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  1. If that's the goal of the performance art on-field, absolutely! I think that's the crux of some of the argument. If so, how much? My guess is we'll find out that answer over the next 3-4 seasons.
  2. A loaded question if ever there was one. If it works.... it enhances their success and placement, arguably enhancing the experience. Maybe not as much as enjoying Taco Night after a hard day's rehearsal for some members, but it would have some value.
  3. I figured, but I wanted to go with what I actually knew for certain.
  4. Yes... but... even in the early 80's, even some DCA corps were getting some free percussion equipment and more. It's been there, maybe not on the scale it is... but it's been around.
  5. BOA programs like this one have been well over 6 figures for a couple of decades now. They rely on serious hard core find raising. In some ways, the show is rather intriguing in some rather ironic directions- the signs saying that people see what they want to see or what they want them to see.... and at times ending up distracting the viewer totally from the fact kids are actually performing something even though they're staged to be clearly seen. I'd thought of something like this.... but to be used in an extremely comedic way. Flashing "APPLAUD NOW" at certain points.... And flashing other pithy comments like "Obligatory Body Moves NOW!", and maybe even a "COKE REFRESHES!" or some fake sponsor message like on Prairie Home Companion. As for effect..... How does one call it? At least BA's go-buggies were something that the performers had to perform with. They had to drive those things in formation... cue them.. and play while riding atop the daggone things. Something to take into consideration for sure. Loaded question- do the displays try and take the numbers out of the hands of the performers in one way or another? Serious question, and I think debatable. Would the program still have solid content without relying on the displays as a crutch? I'd hope so. At the BoA level, I'd hope and think adjudicators would call the Emperor stark naked if that was what they believed was happening.
  6. Can I get an "AMEN"? Every corps has a personality- and not every personality fits every individual.
  7. As Jim said, take a look at all your options- Open, World and All-Age.There is a place that will be glad to have you, it just has to be discovered.
  8. Or the original guard "choreography" from the "Letter From Home" segment of the "ABC's of Modern Music show from the 80's..... a real what in sam scratch were they thinking!!!! moment if ever I saw one.
  9. BigW

    Caption Awards

    Which can and does happen depending on the panels and sometimes circuit. Many times, it's not deliberate. The last thing one should do as an adjudicator is worry about what the rest of the panel might do or their tendencies. Get your caption right and straight, and the system should work as intended.
  10. An indoor percussion group I occasionally consulted with did a show about the rise and fall of communism in the mid-90's, and the message was pretty much about how it was flatly rejected, not embraced. There are ways to bring up certain touchy subjects with some deeper thought and design.
  11. Actually, Jim... I think you were there with me when Brother Dave waxed poetic about that as well as his rather riled up and crazed thoughts on another corps in 1979 that beat Jesus on the field to the "39 Lashes" tune from Jesus Christ, Superstar".
  12. Speaking of hammer and sickle, this band from South-Central PA raised a ruckus a few years back.... And as my way of protest, when I play World of Tanks... all of the Soviet and Chinese Red Stars are covered by other insignias...even stuck a Czech flag in protest on one of them. Personal thing, I guess.
  13. Hmm, Mike, you're right about the scholastic issues with guns. Controversy is obviously just one short step away. Then again... MBI's 2012 show did feature Bonnie and Clyde gunned down by G-Man Roger Grupp using a (obviously a cartoonish prop) tommy gun complete with bullet holes popping out of their car and Bonnie and Clyde falling out of the car dead at the end of the show...
  14. I know there were some rather pithy comments about a coffin of some sort from a couple of ex Y-R "characters" at Westshore.