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  1. You could do it. A case of being the right accommodating personality and explaining how everyone ticks in a way everyone else respects, understands, and appreciates. And yes, the whole temperamental thing can and dies pop up. With the right people- those people will also realize in most cases, they didn't realize they were driving others crazy and why, and will work it out.
  2. I thought about Scott and the post about a strong leader for some time today. It reminded me of the beginning of World War 2 when Nimitz was brought in as the CINCPAC. A lot of media felt they needed a firebrand, a personality like Halsey who was bold, brash, and media savvy. I wonder of that's the perception of "Strong" in this case. Halsey was important and very good, but Nimitz was far more sublime, as was Spruance. They were both very "Strong" and incredibly able individuals but very quiet about how they went about things. They inspired confidence in people and were quietly encouraging. They knew their people well and tried to help them find their niche where they could be a great contributor to the overall effort. I think Scott's more in that mold, and personally, I tend to like that. I think both kinds of leaders have their places and situations, but right now, maybe that quiet and polite kind of "strong" is the right thing.
  3. Sometimes, it's not that the staff is bad or ill tempered- sometimes they need time to figure out each other and how they think and work. A good Coordinator knows this and will help facilitate that understanding. From what I know about the staff, it could just be that. Really decent and good people who need to understand how they all tick.
  4. The way the corporation is constructed, The financial end seems to be running well and trying to get things properly squared away. There's not the panicked cry for money, money, and more money as in the past. I've known Scott for at least 35 years. Empathy, you bet. Thoughtful, you bet. Willing to delegate that budget to someone who can manage it well? You bet. If anyone can get the corps to walk with confidence, he can. I'd go through a wall for him. I say that about very few people in this activity.
  5. Exactly. Given the situation YEA was in a bit more than a year ago, the fact this corps is still performing and exists at all means the ship is in better shape than many thought it would be. This is a multi-year project. I think it's been wildly unrealistic for everyone to assume that the Cadets would be humming along immediately after the debacle and also the previous decline of the designs as noted by Jeff.
  6. Sometimes the chemistry of any group isn't what is "expected".
  7. This has been discussed for some time, actually. Cadets Work Ethic versus BD's efficiency. I tell students to practice for results, not for hours on their instruments. I can get more out of myself in 45 minutes of very focused and thoughtful practice than I could just playing stuff for 2 hours for the sake of playing, for instance.
  8. It depends on the way things are framed in a presentation. Sometimes, meanings are multi-layered and less obvious. From the trend I see here, maybe the conclusion is that where people prefer a discovery of something deeper rather than what the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew refers to as... " *sigh* MESSAGE COMING..." Sometimes, deeper meanings were never intended by the creator, but they're there and discovered as well, not put on a platter and served up in an obvious way. I find the Joan of Arc reference interesting. I haven't seen the show, but if they're directly tapping into the story of Jeanne D'Arc, one also might read serious religious tones as well into the story. The question would be whether that was directly intended. Given the volatility of that issue, I somehow doubt it.
  9. Yes, a People's Republic of Vietnam Flag. They did take Saigon in '75... and as indicated in the show, out we went on the copters. Effect can hit a raw nerve, and in this case it most certainly did.
  10. Oh, when I saw that on TV, I winced. Like I said... factual, artistic, but cringeworthy.
  11. I thought about this a bit more. One of things a great corps does it to take the observer... and the performers are doing this for themselves as well.... to a unique place, a unique world/environment and get everyone away from the things in reality that can drag us down. I think people want to be lifted up, energized, maybe even mentally healed for that space of time right now. They really need it. Thinking quickly... "Tilt" did that for me when I saw it in Chester, PA. I'm in that crowd cam Bloo did yelling my head off. "Ourobouros" also did that for me. Some things will reach on a personal level for each individual.
  12. I very much hope they do so. I felt last season's show to be rather dry, designed for the technical boxes to be checked. When "Orawa" is the only highlight I can remember after watching it twice... I'm shaking my head. The Brass had a pretty shaky run in prelims IMHO, and I think a lot of soul searching took place and they came through with a strong, strong performance at Finals that helped to earn them that championship. If the show is more accessible and reaches more to the audience, it will put them in very, very good stead come Championship weekend. I think it's been an Achilles Heel of the corps for the past 4 or so seasons.
  13. Should there be one at all, though? More sucking of money out of wallets. I'll have to pony up as well. Plans are to attend Saturday only at this time.
  14. Hmmm. That whole gladiator/sword and sandal genre has some kind of resonance to corps audiences.
  15. You could be right. I think in these times maybe people just want to be entertained, not feel like they are being preached to or lectured at a contest.