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  1. Losing their drill writer to Phantom Regiment probably hurt a lot. (And helped elevate Regiment substantially)
  2. Those tails looked so ridiculous back then, but they were ahead of their time...
  3. Those confirmed (FB official) to be leaving are educational staff - visual caption head, guard caption head/asst caption head. Adam Sage is the primary visual/guard designer. Steven Estudillo is the drill designer. And the program coordinator, Tony Hall, is a visual guy also (e.g., he was the drill designer for the crab step in 93). Plus there are other choreographers.
  4. But, at least as of now, design isn't changing.
  5. If I have to say that it's a joke, it kind of spoils the joke
  6. He was the caption head, not designer. I thought Bob Smith and Courtney Allyson Mills were co-caption heads, but maybe that was last year. Feet were definitely messy early in the year but seemed to improve.
  7. Maybe so. But the extent to which he couldn't get over it was something I haven't seen from a fan/parent (or whatever he was), regardless of how it was handled. I looked for that username on reddit also, and he still wasn't over it even into this season. To quote you, that ship HAS SAILED.
  8. For me, the primary thing that sucks about DCI not doing the yearbook anymore is that we don't have a record of corps staffs from year to year.
  9. All ick aside, he theoretically couldn't attend their performances per the request of DCI.
  10. I was going to say "corpsband." Which led to me looking at some of his last posts in the Boston 2017 thread. So salty about the Crown design staff exodus, and about life in general, it seems. What a fun trip down memory lane... And to stay somewhat on track... I really miss Jamey Thompson's writing.
  11. How could you forget your login info for Ghost?
  12. Yeah, I'm with you. I'm not especially buying that the lack of 2021 tour especially impacted those corps adversely. I wouldn't even say that they only maintained status quo aside from just final placement. They performed the heck out of a musically and visually demanding show. Three other corps happened to be better, and I can't attribute that to 2021 at all.
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