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    Inferno, Babylon, Lucy, Harmonic Journey, Live from The Rose, Inbetween the Lines
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    2021 - My favorite overall year since 1979
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  1. No clue on anything official, but surely by now we're in the just use the best common sense for your organization phase of things.
  2. I don't know if healthy is the word I'd use, but I could see even a mild shakeup and I could sleep just fine on Finals night.
  3. I thought for sure that was a DCPer age reference. Sorry for the quick conclusion.
  4. You might want to think about picking up some Depends for the show in Houston. I foresee an incident.
  5. Great reporting, craig and an even better fun fact. Thanks for the updates.
  6. Until something on or in your body hurts, every, friggin' day, you ain't squat. šŸ¤£
  7. I hereby nominate Old Corp Guy for Sainthood. Pope, take it from here.
  8. I can remember shows where the Cavaliers or Belleville were warming up a ways from the field while our little corps and all of 19 horns were performing. After our number concluded, the crowd roared. We were thrilled. It wasn't until after the show that we found out the noise was for the warm up corps drowning us out.
  9. Nobody from Texas nominates Whattaburger? What are you people? Okies?
  10. I'll see your 2 weeks in Hawaii and raise you a week in Dubuque.
  11. Really? First pizza wars throwing off topics? Now burgers? With that said...
  12. Fair point, Brian. That was one of my favorite things about 2021 - I actually enjoyed most every corps out there from top to bottom. Perhaps in the non-competitive environment, my glasses weren't as shaded as in other times. I tend to "meh, they've never impressed me" sometimes and not give corps a full and open listen.
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