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  1. 75 may have been the last year for inspections at VFW/AL state and national contests. I don't remember any in '76 and on forward.
  2. Oh yeah. We were scared to death of those guys. Some of the MMs had facial hair which was a big no no. We told the inspectors they were Orthodox Jews. Guys in hairnets and 70s style man buns under their shakos. It was a trip.
  3. Someone on DCP has a tag quote something to effect of "I have seen the future of DCI and it is WGI". I tend to believe that more and more each day. I understand progress, evolution and everything else, but a little balance with making things as enjoyable as possible for the fans can't be a bad thing.
  4. Oh man, I still remember my first rehearsals in 1969 at 12 years old. What the heck is this "Atten-Shun!" crap? "Who is mark time march?"
  5. If anything DCI was formed among other reasons to specifically eliminate that military influence of VFW/AL.
  6. I was trying to recall when the last time that happened. Eventually I thought, surely it hasn't been since '73??
  7. Gold must be salivating now at the thought of going up against Madison in Indy.
  8. Well, I'm 0 for 1 in the prediction department. Perhaps Atlanta will be the night. Bloo sure doesn't appear to be ready to give up that streak.
  9. I'm probably in the minority too, but I just like PR more and more every time I see them. You can just sense the pride these kids have in the heritage of this corps. Same with the Cadets.
  10. I'm almost sold on Poppycock's theory. The Devils have been knocking and knocking on the door first gently, then a little harder. Either tonight or Atlanta will be the night when they finally kick it in.