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  1. Nothing any worse than what the Ayatollah makes for us at home today. This woman uses the smoke detector as a timer.
  2. One of the best drum corps How We Met stories ever. Prayers and Best Wishes for both of you.
  3. I don't particularly care for arm pits,, peach pits or being in the pits, but don't have anything against drum corps pits. They serve a purpose. No idea how to go about it, but I do wish they could be little more mobile. Corps setting them up someplace other than front and center was a start.
  4. You never cease to crack me up. 😁 Thanks for making my Friday.
  5. That's how I remember the rule. It affected me in '79.
  6. I didn't know Vicki personally, but knew of her in the 80s. I also hadn't known that she passed last year. God Bless her and congratulations to all of the inductees. I've never quite figured out why in all these years, but Phantom just comes across to me as one of the proudest organizations in the history of drum corps.
  7. Agreed. At least someone is throwing ideas out there. Everything from drum corps to baseball to going to work every day will have to change and adapt, even if means a step backwards in some people's eyes.
  8. These are difficult times, but I had to chuckle a bit at that one.
  9. Inferno for me. That was a masterpiece. Rach Star second. That was just plain fun.
  10. Those are some creative ways to support a corps (or any affected organization) that I hadn't thought of.
  11. The data is what it is, but for some reason Madison with only 5 medals hits me as odd.
  12. Was just getting ready to type something up in a Devil's Advocate type of reply. Taking the activity backwards, in particular the quality of the performances doesn't seem to serve a purpose to me other than being a little more nostalgic. With all of the other entertainment choices now, I don't think I'd bother seeing any Class A or cadet corps shows. We're spoiled for corps quality now. It took years to get this good. That's not to say I don't even enjoy the occasional shows from Blue Devils C or I forget the corps that only had like 12 or so horns last year in prelims. If they can field a sustainable corps, more power to them. If a lot more small corps were out there, I think I'd rather watch a YouTube video of paint drying.