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    Looking for significant other(female)for LTR and assistant corps director. My interests are Nscale trains,
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  1. I have both a 2valve piccolo and a 3 valve flugalhorn. have anything to trade?
  2. We're doing TIA winds 3 shows and Championships. Should be fun!
  3. February 4th on their Facebook page! You judging in Pittsburgh this season?
  4. Steel City is having rehearsals this weekend and next. If you want a fun and talented group to play with come on out. 2-6 Winchester Thurston upper school 455 Morewood Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15213.
  5. Steel City is having rehearsals this weekend and next. If you want a fun and talented group to play with come on out. 2-6 Winchester Thurston upper school 455 Morewood Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15213.
  6. The only thing that stops a restart of a Corps is the name public and no one owns the name. Other than some grief from alumni that would rather see it dead, go for it. You will be compared constantly to that Corps. If you don't measure up to the bitter alumni and arm chair Corps Directors expect some grief. As to Starting a Corps cost wise, you can equip a guard for less than 1k, drums and a small 2v horn line for around 2.5k. Small pit will coast you about 5k. Be creative and uni's will be about $50 a person. Insurance about 1k, copyrights $5-600, a place to practice and a staff will be the most expensive. But get at least 4 serious people to pull it together or you'll be doing everything and burn out fast.
  7. If you go to the site and click on products and only brass accessories show up.The local Dynasty dealer I deal with the current catalog doesn't include brass horns either.
  8. No one seems to have Dynasty horns forsale and they are missing from their web page!
  9. FS 150 2nd place commemorative t shirts with cadets logos.
  10. Speaking as a performer and staff member, I can say that for us, the experience was fabulous. Good start and the audience was receptive and the performers drew strength from their acceptance. Can it be better yes, but for a first time event, it made a great impression on us. Can't wait to go back there next year. As for how many actually made it, just remember not every founding DCI member corps went to finals the first year.
  11. Yes the shows are local and they are usually teamed up with community events.There have been 2-3 shows per year the past couple years in western PA.The community provides the format and SDCA provides the corps.Each corps, as in our case, is compensateted for our costs. As to how much each group gets, that's negoiated up front, so I don't know details of the others.But whatever is promised, we're paid, which has not always been true in the past with other sponsors.Thats usually enough for one school bus, a cargo truck and fuel for the truck.We've had the option to go out of state numerous times,but most of those events have been later in August and conflicted with band camps.Its been a great enviroment to grow and mostly small corps, community audiences who don't care if you're DCI, DCA or SDCA.They enjoy the free show. The Mass finale gives everyone a chance to come together as comrades in this activity.Sound Sport will open up a couple local/regional appearences for us. Staying local builds notoriaty, a fan base and keeps costs down while offering the membership, more of an drumcorps experience.
  12. Having had a printing company in the past,it doesn't matter if the customer is rude.Get the job done and on time,deliver it and spend your profits on a drink or two.The rude customer goes away and you enjoy happy hour,win win.Thats why this should be in the hands of the experts.Law enforement, if there was a crime, small claims, if its just a contractual issue.My own experience the cops will take the easy notch in the belt and if it goes to court you have only a year to file.Once you win there's still no guarentee.The bus company that left us stranded in 2004 lost the case, and when we went to sheriff sale his stuff he filed bankruptcy.We were out more because of the filing fees.
  13. Sold!
  14. From my own experience of having Identity theft by a trusted family friend and my own work with the court system, don't wait.The fact that money was diverted to another person is a red flag.File the charges, if the person makes good you can always drop them.
  15. This may be a case of felony theft of services. Have you contacted your local District Attorney for guidance. If they feel there's cause, they may point you towards either the FBI or Postal Inspectors.