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  1. a letter was posted online last fall from YEA saying payment was being delayed
  2. well......thats not how businesses work. leadership can and does change in many companies, but the creditor still wants to be paid. Being nice doesn't pay the bills.
  3. i never said shut up. i think people will be pleasantly surprised
  4. if i smelled a rat, i'd have said so. i have talked to enough people in the know, i am respecting their request for full public disclosure....but i don't smell a rat for the first time in 30 years
  5. this isn't a Cadets only theme. see other corps threads too.
  6. dad always causes problems at band shows. true story.....i'm judging an indoor show, and he sits right next to the roped off section. Chuck Saia ia the chief so you know write fast, talk fast, he wants to get the show over. so a group finishes, jot down score, quick notes,new tape in hit record and start my right comes "Jesus they were dirty as hell!!!" hit stop, rewind, "dad i'm working here...."...restart intro. only Wally
  7. Gold also was an all age member of DCI, so they had a leg up knowing some of what was coming
  8. rumor has it you marched on him a few times
  9. i have. and i promised to let things develop as they need to. if i thought whatever was going was not good, i'd be dropping hints
  10. i'll make it easy for you: when and if all rumored or unknown if any at all changes are complete, all will be known.
  11. yup. some very hard decisions have been made the last 2 years. not all were popular. continued evaluation of things well as ongoing issues known by all have made it tough. things didnt get rough overnight. they won't be perfect overnight. but current plans in motion and to be announced will start righting the ship.
  12. from all i hear yes.....or this past weekend would have been far different
  13. a month or more on a college campus doesnt help
  14. right now, the cost and perception post 4/18 are the biggest issues
  15. no for all. sure some do hotels already, but they never get cheaper. schools and colleges will continue to be a challenge, both in availability and especially cost