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  1. At one time or another, I have done all the above. I think more of us do these things than others realize. Drop some money into a corps scholarship find bucket, send a check with a note to help a needy kid cover their dues, bring stuff for a break or a snack...people are doing this.
  2. ROC gonna miss DCA

    I know... The Blue Route.... and the infamous Pittsburgh "Bridge to Nowhere" Dad had to explain to me as a kid when I looked at a picture and asked why the bridge was sticking halfway out into the river....
  3. ROC gonna miss DCA

    The lead-in part's been sitting for decades off US 11-15. Heck, I remember seeing it driving my Opel with Rook in the passenger seat headed to a Bucknell contest. That dates it seriously....
  4. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Bleachers, yes. View is quite good, sunset can cause issues with sun in your eyes for a few minutes. Field seems to be in very good shape based on the couple of times I've walked on it within the last couple of years. It's not Annapolis, though few DCA venues ever have really approached it.
  5. And it's a question that needs thoroughly answered to everyone's satisfaction, whether anything is discovered or not.
  6. I&E At Williamsport info?

    If you want to play Jim, get a hold of me. Maybe not this year- but next? I'm trying to figure something out for me, but am looking for some duet/trio/small group opportunities. The big loaded question is this- since they've turned loose non "marching" instruments in DCA...Could I use my Euphonium and or Trombones?
  7. Yeah- Personally, I would have been thrilled that he had never touched anyone. Wrecking people's hearts and souls isn't what this activity is supposed to do.- I figure he would have eventually retired and things would get back to some kind of normal for the organization. I guess with my job... I've learned to ride through bad management and supervision, I'll outlast them eventually. I figured much the same here.
  8. MB

    Good to see you around! I can tell you the MBI vets were pretty strong musicians- delving back into the early 90's, they knew how to play, and play very well- it was more programming/design holding them back. Once they got the design straightened out, the rest is history. My guess is a lot of it with the vets was..... just getting older. I might be playing as well as I ever have right now, marching? Hah!
  9. I think there are people suddenly wondering what all the heck he did or didn't do besides the sexual abuse allegations- or trying to throw more gasoline on the fire (like there needs to be more gasoline [SER thinks so]...). Personally, even with all the crazy tweets, goofy FB comments, Rocking Chairs on the field, G7... other actions that drove everyone crazy... I have a gut feeling there's likely nothing criminal there. I think it's a good idea to look and definitely confirm this- but it's a satellite issue that's in a way farther orbit from the planet.
  10. Friend told me at one point that was the equivalent of burning a brand new BMW in the front yard every year for their kids. Puts that in perspective.
  11. MB

    My guess is organizations they were recruiting from/getting people from were less amenable. Could be different groups than they were getting them from, new Directors, combine that with a lot of the long timer's needing a break/retiring...
  12. MB

    Wow. Is it because of the increase of the Indoor scene? Didn't think it could get that bad, John.
  13. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Wow, thanks- I was never in the stadium- I was in the predecessors a couple of times.
  14. He was married and had at least one child. I'd imagine a reasonable chunk of his earnings for years went to child support.
  15. MB

    The big surprise is the lack of Brass. Normally one gets plenty of those types, it's a lot harder to to find the Percussion and Guard people from my experience. It's also insinuated they couldn't work things out with the HS and College organizations that these people also are involved with because of the DCA schedule. That's also sad and disappointing.
  16. The future of the Cadets

    With RAINN involved with the project and reporting bi-weekly to DCI HQ as part of the terms of probation, I think you'd better see this. I also don't believe RAINN would be involved with some type of lip service band-aid to make people think the problem is solved. They now have their good reputation and integrity invested into solving this effectively.
  17. You have a lot of homework to catch up on. Take a deep breath.
  18. I hear yah. The thing is, in the back of my mind... I think to myself, "heck.... I could give it a go for half that and live comfortably and get a decent pay raise", spend the difference to try and increase salaries of YEA employees. I just have a feeling I'd walk a mile in the moccasins and I'd be thinking I might be underpaid. I think, though, I'd delegate a LOT more. I know better than to think I could do it all. I'd try and insist work hours were more limited so everyone doesn't go crazy and burn out. Maybe have to hire more employees to make sure everything is done well and not by burning out everyone. Also, I'd be up front and say flat out I'd be out the door no later than the end of 2024 when I hit 62 and would endeavor to ensure a solid transition. Stay in the background, avoid stupid tweets, do things quietly and effectively. Just me.
  19. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Definitely. Williamsport's been fighting a lot of tough things for many years now. Loss of industries, changes in demographics.... at one time it was a pretty well-off area. A lot of money was poured into providing a second to none education, etc. The district's overall music program, in particular was considered one of the 5 best overall programs in the US by the MENC. The "Taj Mahal" law was created in PA in reaction to the very educational complex that DCA Championships will be held at. Then- things got tough, and it happened fast from my observation. It looks to me like they've really fought hard to address the decline and do everything they can to stop it. This might be part of it.
  20. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Were they filling it? If not... maybe the venue was too large.
  21. ROC gonna miss DCA

    More on topic: According to the article the event brings in $10 million a year to the area and fills up every hotel in the surrounding area. Knowing this, no wonder the DCA corps are miffed if they have to buy x rooms as part of a deal, then resell the rooms as they do in some cases to recoup expenses as an extra headache to deal with. I know one (former!) individual that ran the parent organization of one corps was publicly pretty miffed about this a couple of years ago. Maybe some others were more quietly and politely miffed. I don't know. It's no wonder to me they took the Williamsport deal after looking at that article. As for my last DCA visit to Williamsport... let's see, Ice Cream/refreshments at the stadium, samples/libations at Bullfrog Brewery, parking in town, Dinner at Moon and Raven topped off with getting gas before heading home... somewhere around 75 bucks to the local economy. No Hotel. Not counting the show ticket. Lessee, 12 open corps not counting Kidsgrove... say... estimated 6 A Corps. How many rooms? Say 900 max total for Open and 150 for the A, 1050 rooms at say... 150 a room... The amount is peanuts versus the $10 million if my math is correct. ($157,500) Like I said, no wonder something happened. Seems Williamsport figured some of this out readily and was more amenable by far.
  22. ROC gonna miss DCA

    Is it really irrelevant considering I never went to Rochester but plan on going to Williamsport because it's not a serious trek for me now? Bet I'm not the only one. From what was said when it was in Annapolis, the crowds didn't necessarily overlap a lot. Different people went to each venue for the large part with a little crossover.
  23. The future of the Cadets

    Hope the kool-aid wore off for the parent.
  24. IIRC, many comments over the years from knowledgeable people on DCP have stated his salary was in line with comparably sized/scaled non-profits. The trick SER is using is pretty typical. To the average bloke, it's a lot of money and appears excessive. The one thing that's been stressed in some circles of late is that DCI World Class is no longer a "Mom and Pop" activity. You can't run one of these corps as a hobby. SER seems to be stuck in a nostalgic past. Sometimes, you have to tip your cap to the gritty realities and make it happen anyway. It might be interesting to see the salaries of the other Directors to get a feel for the truth here, but that's another thread, I guess.
  25. Cadets 2018

    There's a Bernstein rendering out there with the score which is very illuminating, and one of Dudamel conducting which is quite dynamic. When you perform this piece, you go places you just won't go anywhere else. Thinking... when we did this there may have been 5 Cadets in the Wind Ensemble (2 French horn, 2 Percussion, one Clarinet). Also maybe some Crossmen, Westshore...