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  1. i didn't praise or condemn what happened or what was posted. read the actual words i typed, not what your perspective wants to see
  2. you are. America as it stands proves that. I just watched a Cadets alumnus chased off of Facebook for openly supporting the chaos on 1/6 and ranting how mad they were they couldn't be there to join, along with dozens of racial and sexual slurs and insults over the last few years
  3. my question is.....who did the investigation from a law firm standpoint? Don't they have a famous alum thats a prominent lawyer out there...seems like a possible conflict of interest if so.
  4. when they had the old twitter handle, they screwed some stuff up, and admitted it. hence the change to the name and also some more streamlined procedures that do a better job of vetting. My hunch is the got some people with experience involved to help navigate the waters in a way that doesn't get themselves or accusers sued.
  5. this is awesome. i know several band directors who also play in guard units, and share their job responsibilities with their kids and whats involved.
  6. that's the one that got me. if it is true they had the two members involved sit down and discuss it with a staff member...oof
  7. actually i just didn't like it because i didn't like it. i could have cared less what they played.
  8. first time finalists are always special....Mandarins the same not long after...but to me the best was Troopers getting back into final in 09 and Brandts special introduction. I was bummed Blue Stars didn't get a similar one in 08
  9. his harassment was a far different level than DCP banter. I am sure he'll appreciate your concern
  10. true but if people are asympotmatic, that shuts them down...and how do you quarantine in a bubble?
  11. PPP loans back in the spring, and maybe again this spring
  12. because he asked and the admin team agreed. if you feel your first amendment post count rights have been trampled on, ask them. Honestly i am amazed the thread stayed open as long as it did for a dozen other reasons
  13. sadly i'm one of the last i am guessing June
  14. Jazz requires A) feel....and in todays metronomed to death DCI world with crazy visual's a challenge many don't want to take. B(....melodic development can often take longer than the current design trends allow for.