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Hi! I am auditioning for the Madison scouts, and i have a few questions. One is do i live there, like when i go up for spring camp do I have to get a hotel or will they provide living space  for me, and like food and stuff do i need to bring money to get food. Also how do they treat younger players, I'll be 15 by the time that i join and i don't want to be an outcast. Also will school be fine with me going to a bunch of camps and missing the days?

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Hi Keenan!  Welcome aboard.  

- During the audition camps, the monthly weekend camps and after "move ins," you'll be staying with the corps, usually at a high school or college campus. If it's a HS, then you're sleeping in the gym.  It's good practice for tour.  If it's a college, sometimes they'll arrange dorm rooms, other places you'll be again in the gym.  

- This is purely from outside observation, but Madison appears to be a younger World Class corps, but that doesn't mean they're a *young* WC corps.  NGL, 15 is young for most WC groups.  I worked with an Open Class group and that was still on the young-ish end.  As a result, they're going to look at how mature you are, and how serious you take it.

- School really depends on your own school.  Each one is different.  All corps will tell you that if it looks like they're going to offer you a contract, start talking with your school about spring finals.  You may have to arrange for alternate test dates or make up days, and that's going to be on you to do.

Hope that helps!  Feel free to ask anything else you think off too.


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