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We watched DCI West via FloMarching last night. (and, boy, do they have a lot of kinks to work out)

I have to remind myself that is the FIRST show for most of these corps, but saying that....

The Academy - They are a Top 12 corps. How The Mandarin beat them....?

What was the corps calling itself "The Troopers?" That wasn't the Troopers. I don't know what it was. 

Same goes for The Cavaliers. 

But all hail Blue Devil C!!!

I'm not a BD fan, but I was shocked that SCV beat them. 

Excited to see DCI Crossroads tonight. 

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19 hours ago, 81Freelancers said:


But all hail Blue Devil C!!!


Weren't they adorable? The smiles, and joy in their faces and all that enthusiasm.  They were having the time of their lives. 

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