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    Inferno, Babylon, Lucy, Harmonic Journey, Live from The Rose, Inbetween the Lines
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    2021 - My favorite overall year since 1979
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  1. Whew. I thought for a second the show was going to be about Harry and Meghan.
  2. I'd rather see smiles than growls and grunts. Growling and grunting in drum corps should be banned.
  3. I only know about today's DCA from what I read on here. I never had those misconceptions after learning more about it, but I can see where they still exist. I probably was the same way before DCP. Just never bothered to learn about it. Must the crowds that still think introducing bells and xylophones in 1974 made drum corps go all to hell.
  4. I don't know if this has been the norm for the last few years, but the Troopers' tour schedule is interesting. East of the Mississippi off the bat, then back to the west, then a quick turnaround back to the east. I hope their horses are well fed.
  5. Well put and 100% right on. (even more mass applause)
  6. Several years ago, I quit smoking, largely thanks to Chantix, which is the ultimate weird dream medication. I don't remember any about drum corps, but there were some other doozies that when I woke up I was all WTF was that. Now days, they're a lot more about Paulina Gretzky and Kate Upton feeding me grapes.
  7. Didn't Cliff Clavin march drum corps? He's in the World HOF. That's a little known fact, by the way.
  8. I predict Gates Open the winner in a major upset.
  9. Crown could play Zippity Doo Dah and make it sound delicious. Actually, I just thankful If Ever I Would Leave You is not in that mix. Geneseo Knights played that about 5 years in a row and every other corps in Illinois would go, really?? Again??
  10. Looks like several pros and cons, particularly wrt logistics but I'm with Mike. This is a good thing for the activity as a whole.
  11. I think theme names are just to cause a buzz among DCPers and have some cool artwork on your web site. Call the show dark, vanilla, heavy or light. Just friggin' entertain me.
  12. Are they fielding 200 horns again? Freakin' Volume shouldn't be a problem. Seems like BS just keep chipping away every year. They're due for a big breakout and I for one would welcome seeing that. These guys and their history through DCI has been a story in itself.
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