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    Saint Cathrine's Queensmen ,55-60 Long Island Sunrisers 63-69 74 80,81 82 ,corps director 83 ,Bills boys 84,85 Back as interim director of Sunrisers 2007
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    Phamtom Regiment ,Renagades.Bucceneers
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    Sunrisers 77.78 Phamtom 2009.Bucs
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    1983 as dircector of Sunrisers

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  1. Florida Sun

    Sunrisers reinstated

    Sun could run a van if they got enought kids from Cadets2 to Long Island .
  2. Florida Sun

    Plymouth All American Website

    Stafe travels too everyone
  3. Florida Sun

    In 5 Days... Southern Knights

    Best of luck on your open house,
  4. To bad Teal Sound is not around anymore ,that wouldv'e been so close to home for him.The praticed at Orange High School in Jacksonville .
  5. Florida Sun

    Sunrisers suspended

    Undestand this has been takein care of by Sunrisers ,now how long before DCA lifts the ban?
  6. well sun made it ,not by much .back in 10th pl.Kevin was not there for Sun ,entering the field -next there done? 

  7. Iguess you missed all of Suns show? They went from now taking the field ,to there closer,
  8. Florida Sun

    2018 Alumni Spectacular Lineup?

    No Canadain Corps in the line -up? ? ?
  9. Florida Sun

    Class A

    they took all the fun out of it ,LOL
  10. Florida Sun

    Class A

    Guns are not allowed in the school stadium .Itss a gun free zoneLOL
  11. Florida Sun

    Class A

    You can always count on Jeff for that same OLD remark of his.I still perfer all class A in one bunch not all thur the mix in Open ,
  12. Florida Sun

    Williamsport 10-day

    YES i'm well taken care of here,traveled to Amtersdam'Moscow,Hungray,Bulgraia ,Croatia ,and have my sights set on a few more,Been to Pureto Rico 11 times ,Saint Tomas 1.Now being retired and have the money and the time to it IS NICE
  13. Florida Sun

    Williamsport 10-day

    thanks Spandy ,drove down from Nre Brunswick ,Saint John Canada both years ,haven't gone to another DCA since then,and now living in eastern europe doult if i;ll ever make it to another