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  1. good to see they are taking training and safety seriously. Minimum performance time is interesting. AWESOME that any non North American corps attending Finals weekend gets to perform in finals regardless of placement. Shame it's 6 years later for Heartliner. and beyond thrilled the Free Players are coming to Williamsport!
  2. remember there is more to being a drum major than flapping the arms. There's the whole leadership aspect....that kid is the leader of the rest of the kids, and the conduit from staff and admin on a great many things. So the consultant may be more than just an arm flapping coach and more like a leadership coach as well.
  3. Jeff Ream

    Corps as Movies

    and Rocky Horror
  4. I do agree DCI should have some review everything.
  5. well i think time has proven that organization can't do anything right
  6. some may be curricular as well. Not all schools deem marching band an extra
  7. well, schools can be a different thing, but BOA isn't structured like the NCAA per se. I mean I have yet to see the NCAA slam Michigan State the way they did Penn State, and while Sandusky was horrible and he should die a slow painful death, Nasser deserves a zillion times worse.
  8. and let's be honest....legally DCi taking the approach they are takes the heat off of them from a liability standpoint.
  9. Jeff Ream

    The Cadets 2019

    her track record totally justifies bringing her back into the fold.
  10. but then does that not also require how every corps is operated as well?
  11. Jeff Ream

    The Cadets 2019

    Denise is very modern
  12. I would imagine bylaws and such are being clarified, but that process can take time
  13. Jeff Ream

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    or it's a picture of the music on a screen above the composers keyboard
  14. the next big meeting is next month. it's possible rules could be changed/adopted at that time. All i know is this year, I'm really hoping there's no dark secrets lurking about that no one will talk openly about...but there is that doomsday article we keep hearing rumors about, and of course now the news about Pioneer 10 years ago that had to be known
  15. I would imagine DCI could request any and all paperwork/correspondence
  16. shame they weren't shown off more
  17. Jeff Ream

    The Cadets 2019

    Denise was part of the rise in the 80's, and I believe was recently involved with SCV as well.
  18. Jeff Ream

    The Cadets 2019

    Didn't Bobby jump in late in 16? I think he was able to salvage some of that uh...interesting concept
  19. i dont remember him in the line in 82 or 83.
  20. i just saw that yeah...not sure why but i had believed there was more props and gimmicks
  21. Jeff Ream

    Help me out here!

    yeah micing over time has led some things clean in person to sound horrid on the cd's
  22. Jeff Ream

    2018 DVD/BluRays DCI Champ Finals??

    or lawyers being lawyers close to the holidays
  23. old school tenor actually. There's a pic on the corps facebook page of the drumline rehearsing with all of the names of the people...71 I think. And for all of his flaws and quirks, he gave me my first break teaching, and his late wife was an adopted mother.