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Rule Proposal: Reorganization of DCI corps ordinal values & DCPI ensemble point values

Chris Rohn

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Reorganization of DCI ordinal values to accommodate true placements of World Class performing ensembles; modify DCPI points values to accommodate this change.


The existing DCPI point values were put in place way back in 2010, and the activity has become significantly more competitive since then. It’s time to modernize and provide value to all corps.

With the inclusion of Open Class corps in preliminary competition since 2011 and increased competition annually among all corps in prelims henceforth, there are World Class corps that consistently don’t make semifinals and therefore should not be placed on a 25 ordinal scale.

Additionally, due to the increased competition and Open Class ensembles expected to petition for World Class tour inclusion, there very well may become more than 25 World Class ensembles in the coming years.

In DCPI Season 28 I found, in the end, that it was entirely unnecessary to track the lower placing corps at all because the current point system doesn’t value these corps – even an ordinal value of 1 for Pioneer makes them unusable in the current fantasy system.

To remedy this, I propose changing the system to accurately reflect the prior season’s ordinal placement and bring some value back to these lower placing corps.


1.       Change individual corps ordinal values to reflect actual prior year placement:

a.       Example for a live season referencing 2018 corps ordinal placement:

                                                               i.      40 – Santa Clara Vanguard

                                                             ii.      39 – Blue Devils

                                                           iii.      38 – Bluecoats

                                                           iv.      37 – Carolina Crown

                                                             v.      36 – Boston Crusaders

                                                           vi.      35 – Cavaliers

                                                          vii.      34 – Cadets

                                                        viii.      33 – Blue Stars

                                                            ix.      32 – Blue Knights

                                                             x.      31 – Mandarins

                                                            xi.      30 – Phantom Regiment

                                                          xii.      29 – Crossmen

                                                        xiii.      28 – Spirit of Atlanta

                                                        xiv.      27 – Colts

                                                          xv.      26 – Academy

                                                        xvi.      25 – Madison Scouts

                                                       xvii.      24 – Troopers

                                                     xviii.      21 – Pacific Crest

                                                        xix.      20 – Music City

                                                          xx.      19 – Oregon Crusaders

                                                        xxi.      17 – Genesis

                                                       xxii.      14 – Seattle Cascades

                                                     xxiii.      11 – Jersey Surf

                                                     xxiv.      5 – Pioneer

b.       If the ordinal value referenced year’s preliminary competition features more than 40 performance ensembles, and a World Class corps places below 40th place, values for those corps will be at the lowest values of 1, 2, 3, etc., until an accurate ordinal value can be applied to a corps placement.

c.       Off-seasons henceforth will be limited to years 2011 to current, as this is the first year DCI included Open Class corps in preliminary competition in the current era.

2.       Change the DCPI point scale in each class. This generally follows the mathematical principles of the current system but adds slightly increased point restrictions to encourage probabilities of lower placing corps use. To explain this easily, we'll get increased flexibility as the season progresses with 2 points added weekly, but the season values will mathematically end where we currently start each season. This is to encourage the use of lower placing groups.

a.       World Class: 230 points (0.71875 of 320; currently 0.75 of 200)

                                                               i.      Five weekly increases of 2 points on Sunday, final increase on Sunday two weeks prior to end of season, to Max 240 (0.75 of 320; currently 0.775 of 200)

b.       Open Class: 190 points (0.59375 of 320; currently 0.625 of 200)

                                                               i.      Five weekly increases of 2 points on Sunday, final increase on Sunday two weeks prior to end of season, to Max 200 (0.625 of 320; currently 0.65 of 200)

c.       A Class: 150 points (0.46875 of 320; currently 0.5 of 200)

                                                               i.      Five weekly increases of 2 points on Sunday, final increase on Sunday two weeks prior to end of season, to Max 160 (0.5 of 320; currently 0.525 of 200)

Edited by Chris Rohn
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Nice proposal. I'm interested in hearing other players' thoughts.

Changing the point scale is one of the few changes that would be exceptionally easy to implement on the back-end.

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When I first started reading this I went "uh oh" for I know it is not easy to change the back-end. This is not the case here (points assigned). 

If you want to bring the lower corps back into play we could just as easily lower the "totals" for each division. My concern on the "gaps" is we are normally trying to tweak a point (or possibly 2 in this case). If the lower corps are say a 17,14,11, and 5 that may be harder to work out (usability) to the new total. 

As we know every summer there are a few corps that are "bargains" and these corps (2018; Spirit and Mandarins) (2017; Boston) are widely used. Sadly, I think the Winter tour may be a thing of the past unless we can dig up more interest. 

Back to your proposal. I am always open to change but as Kevin said I would like to hear some more opinions. 


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Considering most of us die hards have pretty sweet spreadsheets to do the hard work for us, I'd say the point differences will be easy to navigate. For all I know we could go through a season of this and we still wouldn't use the lower corps. I'd be open to lowering the point values further but for proposal purposes I didn't want to get too mathematically extreme.

As far as your comments on recruitment and interest, I think we should post to the main channels when registration opens and have an easier to navigate sign up page. I posted to the web page thread on that topic earlier today.

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Chris... you mean you can monitor this in a spreadsheet??? :doh:

Kidding aside I agree we need more media posted. I meant to post in the main thread before the summer season started and forgot. I go way back even before this league was in place probably 2000. In that league and earlier in this one we had many directors/corps. I would say if you looked back to early seasons probably 50-60 corps in World Class alone. Summer season 12 had 75!  Slowly we have seen this decline and sad to see only 20 this summer. We just need to get the word out better. Summer is exciting cause we are following the live season full of unpredictability. 

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I like the proposal overall, though I have concerns about the effects of having lower ensemble values would have on scores and caption choices. I converted the final captions for my three corps for this season to the new values to see how the totals compared to your proposed values; World - 283, Open - 258, Class A - 232. I seems to me that lower ensemble values would not only encourage but necessitate more lower corps captions be used wherever possible *cough*not GE*cough*, which would ultimately just lower overall scores. Not necessarily a bad thing though.


I think keeping World relatively the same as far as ensemble values but putting more limits on Open and Class A in terms of lower ensemble values and artificial caption caps (as is for Class A GE currently) could lead to more diverse captions choices across all divisions. For example, limiting Open Class corps to only use captions valued of 35 and under, and 30 and under for Class A.

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