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  1. I said in the show thread that this show is a masterpiece. A winner in most years that Bluecoats didn't also design a winner. While I don't see it working out for BAC in the end, I think the rest of the season will be intriguing. - I appreciate that they skirt around with True Colors without playing it in a recognizable way. Bravo. - Will they do more with the LEDs on the shakos? Tulsa Union did way more with that effect 20 years ago, so I was surprised at what little BAC did with it. - We've seen hoola hoops used plenty in drum corps (including this season with BD!), but BAC used them in such a fresh way. The BA crowd loved the opening hoop roll.
  2. I generally don't share this opinion, but I do agree with this "More complex design and interesting music." Music design this year is unreal.
  3. Bluecoats win in Jon Vanderkolff's and Jim Moore's new stadium...
  4. How far back do you have to go where not a single judge had BD winning a caption? Maybe 2005 finals?
  5. That Cavies show is a big no from me dawg. You let Michael Martin go?!?
  6. Ernie Mclaurin is involved with Ayala and was involved with Mandarins, both former homes of Ike Jackson. A protege, in behavior and otherwise, it seems.
  7. Stick with me, kid. You'll be wearing jewels.
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