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Peckville quick thoughts

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I’m not writing for DCW so I didn’t take notes. Some overall observations since everyone was a first read:


most of the corps had brass holes. August starts this week. Get the bodies in there or close the holes. 

Lots of individual visual performance issues in almost every corps that were noticeable to this drummer. The continued absence of a field visual judge allows this.


theres a 17 minute time frame to get on, perform and get off. Sound checks could be beneficial to several corps.

I didn’t look up most Corps shows until after Sky

not in performance order can’t remember who went when.

Sky: I was  expecting a NYC show based on the backdrops, including one that was really cool showing the corps in a NYC parade back in the day. But I got Mary poppins music. Plus wearing the corps proper uniforms and not catching any role playing, I’m guessing a lot more thematical detailing is to come. Snares using scoops at times exposed clarity issues as well as balance to brass issues. Could be a fun show, but it needs fleshed out.

Hurricanes theme was easy to get tho when I heard the “ here comes the money” vocal clip, I kept looking for Shane McMahon and the mean street posse. Another show I imagine some thematic detailing is coming, but the performance levels seemed good for this time of year and the placement left me stumped. 

Cincinnati Tradition has a really nice water themed show that was easy to get and not over programmed. The overall presentation felt too controlled... dynamics seemed to be extreme opposites only. The travel led to some holes so I’m hoping in a month with the full corps and emotional range shaped and molded this will be a lot better. 


Fusion had had an easy to understand show, tho the props seemed an afterthought. Visual performance and 2 of the 3 music captions showed to be problematic and there’s time to address that. Never saw purple camo before.


Bush to me feels like last year... charging hard. The percussion is smoking but the electronics were way loud. Brass also seemed gassed at times. This show has a ton of potential and I’m anxious to see it again. I don’t rule out jumping places


White Sabers have a cool Bond show. I think as the members get comfortable, some tempos tweaked and some cleaning happening this could be a show stealer. The role playing needs fleshed out and more up to the box plus when the damsel in distress is lifeless and taken behind the stage upfront, she pops back up and joins the guard way too soon. The whole moment was lost. Some fatigue at the end will go away in time.

All of the above seemed lower in their scores than maybe they should be

Cabs... the out of the box idea is evident with room to grow with detailing and enhanced role playing. The corps seemed controlled tonight so some select unleashing of the hounds will give the show some extra oomph.

Bucs are solid in all phases. Granted the costuming has me expecting a rock me Amadeus quote. Creative usage of BoRhap in the show, including what I called the bohemian waltzody. You can tell they’re already deep cleaning and not adding bodies. This is what sets them ahead of the pack. Sure, a tight competition will help sell tickets for Labor Day but the Bucs have mastered the approach for 15 years and the rest of DCA is still trying to catch up. Time will tell, but Bucs are clearly best in circuit.


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