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  1. no Spartacus won because BD percussion was a mess
  2. considering they often went to places several times, ( Madison, Buffalo Orlando) they got to know the places. Denver for example hosted DATR for years. people did homework.
  3. You always design for your end venue
  4. Anyone know why? Licensing issues? Ticked they don’t sponsor DCI any more?
  5. school....a common theme it seems no matter which side of the pond you're on
  6. Cappy and I have butted heads, but he's far more in tune with kids marching today than you are.
  7. hey that was a huge moment in corps history. I'm ok with it even if i think they should leave social messaging off the field product
  8. it can often lead to clarity issues...timing not spot on perfect, blend and balance
  9. look....the but i'm sad to see any fan leave. See, in my line of work, retention is just as important as getting new customers. Will drum corps ever please everyone all the time? Hello no, it doesn't even please me all the time. But there's no reason for all of the posts being ######## to the poster.
  10. tics were still around when the 1976 Bayonne Bridgemen broke all the established military rules
  11. I know this.....when i do my next Drum Corps Af column "d###### posts from DCP", this thread gets mentioned
  12. no, no, no, it was the #### marching bells. maybe even when women were allowed to join. (insert sarcasm here)
  13. so I posted this. Simple, polite, no snark. I don't even get to the bottom of page 1, and the amount of snark and bloviating and "i'm better than you are" in the rest of THAT PAGE.......and no wonder people get the perception of DCP they do. Jesus ####### Christ
  14. well since Imperial Dynasty announced they are no longer merging with Bush, I'll be anxious to see where that goes
  15. and expenses in having people on site to run everything
  16. I personally would love to see it moved. the only real option is to reverse everything and have the eastern venues early.