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DCI Cincinnati OH - July 5 2023

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Just some random thoughts that I was making notes while watching the show tonight on Flo. Just my opinions and from a Flo perspective.  I will have some notes on Music City as well. Need a few more reads. Fantastic show overall by MC. Lots of props and I actually really liked them. 



  • drum color, that rustic orange/brown is awesome
  • dark warm sound from horns
  • gold brass works for this show
  • major cleaning already noted in the visual
  • one heck of a percussion section
  • Prop is awesome
  • harmonica solo feels relaxed and fits the mood
  • Some excellent solos in the ballad. French Horn and then trumpet
  • ending of ballad is staged well and has a beautiful build and climax
  • Very impressed with the brass line tonight. cleaning nicely, big open sound, dark and not forced until needed. 
  • there is a lot of material in this show. It is full if great drill, music, staging, and it all adds up to a wonderful GE program.
  • As this cleans even more it will be difficult for anyone to knock them out of top 12. 


  • nice horn solo to start,
  • Bjork voice over is so cool and used really well
  • slow build with the music, horns are so warm and grow the opening phrases until they finally hit you and it is just sublime -- so much control with this brass line. Really nothing like it on the field at the moment. 
  • Love the uniforms
  • I like how they move the two halves of the prop to reveal the underlying prop. Nicely done. 
  • Tristan und Isolde is flat out amazing. Not sure any other brass line could play this with this sense of musicianship, control, and clarity. Euphonium and Trumpet Solos were outstanding. There are some excellent musicians in this ensemble
  • nice use of the herald trumpets as we get into the battle music after the ballad
  • Love how the guard is covering the entire field in the closer, and I love the silks. 
  • It's a stunning show with an amazing music book. Certainly a top 4 show and I would have no problem if this show won, or if it was any of the others. But Carolina is capable of winning. 


  • baritones - WOW
  • visual needs lots of cleaning
  • guard is unreal! So good! Lots of physical rifle work
  • for now their visual is not as polished as Carolina
  • Love the music. Tubas are incredible in their sea chanty soli
  • Not buying the props. Not sure if this enhances this show. 
  • They seem wobbly at times. The corps moves the props very well and I see what they are trying to do with them but I think something more visual and colorful might have worked better. 
  • Mellos need to tighten up some in the closer, especially the high long tones that are exposed. 
  • Overall not much to complain about. This will be an exceptional show featuring an amazing brass line, percussion section, and perhaps the top guard on the field. I would have prefered different props but short of that they have to clean the visual. Some tough drill and until that cleans it will be tough for them to top Crown, Bloo, or BD. Tons of talent for sure and I love the music. 


  • From a visual standpoint this show has the freshest look that just kind of grabs you. Visual analysis is strong. Constant motion, fluid, and always shifting and making use of the field in unique ways. 
  • Music is a real highlight. Constant grooves. As the visual flows so do the grooves.
  • Brass line is outstanding. Lots on dynamic control. Not quite yet to Crown's level but heading in that direction. Certainly a more open jazzy sound. 
  • Guard is staged super well and I love the colors and silks
  • Percussion is top notch. Could make another run for high drums. 
  • The transitions from one mvt or song to another is just top notch.  excellent programming. The show just flows so well. 
  • Some may not like the theme of the show but if you don't take it too literally (and I do not think Bluecoats are) you will learn to love this show. I know I do. It is unique, colorful, fun, exciting, near perfectly staged and very fresh. It has character. I imagine these marchers are exhausted from all the running and constant movement. 
  • Ballas is wonderful and will crush when cleaned.
  • After the ballad the trombone ensemble rhythmic growl on the low notes with mellos and tubas is just awesome. You can just call this the Dark Minimalist Rhythm Machine. I think it's already one of my favorite tunes on the field. Dang Bluecoats! Love it.
  • Still plenty of work to do on the closer but this is shaping up to be a contender for sure. The closer just doesn't have that spice to it that will be needed to bring this home. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! 


As I was finishing this I heard scores and I agree with them. Carolina absolutely should have won. They are the cleanest and it's a great show. Bluecoats may have the most upside visually and with GE. Boston has a lot of visual dirt and will need to clean fast to hang in there until they can address the GE. Love all the shows. Congrats to all the corps. 

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