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  1. This may be true but Chicago still has some amazing deep dish Pizza places.
  2. Just some initial thoughts on seeing Phantom's show. It's really really really dirty and unpolished to this point (expected)...but I like it. I like that this is a very Avant Guard show. Really reminds me of Santa Clara 2018, but in its own unique way. I like the drill throughout but especially appreciate the rotating box that spins out and then closes with what feels like a mini z-pull. Not sure if this was a tip of the cap to The Cadets, but it's great writing. Visually there are some difficult moves. Staging will be key with some of the emotional elements they are trying for. The battle of the 2 soloists is fantastic, and those two play incredibly well. There is a LOT of potential in this show. From a musical standpoint it's not unusual for Phantom's brass to come out hard edged. Much of the finesse will be there later. Right now they are letting them blow the "gunk" out of the horns and build endurance. Percussion is good. We'll see how they expand things with battery and pit but so far I like it. It's not a classic Phantom Regiment show in the Tchaikovsky sense of Romantic music from the late 1800s. It feels modern and cutting edge. Interested to see this with the uniforms. Keep pushing Regiment. This will go as far as you want to take it. Looking forward to seeing this live.
  3. Very much looking forward to seeing the return of the Santa Clara Vanguard. Hope the corps is healthy, happy, and making great progress on their show.
  4. I listened to Boston's in-city park concert and my first impressions are this: Absolutely LOVE the music. Percussion and brass are smokin' good Base uniform for brass and percussion is bright and colorful and I need to see how this plays from the stands. Very intriguing. Perhaps a little too tight on some of the guys from a close-up perspective but we will see this from a higher up and further away perspective. So overall from a talent standpoint I imagine the corps will have a killer brass line, percussion section, and guard. Now let's see how the visual and overall show develops. Very high level of talent for sure.
  5. I was very impressed with Crown so far. Watched their camp video a few times. Fun show and will get a lot better. Horns and drums sound fantastic! It's definitely a Carolina Crown show.
  6. Nice little ditty by Bloo Brass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOeiC8-fKyk
  7. As I hear more of it I will. To this point I have not heard enough. Some of the stuff we heard in their brass ensemble on the side field was pretty demanding. The opener -- I assume it was the intro -- during the brass, pit, percussion rehearsal at the main field was more ethereal, eventually moving into some big hits. Very cool stuff. But overall I need to hear more. Super talented groups as always.
  8. We had dinner in Canton last night and decided to drive 25 minutes over to Mount Union in Alliance OH to see Bloo. We caught some brass ensemble rehearsal for about 20 minutes (tail end) and about 45 minutes of full music ensemble at the stadium. They were not doing drill. Just brass, perc, and pit. I'll share no details out of respect for the corps but they are really really good. I love what I've heard so far. They are big and sound very deep in terms of talent. Seems most, if not all, of the corps is checked into camp. One of the volunteers mentioned to us that they have 3 of the show tunes on the field. Everyone in the corps seems to be happy and working hard. Mount Union is a nice place for camp. Plenty of space, nice stadium, plenty of parking for their trucks, etc. I'm certain I'll head over in a week or so to see the advances in the show. I should be at the community performance later in the month. Should be another fantastic show from Bluecoats! ๐Ÿ’™
  9. It was definitely an interesting year when Blue Devils finish 5th and Cadets finish 6th. Cadets were a little experimental. Love the ballad and the closer took big b**** to pull off. Blue Devils show music was fantastic. Great brass. Them and Star of Indiana in brass were incredible. BD needed a better percussion section. Not to pick on the members of that line, I enjoyed their performance and any top 12 DCI line is dang good; but by BD standards it was not their best line. SIDE NOTE: remember that Dave Gibbs, who took over as director in 1990 (or 1989 going into 1990) basically kicked out a vast amount of the percussionists in 1990 when they protested the Tommy music that was chosen for 1990. If you want the short story to this check out BD's YT clip on the 90s. I guess the percussion section had called him over to protest the music (Tommy) and demanded he have the staff change it or they were not coming back. I believe he told them they had a choice to make but the corps was moving forward with the show. Most left. They recruited and still ended up with a good line in 1990. But during these years it was a time that BD was trying to put the percussion section back to where they were in the early 80s with Float. I saw Star of Indiana early and new they would likely win. Incredible corps top to bottom, every caption, and the drill was WOW WOW WOW! Loved Cavaliers so much! Amazing drill as well. Killer percussion and their brass, to me, was a very strong line with some incredible blends and tonality. Phantom Regiment blew me away. I first saw them in Philly at the University of Penn. They won the show over Cadets and Crossmen (loved Crossmen that year, even more than Cadets). But PR just crushed it at that show and then did an encore that blew the top off the stadium. I was a happy deaf boy for a few days. ๐Ÿ™‚ Crossmen music and percussion was a total joy that summer. Great summer for music.
  10. This seems to be the case for minors. I was digging around and this is what I found for minors who sign an NDA or other contract. Taken from a legal website. It's a bit general and I am sure there are more specific notes on this.
  11. This will certainly be one of the more interesting developments of the summer. I have a hard time believing SCV's percussion section will not score well. Brass too. But...we will have to see how show design, guard, drill, and overall execution develop over the summer.
  12. Ok, change of opinion...I think the Madison Scouts are going to take it all this year. That's right! My inner 80s/90s enthusiasm is showing today. Score prediction...100! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to seeing all the corps...and yes I do love me some Madison Scouts.
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