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  1. I watched the Mario Kart 8 end credits, and the tune is a toe tapper. Reminiscent of mid-90s Madison to me, especially at 3:20.
  2. Just watched the 2019 Crown show again for the first time since nearly August 2019. Loved it musically and visually, but I never thought the props helped with the story. And after my recent viewing, I'm not sure that I've seen a show where the theme that was explained and the props that were used did less for a show than this one. I enjoyed it nonetheless.
  3. A new toe-tapper that could create some different moods in a DCI show. Michael Daugherty writes stuff that fits so well in drum corps.
  4. I don't understand this "Pandora's box" argument. I think you believe that DCI will be fraught with 23-year-olds. Couldn't that argument be used in response to younger people trying out? "Well, it's a crappy circumstance that a 23-year-old 'took your spot.' There [are] things much bigger than drum corps."
  5. How youthful of a corps is the Blue Devils? That's an extreme case, just as the rampant existence of 16-year-olds and 23-year-olds, which I also don't think would realistically happen. If the maturity difference is that great, then what I'm hearing is that 16-year-olds could learn a lot from 23-year-olds. This is indicative of many of the opinions on this site: I know what's best for young people. "They like music that I don't. They're on this TikTok and I don't understand it, so I don't like it. They need to grow up and be more like me." What on earth woul
  6. This is finally someone taking a step toward an argument. Though still not a good one, as (newly aged out) staff and students are together routinely.
  7. I think many are picturing such highly unlikely scenarios. I mean, if a 21-year-old can't make a corps, it's probably not a 23-year-old (presumably small in number) that is keeping them from it.
  8. "It's just marching band and that's life" doesn't seem like a very thoughtful reason to me. Is there better logic than this? I instead think "what would it hurt?" Say you give those who would've aged out in 2020 and 2021 one year to march in 2022 - what would it hurt? "People who are 23 should have jobs" isn't a thoughtful reason either. Here's guessing there wouldn't be many 23-year-old takers in the first place. Maybe just a handful of 22-year-olds. What would be wrong with that?
  9. My vaccine against the vaccine threads is some Alfredo "Don't Call Me Jim" Casella. This is just ###### delightful.
  10. With Jamey Thompson and Adam Sage joining for 2005, Regiment finally had a visual complement to JD Shaw and Paul Rennick. What a fantastic show. And speaking of the step back taken by SCV, in addition to Jim Casella and the reduced role by Myron Rosander, Adam Sage also departed. Many of the drill rewrites were done by Ron Hardin. I really liked that SCV show, but the Russian Christmas closer seemed to go in slow motion both musically and visually (though the feet are moving). I thought the dance derby idea by BD was brilliant in concept. But they did it in reverse, right? If they h
  11. https://www.wgi.org/wgi-statement-on-2021-season/
  12. One memory I have of the Cadets show is how Hopkins regularly aired his personal tribulations on his blog that summer, and also included it in the DVD commentary. In fact, it seems like he said he named the show "Living with the Past" because of his own personal issues. (Not to demean that he had personal problems and found airing them to be therapeutic, but mentioning them during DVD commentary and inspiring a corps show based on their existence seems an odd choice) Nevertheless, it was good to have Bocook back, and that show has grown on me over time.