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    Inferno, Babylon, Lucy, Harmonic Journey, Live from The Rose, Inbetween the Lines
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    2021 - My favorite overall year since 1979
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  1. The ultimate penalty for corps camp leaks.
  2. Mr. Lindstrom was an early DCI legend in mid-west drum corps with the Kilts. I believe it was he who led the decision of the corps in accepting female members for the first time in corps history.
  3. I'm loving Sirius. I wasn't sure I wanted to go ahead and subscribe after my free trial, but after listening to Classic Rewind, the Beatles Channel , Billy Joel channel and having the live TV audio feed of Fox News, I was all in. I don't think I've listened to AM/FM in the car since then.
  4. Holey moley....that's a terrible way to attempt to improve your brand. Good on you, Terri.
  5. More evidence that I'm an old goat out of touch with today's pop culture. I have no idea who Luke Combs is. Evidently popular enough to boot DCI out of MB stadium.
  6. I'd gladly pay twice that for a Varsity chili dog, but I'll defer to you locals (or semi local). That 16 page menu sounds like something my pie-hole would enjoy perusing,
  7. Is it anywhere near The Varsity? That's a deal breaker. Gotta get me one of those paper hats.
  8. There's only one hassle I've had watching from home. Me: Hey honey, get me a beer and make me a sandwich? The Ayatollah: Are you out of your f'n mind?
  9. Ditto, I'm a PR donor merely for the long time respect and admiration I have for the organization. Having been lucky enough to compete against them many times BITD, they always just seem to ooze the whole meaning of drum corps and that has been reflected in their membership, staff and support teams.
  10. I hadn't thought of that. Good point. Imagine....a nice warm bubble bath with your PR candles lit, looking into the light and smelling....bus fumes. Lovely.😄
  11. Good grief, those things are actually in the PhanShop? What an odd souvenir to sell. LOL Creative, I guess.
  12. The talent of these bands just blows me away. My gosh, these are high school kids. It's not like they're all 21 year old music majors (not yet). AND, they're all local kids. It's not either like they can recruit who they want from all over the country. I've got to start watching more of this. Let me ask of those who are much wiser than I - IF DCI allows woodwinds, is there a merger of some type of DCI, BOA and USB in the future into one big marching arts organization?
  13. Well re-load and give us more! 🙂 That was great stuff.
  14. Figures. The one year I really enjoyed nearly every corps top to bottom and would have gladly paid to have the audio at least in my car.
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