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  1. even if a new organization rises from the ashes, anyone involved now shouldn't be trusted if they are involved
  2. Keith, i'll say this as delicately as i can: from 2005 when A Class exploded until 2013, i watched every single corps at prelims. from like 21 to 25 or 26..and maybe once was half of the show open class...in sun, a hurricane, you name it. pretty much the badness you describe above was half or more than half of the corps in the show. I still watched them, but I looked around me...and most of the seats were empty until much later into the show. I remember specifically someone coming in and saying out loud to a friend "did so and so get any better or do they still suck?" thats the fan base today, and for years. even when prelims was non members then members in order of appearance in a blind draw, attendance was much lower during the non member corps portion.
  3. Very informational but I’ve given up emailing Flo support because IF they respond their go to response is the user’s internet which contradicts what he said in the podcast. I’m sure I’m not alone because this summer was the worst for sound. Past experience led me to give up contacting them. I’m pretty web savvy and I’m 98% sure the issue isn’t my service
  4. right but then someone with connections would lose a paying gig
  5. i get we all want more corps. but the last year at Scranton, some of those first few corps on at prelims got a slew of negative comments from people in the stands, all related to size and quality. In fact some folks got up a minute or two into the show and went elsewhere. yeah when i go to a show i watch everyone, but i'm in the minority, and have been for years....and show hosts heard about it. go to any show and tell me the stands dont fill up until bigger and better corps come on the field, and i dont care what rose colored glasses you want to view life through its been that way forever
  6. there seemed to be an online glitch. i too called,and boom problem solved....and for the first time ever, added a 3rd ticket to the order...the little one wants to go!
  7. the problem is paying customers complained to show hosts about small/bad corps.
  8. this was my better. i've also known the poster for 20+ years
  9. to quote the great philosopher Captain Benjamin Franklin Peirce "did you know my rants get raves?" and to follow up with the great philosopher Dr. Sidney Freidman "i said it before i'll say it again...lades and gentlemen take my advice...pull down your pants and slide on the ice". however your post was pure Colonel Sherman T. Potter "horse hockey" and/or "mule fritters"
  10. there was some traction online for folding the Cadets after the news broke. to this day i still feel as if the corps exorcised him from the soul of the corps forever in their Allentown performance
  11. lets be honest...USBands doesnt have the national presence BOA does, and didn't have a regular streaming option until now.
  12. and the number of remaining corps ties into the rant you delivered and the topic at hand how? i'll wait and stand just off of the edge of your lawn
  13. well now that lighting is legal, it'd help get the glow right
  14. so you liked my post which praised USBands quality, but say the sample is skewed. ok
  15. it's true. it's a deal set specifically for all world class corps that consign. may be the same for open class and dca too, i'm not sure.
  16. if there is one thing drum corps has never done well,, it's learn from mistakes of the past
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