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  1. I have to second this. Maybe not the all-time most inspired performance, but they sure rocked Legion Field and everyone in that stadium felt it. And I've never been much of a Troopers fan.
  2. OldSnareDrummer

    Show About Time...

    There was a 1979 movie titled Time After Time with Malcom McDowell as H.G. Wells that I always remember had a great soundtrack with it. One of those movies (Pulp Fiction also comes to mind ) where the music is like its own character.
  3. It may sound like a silly idea on the surface, but as intricate and detailed as putting a show on is at these levels, I don't have any problem with how they choose to use their resources.
  4. Agreed, though I'm not even certain that during the 70s those musical choices provided more than audiences lighting up and saying "hey I know that tune" whereas things like Young Person's Guide provoked more thought when first heard/viewed and we liked it so much we went out and purchased the symphonic recording. Not that playing obviously fan-familiar music lacked innovation in those times or today, though certainly now it's much less frequent. Now I find myself often humming the final portions of Babylon or pieces of Dreams & Nighthawks and I'd never heard a lick of that music before.
  5. OldSnareDrummer

    Help me out here!

    What an interesting topic to lose my DCP virginity on, so I'll offer a top 4. Having been basically away from the activity from the 1990s - early 2000's and return as a fan I missed a ton, but... 1. 1976 Blue Devils - not only a refinement of '75, but some very new innovations in all areas. 2. Also have to include 1976 Bridgemen. Who knew drum corps didn't have to be VFW /American Legion rigid and stiff any longer? They did. 3. 1980 27th Lancers for reasons mentioned above. 4. 2018 SCV - like other old timers it took me a few years of the 2000's to adjust to all of the changes in drum corps, but my God, in all my life, the most talented, innovative and creative force in drum corps I have ever witnessed. I was stunned , even after those few years of adjusting.
  6. 1976 was one of the years when drum corps moved to that next level. By then the semi-military, VFW/AL ways of thinking and influence were long gone. Back then they called it "Total Show Concept" as General Effect became a more emphasized judging category. Blue Devils were of course the leaders in this. Who else would have done a 6 minute opener? Great stuff- extremely entertaining while sustaining all of the precision.

    My own experience was thrown for a loop as well as family moved to a city with more of a "West Coast" style of drum corps. I went from an Eastern style of drumming to a SCV style. Adapting wasn't difficult and I quickly saw the benefits of the change. What were we thinking back in my original corps times?

    Other corps that stuck out to me were the Oakland Crusaders and their version of the Chrome Wall and who could say no to the beginnings of the new Bridgemen. The Cavaliers donned new uniforms for the first time in years and years.

    Philly was a fun part of the '76 tour.