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so I didnt take notes....8 rows up from the field, 40 yard line. so this will not be an upstairs big impact/GE ish review


Sky....percussion performance a serious issue. in fact i wonder if the show would fare better if you started with the brass backfield entry and scrap the opening drum break, as nothing in it says "Slaughter". Also...muffle the basses?? brass improved since Williamsport, and love the Dm trying to capture that Butch Anderson attire vibe. there's a lot of possibility in the show and corps, so hopefully this week is extremely productive.

Bush....#### that percussion was on fire!!! i wonder how close to Bucs they'd be and they were close! Another show making me wish they had 15 more brass, but for a change, the brass doesnt run out of steam at the end. guard looked good with the little knowledge i have about guards. Show theme makes and halfway through the show i got why the radio station is 81.6. always a thrill to hear DJ Jim Dugan LOL. Fun show, and hey only 4 points behind the top 2. 

White Sabers....overall improved since WAPO, but it took a while to get going imo. Sandman seemed to gain steam, and then the pace and energy kept growing. good balance with electronics at least where i was, and percussion had a good night.

Bucs....IMO, something seemed off...electronics issues? Seemed as if something was missing. but the corps came to play. great eneergy, seems concept more fleshed out, drums kicked ###. 


there ya go

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