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  1. Indeed. During the "hairy" times of the 70s the guys were either all in hair nets or claiming to the inspectors to be Latvian Orthodox. Last minute dry shaves in the warmup areas were common.
  2. "As promised: enjoy this interview of Eliana Yamouni on her musical journey and her experiences with the Santa Clara Vanguard snareline this summer!" Great story, Rich. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Whoa. No replies? On a Cavaliers thread? Brought to you by Hook'em? Shame on all of you.
  4. Oh geez, completely forgot about the Il State Fair. "Ok, everyone. Today we're going to rehearse doing the drill taking eenie tiny steps through horse dung and mud".
  5. That's it. I remember prelims were often on a football practice field with maybe one row of bleachers and GE judges on the sidelines.
  6. Story about Kevin Bacon. I went to a summer hockey camp in Toronto in 1969 that the Kevin Bacon also attended. For whatever reason, I always remembered that funny name (he was an obnoxious little boy) and once he became famous and eventually the whole 6 Degrees thing started up, I felt part of his fame.
  7. Really stretching the bandwidth of the old memory but.. First: I can only guess some HS field in Elk Grove Village, IL where VFW state was held many times. Last: Legion Field, Birmingham Best: Warhawk Stadium, Whitewater Worst: Some old field in Iowa somewhere that also evidently served as a dog park. Dog poop on white bucks everywhere. Geesh.
  8. Sheila E was the hottest thing on MTV BITD...well, in a drummer's opinion anyway. Was the female in SCV's snare line the last couple of years a first for SCV?
  9. Outstanding generosity, Garfield and all others. Just checked my personal email and already notices from BD announcing the season cancelation and asking for help, which of course I'll be more than proud to oblige. #MarchOn indeed.
  10. A great story of perserverance as is many in our activity. I hope his dream is able to followed through. Congrats, young fella.
  11. The earliest I can recall was on a Cavaliers recording....70 or 71. World Open or some such.
  12. What is Hip? BD '75...the birth of the BD jazz era. Another crowd favorite of mine- '79 North Star and the Beach Boys. AND still another fave close to home. '79 Guardsmen Henry V.
  13. Because we are growlers doesn't mean we like growling. Does that mean we don't like ourselves? Hell, I dunno. I forget. Pass me my Geritol, please.
  14. Angry faces and growling in drum corps should be banned. Stoic faces while performing angry and intense music, fine. Faked angry faces doesn't sell me anything.