively. The look wasn't good. The problem is, some of these groups struggle when they start. Really struggle, and I can see where some people don't want to see that. Perhaps some groups are way better off in a Mini/SoundSport environment where they can just play something decently without worrying about running all over the turf. On the other hand, there are some start-ups which I've seen that have come out of the box with a really enjoyable, quality product. Encorps pulled that off rather nicely. Credit where credit is due.
  7. I know where people are going on this and I get that. My thoughts- Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Information and knowledge is important.
  8. Tell yah what-- I felt I was more entertained by Thunder Brigade at the Ijamsville show a couple of years ago then one of the actual competitors.
  9. Some of these groups are more watchable and listenable than one might think.
  10. Yep yep. Even then... would be tough to make that stick where I work.
  11. Can you split hairs and be offended any more than you are? Jeezes. Maybe/likely fired band director has money, family or a garage somewhere to live in. Heaven forbid.
  12. Many boards and administrations want rid of them to stop the competitive band program that takes away attention from the football team. There's been a 'don't make waves' attitude endemic to many school administrators and boards. Anything that causes any headaches is usually eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible. In Texas you can't eliminate the band competition per se, but maybe you can get rid of the BoA comps and restrict them to UIL only (Hope I got that right) and easily find someone who can still grab the Division 1 ratings for the program and keep parents from yelling about that. And if folks don't think solid band directors are a dime a dozen, Been in an interview for a prestigious HS instrumental music program in PA where I was told by the school principal I was one of 12 finalists out of @ 100 applicants, any one of us were more than capable of running the program. Plenty of grist for the mill out there.