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  1. Beat me to it. Clams, clams, clams!
  2. Saw Buddy play 2 shows circa 1984 at WCU, Jeff. Dynamic. Brilliant. I even have a couple of stories about him from that. I know the infamous tapes are around somewhere online. :)
  3. First saw Gil in the Hank Levy documentary "A Head of Time" where they interviewed him concerning his experiences with Levy and Ellis. He was one of Levy's Towson grads that went straight to bands out of college like the Kenton and Ellis bands. They'd call Levy for people to fill spots and he'd send him his best grads, no questions were asked. From talking to the people who did the documentary at length several years ago- evidently Levy wouldn't send anyone to Buddy Rich- he felt he'd burn them out and grind them to death. I found that rather interesting.
  4. Ray. That's great! Gil Rathel, as in Don Ellis' Lead Trumpet???? Didn't realize he had any corps background.
  5. Eh... it wasn't that awful. Then again, some of the stuff I've seen year after year... it's got to be really bad or extremely disappointing to get me to say it's BAD. For instance... the "Yowza, Yowza, Yowza" show.... THAT'S BAD. I do grant that creating a show based on an obscure Mexican Comic Book Superhero was a bit of a stretch, though!
  6. Yes. And that chord... a good recording of it, you hear the final release and the halo/echo afterwards... oh, yes, yes yes.
  7. Hmmm.. The 2004 "Madisonic" show... I was terribly underwhelmed by, very let down. Saw this live... and the anticlimactic non-impact in Malaga made my heart fall through to the bottom of Allentown School District Stadium. If someone's hurt by that, so be it. I was disappointed. Thinking about that experience and how sad I was... I'm not sure I've reached the half-life with it. I felt 2014 could have been more, much, much more. It was if they deliberately avoided the Ellis stuff associated with the Scouts, ran and hid from it... and went with stuff Ellis geeks such as myself are cool with, but aren't as accessible nor perhaps as corps friendly. It just got way too obtuse. What ones do I like? 2011, 1997,1996, 1995...1993, 1992, 1991... 1980. (Is there some kind of a pattern there with liking 6 of the 7 years from 1991 to 1997!?!?!?!)
  8. Govenaires 2018 Show Teaser

    Should be fun!
  9. Reading this thread, maybe someone will program "Holiday in Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys now. Great riff, tho.
  10. The corps in that era in many ways really did a lot for smaller sized corps- and bands- in terms of showing that smart arranging and design with well motivated and trained people could achieve a lot more then had really been assumed. I really think a lot of smaller HS bands and corps owe this corps a nod of respect because they raised the bar so high in terms of expectations and excellence.
  11. 1979 Guardsmen 1980 Bridgemen 1977 Seneca Optimists 1992 VK 1991, 1993 L'Insolite 1979 Offensive Lions Maybe not specific seasons, but Royal Brigade, North Star, Les Eclipses, also produced some nice, very enjoyable stuff. Other corps may come to mind, but not right now.
  12. I may have a set of golden speakers on my PC. I know they beat any laptop's hands down.
  13. The volume's there, man. Lower right corner. It mutes itself by default and you have to slide it up. 1979, right? I was a 16 year old rookie with Westshore when I saw this show at East prelims and became a fan. Got the "Boston: Quality not Quantity" shirt, and a big-###ed Orange badge that's somewhere at Mom and Dad's with a huge collection of badges. And I know I have a period pin I still have on one of my corps hats I'll wear to a contest.. Good memories, man. Thanks for sharing.
  14. What would I change? 1983- Three particular people who marched with us didn't. Especially one that connived to get to march next to me after I quietly went to the visual staff to avoid the serious issues with that individual and.... said individual made me miserable after I came back from a serious bout of viral pneumonia. Looking back, I should have told them, get me away from them or I'm out the door, I'll turn in my stuff right now. The problem is, when you have a championship contender, people are willing to put up with a lot of inordinate and unnecessary BS to march there. This was the case with 1983 Westshore. Ironically, it was the best freakin' horn line I ever played with, and it was also the most frustrating and miserable season I marched because of those 3 individuals. I liked 1984 a lot better, even though we didn't make finals, dropped from a solid 4th place, and did it to keep Westshore alive, which led to better things later. Everyone got along a lot better. And no coincidence those three individuals ('ringchasers' in modern parlance who only marched with Westshore in 1983) were gone.
  15. C2 '18

    "On the Waterfront"... modern take on one of their old chestnuts when they had the "Visual Enhancement Ensemble" and the bedpost-like props when they did this number BITD, Jeff. Got a good story about that when they did it at East and a Lady (Aunt Mabel, maybe Gladys Kravitz !!!?!?!?) snipped rather primly, "Well, that's not something anyone will go singing when they drive back home!!!"........ I looked back, said "Oh, yeah!?!?!?"... and sang what's on this recording right back at her. Everyone got a good laugh except for ol' Aunt Mabel who shrank in her seat and shut up for the rest of Prelims. Dunno why I was able to get the video and you weren't.
  16. DCA DCI how many DCA corps?

