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  1. Dude, I literally said that the webpage desperately needed updating and that they found the right guy to do it (which apparently isn't an okay thing to say somehow). I said social media is more important, but the website absolutely matters. You say it doesn't. But ultimately... WHY are you arguing this point? Why have an outdated website when you're trying to crawl out of 12th place? Why not try to market as best as possible? This hasn't been Phantom Regiment's strategy, but it desperately needs to be today. They should be going all out, including a smart webpage design to complement what I assume will be a smart design by the design staff. I really have no clue how you can argue with me about this. Here's the new promo material that I assume Robert Cawthorne is putting together. It looks fantastic: https://regiment.org/pr2020-promo-help/. Or maybe they should keep doing what they've done in the past, because it appears that you and others think that's enough. Apparently this sort of thing doesn't matter to kids marching today.
  2. With all due respect, you're not a potential marcher. Social media (namely instagram and snapchat) is more important, but webpage presence is absolutely important. It'd be one other thing if other corps weren't paying attention to their webpages, but other corps clearly put an emphasis here with attractive and informative pages. And Phantom Regiment is competing with more corps than they ever have for students - corps like Mandarins, Crossmen, and Spirit, among others are competitors that haven't been before. It's common among Phantom Regiment fans to think that all kids know this corps and all kids want to march there. A championship in 2008 is a lifetime ago. Kids are attracted to different things these days, and corps have to respond to that. Of course, one attraction is a competent, well-designed show from the year before to recruit to, and I believe the corps will be on the road toward this in 2020.
  3. I don't understand this, but that's okay bro. Here's looking forward to more good work from Robert Cawthorne.
  4. And we have to point out something said that we don't like. That you don't like it doesn't mean it's not true. And it's not "already" - woes with the webpage have persisted for years. Phantom Regiment has lagged behind many other corps in their website presence in both design and information sharing. It's good that they are taking it seriously, and I believe that they found the right person to fix it. I will say, not that it will placate you as you're looking to complain about my posts, that the corps's social media presence has been great the past few years, especially 2019.
  5. Glad to see this. He does great work (at least film-wise), and the website *desperately* needs updating. https://regiment.org/robert-cawthorne-digital-creative-manager/
  6. Some great additions, especially the return of Michael James. Also, you had to assume Adam Dalton would be joining Adam Sage, as no corps has figured out how to split the Adams...
  7. I really like Courtney's energy. I feel like her role as corps movement co-caption head with Bob Smith as marching co-caption head (how I interpret their roles) is a great fit relative to her choreography role last year.
  8. What are you referring to? Members staying around? Or new design team drawing talent? If you're referring to the former, I'm hoping that retention is high this year. But, without knowing actual figures, that looking like a remarkably younger group than the corps was fielding, say, five years ago. If you're referring to the latter, I'm guessing it's too early to be seen, as no camps have occurred.
  9. In fact, I'd argue from the opposite direction as well - if you've got bottom six capabilities, it's naive to try to design a medalist show. I heard a story about SCV whenever they did the Ballet for Martha show - the brass arranger told one of my friends that "we tried to design a fourth place show." They knew what talent (probably on all fronts: members, designers, instructors) they had, and they aimed for a particular level of design. I would suggest doing something beyond those capabilities would be detrimental. And let's remember that JD Shaw was involved with Regiment starting in 2002. They put together some competent shows, brass instruction improved, and other design elements came into place to create 2005-2008. Trending upward in competence (and, as a consequence, placement) is what the corps needs. Another analogy... the Crown design and caption management group that brought us the 2003 production largely gave us the 2008 production (and beyond). They didn't swing for the fences right away, and trying to do so would've been a mess.
  10. I say this: let's worry about competence to start with. Competence has been in short supply with the design team for a number of years, and Jeremy Hunt is without a doubt competent as a drill writer. (however, the video seems to imply that it was his idea for the guard in 2015 to be dressed as Holly Golightly, in which case 😬) Come up with a competent show with a competently written brass book and visual design. Build off of the seemingly great experience that the corps members had in 2019. Give instructors something to work with, improve for a couple years, keep members and recruit mature performers, then reassess.
  11. On a side note... bless up to whoever runs the DCI Final Minute youtube page.
  12. Classic. Would love to the see Venn diagram of "People who don't think diversity matters" and "People who tell others to get a job."
  13. Imagine hopping on a message board and deciding to post this while also thinking that it's something other than moronic and shameful.