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  1. Finally, we can all get some sleep at night.
  2. They don't stop the growls, though. Growling in drum corps should be banned.
  3. What, no jokes about "Bring me a small lyre" from History of the World Part 1? I didn't do it. The check's in the mail. Classic Brooks.
  4. That is an interesting take on things from an alum on an old school show vs keeping up with the others. I'm with Terri. Old school/new school, if it works, do it. Would I like to hear Slaughter off the line with 80+ horns? Oh yeah. But, I won't and that's OK too. Slightly off topic for us uninformed - are DCA shows themed and take an advanced degree to make sense of?
  5. The money was raised in part by other students playing music on street corners and intersections over the past few months. Nice work, young folks.
  6. That very well could have and probably did happen. The Cavaliers weren't exactly choir boys either in those days, but few of us were come to think of it. I'll concede a slightly jaded view of things.
  7. The last "political statement" show I know of ( tho there could have been others and I just didn't understand what the heck the corps was trying to get across ) was the Cavaliers' Propoganda. It was easy enough to just ignore the theme or name of the show or its intended message and base my opinion on the content. I'm sure I'll be able to do the same with Behold.
  8. DFW area: - The Dallas Aquarium is pretty neat. - 6th Floor Museum ( Dealey Plaza...Kennedy assassination) - Ballpark in Arlington (under a different name now I believe) is still one of the neatest places to see a ballgame. Houston area: - NASA. All the history there and the exhibits are very impressive. San Antonio area: - Obviously, Remember the Alamo - Riverwalk area is awesome
  9. I really had a crush on a girl from the Marion Cadets I'd met in '72. They beat us in June and we beat them right back in July and that was the end of that.
  10. An old instructor from Kentucky once told me as a young rookie, "Once it's in yer blooooood it'll nevah leave". You're invested. Good luck to your son's success in school and/or should he choose to march next season.
  11. Hey, cool. The thread made it a second page and I lost my DCP virginity with 100 posts.
  12. What's the general gut feeling around DCP on this as far as how influential this type of old-school show will have on the future of the activity? Will it catch on and spread or suffer the judges' refusal to accept and peter out? Pardon my ignorance, but having been out of drum corps fandom during most of the early 2000's, has anything like this been tried since the whole show theme thing came along?
  13. I'd like to be able to say that was the case with us every year, but it wasn't. Some years it was walk all over us, we don't care, others it was we've got it together this time bring it on and still other years it was we're pretty dang good but evidently not as good as we thought. A lot different in the old days than from today I think in that with so many corps out there in the ancient times, there were hundreds of different corps personalities. Today, it seems to me anyway, while still some subtle differences, there's more of a robotic feel to things. I wouldn't say cookie cutter-like, but the best shows to me are when it's clear that the kids are having fun and not so much everything by the book.
  14. Story about the Belleville Black Knights from that era. BK had always been the Cavaliers' bridesmaid for decades and finally in 1973 put a corps together capable of beating the Cavies, which coincided with a Cavalier down year during their 25th anniversary. Cavies' show was pretty bad, but BK's Crown Imperial, Get it On and Man from LaMancha won over the crowds and judges bigtime. In June when BK won Illinois VFW State, BK became the most arrogant, obnoxious corps ever and seriously thought their poop didn't stink. The MMs were all trash talkers when you'd see them around at other shows and would publically taunt the Cavaliers in front of anybody. I was in a small corps at the time and wasn't even that big of Cavaliers fan, but still thought geez, what a-holes these people were. Well, the Cavaliers didn't get much redemption as they failed to make DCI Finals. BK barely squeaked in by .1 over DeLaSalle in prelims which aggravated me even more. Then when they moved up to 10th over Argonne in finals, I thought I was going to have a stoke at age 16. To this day, if I ever run into a BK from 1973, I swear I'll let the air out of their tires. Not that I hold grudges.
  15. Agreed. Very creative especially for whiners like me who say all the time, "why do these dang corps have to be so secretive?"