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  1. If you want to eat in Broken Arrow proper, "downtown" BA has a couple good places: Andolini's pizza and Franklin's barbecue. Nearer to the stadium (though not really walking distance), you'll find suburbia chain restaurants. Otherwise, if you haven't spent much time in Tulsa before, there are some great options in downtown Tulsa (e.g., Laffa Medi-Eastern) and on Cherry Street (e.g., Roosevelt's Gastropub). Great examples of art deco in downtown, including a couple buildings reconfigured to hotel chains in old art deco buildings. It's about 20 minutes away from the stadium.
  2. My comment was more general, and it's something I notice so much on this message board - and I'm painting with a broad brush - fans seem to think they know more than young people about what they should like about drum corps. What I'm seeing in this thread was just one (though a minor) example. And you're right - Sigur Ros was just an example from the rep. It's generally a hip repertoire, and a cool theme. I could see how that video could get some students hyped up - maybe even get some short term interest. At a minimum, I don't see what it hurts. I'm shocked that a music geek wouldn't know who Sigur Ros is - an Icelandic rock band with some incredible ballads. In fact, even the Cadets pit knew who Sigur Ros was several years ago:
  3. So many on here think that THEY should be the ones being recruited to march, not the actual students who will be marching. An 18-year-old music geek - probably the kind that corps like this are trying to attract - will like this show announcement. "I get to perform Sigur Ros?!? Yes please."
  4. Meaning that I'm already excited. But cool story, bro.
  5. "get excited for what’s about to happen" - TOO LATE!
  6. They sent out a retraction. I guess my offer has been revoked... 😞
  7. I just got an email callback from the Cadets! Nevermind that I'm 40 and never auditioned, but I'm pretty excited about it! (Is GH somehow still bumbling this corps?)
  8. It may come in handy when putting together props... Based on the press release, it looks like a good hire.
  9. Can the crowd speaking out against ageism call this guy out for his rubeism? I'm too busy pressing my overalls.
  10. In response to today's decision, I'm going to the OKC Phil to hear Zappa, Glass, and Dvorak - ANY INSTRUMENTATION!
  11. Just saw the tail end of a FB live post... regarding instrumentation, after it failed, Bluecoats countered with an amendment to allow a small ensemble of no more than eight woodwinds. I guess it also failed or will be studied - didn't hear the resolution to that as my feed cut out.
  12. Pros: I wasn't looking forward to hearing woodwinds in drum corps. Cons: Those threatening to stop following DCI will presumably continue to post on DCP.
  13. I'm curious about the same thing. A tremendous number of assumptions are being made about the ramifications of this rule change, and I'm not sure about their validity.