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dci orlando!!!

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what a great show at camping world stadium in Orlando Florida   a huge crowd turnout!!!     but a rain delay of half an hour   so the show started a bit later!!!   everyone was on fire  here are the reviews.   I'm basically a guard person  but been around drum corps since 1982 (i was 6 years old)  couple of negative things   no programs at this show and when spirit was on the electrontic board was playing!!!  

1 Carolina Crown- amazing like always great guard great brass, dont care for the singing but she was better live than in the theatre my score 79.95 their score 81.90

2. Cavies they are back and back in demand!!! finally their guard is great again!!! just need to clean up some issues on marching and just watch them grow!! my score 78.35 their score 79.50

3. Cadets- too many uniform changes, just need to set it back a bit the drill was great like normal guard was unbelivable!!! just need to play like they used to!! my score 77.95 their score 78.450

4. Boston Crusaders (basically the home team since a lot of their members are from Florida) so freaking awesome the brass is great the drill is great the guard is smoking!!! why are they scoring so low!!! (most improved corps) my score 77.00 their score 77.00

5. Colts- nice visual package!!! guard was fun to watch. a little lost at times with the show but very nice indeed!! my score 66.20 their score 67.65

6. Spirit of Atlanta- omg that hornline is so good i watched them the whole time the guard had some issues but nothing that cleaning up would do. (they looked younger than most of the corps there) my score 66,00  their score 65.35

7, Jersey Surf- I enjoyed the ending it was done right but was a bit bored by this corps I think they need to go back to open class where they can succeed more. my score 54.30 their score 57.00

Open Class
Heat Wave-I was worried when they came out with only 25 horns and 7 guard members but they smoked it out like never before!!! so much better than last year. they actually had drill!!! good luck in the future guys!!! my score 51.60 their score 50.60

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Thanks for the review. I know this is late. 

I was there. Its funny that the delay came as soon as it stopped raining. 

Short thoughts:

Sound Sport - That second group name escapes me now was really cooking. 

Heat Wave - A definite step up from when I saw you last season in Lakeland area. 

Surf - There is a bit too much lull in this program. 

SOA - Better sound than last season. 

Colts - Interwoven integrated theme throughout. I really appreciated that. DM and trombone soloist were awesome.

Crusaders - Wow. my favorite show of the night. they came to play. I was not surprised they over took the cadets. 

Cadets - You need a real closer.... please. The choir I don't mind cause they are that good. They did the National Anthem before the show and wow some pipes. 

Cavies - Men... enough said. The coolest show of the year. I don't care too much for the My Way singer at the end as it doesn't blend well. 

Crown - Brass is sick as always. Agreed that the singer blends better with the brass now but I really wish they would let her sing the first stanza and then let that amazing brass play. This is still  drum corps right?... not a singing concert.  


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