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  1. It took every bit of effort I could muster when I was 14 or 15 years old to not just bust out laughing when one of those old timer, probably an ex-Marine DI VFW inspectors would stand right in front of me and stare me up and down.
  2. Yeah, exactly. Anything going on that no one apparently knows about?
  3. Four here if you count the two that merged, plus the merged corps itself. Wasn't so broken up over those as I was the fourth. Had my most fun years there both marching and instructing.
  4. Well, I know it wasn't me. I can still swing dance and two-step like a GenZer.
  5. Sounds like there are some beefs on this choice. What's so awful about this person?
  6. They could have said Right Here, Right Now another 30 times during that show and I wouldn't have cared. Still one of my all time fave shows ever. If Troop hadn't done the cello thing that year, Crown doing it instead of the soprano solo would have brought the whole crowd to tears in Benedictus.
  7. In fairness, Keith could have been blinded from looking up at the eclipse without proper PPE. I don't get why the whole country is losing their minds over this thing.
  8. I sure remember Joe judging in Central States. He was always very fair with our drum line and offered great suggestions and encouragement in critiques. He was one of the good guys. RIP.
  9. Not to mention the physical requirements thing. I can barely get up and out of a chair with without a "arrgghhhh ohhh man that hurts".
  10. You have to admire those kids and the organization. They get the Perserverance Award.
  11. Welcome to what we call the World of Dinos. Your membership card is in the mail along with a $1 off coupon for a bottle of Prevagen.
  12. In the dino tiimes. 2 brass 2 percussion 2 M&M 3 GE 1 T&P Though as mentioned, most shows were regional/AL/VFW with fewer. I marched in a show once where the field judges were also the GE judges. That show was evidently on a tight budget.
  13. I liked Poppy too. He's as I understand it, sleeping with the DCP fishes.
  14. Very sorry to hear that, Hook'em. Prayers for Mr. Worosello, his family, friends and students.
  15. Lots of tough ones right out of the gate. 2015 Crown vs 2019 Bloo. Whatta I do whatta I do..
  16. I was the same. When I was a 13 y/o rookie, I'd never owned a classical or jazz album. By the time I was 18, I must have had 100 of them. I see Tower of Power mentioned a couple of times here. 👍
  17. I can never choose between Bravo and TLC when I want to watch a show that focuses on other peoples' pathetic lives. Makes mine look as sane and as normal as it can be.
  18. This is where I have to go back to the Dino Days. 1979 was one of my favorite years. Our corps finished early August, so we were free to do a fan road trip to Alabama. Caught shows in Jacksonville, Huntsville and Birmingham and watched a ton of rehearsals of all the favorites, BD, SCV, Phantom, 27th, Bridgemen, Cavaliers, North Star, Guardsmen. Troopers prelims was a highlight. That crowd pushed them into Finals. 1972 was my second favorite. The Kingsmen defined for me the rest of my corps career what it was all about. Precision, duty to the corps, respect and honor.
  19. I know I'm out of touch, but you could offer to pay *me* $75 to name any tune done by any of those bands and I'd be stumped. A woman in the office asked me to name a single Taylor Swift song. I couldn't do it. She was also shocked to learn I've never seen a full episode of Friends in my entire life.
  20. Yep, all those are on my Hit Parade list. And of course Bloo. Lucy was a masterpiece IMO. 13 minutes of pure fun.
  21. 2021 the non-judged, back from COVID Celebration year. Just about anyone's show. They were all very enjoyable. Still the one I listen to the most, even Finals from the Dino years.
  22. I paid $5 for a pretty good seat at DCI Finals in 1972. That's about $38 today. I wish that were the case.
  23. There's a green horse whisperer in that area that will go on rampage if he doesn't get details soon.
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