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  1. most show cancellations now happen more because of the visual than the front ensemble.
  2. and I disagree entirely. sure, sometimes there is too much. sometimes there's too much props. sometimes the hornline never lets the percussion have a moment. sometimes the battery never gives anyone else a chance. sometimes the visual package revolves entirely around the guard. notice the word sometimes. thats how it goes for everything in the current design trends.
  3. still waiting to see what DE does....i have a house rented for the 20th-27th of June and right now they have the order anyone out of state must self quarantine for 14 days when arriving...bring our own food, can't get take out....and it is supposed to end the 15th. i need to know sooner than later, as a huge amount of family is coming along, and we need to be prepared.
  4. awesome story and karma, prayers and juju...and any other good kind of vibe i can think of sent!
  5. 97....not marching, anxious to see a lot of shows but...not nearly as many local shows as in the past. spent the day before and the day of catching a lot of rehearsals before Hershey. Cadets were unreal. Bloo and Bones way back, but fun shows. Magic and crown with potential, and spent a lot of time checking out could see something building.K Kavs Evita was fun, and Acadmie musicale and Les Etoiles beat Spirit on to Allentown, and my first chance to experience the 2 night format...and oh my BD...and Madison with the Pirates show!! Phantom...i wanted to like it, especially after 96, but....Bloo improving and loved BK! Another standout was Pioneer Cadets got good, and SCV was building steam! Cavies Firebird was loved or hated and Crossmen were smokin! Gmen Farandole was a treasure and Magic was looking for Liza Jane! Crown still making progress too. Quarters...SCV tied BD! Crossmen tied Madison for 5th. Semis BD pulled away and SCV to 3rd,Madison and Cavies jump Bones. Finals BD for the gold, Crossmen back over Cavies, Gmen pop a 90! lots of good shows, even down into the teens. fun year
  6. looking to buy. if you have and are willing to part with, please let me know
  7. i remember hearing in the past it was at least a $10,000 day doing the MD tour
  8. Fan Network the first year the showed finals night was an epic disaster
  9. and they aren't THE show. They are PART of the show.
  10. me too and i stopped in 96. and i was very against it all when initially proposed. then i saw it actually used well in indoor, and had hopes it would bleed to outdoor, and it has. it's not perfect, but in the 6/7 years, it's come a long way.
  11. oh for sure. just like happens to politicians, athletes, celebrities....
  12. want the answers i have been given every time i have asked why they read? " it's like going to Nascar and rooting for car crashes". " entertainment". and my personal favorite: ' well i like to read #### when I sit down to take a ####"
  13. nope. Bad PR= sponsors pulling cash and schools not allowing housing...especially schools, which had little interest in online postings here or Reddit or anywhere else.
  14. yeah i have never been opposed to it personally. the first year the HS i was at grounded the percussion, we were up front because the visual people said so. and...we were stronger than the band. the next year i fought for the switch, and as part of my argument, i mentioned the guard could do equipment changes behind us...and voila! and the band had their highest ever placement