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  1. Amazing! That kid gets it!! She can feel it right down to her bones. Instant Phan!
  2. I think Craiga's post earlier in this thread sum up my feelings too. 2021 was a Blast! Too short unfortunately, but a blast nonetheless. But his general comment about corps having to appeal to 16 to 21 year old youth is very true. The activity survives by first finding people who wish to march. The fans are important too and do provide the revenue needed to tie it all together. As with most things in life you can't control innovation, change, style, etc. when it comes to the design process of a show. This is because influences come from all over. They come from past years of classic drum corps, which we got to see quite a bit of this past summer, and they come from today's music scene including art, theater, dance and more. The 70s in America were different from the 80s, the 90s, and on and on. There is no way of controlling that in a free enterprise. The imagination is a powerful thing. What 2021 may have done, however, is show designers that sometimes the old becomes new again...just like in life. Uniforms can be a powerful thing. Music with long phrases and easily discernable melodies and harmonies can be powerful. Audiences react to those things. Field drill in a traditional sense has not died yet. These are all good things and I am sure designers will incorporate these things for years to come. But just as pop music (and other styles) changes over the course of time, and just as art and theater change over time, so will the imagination of what can be done at the DCI level. It can be done well and still be entertaining. In 2019 the Bluecoats and Blue Devils were plenty entertaining. I believe 2022 will be a blast! Fingers crossed for a full and amazing season.
  3. Again, the judging thing would have been difficult this year. Not everyone came out with a show to be judged. My favorites just from a personal level were Phantom, Cadets, Boston, Bluecoats, Cavaliers. In some order that might have been my top 5. But Spirit of Atlanta blew me away as well. Their guard was wonderful. BK and Blue Stars were fantastic. My girlfriend loved Blue Stars because she loves Broadway and definitely loves "Into The Heights." Perhaps the most improved show of the summer was the Madison Scouts. In terms of sheer talent and excellence across all captions I'd say Bluecoats and Boston stood out. Not a surprise there. Cavaliers really stood out to me too in terms of talent in the brass and percussion. Their overall show was not designed to compete but blow the house down (which they did). In the end none of our thoughts on scoring mean much. I know my ranking would likely be wrong. What else is new? 🙂 It was a lot of fun and the corps were amazing this summer. Definitely excited for 2022 with hopefully a full field of corps and a full national tour. Scoring or no scoring a full tour will be a thrill to see and hear again.
  4. Wow, those are some fantastic looking photos! Great eye, great camera! Very professional. Thank you for posting, Kevin!
  5. I applied for one of their positions, but they said I move too much.
  6. Providing we get through the Covid crisis, I would expect the season to begin around June 17 or so and end 2nd weekend of August. As always the individual corps can decide how much of that they can afford to take part in. It makes sense to offer more shows because shows = revenue and it also means bringing drum corps to more cities across the country. As for the camps, technology has made it easier to audition students from anywhere and to offer online instruction. Getting music and music edits, cuts, and changes to the students is easier with technology, so those winter camps are not imperative. Sure, nothing beats working with the ensemble or with small sections in a LIVE setting but if continued protocols need to stay in place -- and as of now I think they will -- then technology were certainly help. I think the corps have proven that they can get the bulk of the visual work done during the traditional 30+ day spring training from mid May to mid June, especially if the music is mostly learned by that point. If DCI were to shorten the season I think they would move Finals up 1 week to 1st weekend in August. We will know more about the schedule they plan for next year when the winter meetings conclude.
  7. Glad to see they got the fan vote. That says a lot. I figured it would be close with Phantom Regiment and The Cadets. But there were a number of corps that really brought the house down. I do think Phantom will see a rise in auditions as they move forward, so best of luck to them. I enjoyed watching them this summer and absolutely loved their show.
  8. Quality was good at my place too. Flo definitely had an A team that did some really good work this season. I know some of the midwest shows had excellent quality. I thought the Marion, IN show was really good, but on the same night the Centerville, OH show was really low volume in terms of audio. Hopefully Flo can expand their team and knowledge on setups. I'm sure some stadiums are just super difficult to get a good setup, which I know you are more aware than I am about things like that. Chances are good they will not cover some of those stadiums if we have a full season next year.
  9. What an incredible season, despite it being short. There were no shows that I did not like. Everyone was amazing in their own way this year. The following are just for fun. Personal Favorites: The Cadets, Phantom Regiment, Boston Crusaders, Bluecoats, Madison, Spirit of Atlanta, Music City (these folks really blew me away watching them live in Akron, OH). Favorite Musical Moments: Far and Away & Moondance, Cadets; Boston's ballad & closer, Bluecoats closer, Phantom Regiment ballad and closer, Spirit of Atlanta's ballad, Madison's closer, Cavaliers Sing Sing Sing, Blue Knights' closer, Music City's opener & closer, and probably many more. Favorite Encore: So many were amazing but the Cavaliers playing Jupiter on Thursday past was really well done. Things that were great to see: Iconic uniforms (Cadets, Scouts)
  10. Just an absolute smokin' performance by Bluecoats! The back half of that show just pulls you in. Crowd went nuts.
  11. I love the looped recording that they play while setting up for the show. It sets the mood. You slowly get drawn into the right frame of mind.
  12. So many fantastic performances. So sad to see this shortened season coming to the end. One more to go now. Looking for Bluecoats to lay down their best show yet for this summer. Let's see how the crowd enjoys this one. From my vantage point on Flo it seems the folks there in the stands are loving everyone. Really wish I could have gone out this year but next year I will for sure be there.
  13. Great percussion feature in Sing Sing Sing. They were rocking that big time! Nice overall ending from the corps. Fans loving it. Well done Cavaliers!
  14. Cavaliers sounding great. Having fun with the show and the crowd seems to be loving it.
  15. Brass line is so amazingly good for BAC! So is the guard! Definitely one of my favorite shows of the summer. And I personally like the panels.
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