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  1. I took the Flo feed from my phone and Google Chromecast it to the TV. Works great.
  2. I can see maybe doing that once, but it's not something I'd choose to do regularly. Give me an old-time, hotter than blazes afternoon regular run-through rehearsal anytime. Then go back to the hotel, shower, have a couple of brews and head to the stadium to enjoy the finished product.
  3. Hawkeye : This is it, Radar. We're approaching Nirvana Radar : Is that anywhere near Chicago?
  4. Affirmative. It's always a good feeling helping out the Regiment.
  5. I can handle some, by any corps, as long as it's done in reasonable moderation. Just don't overload me with a story. Throwing a prolonged narration at me along with a show theme I'm already confused over is a little much for this feeble old mind.
  6. As much bashing as Flo gets, I found it pretty satisfying last year, my first as a user. Not perfect by any means, but worth the season-long subscription price. It's nice to be able to watch the corps' progress through the season and it's fun to join in the nightly/semi-nightly critiques on DCP and see what others think.
  7. It's like a bed of roses, isn't it? 😀
  8. It's starting to smell like drum corps. Hot diggity dog.
  9. You can do a monthly plan on Flo and cancel at the end of the year. I don't recall what the cost was, but it's worth it IMO. Unless you want to watch SW Colorado Pharmaceutical College vs Wassamatter U in women's ping pong during the off season. Then I'd definitely go with the annual plan.
  10. That was my initial thought when I saw the show title. Oh no, another greatest hits parade. Looking forward to some fresh new stuff.
  11. I'm kind of with you. Hoping, at least, that we'll see a couple of upstarts/upsets. No idea what those might be, but I could still sleep at night with a slightly different top 12 than all of the recent years past.
  12. In true Mid-west fashion. The best way to eat pizza. Just because I "thought" I missed Chicago pizza one time, I ordered a frozen Lou Malnati's online. I'll never make that mistake again.
  13. I can see it now. Drum Corps International proudly presents, Drums Along the Prison Yards.
  14. I can do without Ann-Margaret in the baked beans, but otherwise it sounds charming. Maybe next year move into the 70s and an all=Queen show.
  15. Still my all-time favorite, except today they do these at about 180 BPM.
  16. As the saying goes, when in Indy, do as the Blue Devils do. Though fortunately, not a lot of theirs are terrible sounding.
  17. That's what we had for a time. At the end of the day, it was a multi-purpose vehicle.
  18. Only by accidently clicking on Hulu's "recommended for you" one time. I never let that happen again.
  19. Well, in fairness, Finleyville had all of Pittsburgh to draw from. I don't know for fact, but I believe they were from Finleyville in name only via an AL sponsorship or somesuch. I think ironlips hit it, certainly as a true hometown corps in Argonne. You could even throw Hutchinson Sky Ryders in the top 5 or so before they moved to Texas. They were "mostly" local kids first time in Top 12.
  20. That's the way I read it the first time, too. Thought geez, that's a little arrogant.
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