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  1. Every corps this year in my eye gets a pass from armchair judgement. Calling Indy a Celebration is the perfect word for it.
  2. What are they going to do then? Whatever that is, I'm sure they'll generate revenue. And in the event we are not able to travel internationally or gather for one of these events, you can rest assured we have more exciting plans up our sleeve. If Basel doesn’t work out, we intend to host a 1-2 week Performance and Development Intensive in Hawaii or California which would also feature Guest Choreographers and culminate in a live performance that will be broadcast to the world. Additionally, we are hoping to organize BD Entertainment style performances around the United States throughout
  3. That's like asking for one, combined thread related to COVID.
  4. Wow, seems a little extreme for a possible logistical error, but I don't know any specifics of the situation and of course it's your choice as the consumer. I don't agree with your final point, but again, your choice. However, if your larger point is that money, politics and being out of touch to some or a large degree with supporters makes entities such as DCI less appealing, I can see that.
  5. They'll get that classic LOS echo going on at the end of some of those segments. That always adds a little extra chill for the audience.
  6. What the hell did I do with that doggone kazoo? Anyone want to form a duet and enter the ensemble comp?
  7. Oh. What does a white, Irish guy know about Sicilian lingo. 🤷‍♂️
  8. 100+ replies, HookEm. Nothing like an actual drum corps event to generate some excitement around here. Drum corps is back, baby.
  9. Think Tony Soprano and Julianna. Tony Soprano and Valentina. Tony Soprano and Irina. Tony Soprano and Gloria. You get the picture. So I'm not sure if what BW said was an insult or a compliment.
  10. Hang in there, Fiz. Life's too short. I don't think I've ever put anyone on ignore. Except maybe myself when I said a dumb thing or two. That would be an interesting poll. Who's the Most Ignored Poster. Nothing there to stir up any controversy. 😄
  11. She's the Design Queen for The Academy. Probably knows her stuff, but man is she off-putting.
  12. Oh, duh me. 😄 Yes, Tammy Faye was incessant. Even that Will Pitts dude was a little much for me. I miss Dennis DeLucia.
  13. Guess I was lucky. There weren't a whole lot of other people there that I didn't know. Some I didn't recognize right away because we're all wrinkled old grandmas and grandpas now. No local groups from any bands that I noticed, maybe a few sprinklings, but everyone was well behaved and applauded after each corps. If it were an applause meter thing, Crown would have won.
  14. I thought it was worth the drive. The feed was good, but the sound could have been cranked up for all us old timers in the audience of 40 or so. Agree with Brian on Acheson, but he didn't really have a whole lot of time to speak. Tammy Faye (lol) chatted on endlessly and spoke over Rondo quite a bit. They showed bits of Cavaliers and BC camps. Cavaliers should be fun, Hook-em. I don't think they showed or mentioned BC's props, Lance. The highlight for me was the Bluecoats rehearsal, too. It wasn't even the music or the show, but the kids themselves and the looks on their face