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    Inferno, Babylon, Lucy, Harmonic Journey, Live from The Rose, Inbetween the Lines
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    2021 - My favorite overall year since 1979
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  1. I'd put it myself at 50/50. Yes, non head to head scores matter, but to what degree is certainly arguable.
  2. Yes, you have the right to complain if there are things today in drum corps that aren't your cup of tea, fellow DrumHead. But, I'm pretty sure the number ticks a corps receives is no longer a valid argument.
  3. One of the data scoring nerds around here should know this. What is the quickest ascent of a new corps from OC to WC finals? The Academy. maybe?
  4. I don't know that you can pin the Cavaliers percussion woes solely on the staff turnover. It's not like they started just last night. I give credit to BD, Bloo and BAC for upping their game. When an 8th place corps takes home the trophy the year prior, that sparks a little motivation.
  5. If nothing else, I'll give a thumbs up for the cool lamp.
  6. $90 bucks? I could use that. That just about allows me to quit my paper route.
  7. Or those silly baseball/football Power Rankings you see everywhere, every week. Wake me up when the head to head data starts rolling in.
  9. That's the phrase I've been searching for to describe Troop this year. Perfect. I see them as movie trilogy (and maybe even beyond that) that keeps building year on year, getting better, more dramatic and deeper along the way.
  10. I'm sensing a change in The Cavaliers Force for the better. They're climbing. I was way too hard on them in the beginning and need to pay closer attention.
  11. This trajectory of the Mandarins is quite reminiscent of SOA in the late 70s and early 80s and by all logic will exceed SOA's accomplishments during that period. One of the whispered criticisms of SOA at that time from people who didn't like their apple carts being upset was, "Well, they haven't paid their dues" You certainly cannot say that about the Mandarins.
  12. Youngins learning and embracing some history. I love it.
  13. I'm officially on the Mandarins bandwagon now. After multiple viewings I not only wouldn't be surprised to see them overtake SCV, I'd be shocked if they didn't. Quite a fun and exciting show.
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