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  1. SCV 97 would be on the Mt. Rushmore of innovation to me. Who was the brass arranger? Actually, who was brass arranger(s) from 96 to 02? Was Gordon Henderson the arranger in there?
  2. I've always felt that Regiment designers in 97 tried to be smarty pants (or innovative, depending on your perspective) in a couple ways that didn't quite work out: pacing and minimialism.
  3. A few folks have commented that Regiment was dry musically in 1997. While I understand that comment, I loved the musical selections that year. I'm infinitely happy that they played 11 minutes of Wagner and *didn't* play Ride of the Valkyries. My issue was more with the visual design, which started a trend of me saying "hmm, what are they doing out there?" for most of the span between 97 and Jamey Thompson's arrival in 05.
  4. These two words have never been used consecutively.
  5. Featuring Bransford Marsalis! Great flick and great score that really fits the movie.
  6. Dude, you missed some great years. We're all biased by when we started following the activity, so take this for whatever it's worth: you missed the BEST years.
  7. No, we're on the same page. 10 corps in 10 years isn't bad - I just expected more. I mean, 30 slots were filled by 10 corps.
  8. For whatever reason, I would've thought there'd be more parity in the early years. 10 medalists in 10 years is still better than 7 medalists in the last 20 years, but still not what I expected.
  9. Birthday greetings to Symphony No. 1 by Shostakovich, which was first performed on today's date in 1926. But it had its most famous performance in Orlando in August of 1996...
  10. Excellent website update - a need for a long time. Robert Cawthorne is doing great things with Regiment's online presence! https://regiment.org/
  11. Sir, who do you think I am? The Sean McVay of drum corps?
  12. I couldn't stand that BD show at the time, but I've grown to love it since. Perfect musical selections for that show. Kudos to Cadets for finding Tulsa: A Symphonic Portrait in Oil. That's definitely a sleeper that I assume has gotten very little play during its existence. Great tune and great show. Absolutely loved the SCV show. La Mer is perfect for drum corps. Magic and Crown had great designs that year. Robert W. Smith loved him some Robert W. Smith while he was with Magic, but it really worked for their identity (which I guess is "we play Robert W. Smith" so that makes sense). Loved the show musically and visually. I've said a few times on here that if I could pick one corps to redo a show with their current talent level, it'd be Crown and the chess show. Nimrod is great, but THERE ARE 13 OTHER VARIATIONS. Crown gave us just a small amount of the last variation in the closer that year, with some Crown Imperial. Really innovative show musically.
  13. My first live drum corps show was at Tulsa Union HS in 1996. Magic, Crown, Regiment, and Cavaliers were rained out and performed standstill in the Union Performing Arts Center. I wish I could've seen them live, especially since my favorite corps ended up winning their first title that year, but it was still an exhilarating experience to hear the horn arc on stage.
  14. Maybe some Mahler 5 vids? Also, I'm pretty sure the guy in the top photo is about 35...