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    Saint Cathrine's Queensmen ,55-60 Long Island Sunrisers 63-69 74 80,81 82 ,corps director 83 ,Bills boys 84,85 Back as interim director of Sunrisers 2007
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    Phamtom Regiment ,Renagades.Bucceneers
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    Sunrisers 77.78 Phamtom 2009.Bucs
  • Your Favorite Drum Corps Season
    1983 as dircector of Sunrisers

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  1. Yes you are ,but you get to watch 14 half time shows live.How great is that.
  2. well l think we all know who's gonna win ,its just the placements of the corps we wonder about.lol
  3. meant to say most corps have 2 shows in august ,so 2 weeks
  4. 2 weeks to go to close out another dca season..Looks like it will come down to Bucs and CV.With Cabs in 3rd.
  5. Was the frist Southern DCA show a rain out?no scores to be found?
  6. This has to be a frist for DCA all corps making finals,LOL
  7. Best of Luck on your move.At least you know you'll be in finals on sunday night.
  8. A lot of smaller shows this coming season,Only 3-4 corps,i guess thats becoming the norm?
  9. When is the next DCA meeting? Hopefully we fine out the line up for the shows.
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