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Big Sounds quick thoughts

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I didn't take a notepad as it was first liveshow for the little one. 


Carolina Gold..... interesting show, smart choices for what's being asked of the 18 brass vs the 8/4/5 battery.... balance not bad considering. But anything visual was over reliant on the guard. Props to the drum staff for tuning dark to help balance even if it means sounding dirtier


Kidsgrove..... very fun show. Battery seemed to have some challenges. Score could easily improve if far fewer levels of the big guard solo and duet moments/deaths weren't crammed in so close behind the pit. 


Bush sh has come a llllooooooonnnnngggggg way. Dots connecting better performance up, brass fewer stamina issues. 


White Sabers. It was at this point for family unity and also customer satisfaction we moved off to the hill on side 2. From the 50 to the -20 lol. It was too packed in and Sadie needed to move. But WS seemed to bring their a game. Another good week of cleaning who knows


Fusion stayed focused after a long delay due to a medical issue in the stands. Even out in no mans land the guard shined, and the connexus points seemed far more fleshed out


C2 after a delay for electronics issues that seemed very very long they got going. Musically they seemed fine but man the white pants gave away sooo much from the side. They do not look ok natural or smooth marching the 5/4. Rocking chairs still seem eh and I'm guessing due to technology more of how the show connects was missing.


Bucs.... #### good. Top to bottom. Easily the best bass line since 00 Bucs ( i'm biased on that one). Knowing their schedule the rest of the week, yeah I see a 98 or 99 next week.


ive said it a lot I'll say it again after sitting off to the side: the field visual judge needs brought back. A week before finals and groups getting 90's with blatant foot phasing, out of step, direction change mishaps even minor bumper cars. You cannot expect the EA person to get it because that's not their sheet. If there had been a field visual judge some places would have flipped

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