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  1. i haven't heard yet. but with fewer shows, that may have reduced some of the stresses
  2. it's been made clear for years it was a goal
  3. show announcements are like preseason sports polls...til you see it, it's just hype
  4. a friend i marched with has his oldest headed out...glad i made the donation!
  5. please tell me that at least on Friday night you drive around town jamming to BoRhap
  6. making it all one class will kill corps.
  7. how a rehearsal is run won't show you everything you need to see about the financials.
  8. that was part. and it was the max number, especially when a slight ensemble tear was noticable
  9. did you go to Mikita's for donuts? Also, did you make sure you didn't play Stairway at the music store?
  10. (insert corps here) is already out of this world!
  11. open and world are not set by competitive strata. it's set by financials
  12. ok then there was a different year Crossmens tenors warmed up where they shouldnt and they were penalized
  13. Show announcements and uniform reveals are like preseason polls in sports. til you see em in action.....
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