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  1. Certainly one of the most memorable soloists in DCI history. Prayers for a full recovery.
  2. Finally, an alternative to re-runs of 90 Day Fiance on Saturday nights.(I'm disturbingly hooked on that train wreck) Thanks for the heads up. I'll be tuned in.
  3. I'm probably in the minority, but I always thought of the Muchachos as overrated in 75. The same BATW hornline as 74, but they had some weak links. I don't think they were even all that close to Madison and SCV in the days going into DCI Philly and even the Cavaliers were on their tail, which may have prompted the narc-out...I dunno, just speculating. Anyway, yes, PR was very enjoyable in 75. We got a very early season look at them in the new unis, capes, etc and they were impressive. Hungarian Dance was a short and sweet number and Tannhauser (sp?) was a delight. I think that may have
  4. Nothing any worse than what the Ayatollah makes for us at home today. This woman uses the smoke detector as a timer.
  5. One of the best drum corps How We Met stories ever. Prayers and Best Wishes for both of you.
  6. I don't particularly care for arm pits,, peach pits or being in the pits, but don't have anything against drum corps pits. They serve a purpose. No idea how to go about it, but I do wish they could be little more mobile. Corps setting them up someplace other than front and center was a start.
  7. You never cease to crack me up. 😁 Thanks for making my Friday.
  8. That's how I remember the rule. It affected me in '79.
  9. I didn't know Vicki personally, but knew of her in the 80s. I also hadn't known that she passed last year. God Bless her and congratulations to all of the inductees. I've never quite figured out why in all these years, but Phantom just comes across to me as one of the proudest organizations in the history of drum corps.
  10. Agreed. At least someone is throwing ideas out there. Everything from drum corps to baseball to going to work every day will have to change and adapt, even if means a step backwards in some people's eyes.
  11. These are difficult times, but I had to chuckle a bit at that one.
  12. Inferno for me. That was a masterpiece. Rach Star second. That was just plain fun.
  13. Those are some creative ways to support a corps (or any affected organization) that I hadn't thought of.