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  1. well I'm ok if the Phillies win the World Series again
  2. you'll never let go Jack, you'll never let go
  3. The problem was, and you see it on the DCI side here as well is.....the drama. the complaints. the screen names that aren't real names taking shots. 20 years ago corps directors would trash RAMD, DCP replaced RAMD, and it's never been anywhere as bad as RAMD was in it's heyday....but the stigma persists. The funny thing is...DCI or DCA....they trash DCP, but they know what's been said here.
  4. I honestly can't see the DCI groups with the power want to give up any control or resources that aren't geared towards them.
  5. not like they haven't taken 11 just because in the past
  6. yup i think it'll be sampled and in the show
  7. can't they're BD. Crowns are in the Carolinas
  8. I am not sure what the answer is other possibly a lack of bodies, and rumors say several corps are struggling to meet the 35 minimum. Let's face it...DCA is in a hard place. calls for moving finals off of labor day are growing, because yes, it does affect attendance when a majority of the corps are kids in high school or college. Where's the marketing? Still seeing...and I'll admit, I have made some...snide comments about the Championships site ( remember don't unplug the live feed!) And Rochester had just as many complaints. Yeah DCA has always been up and down, but it seems like the down continues to slowly gain momentum, and no, it isn't just cause one corps wins 97% of the time.
  9. So I hit the wrong tab on the DCA page and noticed Chops and MBI are no longer listed on the corps page. Are they no longer coming out this summer? Rumors of membership issues abound elsewhere. Is dca reaching a crossroads? What changes need to be made? 26 corps in 2006...... maybe 15 tops this year?
  10. and last year people said they'd be lucky to make finals.
  11. i didnt attend Indy in 09...or i guess Bloomington, but my wife did and got me an autographed copy of the book. When she mentioned i had marched Westshore, he immediately remembered seeing the corps at nationals way back
  12. they write show announcements that show you they have their #### together long before May
  13. Never met Howard, Jones or GR. Met Dave at DCA prelims once, Steve Vickers introduced us. I met Warren in 2002 at the DCI Friends the bathroom. he turned, looked at me and said " this is how DCI the bathroom". We all laughed.
  14. I need help...a corps has their history night coming up, and reached out to me asking to know if i knew where an honest to goodness old school inspection sheet could be found. if you have one, may I have a copy of it?
  15. The corps success is so much more than him and in many ways in spite of him
  16. i got your point also proved mine. thanks for coming, drive home safely. tshirts for sale in the lobby
  17. And you prove my point. If BD hasn’t in any year since 2007, who’s been a close second? 08? 11? 13? 16? 18? yup. BD. Wanna win that’s the corps ya gotta beat.