    Obviously CT got positive input from their DCI Panels to help them prepare and get ready for Championship weekend. I;d think it hads to be a plus for them. Competition reps matter. You get them when you can regardless of what vowel is at the end of the acronym when it's not easy to get to a DCA contest, period. Back in the 70's, many corps went to RCA competitions when it was difficult to get invites and into DCA shows when the corps wasn't a full member or geographically out of the loop. The Westshoremen used RCA to build their program and develop into a consistent finalist from 1977 to 1983. The same applies here in going where you can and performing for an audience and getting good commentary.
  17. Regarding Blue Stars, performing Mennin's "Canzona" in the mid 70's was pretty cutting edge for that era. Recent dealings with an individual on DCP would indicate from them that awful music of that sort from those overly edjamacated wind band people destroyed the activity. At least in some ways Blue Stars led the activity down the slippery slope to ruin. I think one has to consider that perhaps in terms of musical innovation... what we hear then may not be thought of as particularly innovative when it actually was for its day. I sense an underlying thought in the premise--- that people on top didn't feel as much a need to innovate as the ones who had to do something more aggressive to get noticed and make finals? (read as perhaps Kilties, Optimists as examples?)
  18. Just finished my first bottle of Sammichlaus Schwarzes from Schloss Eggenberg. Breski's has it. If you can get it, and afford it... DO IT. This stuff was at one time the record holder for the most Alchohol content in any beer at 14%. It's really delicious. It's the bee's knees. Definitely a 2 thumbs up for me. If we'd have had this BITD... Either we'd have gone broke drinking it, or just never rehearsed.
  19. Actually I was with the Westshoremen when we performed at one of the LLWS games in '82 and '83. Great crowd, actually, and we had a lot of fun taking the field with the Phantic raising Cain amongst us as we performed. It's a pretty big deal with people coming from all over the world. People seem to like having the event there- it could be tradition, unknown why.
  20. I still remember that the food stand at DSU ran out of chow, even after they'd been warned you will have x thousand starving kids in the bands and x thousand family/spectators that are also hungry. The actual stadium was very nice, though there were parking issues, and nearby US 13 traffic noise could interfere at times with the event. The thing is, Jeff... and this is the loaded question-- at least 6 member corps had to say in effect, "Yes, this is a more than acceptable venue." Why? Was it all about the cost and convenience? I don't know. That's beyond my pay grade. I'd think people brought up and had to think hard about what I've been thinking within the member corps, though. If they didn't....
  21. Good question. Let me explain-- I've been through an instance where a Scholastic championship event had that problem roughly a decade ago, I think. Many parents, directors, and performers were left rather unhappy/dissatisfied. Steps were immediately taken to change that. It had to be done. People are far, far more satisfied now, thankfully. So-- I do know from experience that competitors at any level want a venue that they feel is worthy of their championship event. Looking back at my DCA experience, I realized I felt the same way and wasn't really cognizant of that until that incident happened. I figure the DCA members made this decision and also feel the venue meets their standards. I think it's got a solid view from the stands and plenty of room. I've been there a few times over the years, deliberately checked out the night scene in town after this year's regular season contest, I thought it was pretty nice, I enjoyed the food and libations, though I really haven't done that scene since I left Corps. The location is fairly accessible by car from a lot of directions. I remember talking to Dan Detwiler in 2016 at the Ijamsville contest when he asked where the heck it is, and I told him it was literally about 3-3 1/2 bus travel hours up the highway off US 15 from where we stood. The people in town heavily support the event. The area has a very strong history of appreciating the Fine Arts and this activity. I think reading through this thread there are people who have liked and disliked about every place DCA's held a Championship, I figure Williamsport to be no different- I think the final say will be what the member corps conclude for themselves about it and what consensus they reach.
  22. I felt all of them I competed in whether Philly, Hershey, or A-Town were good venues. Perhaps Philly being a third place, but not far behind the other 2. In terms of what most people want now, Annapolis is just better in terms of the clean stadium, all the nice amenities. Performers also want a place that they feel respects the fact they're performing for a Championship title.
  23. I think it's healthy to be have some skepticism. People who do swindle others get away with it because they take advantage of the victims not thinking anything is wrong and that they can be trusted. I figure if there is anything questionable, the Dutch authorities will take things from their end, if all is as it appears, then things will have to move on from a certain point. I appreciated DCUK's thoughtful and timely response to the situation. My guess is one option may well be that certain teams will end up under some form of DCUK's umbrella in the future. The big question might be how much the entire Brexit issue would cause any potential legal obstacles or impediments. One of those things that will sort out over time, just have to sit back, munch popcorn, and see where it goes.
  24. He still plays that way, Jim. Did a New Cumberland town band fill-in and sat roughly ahead of him. I realized that there was no way I could try and level up with that on my Euphonium playing into the stage ceiling and curtains and just kept tight and played within the horn. Corps instinct told me to try and match... but I knew that wasn't gonna work. J.B. said I did a nice job sight reading the charts, made me feel good. They play some nice, nice stuff in that band, not the normal town band fare, but very good stuff. The "Mary Poppins" medley arranged by Alfred Reed they did is wicked. Grade 5-6 stuff, bizarre key changes- 5 sharps kind of stuff... I was hanging on and thankful I practiced sharp scales religiously as a kid which saved me through some parts of that piece.
  25. And speaking of Pardubas... they still make and sell them. Read one review that everything below 3rd space E Flat in Bass Clef was like... non-existent. Nawwwwwwwwwww.. can't be. Dunno if I have 79 bucks to toss at one and use it for amusement and to inflict pain on listeners, though. A school I subbed at in the mid 80;s had one in a file cabinet and I tried it, was a real laugher. Got my 2-B back. Hadn't touched it in years. It sounds great, but my slide fu is extremely weak.