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  1. Congrats to the all the old 😁 champions! It was great battle all season to the end. Good season for us, all 3 corps finish in the top 4. See ya next summer!
  2. Based on this below it means you cannot make the 2 caption change until that opens up at approx. 10PM EST tonight (after Prelims). This is an update hostrauser makes. PRELIMS: Thursday, August 8th; caption changes turned back on (roughly) 7pm Pacific / 8pm Mountain / 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern; 1 update, only 2 captions per corps Then another 2 caption option follows after SEMIS.
  3. Getting rid of Class A division is one thing but I don't really care for director has multiple corps in the same division. We ran into this long ago when directors could have multiple corps in the World division. We all agreed then it could create a monopoly on the upper tier rankings. It's just my opinion but I feel each director should have one corps per division and in the end that creates better competition.
  4. Just a quick clarification as we roll into finals. When does the 3 captions change end? Does that end on Wednesday 8/7 or Thursday 8/8? Also, do we still have the 2 caption switch available after the championship rounds, Qtrs and Semis?
  5. I will third the question asked about the Oregon Crusaders. And... I agree with Matt. It should be interesting this summer with the gaps for the lower corps captions... 1.. 4... 7.. and maybe 10 now (9 being the O. Crusaders).
  6. Any thoughts of getting a post into the main general discussion area? DCP mods go for it? It would be nice if we could and see if some publicity could get some new directors involved. Summer is the best game!
  7. Oh sure Gary.. sure... haha.. just kidding my friend. Good luck this season. Hope all is well with you.
  8. (1) Boston Crusaders (2) Santa Clara Vanguard (3) Mandarins (4) Bluecoats (5) Music City (6) Cadets
  9. Speaking of ballads. I know there are many examples but one of my favorites of an extended "melodic" treatment of a piece of music is 2008 Carolina Crown's take on "Clair De Lune". Such a beautiful delicate performance with much emotion, 5:11 to 8:26 ..... I remember being at the Altanta show and being completely blown away by the control of this horn line.
  10. Chris... you mean you can monitor this in a spreadsheet??? Kidding aside I agree we need more media posted. I meant to post in the main thread before the summer season started and forgot. I go way back even before this league was in place probably 2000. In that league and earlier in this one we had many directors/corps. I would say if you looked back to early seasons probably 50-60 corps in World Class alone. Summer season 12 had 75! Slowly we have seen this decline and sad to see only 20 this summer. We just need to get the word out better. Summer is exciting cause we are following the live season full of unpredictability.
  11. No disrespect Mike. That was a bad "all or nothing" statement on my part. There are corps that look to audience appeal in parts of their shows. But I do see that the top contenders do write to what the judges are rewarding year to year. I think we would agree on that.
  12. We all know that programs are written for the judging community and whatever they are rewarding. They are not created for the general audience. This has been the case for a long time now. I also agree with a number of statements the BoyWonder made earlier. SCV's execution of this product was stellar! However this era of experimentation is here to stay.
  13. Chris - Thanks for the proposal. I added a response. Look forward to other director's responses to this.
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