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  1. One memory I have of the Cadets show is how Hopkins regularly aired his personal tribulations on his blog that summer, and also included it in the DVD commentary. In fact, it seems like he said he named the show "Living with the Past" because of his own personal issues. (Not to demean that he had personal problems and found airing them to be therapeutic, but mentioning them during DVD commentary and inspiring a corps show based on their existence seems an odd choice) Nevertheless, it was good to have Bocook back, and that show has grown on me over time.
  2. Or one could disagree with a victory regardless of margin and regardless of preference.
  3. Also the last of Don Hill's two-year stint as brass arranger. I thought he did a solid job. Imagine if Jamey Thompson had been writing drill... I like to call that show Redder. Love the Madison show. Benoit Jutras tunes made the perfect show to transition from "eff the judges" to trying to play the game. Chuck Naffier Crossmen is best Crossmen. The original Rippingtons tune that Xmen play in 2003 is cheesy AF, but the arrangement was great. I really liked Spirit in 2002, and I really disliked Spirit in 2003 and 2004. It seemed like a high school ba
  4. And Colin McNutt, who left Glassmen along with the exodus of Sal Salas and Jamey Thompson for Madison.
  5. Maybe, but I'd guess it'd be good to have a tenured program coordinator and music guy around for a fresh brass arranger. Already a great staff that can do that, but one more wouldn't hurt.
  6. "You can tell the history of jazz in four words: Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker." - Miles Davis, who knew a bit about jazz
  7. Or there also exists nuance. I had a feeling that the OP had an ulterior motive to bring up politics, and it appears I wasn't wrong (though disappointed at being right).
  8. Same general melody, but New World has percussive elements behind it (and lyrics). Bluecoats played the tune sans percussion, while Cadets eventually introduced percussion.
  9. ######, my brilliant Hemingway-esque review (ruined to a 500 internal error) said that Bluecoats 02 Bjork'd before Cadets Bjork'd. Plus, I really like Overture better than the more percussive New World, that seems to be what Cadets used.
  10. It's funny that you mention this... I've always been partial to this Turtle Island tune, which has always given me a Bluecoats 02 vibe...
  11. I was pretty indifferent to JD Shaw's first arrangements for Regiment. But he made up for them every year thereafter. I'd always loved the slow movement from Shosty's Piano Concerto No. 2, and it made for a great ballad.
  12. I have a well thought out manifesto on 2002, wherein I quote Tolstoy and Angelou, draw parallels to the creative processes of Berlioz and Rick Rubin, and finish with an ending the likes of which haven't been seen since The Usual Suspects or SCV 1989. But I got a 500 Internal Error and can't post it.