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  1. Just found this old, but vintage clip that someone put together of Garfield's Brass line during the 1984 and 1985 season. The recording quality isn't bad for that time and most clips sound like they were rehearsals at show sites or just a private rehearsal facility. It's a combination of music from 84/85 and also a few warm-ups. Nice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTl-JbonDNM
  2. This probably echoes what I thought about 2006. Cavaliers "Machine" show was off the charts in terms of design. Very clever stuff for that time and I liked just about everything about it. Brass line was a deserving first place that year. Phantom for the 2nd year in a row was my FAVORITE corps! Incredible in every way. This show live was something to behold. I probably liked BD 2003 and 2004 better, but 2006 was vastly better than 2005. I enjoyed the Godfather music and really liked the design of the drums. They looked spectacular. Brass was awesome as always. Bluecoats definitel
  3. Agree with this, but I also question the music they chose to use. An old swing band era style dance-off with effective staging would have been a better choice.
  4. Did not see a lot of DCI in 2005 but enough to keep up with things. What I did see I enjoyed. A number of design teams missed the mark that summer, even if just by a pinch. As I look at the repertoire and scores on DCX I am reminded of a number of shows that with a few changes could have been a lot better. Did not attend Finals. Initially I was planning on it since I did not go in 1994, the last time they were in Foxboro, MA. I heard many complaints about costs from a few friends who attended, but I figured costs would be high. Overall my favorite show of that summer was Phantom Regimen
  5. I remember reading all kinds of reviews from Tour of Champions in 2004, which took place after Finals. My take is the West Coast crowds loved it. I'm sure the corps were tired to some extend with the daily grind of performing their shows, but some of the other ensemble offerings were kind of neat for that particular tour. I know a lot of people praised the Cadets for their innovative William Tell arrangement that moved into Van Morrison's "Moondance." Wonder if any West Coasters still have some recollections of that tour?
  6. There are many shows to like in 2004. The Cavaliers 007 James Bond show was my favorite of their 2000s championship shows. Inventive, well performed, killer visuals, and great music. Hovercraft Chase and Welcome to Cuba were fantastic and the closing material to Live and Let Die was a montage of great music and kaleidoscopic drill. Blue Devils had a smokin' hot brass line and some wonderful GE moments. Summertime and Take The A Train were my favorites from their show, and the ending of the show was brilliant IMO. Fantastic writing by Wayne Downey. Santa Clara had all the design and
  7. I would imagine some of these changes are tentative, but each corps still has to begin some prep for a potential season and that means getting the people on board who will begin program design, recruiting, auditions, and development of the musical book.
  8. I think his name is Dave Glyde, and it was really Wayne passing to the torch to Dave, with John Meehan doing some of the arranging. John is more the brass caption head with Dave doing more of the music. But from my understanding John does do a little arranging as well. And yes, when you have lots of full-time positions, as BD does, you are in a good place.
  9. I didn't have a chance to see a lot of shows in 2003. Maybe Canton and that was about it. So at the last moment (while finishing details for camp and the next school year) I decided to fly to Florida and take a 4-day break. Orlando is not the best destination for DCI Finals. Heat, rain, Florida schools usually start earlier, etc. However I made a good time out of it. One of the nice things about a city like Orlando is that there are so many hotels that you can get a good rate even when flying in last minute. Went to Epcott on Wednesday, did MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) on Thursday, and
  10. I think BD stepped off roughly some time after midnight for Quarterfinals. I was there and seem to remember this happening, but maybe someone has an exact time. I also want to say there were two rain delays for Thursday, but I may be off. I remember one of them being over two hours.
  11. I love this show in its early form. Fun music, fun drill, and very entertaining as you can see from the crowd reaction. Obviously the corps was very talented.
  12. Phantom 2003 is one of my favorite musical shows from Phantom. It was my favorite show in 2003. Their brass line was incredible and won high brass over everyone for most of the season until Finals when I believe an overzealous hype with the line caused some issues and they took 3rd in brass. BD and Cadets took 1st and 2nd in brass. But as good as BD and Cadets were in 2003 in brass, on a good day I would have taken Phantom. Not sure I agree about the closer being one of the top 10 all time, but I am not disagreeing either. There are simply so many great closers that I am not sure where I would
  13. And I think to be clear, Hopkins did not become director until after the 82 season. I believe Dr. Richard Santo was still director for the 1982 season and then handed the reigns to GH. So I believe GH's first full season was the 83 summer.