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  1. that assignment never should have been accepted or made
  2. having been in W/S that weekend I saw.......nothing in town advertising the event. Anywhere. and i went all over town looking to find corps rehearsing. a monster truck competition across the way at the arena sold 17,000 tickets. Annapolis showed that folks above the PA line werent as willing to travel south. Rochester proved over time people below the PA line weren't willing to travel north. But with an overwhelming majority of the DCA ticket buying fan base 6 or more hours away, without years of building up the local base in NC, i think it would have sped DCA up to where it is now....or worse.
  3. exactly. we want them to thrive. but its clear the same rotating cast of characters have not been doing a good job
  4. everyone wasn't capitalized, so i know one place it didn't come from
  5. you mean the ones sat uncompleted for 3 years? or the one where the auditor can't confirm several things?
  6. for the right amount of cash, Winston Salem was in the conversation. But then they ran a show there and well...... but yeah the voting power was up here.
  7. a lot of fun shows that summer. Star of course Star...Cavies getting closer, and Phantom also...SCV wow!! BD...needed a percussion section. Cadets making statements, Madison, Crossmen...Bloo...a whole lot of fun. and Spirit that year never gets enough love
  8. in 94 BD came east early. i saw them in Allentown the not regional version. holy ####!! for the victory run, i went trackside. holy #### #### #### #### #### ####!!!
  9. no problem. now 02...they were good ( minus shave and a haircut...huge ticks). but i also felt it over gimmick reliant. but they played a lot better. still not a 99
  10. i can. the rep drum corps has the last several seasons with the abuse stories. the cost of renting out the facility. the liability fears. schools want fewer and fewer outside groups using anything. and admin looks at everything as $$....including the education of the kids
  11. i don't think thats actually the case. corps below say 12th have been generating far more buzz for their shows than even a decade ago. as for member experiences, we see that issue rise to almost the top of the game. thats not just a bottom corps issue.
  12. long standing doesn't mean cheap, especially with the economy as it is. i see it on a daily basis personally and professionally. so when they all cry about how the costs are going up, here's an easy cost saver to look at, and i bet they'd find they could save 6 figures lopping off even a week.
  13. I do. Spin Cycle was gimmicks, with an average battery at best. i wasnt tired of Cavies dominance. i watched Cavies rehearse at Allentown and saw clearly music suffered because of visual, and unfortunately the judging community never really started calling them out for it til late season
  14. kids want to be sure they're going to like what they're performing. and not knowing this late could make some kids uneasy. I once spent a summer hating the second half of our show, but it wasn't given to us until May. too late to bail then.
  15. and i hope her season is awesome. but like her old corps, there are valid concerns about it's health.
  16. BD should have been passing Cavies much earlier that year IMO
  17. i dont think thats the sole reason. i do believe, especially what we have seen since the Cesario doctrine is fan engagement is more prvealent top to bottom.
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