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  1. I attended a clinic with Frank Ticheli today, and this tune was rehearsed. The ending is the drum corpsiest thing that ever drum corps'd.
  2. I see that he's not listed on the Regiment site anymore, which means that either they made quick work of updating the webpage or that he wasn't coming back to Rockford in 2024.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2YodgGMGk8/?igsh=bGY0NHlzOGlxbHNl
  4. Tremendous upbeat ballad from a tremendous ending to a tremendous movie https://open.spotify.com/track/6KM0xh2D8KljvvVPJv8eHm?si=anQ0l-3DTLqj8-qjJ-ovew
  5. If I remember right, he was on Adam Sage's staff, then left for Bluecoats for 2008, then returned to Regiment in 2009-2010 after Sage's departure. I think he had a design role in 2009 and 2010. He might have been caption head upon his return as well.
  6. Have you read any posts in this thread where he is being "championed"?
  7. I just noticed that Rick Subel is listed as a Regiment program consultant. While I wasn't such a fan of his shows at Crown (relative to the previous Crown regime), he's clearly a talented guy. Here's hoping he brings some new ideas to the design team.
  8. It would be interesting to see how successful the football teams of, say, the BOA finalists are. For Oklahoma - which had no one competing in Indy this weekend - Tulsa Union has long been a football power, and Broken Arrow has long been mediocre. In less competitive BOA programs, Jenks is a football power, Owasso is solid, and Bixby is an up-and-comer in a lower class than the others.
  9. So Adam Sage will continue in a Regiment design team role while serving as artistic director with the Cavaliers?
  10. "where he was awarded a coveted full-ride graduate teaching assistantship" - bios are always fascinating
  11. GoFundMe? Really? When the corps has its own donation mechanism?
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