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  1. If this guy can wear a mask to a DCI show, so can I...
  2. Kudos to whoever edited that together. And kudos to Jeremy Hunt for keeping the feel of the 03 drill design but improving it tremendously.
  3. With CDC buzz today, here's guessing we should expect to mask up in LOS...
  4. I thought the same thing. Much was made in another thread about criticizing a corps as not taking risks, but I think we're going to see more "conservative" and less "risk taking" this season. And there's nothing wrong with it.
  5. I'm watching the Scouts preview show from this weekend, and I was trying to remember the original staff announcement for 2019. I found this response and literally lol'd. Very different from the current staff, and love the access they're giving us.
  6. And I bet many of those fans would listen to this corps and say "that's a great horn book." They may lament the lack of effective electronics, and they'd have a point. (Actually, I'd argue Regiment has never effectively used electronics anyway, and that's something they need to figure out in 2022)
  7. For what it's worth, I asked DCI earlier this week if any tickets in the middle sections would be opened up once tickets were assigned. I can't remember if I specifically asked about Friends of DCI sections, but this is the response I received: Unfortunately, those Friends of DCI sections will not open up. What is available, is what you have to choose from.
  8. Every last drop of this. Every aspect about the design of the 2021 Phantom Regiment is better than 2019. While I don't want 2019 Phantom Regiment to be the measuring stick against which this corps is compared, it does give me tremendous hope that I haven't had in many seasons. That's not to say that Phantom Regiment is going to go from 12th to 8th (or anything loftier than that). But this staff has tremendous credibility, and I believe it's already on display this season.
  9. I hear you, but my philosophy is this: if I'm a designer, I'm not using any of my good ideas in 2021. For a top six corps, I'm giving the students enough to keep their chops up and future students enough to stay interested. For a corps that was in an unfamiliar 12th place spot during the last competitive season, I'm giving the students something to build upon for when the next competitive season occurs. As such, I don't think they should take any risks at all - take all the risks possible next season when it "counts" (if competition is what indeed counts). Also, this is a young group, and in a
  10. Someone check the pulses of the people in front of the crowd during the last minute - I think something is terribly wrong...
  11. They've been showing some FB live videos in their VIP section, and my takeaway is... 2021 is going to be a very fun experience.
  12. The last time I was this excited for "next season" was after 2012, and 2021 hasn't even officially started. Editor's note: I was reasonably happy about the addition of Wes Cartwright after 2016 (and it didn't last long into 2017).