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  1. Spinning off topic for just a second- Mine too. Thank God for the Greatest Generation.
  2. That's pretty sad, FBB. One of the life bloods of all active corps now should be their alumni. Do you think the rejections came as a result of (and I'm totally guessing here ) outsider influence and power of the corps? Greenblue spoke of the Cavaliers and I know there are people involved with them who've been involved in some way for decades.
  3. All of these Regiment alums bummed with recent Regiment shows and placement falls sorta bums me out too having competed with them so frequently back in (as we old guys say) "the day". PR is a legendary and proud organization and while I certainly don't have the answers to bring back the glory, I'm reminded of the education I got right here on DCP about the Blue Stars and their long journey back to Finals much of that due to the work and dedication of their alumni.
  4. Finally, these dadgum themes make some sense. Good stuff. Gizmit.
  5. I'm sure there are safety considerations made as corps deploy these huge ramps and scaffolding, but man...if there were ever a MM losing footing on one on of these...
  6. I love Crown, but I don't quite get the clear plexiglass shields. They look like they belong in a hockey rink.
  7. I'm going to pretend I didn't see that only because I did some looking and found out how far ahead the Guardsmen placed in horns vs how they placed in drums those years and I'd look like an idiot coming back with a smarta** reply.
  8. Not to mention some of the largest drumlines, period. I recall 10 snares, 6 tenors, 6 bass, 5 tymp, a zillion cymbals and 4 mallets in 78 and/or 79.
  9. Anyone know what have been the other-than-DCP reviews about that part of the show?
  10. As I mentioned, I found Mandarins to be very dark - right from their field set up. As a couple of buddies were walking into the house Saturday night to join the watching party, I commented "You're not going to believe this". Then as the show progressed, I liked it and then liked it more and by the end I was clapping like a seal. I'm not 100% sure 7th place is their ceiling. A completely different look from so many others. If the Blue Devils were going for anything similar with Ghostlight, the Mandarins out creepy-ied them.
  11. I was in small, struggling corps for years and wouldn't have given it up for anything.
  12. Kudos for sticking your neck out there, hostrauser after just week 1. Not a big sample to work with yet, but I like where you're headed with this.
  13. I thought he looked a little undernourished, too. Feed that kid seconds and thirds of PB&J.
  14. Weren't they adorable? The smiles, and joy in their faces and all that enthusiasm. They were having the time of their lives.
  15. I'm good with that assertion. I'd think it would extremely difficult to make major changes today.
  16. Academy was the most enjoyable show for me Saturday night. They never fail to entertain and once again the costumes/uniforms are the class of the league. Finals potential? Maybe. So many other corps right there in that pack, but from a did I get my money's worth POV, Academy killed it.
  17. The jury is still out for me on BD. I just wasn't wowed. I did as others mentioned enjoyed their actual marching.
  18. Another Sanford Award in the bag for SCV. Good gravy, those guys are out of this world good and a cut above the rest. Didn't particularly care for the pajama look unis, but figure there has to be a better appeal for them in person.
  19. I found the show on Saturday very, very dark and frankly, a little disturbing. By the end of it, that didn't matter. I was totally impressed and blown away. I can see the Mandarins climbing up close to Boston/Cavalier territory.
  20. Didn't put it together last night as I was throwing popcorn at the screen to get her to pipe down, but now that you mention it, absolutely. (Said with apologies to I Am Joan and The Cadets for commenting on the appearances of women in the workplace )