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  1. Yes, though it would appear that Pitts's successes in BOA are not translating to DCI.
  2. They were also a point behind Spirit of Atlanta. When was the last time that happened? Was Jim Ott involved?
  3. I thought the quality went downhill fast too. But Will and those that he's had to work with have taken it down FAR faster.
  4. Yes, they are cheesy and gimmicky. And I'm here for it. All of it.
  5. Aside from a drillwriter, the only significant addition to the design team was a Vegas-style show designer. Much was made of him seeing shows in Indy last year (his first drum corps experience) and being blown away. For those that have seen the show, do you see anything different that would suggest that this kind of visual/production person was added to the design staff? Does anyone know what kind of elements he has brought?
  6. Oh good god, then this is going to be a long season...
  7. I hear you. I thought JD Shaw's first arrangement with Regiment in 2002 was pretty mediocre, and he came out of the gates in 2003 with an incredible and memorable show. And he hasn't looked back since. I'd argue that (i) while I found that 2002 show mediocre, it wasn't as mediocre as 2016-2018 Regiment, (ii) it only took him a year to blow me away, and (iii) he didn't have much drum corps arranging experience either (not sure about his high school arranging experience). I'm with you that Pitts needed time to grow into the position. But this is year 4, and Regiment finished in 11th last year (still weird to say). I'm with EricS - time for growing into the position is over.
  8. But that's the thing - I don't have to see the show to say "seems like that title is perhaps tone deaf." (Also, note that I used a subdued descriptor "perhaps" in my post - your response is anything but subdued) If the Blue Devils performed a show about the late night Hollywood scene and called the show "Stars and Bars," would you need to know about the show to say "that show title is perhaps tone deaf"? I hope you'd say "that's a strange choice of words regardless of what the show is actually about." The post that I "completely agreed" with suggested that it was a strange title but that the organization likely means nothing by it. That they mean nothing by it doesn't mean that it isn't a strange choice of words.
  9. I look forward to seeing it all together. I had a good feeling about last year's concert in the park viewing, and that went south quickly. I have a similar feeling this year- the show feels designed in a very similar way.
  10. I agree completely, and I think it's a surprising (perhaps even tone deaf) choice.
  11. Based on that clip, I can't pick out 2019 pit and electronics writing from 2018, 2017, or other Rob Ferguson joints.
  12. If true, it's interesting that the previous (and iconic) arrangement was done by... an insurance salesman. Not by a guy who makes his living from composing and arranging.
  13. If you ask the students who are actually putting them on and marching, I'd bet they'd say it does mean better.