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Marching Baritone for DCI

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Hello, I'm new here and to DCI in general. I am a high school senior and love my experience in my high school marching band with piccolo for two years and then drum major for the last two. However I've always wanted to be a part of a serious group since our band is no competitive and doesn't have evening rehearsals at all.

I'm looking into auditioning for legends from Kalamazoo MI since I have a friend who is performing with them this summer. Only problem is the only brass instrument I can play is trombone so I'm thinking my best option would be baritone or euphonium since I wouldn't I have to learn a whole new embouchure. However I do not have access to a marching baritone or euphonium. I might be able to borrow our schools marching baritone but when I graduate I will no longer have access to it.

Should I try to find I used marching baritone to buy or would a normal concert one work? I'm not really sure how the audition process is for wind players so are there resources somewhere that I can use to prepare for auditions? Finally, what are some other corps that I should look into auditioning for considering I will be new to the whole baritone thing? Thank you!

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My daughter was a trombone player and learned baritone to audition first with Genesis then made Guardians.  If the school will let you borrow a marching baritone, do it for as long as you can.  Once you can't use it anymore, you can find a half-decent one for about $300 on eBay.  You need it though to get used to the carriage and weight. 

Be sure to get the Legends' brass packet, and start as soon as you can.  Work work work on the exercises, and start preparing a short audition piece.  Doesn't have to be earth-shattering, you're just trying to show off that you know what you're doing. 

Hope that helps!


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